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									          About Android Application Development India
AADI – Android Application Development India is one of the divisions of HiddenBrains,
an ISO 9001:2008 certified and Microsoft Certified Partner Offshore software and web
application Development Company. AADI is developed and designed especially for
rapidly increasing Android clientele all over the world. We are committed for providing
robust and comprehensive Android solutions with every latest update in the Android
development. We are offering various Android development services that will help to
meet specific or customized needs of Android users such as:

      Android Application Development
      Hire Android Developer
      Android Games Development
      Android Social Networking Apps Development
      Android Wireless Application Development
      Android Web Development

                                   Android is an open-source software stack created for
                                   mobile phones and other devices. The Android Open
                                   Source Project (AOSP), led by Google, is tasked
                                   with the maintenance and further development of
                                   Android. Many device manufacturers have brought
                                   to market devices running Android, and they are
                                   readibly available around the world. Android was
                                   originated by a group of companies known as the
                                   Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. Today, many
                                   companies -- both original members of the OHA and
                                   others -- have invested heavily in Android, typically
                                   in the form of allocating significant engineering
                                   resources to improve Android and bring Android
                                   devices to Market.

Android's purpose is to establish an open platform for developers to build innovative
mobile apps. Three key components work together to realize this platform. The Android
Compatibility Program defines the technical details of Android platform and provides
tools used by OEMs to ensure that developers’ apps run on a variety of devices. The
Android SDK provides built-in tools that Developers use to clearly state the device
features their apps require. And Android Market shows apps only to those devices that
can properly run them. Eventually, AADI is the professional Android Solution providing
company that deems in performing every possible technical and non technical effort to
meet the desires of the clients and achieving 100% client satisfaction.

To know more about AndroidApplicationDevelopmentIndia.com - AADI and its services
visit http://www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/ and please contact us.

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