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					     $2,000+ BY SELLING FB FAN PAGE LIKES
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                           Quick Overview

First, let me thank you for purchasing this eBook! Before you know it, your dreams of making
money through the world of Facebook will come true!

You may think that you know about this method, but don‟t stop in between cause the main
trick Kicks in at the end.

To make money using this method you would be using FACEBOOK, and an
Automated Mouse Clicker. Sounds great, right?

You may know that Facebook has changed their Fan page layout and they have also removed
the „SUGGEST TO FRIEND‟ tab from their fan pages.
Now the question is, How and from where to get the fans from?

After reading much stuff and many articles I found a method which can help you in getting
fans, with this method you can start making money too.

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First of all go to and make yourself a Facebook account
We‟ll do one account first. Make sure you sign up with a legit or valid email account.

Signup for Facebook should look like this

After signing up you should create a Facebook fan page. I‟m assuming that you know how to
create a facebook fan page.
If you don‟t know you can go to and you will find many videos
showing how to create a Facebook Fan Page.

                                                             Written By: Udit Bhansali | 4
Go to and Signup Twiends for free.

I would like to tell you that I‟m not affiliated with this site at all. I‟m just giving away my
method of getting fans.

                              Signup for

                                                                  Written By: Udit Bhansali | 5
 After signing up, link your Twiends account with your Facebook account and then link your
fan page with your Twiends account.

NOTE: You can only link those Fan Pages for which you have the adminship, so only those
pages will show up which own.

          : 1.Create an Facbook account .
            2.Create an Facebook Fan Page on a good topic.
            3.Create an Twiends account by going to, Singup
              is for free.
            4.Connect your Facebook account with your Twiends account.
                                                           Written By: Udit Bhansali | 6
Here‟s where the main trick kicks in, so read everything from here very carefully. Many of
you must not be knowing about Twiends. Those who don‟t know I‟ll give you a quick
overview about this site. is a website where you share fans pages to get credits/points. You get
credits/points to like someone‟s page and you can use those credits to get your page liked by
someone. You can decide how many credits you want to offer per like, and when you run out
your fan page remain on the list so people can still like you if they like.

If you want to know in detail about Twiends then you can check this link

Once again I would like to tell you that I‟m not affiliated with in any manner,
I‟m just sharing my method.

                                                             Written By: Udit Bhansali | 7
Directly coming to the main trick.


Click on Facebook tab and keep an eye on my credits.

                                                       Written By: Udit Bhansali | 8

After clicking on facebook, click on Twiends which I have marked in the image and small
screen will pop up.

                                                           Written By: Udit Bhansali | 9
After clicking on Twiends you will see a small screen which will pop up where you have to
click on like to get credits so that you can use it when you want to list your fan page and get

If you have followed my instructions and if you have done everything as I said, you should be
getting a screen like this(see the image), where you have to click on LIKE to get credits. Now
you would be thinking what‟s great about this method even I know this thing, but in past you
used to click on the like button again and again to get the credits. I know it‟s a tedious and
boring job, here‟s where my AUTOMATED TRICK kicks in.

If you have observed the page carefully you must have noticed that the like button on the
screen stays where it is. When you click on like you get credits and then a new page comes up
replacing the old page, but the like button stays where it is.

Here‟s the catch

We are going to use an AUTOMATIC MOUSE CLICKER.
If you don‟t know what is a automated mouse clicker then I‟ll tell you, it‟s a software which
keeps on clicking on certain place/spot on a screen till you stop the software,
so no need to click on LIKE again and again.

All you need is an Automatic Mouse Clicker.

                                                               Written By: Udit Bhansali | 10

When you click on start button the software will automatically start clicking on the like
button, so you don‟t have to click it again and again..

If you want a mouse clicker just google it and you will get 1.
It‟s a freeware.

Or you can use this Mouse Clicker

Download link:

                                                                 Written By: Udit Bhansali | 11

Check the amount of credits which I got in less than 2 mins…
In 2 mins I made 108 credits. How much would you have made if you it was to be done

                                                          Written By: Udit Bhansali | 12
 Now the question is how to use these credits?

If you have your own fan page on your facebook account then you can just link your account
with your twiends account and put up your fan page on twiends and start getting likes.

You can start selling facebook fans/likes to your clients. You can either do it by creating your
own site or by using various forums where you can sell your service.

1000 Facebook fans are sold for 60$ and I think with this method you can easily get 1000
fans a day. I have personally tried..

Even if you sell 1000 fans for 40$ just imagine how much are you going to make with this..
The mouse clicker lessens your work.

                                                               Written By: Udit Bhansali | 13

The above image is a proof of how many likes did my fan page got only through

The number which I have circled is 1108  This is the number of times my fan
page has been liked by others on Twiends.

So using this method I got 1108 likes for my fan page.

                                                     Written By: Udit Bhansali | 14
          : 1.Create an Facbook account .
            2.Create an Facebook Fan Page on a good topic.
            3.Create an Twiends account by going to, Singup
               is for free.
            4.Connect your Facebook account with your Twiends account.
            5.Go to Facebook part of Twiends.
            6.Start liking pages to get credits.
            7.Download Automated Mouse Clicker from Internet.
            8.Collect credits for using the Mouse Clicker.
            9.Link your fan page will Twiends.
           10.Start getting fans with the credits which you made..

REMEMBER: This method is no joke, I made over $2,500 in just one month by just selling the
likes to my clients, and if you make over $2000 a month I‟m guessing you‟ll be happy.

If you still have any questions just PM me…

Good luck and Happy Earnings

Speak soon,
Udit Bhansali

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