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closeXchange Digital Envelope Technology


PKCS # 7 digital envelope will be defined as a term, and carried out in the text of the following explanation: digital envelope containing the encrypted content and encrypted key used to encrypt the content. Although the frequent use of the recipient's public key to encrypt the "encryption key", but not required, you can also use the sender and receiver pre-shared symmetric key to encrypt. When the receiver receives digital envelope, the first pre-shared key used to decrypt the private key or getting the "encryption key", then the key to decrypt the ciphertext to obtain the original.

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                                                                                        Digital Envelope Technology

Do you rely on your IT, your protocols and security features?

The following severe data problems have been disclosed with the last 2 weeks:

    1. 12/16/2010:  Backdoor   found   in   HP   Network   storage   solution.   An   undocumented   feature 
       integrated into the Hewlett Packard's  MSA 2000 G3  storage solution enables unauthorized 
        users access beyond administrator level.  A HP spokesperson claims that  this 'feature' was 
        integrated to be able to 'help' HP customers.

    2. 12/16/2010: FBI Backdoor in IPSec­implementation? The German Heise computer magazine 
       reports, that the FBI might have been able to sneak a severe security breach into the IPSec 
       framework,   the  backbone  of   several  security solutions  designed  to  provide  data protection, 
       ­authenticity and integrity.  This would enable the FBI and other organizations to access and to 
       manipulate IPsec 'protected' data.

    3. 12/13/2010: The well­known and popular Gizmodo, Gawker Deadspin, Kotaku, Jezebel, I09, 
       Jalopnik, Lifehacker blogs and servers were hacked by unknown parties: All internal data was 
       compromised, more than 1.3 million passwords were stolen.

Question: Which of those security breaches would have compromised closeXchange data?
Answer: None.

closeXchange's Digital Envelope Technology provides  military­grade  encryption of all data, point­to­
point, from the sender all the way to the destination. Without additional software, without complicated 
key management, for every modern computer and operating system – everywhere.

You   don't   need   to   rely   on   promises   or   server   based   security   protocols   anymore   –   because 
closeXchange provides easy to use, flexible and highly secure alternatives:

    •   Double   transparent   encryption with   different   auto­generated   passwords   and   well­known, 
        proven technologies: Rijndael (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TwoFish – directly on your 
        own computer – your data is never without protection;

    •   Flexible and easy to use: Simple web­environment and without additional software;

    •   No USB sticks necessary and without complicated PGP or S/MIME key management;

You have expensive firewalls, filters and other protection technology. The closeXchange environment 
is the logical enhancement that allows your to securely exchange or store all of your data locally or into 
the cloud.

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