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									                                        Cougar Band Aides, Inc.
                                       November 3, 2009 Meeting
                                         MINUTES (accepted)
Present at the meeting were Jay Chopp, President; Levi Cambridge, Band Director; George Moore, Vice President;
Lynn Akin, Treasurer; Nina Abbott, Uniform Co-Chair; Michele Raley, Secretary; Ken Greenwood, Recycling Chair;
Denise Lambert, Head Chaperone; Bobby Delgado, Pit Crew Chair, Bruce Raley, Jazz Band Liaison; Eric Holm.

Call to Order
Jay Chopp, President, called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
Denise Lambert moved to adopt the September 1, 2009 minutes as written. George Moore seconded and the
motion passed unanimously.

Approval of Agenda
Lynn Akin moved and Nina Abbott seconded a motion to accept the agenda as written. The motion passed

Band Director’s Report – Levi Cambridge reported:
    It was a very good season. The job rotation for students after games helped a lot and should be continued
       next year.
    Everyone loved the event last weekend and we plan to do it again. The students enjoyed playing with their
       friends from Union Mine and Ponderosa.
    Fall concert went very well, even though the room was packed. It was really fun for everyone and the sound
       was great.
    Leadership team is great. He is going to give them some more specific jobs to do. He is giving them weekly
       leadership tips, which the kids appreciate.
    He is still looking into how to post student photos and whether we need parent permission or not. Jay said
       he checked with Oak Ridge and they do not use permission slips.
    So far 28-38 students have said they are coming to Disneyland. Bus transportation has been arranged.
    Mr. C passed out a flyer about the Cookie Dough Fundraiser. The kids are excited about that. He will
       handle collecting the money at school. Students will earn a percentage toward the Music program and a
       percentage for their own Disneyland fees.
    There is one more football game on Friday, Nov. 13. Mr. Scott from Vista will be present in Mr. C’s place to
       monitor the kids for the first part of the game. Mr. C hopes to be there by halftime.
    On Thursday, Dec. 17, we may go the San Francisco Symphony and Chorus instead of the opera in
       November. It will cost around $30 for transportation and tickets . About 12-18 students can come. It will be
       a late night return and so may impact Friday finals for some students.
    Honor Band tapes are due in a few weeks.
    A brass quintet will play at Festival of Lights.
    On Dec. 4 students will play at a rally during 5th period.
    The Christmas parade will be on Sun., Dec. 6 with all three high school bands playing together again.
    Winter concert will be held in the large gym this year. Mr. C needs corsages for the seniors at this event.
    On Sat. Dec. 12 we will play at the CSUS Jazz Festival. Performance time will probably be 8:30 a.m.
    Jazz band and Guitar class are going to a workshop in San Francisco about the Music/Art industry on Jan.
       13, and will be back by 5 p.m. It is free and is put on by the Grammy Foundation. Limited to 50 students.
       GF will pay $500 toward transportation.

     Mr. C submitted check requests for percussion equipment and a fee for Kelsey Wickern's coaching fee.
     Valerie Engelmann will be the new coach starting this winter for Winter Guard and Color Guard. We may
      want to combine team with other schools (UM and Ponderosa). They could do exhibitions, but would not be
      allowed to compete.
     Winston Lovas will be a Drumline coach this year. He has lots of experience. Mr. C needs to find out what
      funding is available for coaching fees given our low sticker sales fundraising results.
     Tree decorating along Highway 50 needs to be done on Sat. Nov. 21.

Old Business
     We will continue to sell the extra sweatshirts and t-shirts.
     We discussed sticker sale donations to the Music Program and the issue of parents asking to use some of
       their child’s earnings specifically for Disneyland. The group felt we need a solid policy from which we do not
       waiver. We decided that sticker sales should remain sticker sales and not be permitted to be earmarked for
       individual student fees. Bruce Raley moved that “We agree that sticker sales money is intended for the
       Music Program and shall benefit the Music Program solely. The Band Aides will provide scholarships for
       extra trips like Disneyland each year based on either need or merit. Recipients will be determined by the
       Music Director. The number and value of scholarships for each event shall be determined by the Band
       Aides board of directors based on the amount of funds available.” The motion was seconded by Denise
       Lambert and passed unanimously.
     We will ask Mr. C to funnel the cookie dough money through ASB and not through the Band Aides.

New Business
    Bruce suggested that in the future we do away with sticker sales because the kids really dislike it. Could we
      come up with another way to raise funds?

Officers’ Reports

President – Jay Chopp reported:
    Jay wrote a letter to the Mountain Democrat thanking Barsotti and Rainbow Orchards for donations.
    Everyone appreciates Jay’s email reminders before events.

Vice President – George Moore reported:
     Jay is doing an awesome job.

Treasurer – Lynn Akin submitted a comprehensive written report summarized below:
    Delores Garcia’s office manager said not to send flowers as Delores has recovered and does not want to
       be reminded of her former illness.
    A few more raffle tickets were found from last year’s ATOMS raffle. Lynn took care of contacting the
       people who wanted to be added to next year’s raffle.
    We ended October with a balance of $17,610.89.
    Lynn made some changes to the budget as we discussed at the last meeting.
    Fundraising—So far we have earned $4,845 from sticker sales, scrip and recycling.
    Sticker sales reached $4,402.46. Holly Hague was our top seller this year.
    Scrip has earned $286.57. We need to get more people signed up to use grocery cards. This is an easy
       money maker—we just need to get people signed on. Eric Holm suggested giving each student a card and
       a form to be turned back in at the beginning of the year to sign their parents up for grocery scrip. Jay and
       Lynn will make a list of people who are not already signed up for scrip and contact them individually.
    Recycling has earned $156.17. Football games create a lot of recycling. Individual students are starting to
       earn recycling money as part of their $200.

     We hope total profit from the snack bar will be around $4,000 this year.
     $4,145 has been collected toward Disneyland fees.
     It was moved and seconded that we accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion passed unanimously.

Secretary – no report

Committee Reports

Uniform Committee – Nina Abbott reported:
     Sue Beaudette has been shadowing and Brynn Holm has joined up too as replacements for Nina and Sue.
     They are fitting for tuxes for concert band. The girls have already been fitted.
     Nina and Lynn are going to work on clarifying some of the line items for the uniforms on the budget.

Fundraising Committee – no report

Winter Guard and Drum Line Committee – no report

Chaperone Committee – no report

Pit Crew—Bobby Delgado reported:
     Bobby wants to remind parents of Drum Line participants to transport instruments from the band room to
        the gym and back for practices.
     He offered to help Sue with registering the trailer.

Food Committee
    Ady asked (via Mr. C) if we wanted to have a BBQ sometime for the students with the leftovers from the
      snack bar. We'll have to see how much we have left over.
    She also wondered if we could discuss sharing the new Culinary Arts snack bar with Athletics and sharing
      the profits next year.

Recycling – Ken Greenwood reported:
    Thanks to the pit crew for helping at the last game. There is less recycling at the football games now that
       the weather is colder.
    Ken wants more students to recycle at home. He will send a “how to” guide to Mr. C to send home with the
       kids again.
    Ken would like to recycle on the school grounds, but does not have time to create a whole program without
       the total buy-in of the students. He said a lot of CRV is left in the trash cans every day at school. Jay
       suggested that a couple of kids do a pilot program for a few weeks and see how it goes. Ken said there are
       grant monies available for cans with locks on them. Denise suggested doing adopt-a-can and having the
       kids decorate the cans to make them more attractive.
Jazz Band -- Bruce Raley reported:
       He will work with Mr. C to see what is needed for Festival of Lights and winter concert.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in the Vista Room. There being no further
business, it was moved and seconded that we end the meeting. The motion passed unanimously and Jay Chopp
adjourned the meeting at 8:13 p.m.


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