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					                            American Association of Japanese University Women

                                SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

The American Association of Japanese University Women (AAJUW) is currently accepting applications for its
2011 scholarships. AAJUW was founded in 1970 to promote the education of women, as well as to
contribute to U.S. – Japan relations, cultural exchanges, and development of leadership. Every year, since
the founding of the organization, scholarships have been awarded to outstanding female students. This year
each awardee will receive a $2,000 scholarship.

1. Be a female student enrolled in an accredited California college or university
2. Have junior, senior or graduate standing by the fall of 2011
3. Attend, at your own expense, the award ceremony held on Sunday, January 22, 2012, in Los Angeles.
4. Demonstrate a desire and intent to fulfill a leadership role in your chosen field of study and to be a
   contributor to improved U.S.-Japan relations and cultural exchanges
5. Must not have received an AAJUW scholarship before

                                     NECESSARY DOCUMENTS
1. Scholarship Application Form
2. A current resume
3. An official transcript for the past two years of study to be sealed and sent directly by the college/
   university to AAJUW Scholarship Committee
4. Two letters of recommendation, addressed to AAJUW Scholarship Committee. One must be written by a
   professor in your major field of study
5. An essay on the topic of what you hope to accomplish in your field of study and how this will contribute to
   better U.S. – Japan relations. In your essay please give specific examples to clarify your ideas. It should
   not exceed two pages (8 ½ x 11, double-spaced) in English or 1,200 characters in Japanese

                                    DEADLINE AND SUBMISSION
All required documents including official transcripts and letter of recommendation must be received by the
Committee listed below no later than October 31, 2011. Recipients will be notified by the first week of
December, 2011. If you have any more questions, please e-mail us at

                                 AAJUW Scholarship Committee
                                 3543 West Blvd.
                                 Los Angeles, CA 90016
                            American Association of Japanese University Women

                        SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM
                                          (Please Type or Print)

Name of Applicant:                                    Kanji:

Scholarship Mailing Address:

Permanent Address:

Telephone No:                              Fax No:

E-mail Address:

Date of Birth:                                  Birth Place:

Source of Scholarship Information:

                                      Scholastic Record

Current College/University:                                          City, State

Prior College/University:                                            City, State

Undergraduate degree from:                                           City, State

High School:                                                         City, State

Highest Degree Completed: AA, BA, BS, MA, MS, Other:

                                   at (name of the school):

Major Field of Study:

Degree Objective: BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, Other:

Present Academic Standing: Junior, Senior, Master Course, PhD Course, Other:

Anticipated Completion Date of the Current Study Program:

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