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Retails Support Function


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									Support Function

What is support function in an organized Retail?

Anybody and everybody who helps is running the day to day activity of an store / office

Who all are included?
         Administration Marketing Human Resource Cash & Accounts IT Visual Merchandizing Housekeeping Security Tailor, driver, maintenance staffs

They look after Management of housekeeping and security staff, Stationery management, Key Management, Staff Room requirements and other related tasks.

They take care of marketing activities Implementation of promotions, institutional sales etc. Approach them if  You want to know about any on going scheme.

Human Resource
They look after Recruitment, joining formalities, Attendance, Salary, Uniforms, sweaters, Issue of Icard and Training Approach them  To submit your leave and comp off forms  To get your I – card, uniform, shoes, sweater etc.  If you have any query regarding training, leave balance, salary, transfer etc

Approach them  For knowing the CP (cost price) of an item  Help them when they seek your help

Accounts look after the accounting of the whole store  For getting your perks and tea allowances  For getting the conveyance allowance (if any)

Information Technology (IT)
 IT looks after the systems and network of the whole store Approach them if  Your PC is not working  If the cash teal machine is not working  If software like SAP or lotus note is not working  If printers are not working

Visual Merchandizing
 They look after the display and decoration od the whole store Approach them if  You need any help with the display and signage of your section

 The help in cleaning the store and they also do the packaging in the cash tills Approach them if  You need to clean up any section

 They look after the security of the store Approach them if  You need to issue a gate pass  If there is any security issue within the store  If any case of theft is identified in the store

Maintenance staffs
 The maintenance staffs include carpenters, electricians etc Approach them if  You have to fix up anything in your section

Help support staffs because they will help you

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