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									Yazaki North America Showcases High Voltage Technology at EVS 23

CANTON, Mich., January 11, 2008 - Yazaki North America, Inc. (YNA), a
leading supplier of vehicle power and data solutions to the automotive industry,
showcased a variety of high voltage products and technologies at EVS 23 in
Anaheim, California, December 2 – 5, 2007. The International Electric Vehicle
Symposium attracts business, policy, industry, and academicleaders from around
the world who are interested in understanding and overcoming the market
challenges of electric transportation technologies.

Two Yazaki products receiving significant attention at the symposium include a
charging coupler and service plug. “The charging coupler enables the recharging
capabilities of plug-in hybrid vehicles”, said Doug Burcicki, senior manager of
Marketing & Product Management for YNA. “While these vehicles are not yet on
the road, this product is a necessary component for bringing them to market.”
Yazaki HV battery and electric vehicle manufacturers sizing up the charging
coupler expressed interest in a common and reliable interface between their
products and recharging sources.

The service plug attracted the attention of OEMs and aftermarket product
manufacturers who appreciate the safety implications of a plug that disconnects
the HV power source prior to servicing the vehicle.

Other products displayed by YNA included high voltage connectors, cables,
protective coverings and multi-pole connection systems.

Yazaki has supplied high voltage products for the vast majority of hybrid vehicles
on the road both domestically and in Japan. This leadership position is the result
of the company’s investment in HV technologies more than 11 years ago and a
steady course of continuous innovation. This has resulted in improved material
selection, component integration, size reduction and design for manufacturability
improvements. Currently, Yazaki is developing its 3rd generation of HV products.

YNA will display some of its HV products at the 2008 North American
International Auto Show, Jan 16 & 17, from 12 noon to 6:00 PM in Salon D3-28.

Yazaki Corporation is a global leader in the research, development and delivery
of vehicle power and data solutions, as well as advanced electronic technologies
for vehicle applications. Yazaki produces electrical distribution systems, fiber
optics, instrumentation, solid-state power centers, connection systems and
electronics. Worldwide, the company employs over 200,000 people in 39
countries, 1,500 of whom are based in the company’s North American
headquarters and research center campus in Canton, Michigan. For more
information on Yazaki, log onto http://www.yazaki-na.com/.

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