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Monday, December 6th , 2010

                     Technology, Stress, and how it affects our environment

       The article Pearls before Breakfast is about an experiment that was conducted in a

Subway/Metro station in Washington DC. The researchers were trying to see how many people

would stop and listen to beautiful music in the subway, instead of hurrying past the performer.

Joshua Bell – a world class musician was selected as the musician in the subway. The

researchers believed that Joshua would attract a crowd – because of his talent and musical

prowess. Their hypothesis was incorrect – “In the three-quarters of an hour that Joshua Bell

played, seven people stopped what they were doing to hang around and take in the performance,

at least for a minute. Twenty-seven gave money, most of them on the run -- for a total of $32 and

change. That leaves the 1,070 people who hurried by, oblivious, many only three feet away, few

even turning to look.” (The Washington Post). After reading this article, I was a bit puzzled as to

why people did not stop to listen. I came to a conclusion that the people were really busy, and

might have to be at work early. This thought led me to more q uestions – were people really not

in tune with their surroundings? With a bit of research, I found another disturbing article by the

New York Post- Stabbed hero dies as more than 20 people stroll past him. The article is about

how a man - Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax bled to death on a sidewalk. The shocking part was that for

over an hour, nearly 25 people passed by him, and no one assisted him – it was like he was

invisible. It struck me that our generation has become so inattentive to the activities going on

around us. Nearly 25 people passed by Tale-Yax, and at one point, a man came out of the nearby

building and took a cell phone picture of him before walking away. Evidence from the two

articles stated above led me to my Thesis – People are disconnected from their environment and

their surroundings, and the human race as a whole does not value nature as it used to. I think that
Te c h no lo g y, S t r e s s …                                                           P age |2

people are detached from their surroundings and their environment because of Technology and

because of Stress, and this could eventually lead to the destruction of the human race and by

extension our environment – the earth.

       Technology can be described as an advancement in society that makes life easier and

more accessible for the population. In the past technology had little effect on our society,

because it was mostly used by the capitalists and wealthy people. There were not as many

inventions back then, people lived harmoniously – with themselves, and with nature. Now that

technology is more accessible to the general population, we have become reliant on technology.

An example of this is the Phone. 30 years ago, the telephone was fairly new, it was really big,

and even though it helped people to get in touch with each other, it was not the main source of

communication – people visited each other, went outside, were very interactive with each other.

Nowadays, the telephone seems to be the main form of communication. Face-to-face

conversations have now become an alternative. In our society today, “almost every teen owns a

cell phone, from simple to quite advanced and sophisticated types. The cell phone is a must-

have for everyone – especially teens. The cell phone makes it easier for people to communicate.

On the other hand, with the texting feature on the cell pho ne, there is less oral conversation. “We

are losing very natural, human, interactive skills that we used to be really good at, according to

Sonya Hamlin (Technology leaves teens speechless). Another example of our reliance on

technology is with the internet. When our parents were still teenagers – not too long ago – there

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