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Hello from Darin and Renee in Hapeville_ Georgia


									                         Werner Holiday Newsletter 2001
Hello from Darin and Renee in Hapeville, Georgia! From Renee and I both, we wish everyone a
very merry Christmas and a happy new year! This is our second annual newsletter for 2001,
and quite frankly it could be summed up in two words: "work" and "school".

Of course, there were a few other noteworthy events, but for the most part this is what took
up our time most. Renee is finishing a semester at Georgia State right at this moment. She
took four classes, plus is working full-time at her Delta Customer Care position. I personally
think she is nuts, but she does it and remains sane…to this point. She is now considering a
dual major, a BBA in both management and marketing. She would graduate in fall of 2002 if
she does this. Otherwise she will graduate in spring with a BBA in management.

I took a much more tame schedule, only managing three courses at the most during any one
quarter. Then, I took the last two quarters off altogether. I attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University. They hold classes on Delta property and it is quite convenient. The degree in
Professional Aeronautics is a general business degree focusing on the airline industry. It
gives credit for time in the industry and other courses obtained through the military and

Recently, I have been looking for various job options through our job bid system at work. My
hope is to find a suitable position so that I can get a bit of a change. It must be a mid-life
thing, though I wouldn’t call it a “crisis”. After thirteen years at the same position and no
changes in sight, one begins to become a little restless. Night shift gets a little old after a

I also applied for a position with Continental Airlines in Houston as a simulator engineer this
summer. It would have been a very tough decision to leave Delta with four weeks vacation,
twelve years seniority, and better benefits. However, I was willing to consider it to get out of
Atlanta and back to Texas. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Considering the events of September
11th, it definitely was a blessing that it turned out that way. It is certainly not a time to be
changing around within the industry.

I would like to point out that both Renee and I have passed through the initial round of cuts
at Delta. The company offered an early retirement package, a voluntary severance package,
and three types of leave packages with options for returning later. Enough people snapped
these up that we had no involuntary layoffs. Barring any unforeseen events, we are assuming
that no more cuts will be needed.

As you might imagine, we didn't travel nearly as much as we normally would have due to our
busy schedule. We took a Carnival cruise in May to Key West and Cozumel from Miami. While
in Florida, we also took a swamp tour. Due to the lack of rainfall, all the alligators and wildlife
were more concentrated and we were amazed at how many alligators were in such a small

Our only other weekend trip was to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. We went for
a hot air balloon festival and stayed two nights at their inn on the property. It was a package
deal that included tickets to most attractions at the gardens. I highly recommend it if you are
ever in Georgia.

Other family highlights include: (1) our nephew Adam David Larson, born March 23 rd in
Wisconsin, (2) Renee's mom, Dorothy, married Mike Abrahamson in Wisconsin on July 27 th, &
(3) Darin's sister, Tracie, married Dan Barrera on November 17 th in Texas.
In many ways, I feel like 2002 will be about the same as 2001 regarding work schedules and
school schedules. We hope to travel more to see family and friends. Unless something
changes or we make very short weekend trips, I am afraid our travels could be like this year.
Renee does get a third week of vacation next year though, so there is a bright spot.

Please keep in touch with us when you can.                    Our e-mail addresses are, and Our address, in case you threw away the
envelope, is 35 Central Park Drive, Hapeville, GA 30354. Our phone number is 404-761-9009.
Again, have a merry Christmas and a great 2002! ~~Darin & Renee~~

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