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                                                                                 PO BOX 1034
                                                                                17 Thorn Street
                                                                            IPSWICH QLD 4305
                                                                                  P: 3812 1050
                                                                                  F: 3812 2971

01 March 2011

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Housing Support Worker position in the Youth Housing
and Support Program at Ipswich Community Youth Service Inc. As requested, please find
attached the application package.

Please note the following information:

       Closing date for applications is Monday 14th March 2011 @ 5pm

       Applications can be submitted via email however must include a scanned signed
        „Application Cover Sheet‟, otherwise a signed hardcopy is required to be posted/faxed

       Late applications will not be accepted

       Applicants must address how they meet the “Position Prerequisites” (on page 5) in
        their cover letter (no more than 2 pages) and attach a copy of their resume including
        the names and contact details of at least 3 referees

       Please complete the enclosed Application Cover Sheet and attach to the front of
        your application

       Further information can be obtained Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm by
        contacting (07) 38121050

Please address completed applications to:

                                      Service Manager
                            Ipswich Community Youth Service Inc.
                                        PO Box 1034
                                     Ipswich QLD 4305

                         Emailed applications -

                     We look forward to receiving your application

                               APPLICATION COVER SHEET
Advertised Position
Job Title          HOUSING SUPPORT WORKER                                                             14/03/2011

Forward to         SERVICE MANAGER

Applicant Details
Title              Mr                      First Name     Rajashekar           Surname       Koduri

Address            4 Grigg Street
Suburb             Marden, Adelaide        State          S.A.                               5070
Email Address

Home Phone         0872256540              Mobile         0424054340

Please note: if you are submitting electronically by email (without scanned signature), you will also need to forward
                                                  a signed hard copy

   Cover letter addressing the “Position Prerequisites” on page 5 (no more than 2 pages)
   Resume including three (3) referees
   Signed copy of application emailed or posted (include signed „Application Cover Sheet‟)

Applicant Declaration
        I declare that the information I have provided in this application is true and correct
             Applicant Signature:      _______________________________ Date: 13 / 03 / 2011

Office Use Only
Application Received:                         Hard Copy                         Email

Date Received:                                     /     /


                                     POSITION DESCRIPTION

Title:                       Housing Support Worker

Program:                     Youth Housing and Support Program

Hours:                       38 hours per week (subject to funding)

Location:                    Based at ICYS – 17 Thorn Street IPSWICH

Salary:                      currently $25.26/hour ($50,079 per annum) - as per QCSCA Award
                             (State) Level 4.1 (above Award rates)

Award:                       Social, Community, Home Care & Disability Services Award 2010

Responsible to:              ICYS Service Manager

Accountable to:              ICYS Service Manager and ICYS Management Committee

About ICYS:

Ipswich Community Youth Service (ICYS) is a not-for-profit community based organisation that has
been operating since 1983 in the Ipswich Region, assisting and supporting at-risk young people and
their families.

Position Outline:

ICYS provides supported accommodation (crisis/short term) for up to 12 weeks for young people aged
16-25 years with children in addition to providing support and assistance to any young person aged
12-25 years who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Youth Housing and Support Program aims to support young people to address issues impacting
on homelessness and identify barriers that may be preventing them from accessing or maintaining
safe, secure and/or affordable housing. The program maintains a client-centred approach to service
delivery and works with young people, and at times their families, to discuss and implement strategies
to respond to emerging needs.

The position of Housing Support Worker is to provide support services to young people who are
homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness to enhance their capacity to achieve the maximum
possible degree of self-reliance and independence, whilst working towards improvement of access to
appropriate safe and secure accommodation.

This position sits within the Youth Housing and Support Program and alongside other youth-focused
programs that support at-risk young people, some with high needs and often in crisis. The ability to be
empathetic and work within an organisation that supports the empowerment of young people is


The Housing Support Worker will undertake the following duties:

Provision of Service Delivery

   Respond to all referrals in a timely, professional and ethical manner
   Provide an intake and assessment process with referred clients to assess individual support needs
   Provide support through structured case management to clients
   Conduct weekly support sessions (onsite and in YHAS properties) to each client throughout their
    tenancy using case planning with the aim of exiting clients into appropriate and sustainable
   Provide information, education (e.g. budgeting, independent living skills), advocacy and
    appropriate referrals for all housed and externally supported clients
   Assist clients, where required, to identify and access appropriate services and resources
   Manage all aspects of property management including property inspections, identifying and
    recording maintenance requirements, assessing and responding to tenant damages
   Provide education, support and information to young people and families, community services and
    government bodies on issues pertaining to the client group
   Keep up to date with issues affecting the client group and resources available to address these
   Mediate, negotiate and advocate with and for clients, government departments and other agencies
    to assist in the provision of long-term housing
   Provide group and/or community projects to support, assist and/or raise the profile of the client

Administration/Accountability Requirements

 Develop, complete and maintain appropriate documentation and records which relate to the
  operation of the program including case files, client contact forms; case notes; client contributions,
  maintenance forms, databases and statistics
 Maintain accurate organisational records and reports including time sheets, vehicle logbooks, and
  petty cash records
 Maintain accurate statistical data, including NDCA Data Collection, internal data collection and
  contribute to reports to management and funding body as required
 Provide detailed work plans in advance to the Service Manager when requested
 Provide monthly reports to the Service Manager
 Ensure that the Management Committee is provided with the information required to effectively
  meet their responsibilities including provision of monthly/annual reports and attendance at
  Management Committee meetings as required/requested
 Be directly accountable to the ICYS Service Manager
 Develop submissions, reviews and reports in relation to issues pertaining to YHAS Program as


 Develop and maintain links with key stakeholders and networks relevant to the client group
 Liaise with Real Estates or Private Landlords in addition to attending Real Estate Inspections or
  Department of Housing inspections where required
 Where housing needs are identified within the community and other program areas, develop and
  implement or assist others to develop and implement strategies to meet these needs
 Advocate on behalf of the target group


 Participate in relevant networks and interagency meetings, conferences and training events as


 Monitor and interpret legislation, regulations and other agreements as they apply to organisational
  service delivery
 Attend in-house staff training as required
 Refer complex issues to the Service Manager
 Bring to the attention of the Service Manager all matters which may require action or policy
 Maintain open lines of communication with other ICYS staff, including attending and participating
  in fortnightly staff meetings
 Be directly accountable to the Service Manager for all work related issues
 Participate in regular operational supervision with the Service Manager
 Collaborate with other ICYS staff on appropriate projects and programs
 Work within all organisational policies and procedures
 Maintain a professional, friendly and courteous manner at all times in line with the organisation‟s
  Code of Conduct
 Other duties where necessary as requested/directed by the Service Manager.

For applications to be considered, applicants must address the following ‘Position
Prerequisites’ in their Cover Letter:

Position prerequisites

 Relevant tertiary qualifications and/or experience in the Human Services/Community
  Service/Youth Work field with excellent knowledge of youth related issues
 Demonstrated experience working with young people using a case management approach
  (including intake, assessment, case planning and support, writing case notes and referring to
  appropriate services)
 Experience with record keeping, report writing, data collection and necessary administrative tasks
  including well developed computer skills
 Experience liaising with key stakeholders (e.g. community organisations, government department
  staff, real estate agents, Centrelink)
 Excellent written and oral communication skills
 Ability/experience working cross culturally including the ability to be non-judgmental and operate in
  a manner that respects cultural diversity and the principles of confidentiality
 Experience working independently and an ability to work as part of a team

 Hold/ability to acquire a Positive Notice Blue Card
 Hold/ability to acquire a current First Aid Certificate
 Hold a current Driver‟s License


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