4. Recognition of prior learning

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					Item: CB.7       Title: RPL Policy and Procedure
Date: Sept 2002 AQTF Standard: 8.2                                     Pages: 2

RPL Policy

   1. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that enables people who are
       seeking a formal qualification from a nationally accredited course or Training
       Program to gain recognition of competencies they have already acquired through
       formal or informal training and education, work experience, or general life
       experience, towards those qualifications Recognition enables them to avoid
       unnecessarily duplicating that learning experience.
   2. The RPL process applies to students wishing to receive advanced standing into
       an accredited course, to be exempt from prerequisites because of previous work
       or educational experience, or to combine work experience with formal education
       to achieve a higher accredited qualification.
   3. ACE Murwillumbah observes the National Qualifications Framework Principles
       for Recognition of Prior Learning viz.
       Competence : We focus on the competencies acquired - not how, when or where
       the learning occurred
       Commitment : We have a demonstrated commitment to the recognition of prior
       Access : The process is available to all potential applicants
       Fairness : The process is fair to all parties
       Support : We provide adequate support to potential applicants
   4. We offer all students in accredited courses the opportunity to seek RPL through
       a formal process that adheres to the requirements established by the accrediting
   5. The applicant will be charged a fee for the RPL process which will be based on
       the hourly rate of the assessor and must not exceed the fee for the equivalent
   6. ACE Murwillumbah endeavours to minimise the duration and cost of the RPL
       process to applicants and to provide adequate information and support to assist
       them to gather evidence to support their claim.
   7. Recognition of Prior Learning is granted by a qualified Assessor with
       qualifications in the course where RPL is sought.
   8. The Assessor requires evidence that the candidate is currently competent when
       assessed against the industry or enterprise competency standards specified in
       those accredited courses.
       That evidence can take a variety of forms, including -

      o Previous Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees or Statements of Attainment.

      o Interviews with the Assessor.

      o Direct observation of performance.

      o Written references or interview with work Supervisors.

      o Resume or written portfolio of evidence.
   9. The Assessor is required to compare the evidence against the relevant criteria
      for each module.

1 Acembah P&P RPL Sept 2002
Item: CB.7       Title: RPL Policy and Procedure
Date: Sept 2002 AQTF Standard: 8.2                                        Pages: 2

RPL Procedure

      1. RPL is offered to all students enrolling in accredited courses.
      2. Students should contact the tutor who will provide an RPL Application Form,
         Module Learning Outcomes and assessment requirements, and discuss the
         nature of the evidence required, and how it might be obtained, with the
         student, and the costs involved in obtaining RPL. If the applicant is suitable a
         qualified RPL Assessor will be appointed.
      3. The student is advised where and how to collect other evidence e.g. letter
         from an employer, workplace assessment etc.
      4. The RPL Application Form must be completed and returned at least two
         weeks before the module commences.
      5. The evidence is compiled
      6. The course tutor reviews the evidence and the applicant may be asked to
         attend the review.
      7. The student is advised of the outcome of the process, in writing, within two
         working days of the review.
      8. If Recognition is granted the credential is issued and the Office Manager is

Appeals against the RPL decision
     1. Student’s not satisfied with the outcome may apply to the Manager for a
         review of the evidence and the process..
     2. The Manager will arrange for the Assessor and the applicant to meet to
         review the assessment and if necessary consider remedial action to be taken
         by the applicant.
     3. If the applicant is still not happy the matter will be reviewed further by an
         additional qualified assessor for arbitration.

Cost of RPL
      1. The RPL fee is calculated at the hourly charge out rate applicable to the tutor
         concerned up to a maximum of 70% of the complete course fee.
      2. Where a module is completed partly by RPL and by customized assessment
         the total cost will not exceed the normal cost of that module.

2 Acembah P&P RPL Sept 2002