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                                   Minutes of VFM meeting held on
                                    Wednesday 17th February 2010
                               Parish Office, Village Hall, South Nutfield

Present:       Committee Chairman Councillor D Cullen
               Councillors: E Hames, K Hayes, S Renaut, K Sandiford
               Clerk - Roger Brown
Apologies:     Councillors: R Foster, M Fletcher,

1.      Minutes.

        Minutes of the previous VFM meeting on 20th January 2010 were read.
        SR advised that item 2. Insurance - Allianz Engineering, minute should not include “and Insurance
        Cover” as the annual charge is only for an Annual Inspection. Agreed wording should be amended
        and “insurance cover” removed.
        Proposed K Sandiford, Seconded K Hayes & signed by Chairman D Cullen

1.2     Matters arising from Minutes
        Nothing that will not arise in the meeting

2.      Insurance
        Nothing to report

3.      Finance
        Clerk distributed a set of to date 2009/10 Accounts and Bank Recs. Read and agreed.
        Proposed KS seconded DC signed by Chairman
        EH reported Village Hall committee applied to SCA for a grant towards maintenance costs, refused.
        Agreed to add this to March PC Agenda for discussion and add to precept October 2010 to
        increase Village Maintenance costs to cover these contingencies.
        Mower Menders invoice received - Mrs Lyus - St P&P - Church owned mower servicing. Discussion
        on whether Council should pay this? Agreed willing to pay on this occasion, Mrs Lyus offers good
        contract. Advise all work and maintenance to be pre-authorised in future.                      RB

3.1     5 Year Plan – Visioning lecture
        Agreed separate discussion meeting be held on a choice of Monday or Thursday evening with all
        Council present to discuss the future direction of Council. Clerk to send date list for best option RB

3.1.2   Playground improvements for 2011 or later
        Agreed to discuss proposal of new playground at Parish Assembly 24th April                        RB

4.      Internal Audit
        Laura completed the Internal Audit. Clerk had sent report to Council for feedback. Clerk to meet
        with Laura to discuss proposals plus other VFM members                                           RB

5.      Health & Safety
        EH completed January inspection. Will do February check                                           EH
        MF has offered assistance if Emmy has problems to complete these and will contact her.
        Memorial site Playground surface needs cleaning. Chase MF                                         MF
        Hard Court damaged fencing and panel. Clerk to ask MF to check and repair                         MF
6.    Memorial Hall & Grounds
      RB reported trees down on east side footpath. MF cut a path through and will clear            MF
      Ask MF to discuss tree damage at next Tree Wardens meeting. Request ivy felled from trees      MF
      KH - attended Trustees Meeting 8th February. Jeanne Wilson took minutes. Brian Lyus arranged
      AGM in April. 3 quotes for construction being obtained. FF withdrawn funds for Recreation Ground
      changing rooms, transferred to Olympics site                                                  KH
      EH advised facilities at Village Hall withdrawn to Football Club

7.    Allotments
      Agreed to improve water storage facilities with Troughs. Advise allotment club that Community plot
      will be withdrawn due to waiting list for plots                                                 RB

8.    Cemetery
      Painting of the gates delayed due to poor weather. RB found large shed in east side grounds,
      useful for storage for WBA and Cemetery.

8.1   Fees & Regulations for 2010/11
      Fees and regulations agreed at last PC meeting. Letters to go out to Tenants                          RB

8.2   Woodland Burial – progress
      KH - updated Rolling Action Plan. This will highlight tasks to be completed.
      KH – draft of final Application Form and Clerks Booking Forms, for Woodland Burial & Cemetery,
      Still need for price checks etc, agree at PC meeting                                               RB
      Brochure nearing completion, agree at PC meeting                                                   KS
      DC advised Ken Hamilton re Bluebells preferred wild flower
      KH - draft suppliers Quotation Summary sheet completed to date
      Clerk – met Mike Ward, Surveyor. Updated survey plans as per brochure layout.
      RB & DC assisted surveyors in marking out all 12 x plot corners with small stakes. MF provided
      stakes. Site now ready for plot marking.
      KH – submitted grant application to Surrey Leader, doubtful of outcome                             KH
      RF will be asked to check T&C’s and report back                                                    RF
      RB advise Ken Hamilton to purchase agreed list and quantity of trees                               RB
      Clerk had meeting with Mick Tamplin, gravedigger. Letter received re work direct with NPC plus
      insurance and public liability details, Risk Assessment sheet & Work Method Statement.
      After discussion, agreed NPC work solely with Funeral Directors initially, Mick Tamplin to invoice
      them direct as per existing arrangement and evaluate in 6 months. Clerk to advise.                  RB
      Agreed to work with only 3 or 4 local Funeral Directors at first and any out of area enquiries could
      be forwarded to them as well
      Proposed KS, seconded KH - ALL agreed.

8.3   Lay-By & Roads
      Chase Pat O’Neil at Biffa for selection of small stones. MF to collect                            RB

9.    Nutfield Marsh - Surrey Minerals & Surrey Waste Plans – update & progress
      TDC Environmental Health contacted Clerk with land ownership enquiry re Marsh. Clerk to look in
      past minutes as this has arisen before. Large fire there recently plus horse problems.        RB

10.   Parish Plan – Revise & update previous plan
      Agreed - update previous Parish Plan within the new 5-Year Plan                                  ALL

11.   Sub Contractors agreement
      Agreed and Ratify at March Parish meeting                                                         RB

12.   Parish Emergency Plan
      SR asked if Village Hall could be used for this. Clerk has included Hall in the plan as main centre
13.   Other Matters
      Clerk informed committee of the sad news that past Councillor Sylvia Gammon’s daughter had died
      last week and that her husband had also passed away early this morning. Agreed to send flowers
      and card “from all her friends in Council and our thoughts are with her”. Clerk to arrange   RB
      DC cannot attend next meeting March 17th so KS agreed to chair this                          KS

14.   Health & Safety Inspections
      Feb          EH or MF
      Mar          EH or MF
      Apr          EH or MF

15.   Next VFM Meeting: 17th March 2010 – Venue Parish Office, Village Hall – 8.00pm

Signed Chairman………………………………

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