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									Expert Tips on Sales Strategy
Melinda Emerson, CEO of MFE Consulting

What are some of the fundamentals of crafting a
sound sales strategy?
•   Identify your market niche and target customer. Based on
    this information, set both monthly and annual sales goals.
•   Determine how many sales activities – including proposals,
    meetings, weekly sales calls, emails, networking events and
    social media - must take place each month in order to meet
    these goals.

Referrals are an important ingredient for growing a
small business. How can you motivate customers to
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•   Always start by doing a great job for your customers. Be sure
                                                                         Jim Champy: From Tired
    to thank them with a follow-up call or a personal note. Then
                                                                         to Inspired: Why
    you can ask them to refer you to other potential clients.            Customers Come Back
•   Consider creating incentive programs such as giveaways,
    coupons, and finder’s fees for referrals. That will help             Visa: Identifying Your
    motivate your customers to become advocates for your                 Sales Strategy

What are the keys to getting the most from
networking events and opportunities?

•   If you dread networking, find a fellow business owner who will attend events with you.
•   Try to attend three networking events a month, and approach all potential contacts with a “give to
    get” mentality—how you can help them, not the other way around.
•   Arm yourself with a killer “elevator pitch” or as I like to call it, your “30-second commercial.” When
    you can succinctly explain your business, it builds trust.
•   If the contact seems interested, consider adding background from your last job or a brief client list,
    and describe your niche target customer. But offer just enough information to get a contact
    interested in chatting again.

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