Bail ISSP Processes and Responsible Officer

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					                  Bail ISSP Processes and Responsible Officer

The following guidance is applicable to Monday’s and Wednesdays Courts only. On
all other days Court Staff are responsible for Bail ISSP Assessments (however ISSP
staff, when available, will support Court Staff).

NB: Requests for Bail ISSP assessments from the Court on Mondays and
Wednesdays need to be relayed to ISSP during morning court (before 10am
preferably but at the latest 1pm should a young person be brought over to Court from
the Police Station during the morning Court session). Requests from court after this
time, then responsibility in the first instance falls to ISSP staff, however if ISSP are
unavailable, responsibility then falls to Court Staff.

                          Process                                Responsible Officer

Confirming That Bail Is Being Opposed By CPS                    Court Staff
Assessment Of Young Person For Most Suitable Level Of
                                                                Court Staff
Bail Package
If ISSP Is Assessed As Suitable Confirmation To ISSP,
                                                                Court Staff
Following Discussion With CPS, That ISSP Is Required
Bail Information Sheet To Be Completed And Made
                                                                Court Staff
Available To ISSP
Case Stood Down Until 2pm                                       Court Staff

Young Person Assessed For Suitability For ISSP                  ISSP
Bail Asset and Secure Remand Assessment (Completed
Electronically) for 15 & 16 year old boys.
ISSP Court Report (Completed Before 2pm)                        ISSP
Consultation About Outcome Of ISSP Assessment With
                                                                ISSP + Court Staff
Risk To Others And Vulnerability Assessment Shared.
PAL (Completed Electronically)                                  Court Staff
PAL + Bail Asset Secure Emailed To JYB Placements
                                                                Court Staff
ISSP Assessment Presented In Court                              Court Staff
If ISSP Bail Is Granted An Induction Appointment Is Booked
                                                                Court Staff
In For The Same Day At The YOS Office.
If Young Person Is Remanded Then Court informed of
suitability for Secure/YOI based on Secure Remand               Court Staff
Post Court Report (PCR) is completed                            Court Staff
If Young Person is Remanded paper yellow envelope sent
                                                                Court Staff
with escort.
Restorative Justice Profile To Be Completed On All Cases
                                                                Court Staff
Adjourned For PSR (Both Bail ISSP & Remands)
Parents/Carers Informed Of Court Outcome                        Court Staff

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