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					                               Randolphville Elementary School PTO
                                  Membership Meeting Minutes
                                        October 13, 2010

The regular meeting of the Randolphville PTO membership was called to order at 7:00 PM on October
13, 2010 in the Media Center.

Co-Presidents:         Dawn Smith            Nora Kuderka
Co-Vice Presidents:    Cheryl Arozamena Winnie Ling-Luper
Treasurer:             Jessica Walker
Financial Secretary:   Indira Wojcik
Secretary:             Mary Beth Vander Horn
Administrative Rep:    Perry Stio, Principal
Teacher Liason:

A. Attendance: Meeting was attended by 36 individuals, including board members and staff.

B. General Issues
   1. Membership Report (Nora & Winnie) Over 200 families have joined the PTO to date. At Back
      to School night, Mr. Stio reported that 100% of staff has joined. Membership cards are being
      issued this year, and as incentive for event and meeting attendance, when 8 hole punches are
      gathered on the card, the family will be rewarded with one grand prize ticket to be used at the
      Basket Auction (ticket value $5).
   2. The new PTO website, http://randolphvillepto.org is up and running, thanks to Winnie Ling-
      Luper! Check this site for upcoming events, and required forms. Minutes from Board and
      Membership meetings shall also be posted here.
   3. Treasurer Report (Jessica) A line item Budget was distributed, showing 2009-2010 expenses of
      $24,574 and (adjusted) income of $22,657. The 2010-2011 budget was proposed at $27,250.
      The Budget was voted on and approved by those in attendance. Our largest fundraiser of the year
      is the Basket Auction in May. This event has made over $10,000 in the past. Last year’s income,
      due to hard financial times, was $7,032. Our largest expenditures are the class trips, and Cultural
      Arts Shows and Performances budget, for Mr Stio. The nominal entrance fee for some of our
      Family Night events covers costs, such as $2 for the Ice Cream Social.
   4. Randolphville School is in desperate need of new stage curtains. Mr. Stio has determined that
      $8,715 is required for this project. There is already $900 raised by the PTO, and $1,000 from
      other sources toward this budget. Unused funds can be taken from the Cultural Arts budget. Mr.
      Stio has organized a Walk a Thon (set for Thurs Oct 21) to raise further funds. The membership
      in attendance voted and passed a motion that the PTO would make up the difference needed,
      from our budget, to complete this project.
   5. Spiritwear (Jessica) is sold to membership at cost +$1.00. It is not intended to be a fundraiser,
      we only attempt to cover costs, in order to offer these popular products to our membership.
      Jessica is looking into a lower cost option, as suggested by Knollwood PTO. We currently have
      a large inventory, therefore we will not be taking individual orders at this time. Note that new
      this year, we offer mugs, in a pretty yellow, with the blue Randy Raccoon logo on each side, for
   6. Volunteers for PTO events should sign in on the provided Sign In sheet with full name and
      address, time in and time out. A 5 hour volunteer minimum is necessary to be invited to the
      district Volunteer Recognition Event, held at PHS in the Spring. It is a nice program, and we
      want to see you all there, and have the Randolphville Family well-represented!
   7. A request was put forth by membership to not always have events on Fridays, which may
      conflict with other commitments on a consistent basis. A number of events that were not on
      Fridays were mentioned, but this will be kept in mind when setting future dates.
   8. Indira has obtained a list of potential babysitters. The list consists of voluntary participants that
      are students of PHS enrolled in the Child Care classes. Due to privacy issues, we do not want to
      publish this list, but it has already been successfully used. A copy can be made available upon
      request, perhaps through Mr. Stio’s office. Suggestions were made to have the students provide
      childcare at Randolphville School, for events such as Sip & Sample. Children’s Corner (in the
      former St Francis Cabrini building) is another proposed venue.
   9. Boxtops for Education are being collected by Winnie. A collection sheet can be found on the
      website. This makes a great family activity!
C. Event Discussions
   1. Movie Night (Jessica) was held on the last Monday prior to the start of school. It was well
      attended, and would been even more popular with greater publicity. We are open to suggestions
      for a similar pre-schoolyear event next year. This one was expensive (the inflatable movie
      screen rental) and it was a carryover commitment from the 2009-2010 year, so other ideas are
   2. Kindergarten Parent’s Tea was chaired by Dawn and Cheryl. There were many compliments on
      the homemade treats that were provided. One comment was that the room (Teachers’ conference
      room) was too warm.
   3. Ice Cream Social chaired by Cheryl & Dawn was a very popular event. A suggestion was made
      and noted for next year to have a non-dairy option, such as Italian ice or sorbet.
   4. Picture Day – many thanks to the last minute volunteers who helped out. A comment was made
      that the need for volunteers should be communicated beforehand. Retakes are November 11.
   5. Fourth Annual Sip & Sample was held on Wednesday October 6 at the Radisson, and it has
      turned a profit this year. Chair Dawn now has this event set, with vendors and live entertainment
      already locked in for next year. Next year’s push will be greater publicity and ticket sales. An
      Asian food vendor is needed in order to round out the variety and attract additional participation.

D. Upcoming Events
   1. Thursday October 14 (the day after this meeting!) is our first Family Table night, organized by
      Dawn, at On the Border. You must present the flyer in order for 10% of your total check to go to
      Randolphville School PTO. Additional flyers were distributed. Flyers for this type of event
      should be distributed to your friends and co-workers!
   2. Upcoming Fall Book Fair October 18-22 chaired by Cheryl, is in most desperate need of
      volunteers for the morning hours, but all volunteers will be welcomed whatever your availability.
      The process is- students visit the Book Fair Mon-Tues-Wed and create a Wish List, which is then
      sent home for parents, who send check or cash for approved purchases, to be made later in the
      week. Family night is Thursday Oct 21. Membership was informed that teachers create Wish
         Lists too, for classroom donations, in order to grow their classroom libraries. 50% of profits go
         to the library – Mrs. Balkin and Mrs. Garcia will make selections for the library collection.
    3. Fall Festival (Winnie) is on Friday October 22, 6:00-8:00. Order forms have been sent home for
       $4 pumpkins and a decorating kit (quality foam stickers). Other activities: games with prizes,
       face painting, tattoos, trick or treating to classroom doors, costumes optional, Picture Booth, and
       treats and hot cider will be served.
    4. Breakfast Over Books is Tuesday, Nov 16 at 7:30 AM. Bring a book, and enjoy a hot breakfast
       with your child. Deliciously chaired by Cheryl & Dawn.
    5. Ginger Bread Workshop is Friday Dec 3, 6:30 – 8:00, chaired by Karen Morgan. Kits can be
       ordered ahead of time, to be built at the workshop, or to take home. Kits are heavy and possibly
       breakable, so plan to pick it up at the school.

E. Mr. Stio’s Announcements
    6. Multicultural Night is on Wedneday October 27.
    7. Rise and Shine clubs start next Wednesday October 20, from 8:10 to 8:40.
    8. Halloween Parade is Friday October 29 at 1:30. Costumes must be brought in a bag. No masks,
       weapons, or makeup to be applied by teachers.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM by Nora Kuderka. The next membership meeting is to be
determined, some time in December in the Media Center.
Minutes submitted by:            Mary Beth Vander Horn, Randolphville PTO Secretary
Please notify the Secretary of any corrections or omissions to these minutes via email mary_beth_vander_horn@horizonblue.com or in
person at the next meeting.

Thankyou, Mary Beth