SCARY LARRY by pengxuebo


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Bible 10 December 2009
developed by
Annabelle Perrichon

(Concise version for visual bible 15 February 2010)


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Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise1/10
The Concept:

Larry is a teenage werewolf living in Frightsylvania, home to all kinds of
monsters. He lives in a dirt cheap, rundown but sprawling mansion, along with
his friends Victoria, a vampire; Frank, a mad scientist's creation; Mummy, an
ancient bandaged Egyptian, and Carl, an extraordinary extra-terrestrial. The
housemates have a band - they haven't really decided on a name yet, but
THEY ROCK! They live for their gigs, and are way behind on the rent.

Larry and his friends are trying to make it big in Frightsylvania's capital,
Scream City. They're trying to get along, make their mark, find themselves and
follow their dreams. In the meantime, they're worried about the same stuff as
teens everywhere: their status, how they look, what they want to have but
can't. Girl trouble and boy trouble are always on the cards. In fact Mummy
and Carl have the sneaking suspicion that Larry and Victoria would make the
perfect couple if they could just get over themselves (Frank's too busy with his
own dance card to notice).

The Stories and Tone of the Series

ROCK 'N' HOWL, BABY!!! Larry’s life is intense. Between ruminating on how to
handle his future life as a teen idol, surviving the new day and finding a good
location to rock out tonight… It’s war, 24/7!! Larry and his friends live for rock
and roll, and take it very seriously, even as day-to-day life throws them one
curve ball after another. Since they're teens, EVERYTHING that happens to
them is incredibly dramatic.

Victoria and Mummy get into a private show where they just might see
Gorlando, the all-powerful record producer: they're ecstatic, they're on their
way to fame and fortune, it's in the bag! Larry exhausts his SMS subscription
just as he's expecting a text from a girl he likes: it’s the end of the world.
Everything is awwwfull or awwwesome, and can change from one to the other
in the blink of an eye! Winks to the human world will appear regularly: our
vampiress posts on Victoria's Secret Blog, Larry gets possessed by the spirits
of disco and wears a white suit and black shirt, the hot reality show is
Survivor: Des Moines.

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise2/10
The Band

Larry's musicians are top-notch! Super-motivated! With the most potential!
Larry is one heck of a salesman when he introduces his band to club owners,
and he means every word. They're actually pretty good, but most rock
audiences don't really "get" them, in spite of (because of?) Mummy's ultra-
complicated compositions and Larry's awesome never-before-heard guitar riffs.
That's ok, their day is coming!! Also, they have a knack for playing the wrong
gigs at the wrong time, playing their special brand of face-melting rock at, say,
a polka festival.

What's the name of the band? Glad you asked! They're The... The... that is to
say, the gang haven't actually picked a name just yet, but they are certain the
most perfect, dead-on, awesome band name will come along and it will be
written forever in the annals of rock history. They change their name about
as often as they play gigs: The Rolling Bones... how about Dead Zeppelin? The
Bleeders? Los Lobotomics? The Four Corpses? Things from Outer Space?

The Characters


He's a young, hip werewolf who lives for rock and roll and spends most of his
time working on the band – writing their songs, but also hustling for gigs,
figuring out how to get to them, scraping up cash for equipment. He comes up
with tons of great plans for them that always seem to go awry. He dreams of
being rich and famous: the sportscar, the hordes of screaming fans.

In Frightsylvania, all the werewolves stay werewolves 24/7... except Larry,
who's got a recessive gene. Once a month, when the moon disappears, Larry
has to be a teenage HUMAN. Not only is it super embarrassing to be squeaky-
voiced and hairless, but he risks being caught and deported to the world of
humans! Total drag! Larry is totally not interested in Victoria – no way, dude!
– but when other guys get close to her, Larry's claws come out.


The only daughter of THE Count Dracula, she wants to make it on her own, and
has even rejected being a vampire. But her housemates each keep an
emergency garlic kit handy just in case – if you wrong her, she becomes a full-
blown bloodsucker! Victoria's mother was human, making her half something
she's rejected, and half something she's not allowed to be! Talk about a rock
and a hard place.

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise3/10
She needs to be the center of attention, is charmingly nasty, and maintains an
air of been there, done that. But secretly she adores her friends – when she's
with them, she feels good about herself. She shares a room with Mummy, who
"gets" her crisis and doesn't mind when she steals her celebrity gossip
magazines. She does everything she can to keep Larry away from the girls he
likes and treats him like dirt – that way he'll never catch on that she sort of
digs him.


A somewhat flawed experiment by Sigmund von Simon, the famous mad
scientist. Frank's brain has a tendency to slip out the top of his mix-and-match
skull, hence his limited intellectual capacities. A good friend, he's proud,
confident, a real tough guy. You definitely want Frank on your side when the
chips are down – he's always up, always optimistic. Tomorrow's always a new
day when you can't remember yesterday!

Frank is the group’s powerhouse drummer; girls often storm the stage, they
love his build. Frank's tried his chances with Mummy and Victoria, naturally –
they turned him down, but whatever, plenty of fish in the sea. Best friends for
life with Larry, they'd go to the ends of the earth for each other. He thinks
Carl's a weird little dude, but it's cool, he wails on the keyboards.


Mummy is three thousand years old, but still a teenager in mind and body.
Sometimes out of sync with the times, she's astoundingly smart and learns at
the speed of light. Organized and serious, she's an exceptional composer. The
Concerto for Five Coffins is her latest opus, and like all her other stuff, it's way
over anyone's head.

She's an intellectual. She always talks too much and annoys people easily -
needless to say most boys find her blabbing either exhausting or intimidating.
Victoria and she are totally loyal to each other and they love their
pajama/bandage gab sessions. Mummy likes talking about life in other
galaxies with Carl, and Larry's always fun to be around - that Frank sure needs
a lot of guidance, but he's not half bad.


Carl is a terrifying and powerful alien being, sent by the planet of Chton to
destroy Frightsylvania! Except that crash-landing his ship gave him a bump on
the head and a smidge of amnesia. So Carl forgot to be terrifying or powerful
and became a peace-loving, flower-smelling, rabbit-raising hippie-

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise4/10
extraterrestrial. He truly enjoys helping his house/band mates and is their
inexhaustible maid, cook and roadie, always ready to please.

His parents call to nag him about his mission, but he just says he's working on
it. However, if someone really crosses him, the World Destroyer in him rises to
the surface – run for cover! Carl plays the keyboards in the band from time to
time. His friends love having him around, but they definitely take advantage
of his niceness.

Buddies, Bad Guys, Leeches and Everyone Else


A vampire rock-and-roll star, achingly hip, incredibly handsome, there isn't a
teen zombie in Frightsylvania who wouldn't die all over again just to be like
him or loved by him. His ballad "Your Love is Like a Stake Through My Heart"
catapulted him to number one on the charts. Obviously Larry hates him with a
passion, and he'd better watch out - Carnage doesn't play clean.

Simon von Simon

The son of Sigmund von Simon, the great mad scientist, only his inventions
are just this side of idiotic. In love with Victoria, so naturally he despises Larry.
Paranoid and mean, he has two goals in life: being revered by all
Frightsylvanians and making Victoria fall in love with him. And stuffing Scary
Larry. Oh yeah, that makes three goals.


A perfect clone of Victoria, created by Simon von Simon, she was supposed to
fall in love with Simon and hate Larry’s guts, but most of the time she is in
love with Larry. Touching and lovable in her insanity, she often forgets who she
is and what she was doing. Once in a while she has moments of clarity and
decides to start anew.


A witch, Evey used to be Victoria's best friend, before she went goth - they had
a bubblegum pop duo together. Always hanging around Larry and the gang,
she schemes constantly to get Victoria back as both a bandmate and a best
friend, but since she's not very bright the gang are usually a step ahead of her.

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise5/10

Boris is a hard-working hunchback in the employ of Simon von Simon.
Incredibly resistant and lucky Boris survives each and every lab accident.
Dreams of being many things, like a synchronized swimming champion. Has a
lucky hump that can work in sometimes unexpected ways.


A beyond-wealthy descendant of the Atlantis empire, Lily spends a fortune
every day. This famous jet-setter owns the manor house where our heroes
live, and would like nothing more than to evict them. Years of people
constantly sucking up to her have made Lily unbearable. Despises Victoria for
rejecting her royal lineage but mostly jealous of her effect on boys.


A little demon entirely incapable of scaring anyone. Desperate for attention,
he changes his clothes and hairstyle weekly. Hangs around Larry's band and
embarrasses them. Has a terrible crush on Evey, who avoids him. A sore
loser, Junior concocts lots of schemes to get revenge on those he feels have
wronged him (everybody), all of which backfire.

Other monsters

To name but a few of Frightsylvania's extremely cool monsters: living
skeletons, venom-spitting ogres, chain-dragging ghosts, werewolves, werefish,
were-everything, yetis, golems, incredible blobs, killer dolls, toxic mutations,
crab-men, minor demons, cyclops, enchanted suits of armor, sasquatches,
sphinxes and Siamese quintuplets (these guys are a really successful boy
band; Evey's a big fan).

The Parents

Larry’s mother and father are just your everyday average werewolves, with a
house in the suburbs and nice quiet jobs. They hope with all their hearts that
their son's musical dreams will come true, but if they don’t, he had better get
a job!

Victoria’s father, Count Dracula, offers her presents constantly on the condition
she move home, which she always refuses. She blames her father for her
parents' separation. Her mother is human, which everyone knows but doesn't
talk about: humans are absolutely not allowed in Frightsylvania.

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise6/10
Frank’s mother and father are, one person: mad scientist Sigmund von Simon,
who doesn’t want to keep his somewhat special "son" at home. If he were
aware of Frank’s slight abandonment issues, you can be sure he'd deny being
the cause.

It goes without saying that Mummy’s parents are old… actually they were
already old when they were embalmed. Quite possibly the world's first
immortal retirees, they are living it up on a sunny palm-treed beach.

Carl’s parents are always nagging their son from their home on the planet
Chton to know how his mission to destroy Frightsylvania is going. Very
worried, they send telepathic packages and telexes to try to awaken Carl’s true

The World of Frightsylvania

All the most terrifying monsters in the world live here, and yet, no one is afraid
of anyone. Our heroes live in the capital, Scream City: a metropolis, with cars,
bowling alleys, movie theaters, shopping malls, parks, a subway system, etc.
They have jobs that would terrify us humans and eat meals that would
nauseate us, but otherwise they're just like us!

We spend most of our time with the teens on the scene. The big sellers at the
corner shop are rotten cheese fingers, Bloob Classic and Dirty Toe ice cream.
The coolest ring tones are screams, of course. All the boys love Julie Slime,
the three-butt-cheeked action star - even Larry keeps a poster of Julie in his
closet (where Victoria can't see it).


The House

Dirt cheap and falling apart since Lily the landlord could care less. The
interphone shocks anyone who rings; the creepy old foyer leads to a
ginormous living room decorated in Early Flea Market; none of the kitchen
appliances work except for the microwave Carl and Mummy rigged up from
spare parts. They rehearse their kick-butt band in the basement.

The Thanatorium

The absolute hottest concert venue in all of Scream City is actually a vault in
an exclusive cemetery full of Frightsylvania's finest. It's a mythic place where
the biggest stars do a private set after their sold-out stadium shows. Just

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise7/10
getting in to the place is a death-defying challenge, though of course Larry
dreams of actually playing there.

The Bowling Alley

The group regularly bowls in a league against other monster kids. With a bar
serving cheap garbage juice and Bloob Classic, the bowling alley is a popular
nightspot. Larry and Frank come here to show off in front of Victoria, or flirt
with cute ghouls, or fight the golems in the parking lot to the crowd’s cheers.

The Mini-Market

Open 24/7, it is a key hangout for the kids, and stocks their staple products:
sour milk, Creepios, Freakinella pizza. The clerk is a creature with thirteen
eyes and twelve tentacles, so no one's even tempted to shoplift. He also tends
to drool acid at the sight of Rotlings (the currency in Frightsylvania).

The Movie Theater

Here's where the kids try to hold each other's tentacles, paws, whatever.
Horror movies are the genre of choice. The kids eat popped knuckles and suck
sludge through a straw as noisily as possible. You can tell it's the end of the
month by all the kids trying to sneak in the exit because they've blown through
their allowances.

The Park

And when you're officially out of Rotlings, you can at least go to the park and
hang out, flirt, show off your new threads, demonstrate your skateboard skills,
etc. A fat old zombie woman in a uniform tries to keep the kids from leaping
over fences or snacking on the frogs in the pond.

The Tutankhamen Tomb

A super trendy, always packed bar in town where Mummy waits tables. Popular
actors, athletes, music producers and young financial werewolves come here
for a drink and to be seen. Larry and the gang can't really afford it so are
always trying to swindle free drinks.

The Concert Scene

Larry and his band mostly play at small clubs, hip bars and edgy new flash

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise8/10
venues: an old subway station, a former warehouse, or even a university
classroom with the lab work stations still intact. They're not really stadium-
ready yet, unless you count that show at the community football field with one
set of bleachers and a muddy turf. They have a tendency to find themselves
playing rock-and-roll to the wrong crowds, like the deaf ghouls at the
retirement home.

Episode Examples

Saving Victoria
Carnage, a rich and famous vampire, asks Victoria to sing in his band. A
totally jealous Larry heads for the club to try to get her away from Carnage.
But he doesn't know that his rival is about to cast a spell on Victoria, one that
will mean she can never sing with anyone else...

The License
The gang is seriously behind on their back rent. Larry's finagled a gig for them
to earn some cash, but it's in the city of Skelton, and no one's got a driver's
license to get them there. The gang signs up to take the test, and Victoria and
Larry each bet that the other will fail. Stress is on the menu with a dessert of
sabotage! It's no help that the test administrator is infamous for never
passing anyone...

Girl Power
Larry's stumbled on a super plan: a battle of the bands in a resort hotel with
the most famous record producer who is definitely going to sign them! Too
bad Larry didn't notice it's a battle of GIRL bands... Whatever, that's not going
to hold them back, all they have to do is dress up like girls, right?!

The Curse of the Empty Moon
The gang gets invites to a super hip party and Larry is extra psyched because
Cathy, a totally cute ghoul and his crush du jour, will be there. But that night
is the Night of the Empty Moon, when the moon disappears and Larry
transforms from werewolf to squeaky pink human. The horror! His hot quasi-
date is history unless he can disguise himself back into a werewolf...

Victoria, Victoria
Simon von Simon is sick of getting rejected by Victoria. So he creates the
perfect woman, Shelley, who could be Victoria's twin. In fact Simon von Simon
does such a good job that Shelley thinks she IS Victoria and moves into the
Scary Larry house. Fireworks time!

First Love
Unbelievable - Cruella, Larry's first love from summer camp, has just moved to
Scream City! Larry's in a bit of a spot because over the years he's told her
he's a world famous rock star. He gets the gang to participate in an elaborate

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise9/10
scheme so Cruella won't find out the truth. It might just work, if Victoria
doesn't kill him first!

Rock Around the Corner
Mummy and Frank get addicted to online chat rooms and accidentally fall in
love with each other's virtual selves. Which sure is strange, because in real life,
talking to Frank makes Mummy want to tear out her bandages, and listening to
Mummy makes Frank wonder if she ever makes sense to anyone. But their
alter egos set up a date... the stage is set!

Junior Fan Club
Hallelujah - the band's got it's first fan! The only problem is it's Junior, a
small-time, whiny demon who clings like plastic wrap and has no friends,
because anyone who spends more than five minutes with him wants to
strangle him. Confronted with the ingratitude of Larry and his band, Junior
throws a hex on them: whenever the band plays, pacifiers and stuffed animals
rain down on them!

The Secret Blog
Larry gets his hands on Victoria's secret blog. At long last he holds the key to
her inner soul - it'll be a snap to make her fall for him! But Victoria finds out
and gets her revenge by posting the most ridiculous fantasies she can think of,
like that she really digs guys who sing in public with toilet plungers on their
heads. It's tough work but Larry perseveres, fulfilling all her silliest desires!

Dark Side of the Carl
Carl is a sweetheart, a peaceful being who lives to make everyone happy.
Except if you're not nice to his bunnies. When Larry's basic werewolf instincts
threaten them, Carl loses it and transforms into the World Destroyer, come
from another planet to annihilate Frightsylvania. Oh boy, are they ever in

Gigi Bello
Larry's got a plan to get the band out there: they'll phone the underworld and
ask the ghosts of rock stars past for help. Like maybe there's a song they
never released? Unfortunately a bitter disco king, Gigi Bello, starts hogging
the line and playing dirty tricks on them - only disco riffs come out of Larry's
guitar. The band's up a creek now!

Scary Larry – Perrichon – bible concise10/10

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