Tennessee Coordinated School Health Executive Summary

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					Tennessee Schools and Mental Health
     Systems Integration Grant
           Final Report

               TCCY Children’s Mental Health Council Meeting
               February 17, 2011

               Sara A. Smith, State CSH Coordinator
               Office of Coordinated School Health
               Tennessee Department of Education
              MH Grant Goal

Increase student access to
mental health care by developing
innovative approaches that link
school systems with local mental
health/juvenile justice systems.
   MH Grant Implementation Partner

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Community
 Mental Health Center served as grant project director.
 OCSH served as grant project officer. VU staff:

                     Michael Cull
                      Rene Love
                   Sheryl Margolis
                     Ashley Smith
                   Tim Stambaugh
      MH Grant Partners - TDOE

             OCSH – Sara Smith

    Director of Counseling – Nicole Cobb

Safe and Supportive Schools – Mike Herrmann

 Division of Special Education – Linda Copas
      MH Grant Partners – State Level

Inter-Agency Partners:
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental
Disabilities - Office of Special Populations & Minority Services

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services – Juvenile Justice

Additional State Partners/State Committee Members:
Community Mental Health Providers
Governor’s Office on Children’s Care Coordination
School System Representatives
    MH Grant Partners – State Level

Additional State Partners/State Committee Members:

  Select Committee on Children and Youth
  Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations
  Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
  Tennessee Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  Tennessee PTA
  Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network
  Tennessee Voices for Children
  Vanderbilt Center of Excellence for Children in State Custody
              MH Grant Objectives

#1 Develop state and local mental
   health guidelines/policies

#2 Provide professional mental
   health training to all school staff

#3 Develop comprehensive local
   school system linkage protocols
              MH Grant Process
         Develop State TDOE MH Guidelines
►Vanderbilt staff developed guidelines based on input
 from Schools and MH Policy Centers at UCLA and U
 of Maryland.

►State MH grant Advisory Committee provided

►TN State Board of Education approved MH Guidelines
 in July 2009.

►State guidelines used as model for LEAs to develop
 local policy/guidelines
                MH Grant Process

        Develop Local LEA MH Policy/Guidelines
   Provide Mental Health 101 training to all school staff
         Create MOUs with community providers

►14 Regional Trainings were held statewide
► MH 101 PP developed for local use
► Samples of policies and MOUs were provided
► Diverse teams worked together to create an action plan
► Technical assistance provided after training
              MH Grant Outcomes

                          Number of    Number of     Percent of all
   Grant Goals           LEAs Before      LEAs          LEAs
                            Grant      After Grant     (N=134)
                           (N=112)      (N=112)

MOUs signed between
schools and community        37           101            74%
MH providers and/or
child serving agencies

Faculty/Staff MH             40           103            77%

MH Policy/Guidelines         39           104            77%
      Additional MH Grant Outcomes

            Improved Communication

Between school staff and in-house LEA   86%
MH staff

Community Mental Health Agencies        85%
DCS                                     71%
Juvenile Justice                        62%
      Additional MH Grant Outcomes

      MH Resources Increased in Schools

LEA has provided additional MH               58 LEAs
resources/ or is in the planning stages to
add resources

Partnering with Community Mental Health      24 LEAs
Agencies to provide more services

LEA MH staff have more time to provide       20 LEAs
counseling services
     Additional MH Grant Outcomes

      MH Resources Increased in Schools

Using a mobile van to provide mental
health services for students            3 LEAs

LEA hired new mental health employees
(counselors, social workers, school     15 LEAs
     Additional MH Grant Outcomes

92% of team leaders report their mental
health team plans to continue to meet after the
grant period concludes.

83% of team leaders reported that the
cooperation and leadership with Coordinated
School Health positively or significantly
impacted the process and outcomes of the
Tennessee Coordinated School Health In Action
   Tennessee Office of CSH Contacts

Dr. Rebecca Johns-Wommack      Sara Smith
Executive Director             State Coordinator
615.253.0065                   615.253.4664

Jerry Swaim                    Mark Bloodworth
Fiscal and Data Specialist     HIV Education Consultant   
615.532.6260                   615.532.9450

Monica O’Rourke                Susan Holmes
PE/PA Consultant               Administrative Assistant
615.253-4697                   615.253-4747