WSU mix room completion release2 by nuhman10


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       Wayne State University Completes Their
         High Definition Acoustics Upgrade
          Of The Main Control/Mix Room
“This room is finer then anything we have” stated a visiting professor from a

California University Music Department. He had just experienced the new

High Definition Acoustical signature of Wayne State University’s main

control/mix room. Wayne State University and Golden Acoustics have

successfully completed the installation of Golden Acoustics’ Sonic

Equalizer Panels (revolutionary acoustic treatment panels), in Wayne State’s

main control/mix room. The resulting High Definition Acoustics of the

space has surpassed everyone’s expectations. The project has been mutually

beneficial; Wayne State University’s students now have a control/mix room

with High Definition Acoustics which provides them a room that has

unmatched clarity and intelligibility and Golden Acoustics has third party

test data along with real-world results that prove it is possible to fully diffuse

the sound in a space, across the entire audio spectrum from 20Hz to 20 KHz.

For more information contact:
Doug Dorn at: 323-828-7805

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