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Tips for Promoting Your Business with Social Media
As interviewed by ExpertANSWERS:
Larry Bailin, Author and Founder/CEO of Single Throw Internet Marketing

What are three essential online branding components every small
business should have?
•    A very good, in-depth understanding of who your customers are.
     We’re in a bottom-up world when it comes to marketing messages,
     so it's imperative that you know and understand as much as you can
     about your potential customers demographics.
•    Understand how your business ties in with their needs. People
     search by problems, not solutions. What has to happen for a
     customer to need your product/services?
•    Consistency. Website copy, logo, tagline—all of it has to be
     connected and present the same message.

What is the most common misperception about
social media, and what are the facts?                                         Popular SCORE
Many people think it’s just for kids, and that couldn’t be further from the   Marketing
truth. The fastest growing age demographic on Facebook is 35 and over.        Webinars
                                                                              NEW: How to Tap Into
How can a small business keeps its social media                               the Power of Social
presence fresh and engaging?                                                  Networks
                                                                              Featuring Chris Brogan
Rather than focus on the number of Friends and Followers, strive to find      and Julien Smith
people whose experiences and insights you value. Also, make sure your
posts or Tweets are “shareworthy.” Anything you see, decide whether           Tapping the Power of
your target audiences will want to read it. If you follow the right people,   Social Media to Promote
you’ll have an endless supply of new information to share.                    Your Business Locally
                                                                              Featuring John Jantsch

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