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									Types of Customers

Why Understanding Customer Type?
Knowing various types of customers helps us in following ways – We come to know how to deal with different kind of customers. Saves time. Saves energy of sales staff. Able to serve customers in better way. Helps in delighting the customers.

Types of Customer
Amiable Customer Meek Customer Aggressive Customer High – Roller Customer Rip – Off Customer Analytical Customer Chronic Complainer Customer

Amiable Customer
Description: Easy – going, Friendly

Response: You to have a friendly attitude towards him Personal involvement You to demonstrate an interest in them Reassurance that they are liked and supported by you

Meek Customer
Description: Generally, will not complain. Feels afraid of complaining Response: Must work hard at soliciting comments and complaints Act appropriately to resolve complaints. Must show respect

Aggressive Customer
Description: opposite of the meek customer. Readily complains, often loudly and at length. Response: Listen completely, Ask: “is there anything else i may help you with?" Agree that a problem exists, Indicate what will be done to resolve it and when

High-Roller Customer
Description: Expects the absolute best and is willing to pay for it. He is likely to complain in a reasonable manner (unless a hybrid of the Aggressive Customer). Response: Is interested in action and results Always listen respectfully and actively and question carefully to fully determine cause.

Rip-Off Customer
Description: The goal is not to get the complaint satisfied but rather to win by getting something the customer is not entitled to receive. Response: Remain unfailingly objective. Use accurate quantified data to backup your response. Be sure the adjustment is in keeping with what the organization would normally do under the circumstances.

Analytical Customer
Description: Very systematic, Step-bystep Approach, Facts & Figures

Response: You to treat them with accuracy and precision You to go about business in a step-bystep, orderly fashion You to present detailed information and show reasoning for their decisions

Chronic Complainer
Description: Is never satisfied; there is always something wrong. This customer's mission is to whine. Response: Extraordinary patience is required. Must listen carefully and completely and never let one's anger get aroused. A sympathetic ear, a sincere apology, and an honest effort to correct the situation are likely to be the most productive.

Serving a customer..
Step 1 – Smile and greet the customer Step 2 - Understand Customers’ personality Step 3 - Adjust communication to different personality types Step 4 – Listen to the customer Step 5 – Provide the best service to customer.
Always service with A SMILE

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