Beginner’s Guide to BlackBerry KeyBoard Shortcuts

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					Beginner’s Guide to BlackBerry KeyBoard
The series of Blackberry users have been finished this device some-more mostly unexplored.
Some of a buttons in a Blackberry qwerty keypad is additionally likely to store lot of secrets
when total match.

The Convenience Key
The initial as great as most simple of all shortcuts is a Convenience Key. This is a a single pass
which we reason a energy to. You have a choice to shift this to whatever we find to be a most
utilitarian – to tighten your keys, spin on a camera, harmonise an email – we name it. To shift
this option, go to Options > Screen/Keyboard as great as set it underneath Convenience Key.

Create a Signature with AutoText
Many people have asked how to simply emanate mixed signatures for emails or SMS. The
simplest approach is by formulating an AutoText entrance with your preset signature. To do this,
go to Options > AutoText. Select “New”. Under “Replace”, sort a shortuct (ie. sig, zz –
something discerning as great as easy). Under “With” sort your preferred signature (“Sent by
Adam”) afterwards name save as great as you‟re set! Now in your SMS usually sort your by-pass
as great as strike Space as great as you‟re signature will appear.

Standby Mode
One of a biggest tips to save on battery reason up as great as keep from job people with yourr
device in your slot (hey, we‟ve all finished it) is to put your device in to standby mode. To do
this, simply reason a Mute pass on tip of your device for 3 seconds. Your Berry will go in to
standby mode, where we will be prevented from incidentally dire any keys, though all your alerts
as great as calls will still come in. To exit standby mode, usually daub a Mute key.

Now we will go by a list of all a shortcuts for assorted areas of your device.

Basic Shortcuts
The following shortcuts can be used in most applications:
* To exit a shade (or to pierce to a prior page in a browser) press a Escape key
* To name or transparent a check box, press a Space pass
* To switch applications, reason a Alt pass as great as press a Escape key. Continue land a Alt
pass as great as name an application, afterwards release a Alt key
* To lapse to a Home screen, press a End pass

Phone Shortcuts
The following shortcuts can be used in a Phone focus or during a phone call:
* To answer a phone call, press a Send key
* To perspective a call log, press a Send pass from any screen
* To insert a as great as pointer (+) when typing a phone number, reason a minute O
* To add an prolongation to a phone number, press a Alt pass as great as a X key, afterwards sort
a prolongation number
* To allot a speed dial series to a key, from a Home shade or in a Phone application, reason a
pass we wish to assign. Type a phone number
* To sort a minute in a phone series field, press a Alt pass as great as a letter
* To pierce to a tip of a Phone screen, press a Space key
* To shift in between headset, speakerphone as great as handset, press a menu pass as great as
name an option, or improved yet, Tap a $ (dollar sign) pass on your set of keys to spin
speakerphone on/off during a call
* To stay in a call as great as lapse to a home screen, press a Escape pass as great as name Ok

Message Shortcuts
In a message:
* R – Reply To Message
* L – Reply To All
* F – Forward Message
* we – File Highlighted Message
* To perspective a email residence of a contact, in a message, prominence a contact. Press Q. To
perspective a arrangement name again, press Q.
In a summary list:
* C – Compose Message
* ALT+U – Mark Message As Opened/Unopened
* ALT+I – View Inbox
* ALT+O – View Outbox
* ALT+V – View Voicemail
* ALT+S – View SMS
* ALT+P – View Call Log
* To perspective all your messages again, press a Escape key
* SHIFT+SPACE – Move to a tip of a screen
* SPACE – Move to a bottom of a screen
* T – Go to tip of a message
* B – Go to bottom of a message
* N – Move to a subsequent date
* P – Move to a prior date
* U – Move to a subsequent unopened item
* J – Move to a subsequent associated item
* K – Move to a prior realted item
* F – Search for content in an attachment/web page
* G – Move to a final cursor on all sides in a summary after shutting as great as reopening an

Typing Shortcuts
* To insert a period, press a Space pass twice. The subsequent minute is capitalized
* To gain a letter, reason a minute pass until a capitalized minute appears
* Alt + Left Shift – NUM Lock
* Alt + Right Shift – CAPS Lock
* To spin off NUM tighten or CAP lock, press a Shift key
* To insert an at pointer (@) or a duration (.) in an email residence field, press a Space key
* To prominence a line of text, press a Shift pass as great as hurl a trackball
* To prominence content impression by character, reason a Shift pass as great as hurl a trackball
left or right
* To terminate a content selection, press a Escape key
* To cut highlighted content when typing, press a Shift + Backspace/Delete key
* To duplicate highlighted content when typing, press a Alt pass as great as click a trackball
* To pulp highlighted content when typing, press a Shift pass as great as click a trackball

Browser Shortcuts
* To insert a duration in a Go To dialog box, press a Space key
* To insert a condense symbol (/) in a Go To dialog box, press Shift+Space
* To open a browser options, in a browser, press O
* To stop loading a web page, press a Escape key
* To censor a browser, press D
* To tighten a browser, reason a Escape key
* To perspective a residence for a link, prominence a link. Press L
* To pierce brazen a screen, press a Shift pass as great as a Space key
* To pierce to a prior screen, press a Space key
* G – Move to a specific page
* H – Return to a home page
* K – Open bookmarks
* A – Add a bookmark
* we – View new web pages
* R – Refresh page
* P – View page address
* S – Save web page
* U – Hide browser banner
* X – Veiw thumbnail version of a page
* T – Move to a tip of a page
* B – Move to a bottom of a page

Media Shortcuts
* Mute Key – Pause/Resume a video/song
* R – Rotate pictures
* we – Zoom In
* O – Zoom Out
* W – Original Size

Calendar Shortcuts
* C – report an appointment
* A – Change to Agenda view
* D – Change to Day view
* W – Change to Week view
* M – Change to Month view
* Space – Move to a subsequent day/week/month
* Shift+Space – Move to a prior day/week/month
* T – Move to a stream date
* G – Move to a specific date

An easy approach to entrance a default applications is by set of keys shortcuts as well. To
operate these, we contingency have Dial From Home Screen set to “Off”. (Phone > Options >
General Options). You will right away have to operate a Send pass to entrance your phone as
great as have a call, though we will have a following shortcuts available:

* W – WAP Browser
* R – Alarm
* T – Tasks
* U – Calculator
* O – Options
* A – Address Book
* S – Search
* D – Notes
* F – Profiles
* H – Help
* K – Lock keypad
* L – Calendar
* M – Messages
* B – Browser
* N – BlackBerry Messenger
* V – Saved messages
* C – Compose

Other beneficial shortcuts:
* ALT+Shift+H – Access Help ME! shade (status info etc.)
* ALT+LGLG – Access Event Log
* ALT+Right Shift+DEL – Soft Reset

You can shift a arrangement of a „signal strength‟ on your shade to review in genuine numbers.
While at a home screen, reason down a ALT pass whilst we sort NMLL. The bars should shift to
numbers. For a „signal strength‟, if we have been in a 100 area (that equates to -100 dBm), we
will be transmitting at limit power. Anything at -90 to -50 is a really great signal.

On tip of a AutoText there have been additionally a little reduced codes for usual device report
which we can sort in to SMS or email messages which will lapse a value:

* myver – Device Model/Version
* mypin – Device PIN
* LD – Local Date
* LT – Local Time
Once we get a cling to of it, regulating these shortcuts will have we most quicker on a pull as
great as assistance your strap a full abilities of your device. They will not usually save we time,
though assistance we simply navigate by all aspects of your device.