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                         NORTHWEST DEVELOPMENT AGENCY


                                      REFERENCE: NWDA00211

                                        DESIGN PANEL

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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Purpose of this document
The Northwest Development Agency (the “Agency”) requires the information sought in this questionnaire
from applicants responding to the OJEU notice for Design Panel
Responses to the pre-qualification questionnaire will be used in the first step of selecting applicants to
tender. Selected applicants will be invited to participate further in the procurement.
This is a competitive procurement conducted in accordance with the Restricted Procedure, under the EC
Services Directive, as implemented by the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

Organisation of this document
This document contains three sections:
1. background information and instructions for completion;
2. evaluation approach;
3. the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Background Information
The Northwest Development Agency (NWDA) is one of nine regional development agencies established by
the government to develop the English regions.
The Agency leads the economic development and regeneration of England's Northwest and is responsible

         Supporting business growth and encouraging investment
         Matching skills provision to employer needs
         Creating the conditions for economic growth
         Connecting the region through effective transport and communication infrastructure
         Promoting the region’s outstanding quality of life

With a budget of £1.5 billion over the next three years, the Agency is responsible for directly influencing £1.2
billion of other public and private sector investment into the region over the next three years to support the
delivery of the Regional Economic Strategy (RES). Further details regarding the RES can be found at
For further details of the NWDA’s role and activities visit www.nwda.co.uk.
Outline Timetable
Return of Pre-Qualification Questionnaire                           14 May 2007
Anticipated tender issue date                                       8 June 2007
Anticipated date for supplier interviews / presentations:           w/c 6 August 2007
Anticipated contract award date                                     30 August 2007

Instructions for Completion
Responses to the questionnaire must be returned in a blank envelope; with the PQQ label affixed to the
envelope (the PQQ label is available for download from the Agency’s tenders website

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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One copy of the completed questionnaire should be submitted in paper format to the address
provided on the PQQ label by the due date (and one copy on CD).
PQQs must not be submitted via e-mail.
PQQs must be returned to: Tender Board, Northwest Development Agency, Renaissance House, PO Box
37, Centre Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1XB (as stated on the PQQ return label).

Applicants should answer all questions as accurately and concisely as possible.
Where a question is not relevant to the applicant’s organisation, this should be indicated, with an
Supporting information should be presented in the same order, and should be referenced to the relevant
Questions must be answered in English.
Responses will be evaluated in accordance with the procedures set out in Section 2. In the event that none
of the responses are deemed satisfactory, the Agency reserves the right to consider alternative procurement
Failure to furnish the required information, make a satisfactory response to any question, or supply
documentation referred to in responses, within the specified timescale, may mean that an applicant will not
be invited to participate further.
The information submitted will be held, in confidence by the Agency and used for the purpose of determining
applicants’ suitability for meeting the Agency’s general requirements for the provision of the above services.
Further assessment and shortlisting may be required before any award of business, which may be subject to
a formal separate contract.
The applicant is responsible for obtaining all information necessary for the preparation of its proposal. In
addition, the applicant will bear all costs, expenses and liabilities incurred in connection with the preparation
of its submission and all further participation in the procurement process.
It should be noted that the information given at this stage will be subject to verification at later stages of the
procurement process. If any error, omission or misrepresentation is discovered, the Agency reserves the
right to disqualify the applicant from further participation in the process, no matter what stage the process
has reached.
The Agency does not bind itself to accept the lowest, or indeed any, tender.

Single point of contact
Applicants have been asked to include a single point of contact in their organisation for their response to the
pre-qualification questionnaire. The Agency shall not be responsible for contacting the applicant through any
route other than the nominated contact. The applicant must therefore undertake to notify any changes
relating to the contact promptly.

Consortia and sub-contracting
Where a consortium or sub-contracting approach is proposed, all information requested should be given in
respect of the proposed prime contractor or consortium leader. Relevant information should also be provided
in respect of consortium members or sub-contractors who will play a significant role in the delivery of
services or products under any ensuing contract. Responses must enable the Agency to assess the overall
service proposed.
Where the proposed prime contractor is a special purpose vehicle or holding company, information should be
provided of the extent to which it will call upon the resources and expertise of its members.
The Agency recognises that arrangements in relation to consortia and sub-contracting may be subject to
future change. Applicants should therefore respond in the light of such arrangements as are currently
Please provide details of the proportion of any contract awarded under this contract that the prospective
partner proposes to subcontract.
Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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The Agency may seek independent financial and market advice to validate information declared or to assist
in the evaluation. References, site visits, demonstrations and/or presentations are unlikely to be requested at
this stage.
Although the Agency is willing to permit the use of sub-contractors and third parties, it is vital that the design
and / or creative elements of the services are provided by the supplier with primary responsibility under any
subsequent contract entered into by the parties. Therefore applicants should be aware that the Agency will
not permit design and / or creative services to be provided by any party other than the successful

Please note that where either of these functions are sub-contracted out to a third party, the Agency will
automatically reject the submission from the procurement process.

Queries about the procurement
Any questions about the procurement should be submitted to Andrew Chester, Senior Contracts Manager at
the address above or via e-mail to andrew.chester@nwda.co.uk or telephone 01925 400124
If the Agency considers any question or request for clarification to be of material significance, both the query
and the response will be posted on the NWDA website at www.nwda.co.uk/tenders in an anonymous form. It
is the responsibility of the applicant to check this website periodically before the PQQ return date to check for
any updates and to incorporate these updates into its submission.

Responses must be received by 10.00 am, 14 May 2007. Responses received after this date may be

Important Notices
1.1        The information in this document provides an outline of the restricted procedure procurement
           process that the Agency intends to follow, although it reserves the right to amend this process or
           cancel the procurement at any stage without prior consultation. Under no circumstances will the
           Agency or its advisers be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by applicants during the
           procurement process. Expressions of interest are only sought from organisations that are
           agreeable to these arrangements.
1.2        The information in this PQQ is provisional and will be superseded by the Invitation to Tender.
1.3        The information provided is intended only as an explanation of the Agency’s requirements and is
           not intended to form the basis of an applicant’s decision on whether to enter into any contractual
           relationship with the Agency. The information provided shall not form the basis of or be relied on in
           connection with any contract.
1.4        Whilst all materials supplied have been prepared in good faith the information provided has not
           been independently verified and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information
           that a prospective supplier may require. Applicants are responsible for making such checks and
           investigations as they consider appropriate. The supply of the information provided to applicants
           does not constitute an obligation to give further information or to update the information provided or
           to correct any information that is incomplete or inaccurate.
1.5        None of the Agency’s directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents or advisers (together
           the “Issuers”) make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy,
           adequacy or completeness of the information provided. Applicants considering responding with a
           view to entering into a contractual relationship with the Agency should make their own enquiries
           and investigations of the Agency’s requirements.
1.6        Neither the Agency nor the issuers shall be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of
           reliance on the information provided. The subject matter of this information memorandum shall
           only have any contractual effect when it is covered and contained in the express terms of an
           executed contract.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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1.7        The issue of this document in no way commits the Agency to award any contact pursuant to the bid
           process nor does it constitute an offer to enter into a contractual relationship.
1.8        Save as provided below, in no circumstances shall the Agency or the issuers incur any liability
           whatsoever or are liable for any expenses incurred by candidates at any time. Any and all liability
           in relation to this information memorandum is hereby expressly disclaimed and excluded to the
           maximum extent permissible by law. The exclusions of liability contained in this paragraph do not
           exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by the Issuers’ negligence and/or to fraud or
           fraudulent misrepresentation by the Issuers.
1.9        The information provided is not, nor is it to be taken as, the giving of investment advice by the
           Agency or any of the issuers nor is it an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity.
1.10        Applicants are required to agree to the Agency’s Terms and Conditions of Contract. Any
            proposed amendments regarding the Terms and Conditions must be documented in the
            Applicant’s bid (as an Appendix) and submitted by the PQQ return date. The Agency will
            then determine whether the proposed amendments reflect a compliant bid. It is incumbent
            on Applicants to read and fully understand the attached Terms and Conditions.

1.11        Attached to this PQQ are the Agency’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for Services.
            These are currently being reviewed and updated. The Agency therefore intends to include Special
            Conditions which will form part of the Contract with the successful applicant. These Special
            Conditions will be provided to those organisations selected for interview prior to Contract award.

Freedom of Information Legislation
1. The Agency may be obliged to disclose information provided by applicants in response to this PQQ
   under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, all subordinate legislation made under this and the
   Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (“the Freedom of Information Legislation”).
2. Applicants should be aware that the information they provide could be disclosed in response to a request
   under the Freedom of Information Legislation. The Agency will proceed on the basis of disclosure
   unless an appropriate exemption applies. Applicants should be aware that despite the availability of
   some exemptions, information may still be disclosed if the public interest in its disclosure outweighs the
   public interest in maintaining the exemption. No response to this PQQ should be covered by a general
   statement regarding its overall confidentiality; instead any specific areas of confidential information
   should be highlighted in accordance with paragraph 3 below. The Agency accepts no liability for loss as
   a result of any information disclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of Information
3. Applicants should highlight information in their responses which they consider to be commercially
   sensitive or confidential in nature, and should state the precise reasons why they consider this.
4. The Agency will use reasonable endeavours to consult with applicants over the release of information
   which is highlighted by them as commercially sensitive or confidential.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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Supplier Selection
The objective of the selection process is to assess the responses to the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and
select potential suppliers to proceed to the next stage of the procurement.
Selection criteria will be a combination of both financial and non-financial factors and will consider:
a) Supplier Acceptability – status of supplier (in relation to Regulation 23 (4) of the Public Contracts
   Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No 5)). A summary of Regulation 14 is included in Section 4.
b) Economic and Financial Standing – the supplier must be in a sound financial position to participate in a
   procurement of this size as set out in Regulation 24 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006
   No 5). This may entail independent financial checks.
c) Supplier Track Record - The supplier must be able to demonstrate a successful track record of providing
   similar services to those listed in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notice as set out in
   Regulation 25 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No. 5).
d) Supplier capacity and capability – Assessment of the totality of resources and core competences
   available to the supplier(s) in the delivery of this service.
Failure to provide a satisfactory response to any of the questions may result in the Agency not proceeding
further with the applicant.
The information supplied will be checked for completeness and compliance before responses are evaluated.
Evaluation of subsequent stages will be undertaken in accordance with the overall Evaluation Strategy for
the project. The high level Evaluation Criteria for the project are as follows:
Scoring Mechanism
Weightings -          1 = is perceived as a desirable requirement.
                      2 = is perceived as a preferred/minimum requirement. (important).
                      5 = is perceived as an essential requirement. (very important).
Ratings -             5 – excellent, significantly exceeds expectations
                      4 – very good, exceeds expectations in some respects
                      3 – good, exceeds expectations in a few respects
                      2 – fair, very few instances of exceeding expectations
                      1 – poor or limited answer
                      0 – extremely poor or no answer

In/Out Questions are perceived as mission-critical requirements and thus will not attract a score or
weighting, but will determine whether a supplier remains in the process.
FIO – for information purposes only.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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Table 1: Overall Weightings/Sections

         Evaluation Criteria                                        Criteria Weighting

         Question 2.2                                                                          2

         Question 3.1.b                                                                  In / Out

         Question 4                                                                      In / Out
         Section 5                                                                             2

         Section 6.3                                                                           2

         Section 8                                                                             2
         Section 9                                                                             2

         Question 10.1                                                                         5

         Question 10.2                                                                   In / Out
         Question 10.3                                                                   In / Out

         Question 10.4                                                                         2

         Compliance with the Agency’s standard Terms and
         Conditions of Contract

Where in the opinion of the Agency the response is inadequate the applicant may be excluded from further
The Agency reserves the right to take into account any other relevant considerations that, in its absolute
discretion, it may deem are appropriate.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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                              NORTHWEST DEVELOPMENT AGENCY



 1.1 Name of the company (Prime or single
 contractor) in whose name the tender would be

 1.2.a. Single Point of Contact

 1.2.b. E-mail Address:

 1.2.c. Telephone number:

 1.3 Address:

 1.4 Telephone number:

 1.5 Facsimile number:

 1.6 E-mail address:

 1.7 Registered address if different from above:

 1.8 Registered Number

 This Questionnaire is submitted as an initial request to be considered for:

 Lot 1                Business to Business/Corporate              *Yes         *No

 Lot 2                Tourism/Place Branding                      *Yes         *No

*delete as applicable

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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 2.1 Please indicate the number and locations of premises from which your organisation provides
 services similar to those required by the Agency. In the event of a contract award, please state which
 office(s) work would be undertaken from.

 2.2 Brief history (not more than 400 words) of your organisation. Within this section you are invited to
 comment on any innovative aspects that you will be capable of offering and to explain what sets you
 apart from your competitors. (Weight 2)

 2.3 Insert number of years established

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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    3.1 Please tick the box below which applies

    a) Your organisation is bidding to provide the all the services required, without the use of sub-     Y/N

    b) Your organisation is bidding in the role of Prime Contractor and intends to use third parties to   Y/N
    provide creative and/or design services. (Please note that where either of these functions are
    sub-contracted out to a third party, the Agency will automatically reject the submission
    from the procurement process)

    Do any of the circumstances as set out in The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No: 5)       Y/N
    Part IV, Regulation 23 (4) apply to your company. A summary of the circumstances of
    Regulation 23 (4) is provided below.

    If yes, please supply

    The Agency may seek evidence at a later date, in confirmation of your answer.

This summary is offered only as an indication for the convenience of bidders. Bidders should refer to the
Regulations and satisfy themselves that they are not ineligible.
Regulation 23 (4) sets out the grounds on which a services provider may be deemed ineligible to tender for
or be awarded a public contract. Rejection is permissible when a Service Provider:
-          is in a state of bankruptcy insolvency compulsory winding up, administration, receivership,
           composition with creditors or any analogous state, or subject to relevant proceedings;
-          has been convicted of a criminal offence related to business or professional conduct;
-          has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of business;
-          has not fulfilled obligations relating to payment of social security contributions;
-          has not fulfilled obligations relating to payment of taxes;
-          is guilty of serious misrepresentations in supplying information required by the Agency or other
           public body under the Regulations
-          is not in possession of a licence or not a member of the appropriate organisation where the law of
           that State requires it; or
-          subject to paragraphs (7) and (8) of Regulation 23, is not registered on the professional or trade
           register of the relevant State in which established

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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 5.1 Please provide a sample project update
 sheet to demonstrate your approach to
 managing projects from beginning to end.

 6.1 Is your organisation an approved supplier under Catalist, G-Cat, S-Cat, L-Cat,       Y/N
 P&CS Directory? (FIO)

 6.2 Is your organisation an approved supplier under any other OGC scheme or is it        Y/N
 party to any OGC approved framework agreement? (FIO)

 6.3 Details of five clients for whom you have worked in the 12 months. You are also asked to provide
 outline details of the nature of the work you have been commissioned to undertake during this time for
 these clients. (Weight 2)

 Customer name               Contact name and   Brief description of service          Names of
 and address                 Telephone number   undertaken                            subcontractors
                                                                                      and/ or
                                                                                      members and
                                                                                      their role






Note. The Agency may elect to contact any of the given companies for a reference. Your permission
to do so will be assumed unless you explicitly state any objections.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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7.        FINANCIAL

 Please note that the Agency’s standard payment method is via BACS
 The following financial information is required to be provided.

 (a) A copy of the most recent audited accounts for your organisation that cover the last two years of
 trading or for the period that is available if trading for less than two years.

 (b) A statement of the organisation’s turnover, Profit & Loss and cash flow position for the most recent full
 year of trading (or part year if full year not applicable) and an end period balance sheet, where this
 information is not available in an audited form at (a).

 (c) Where (b) cannot be provided, a statement of the organisation’s cash flow forecast for the current
 year and a bank letter outlining the current cash and credit facility position.

 (d) If the organisation is a subsidiary of a group, (a) to (c) are required for both the subsidiary and the
 ultimate parent. Where a consortium or association is proposed, the information is requested for each
 member company.

 (e) A separate statement of the organisation’s turnover that relates directly to the supply of this service
 for the past two years, or for the period the organisation has been trading (if less than two years).

 (f) Parent company and/or other guarantees of performance and financial standing may be required if
 considered appropriate. Confirmation of the organisation’s willingness to arrange for a guarantee or a
 performance bond

 (g) Has your organisation made any application for third party funding – including State Aid           Y/N
 assistance – in relation to the services you are intending to provide?

 (h) Please give address to which Payment/Remittances should be sent:

 (i) Please also advise if your invoice address is different from the above:

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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 8.1 For the last 3 years, details of projects or contracts where there has been a failure to complete the
 contract on time or at all, or where there have been claims for damages, or where damages have been
 deducted or recovered. Also details of any projects or contracts terminated.

 Customer name               Project/ Contract               Date of        Reason for claim/ project or contract
 and address                 reference and brief             claim/         termination
                             description of services         project or
                             provided                        contract

 8.2 Are there any court actions           Y/N         If Yes, please provide details:
 and/ or significant employment
 tribunal hearings outstanding
 against your organisation?

 8.3 Has your organisation been            Y/N         If Yes, please provide details:
 involved in any court action and/
 or significant employment tribunal
 over the last 3 years?

 8.4 Applicants must have policies, procedures and resources for dealing with customer dissatisfaction
 and/or complaints. Applicants should describe their procedures in this respect (including escalation

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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 9.1 The principal areas of business activity of your company

 9.2 To which professional or trade bodies does your organisation belong.

 9.3 The number of staff currently involved directly in the provision of services similar to those required by
 the Agency:

 Permanent staff numbers                                    Third party staff

 9.4 Details of staff turnover as percentage of your workforce for the last 3

 9.5 Is your organisation registered under the        Y/N       If Yes, please
 Data Protection Act 1998?                                      provide your

 9.6 Details of your organisation’s Health and Safety at Work Policy

 9.7 Does your organisation have an Environmental Policy?                                           Y/N

 If No, please give reasons

 9.8 Does your organisation fully comply with the provisions of the appropriate Acts on             Y/N
 Disability, Equal Opportunities, Sex and Race Discrimination?

 9.9 Provide details of the organisation’s Third Party Insurance cover, Employers’ Liability Cover and
 Professional Indemnity Cover.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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The Marketing and Communications Team
The NWDA Marketing and Communications Team is responsible for communicating and promoting
the work of the Agency and its activities, and improving the image of the region amongst key target
audiences identified in the RES. The RES is an important document and represents a significant
opportunity to underline the progress of the Region and the Agency.
The Agency’s Marketing and Communications Strategy identifies the corporate communications
objectives as:
         Promoting the role and purpose of the Agency
         Promoting the Regional Economic Strategy
         Promoting the Agency’s programmes and activities

The work of the department focuses on tourism markets, business-to-business markets and
stakeholder groups consisting of public, private and voluntary sector individuals and organisations.
To engage with these audiences the department undertakes a wide range of marketing activity
including Agency held events, the production and distribution of print and promotional material, PR
and press campaigns and the use of e-media.
There are likely to be between 6 to 8 selected parties/organisations on the panel that may be
contracted to work directly with the Agency; or may be contracted with an accountable body, which
has been established, or is funded wholly or partially, by the Agency. Being selected as a panel
member is no guarantee of being awarded any contracts of work.

NWDA Design Panel
The Agency are looking to form a new design panel. The panel will consist of a number of
suppliers who have been selected from this tendering process. Design will be commissioned on a
project and ad-hoc basis and cover all the areas of activity that the Agency is responsible for
across the Northwest.
The panel will be in place for a maximum of 4 years, subject to annual review.
Tenderers must be specifically creative and design companies with a demonstrable track record of
producing a range of high quality innovative creative designs. Tenderers shall provide evidence of
their track record in the creative and design markets in response to this PQQ.
The nature of marketing activities that the Agency undertakes includes but is not exclusive to;
         Events
         Advertising
         Print
         PR and Press
         E-media
Sectors for which creative and design work is required;
         Business to Business/ Corporate
         Tourism and Place Branding.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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Please note that successful companies will be expected to offer expert advice and guidance, as to
the best and most cost effective approach in order to achieve optimum end results for the Agency.
The successful companies will be required to show a flexible and adaptable way of working.
Technical Response
10.1 As part of the tender evaluation process, applicants are required to provide the following;
Two examples of original creative design that have been produced by your organisation in the last
18 months. Each piece of creative design should be no larger than A3. This should be
accompanied by a brief explanation for each creative design. The explanation should outline the
brief given, your rational to support your chosen option, the intended target audience and whether
it is an original concept or a development of an existing style. For each example your explanation
should be no longer than 500 words.

     Each piece of work will be judged on the overall impression of the submission as well as
     relevance to the brief, artwork and presentation, creativity / originality and rationale (all
     individually weight 5)
10.2      Do you have a three-year track record in the delivery of the services requested. (IN/OUT)
                Yes                     No

10.3 Are you able to attend meetings at the Agency’s Warrington office within 3 hours office?
                Yes                     No

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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10.4      Please provide us with evidence of any awards that you have received during the last 3
          years; (Weight 2).
Title of Award                               Regional       National       Placing                 Date

 11.1 Any general comments you wish to make

Where there is any indication that a conflict of interest exists or may arise, then it shall be the responsibility of
the applicant to inform the Agency, detailing the conflict in writing as an attachment to this document.
The Agency will be the final arbiter in cases of potential conflicts of interest. Failure to notify the Agency of
any potential conflict of interest will invalidate any verbal or written agreement.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion

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*A Conflict of interest is where a person who is involved in the procurement has or may be
perceived to have a personal interest in ensuring that a particular tenderer is successful. Actual
and potential conflicts of interest must be declared by a person involved in a tender process.
Are you aware of any conflict of interest between your company and the Agency?                     Y/N

 Your Company agrees to carry out all contracts and/or other awards of business in accordance       Y/N
 with the Agency’s standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for Services.




 Telephone number

 E-mail address

Mandatory Attachments Checklist
         The completed Questionnaire along with the examples as requested.
The information contained in this questionnaire will be used for the purpose of determining an applicant’s
suitability for meeting the Agency’s general requirements for the provision of the Services. Further
assessment and selection may be required before any indication can be given as to the success of an
application for inclusion on the Agency’s tender list.

Restricted Tender

PQQ inc instructions for completion


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