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					Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council

2010 Provincial Annual

October 15-17, 2010

                                                 Retro Crafts
I had such fun delving into the past and hopefully you’ll enjoy these too! Remember these crafts from
long ago….

    1.   Camp Medal. Find a thicker branch of hard wood approximately 2 inches around. Slice with saw approx.
         ¼ inch thick. These can be drilled so you can tie a string through and pin it to your hat. Using alphabet
         macaroni, glue the name of the camp to the front with the date marked with a marker. Turn it over and
         add a name.
    2.   Beaver. Using brown construction paper cut out 2 beavers. Punch a 1 inch hole in one and sandwich the
         nickel between. You can then use clear mac tac and cover both sides. Trim the beaver but don’t cut too
         close. Another quick and easy camp hat craft.
    3.   1 Aid Kit. Use a film canister to make this kit. Add a cotton ball, band aid, a wipe, change for a phone
         call. Use a hot needle to put 2 holes in lid and thread a string through. Don’t forget the cross for the
         front…print these out and let the girls cut and paste them on.
    4.   Funny Caterpillar. You will need a clothespin, about 4 or 5 green pom poms, 1 larger green pom pom
         for the head along with some googly eyes. The larger pom pom is glued to the end that would open. Glue
         on the eyes and then the rest of the smaller pom poms. The clothes pin can then be clipped to the brim of
         the hat!
    5.   Sunflower pin. You will need a frozen juice can lid, dried pumpkin seeds, glue and acrylic paint. Glue
         the seeds onto the lid in a circle and after drying give them a quick coat of yellow paint. Add a dark button
         in the center to finish it off. Attach a pin with a small amount of duct tape to the back.
    6.   Lady Bug. With green felt, cut out a leaf. Crack open some red pistachio nuts keeping the shell intact.
         Glue tiny stamens to the underside of a shell and glue onto the leaf. Add some black dots and you now
         have a ladybug to pin on your hat!
                   NOTE: Please check for nut allergies before doing this craft.
                         I have used small Styrofoam balls (cut in half) as a substitute

    7.    Weather Forecaster. You will need 9 strands of yarn, 75 cm long, a bit of yarn for ties, paper punch and
         a card with information printed on it. To make it - tie the strand firmly in the center and leave enough yarn
         for a hanger. Fold in half and tie firmly approx. 1 ½’’ from the fold. Divide the yarn in 3 and braid tightly to
         within 1 ½” from bottom. Tie firmly and trim fringe.
         The following is printed on a small card and attached to the forecaster:

                                            You are now the proud owner of the
                                       FIRST ACCURATE WEATHER FORECASTER.

                                                   FOR BEST RESULTS:
                                             HANG ON A NAIL OUTSIDE A WINDOW
                                  If it’s WET:        It’s RAINING
                                  If it’s WHITE:      It’s SNOWING
                                  If it’s STIFF:      It’s FREEZING
                                  If it’s MOVING:     It’s WINDY
                                  If it’s MISSING:    IT’S BEEN RIPPED OFF!
Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council

2010 Provincial Annual

October 15-17, 2010

    8.    Flower Pot Recipe Holder. You will need 1 empty creamer, small artificial flowers, grasses, etc., 1
         wooden clothespin, plaster of Paris. To make it, clean the creamer and make up a recipe card, poem,
         picture or greeting. Mix plaster of Paris and pour into creamer. Put one end of clothes pin, upside down
         in creamer and arrange flowers in front of it. Place card or greeting in the clothespin.

          Recipe for Cheer

          1 cup of cheer

          4 tbsp. of love

          2 Brownie Smiles

          Stir together with a loving hand.

    9.   Button Flowers. You will need stiff construction paper, pipe cleaners, scissors and buttons. Cut out
         flowers from construction paper. Choose buttons that match your flowers. Center a button with the
         middle of your flower. Poke a pipe cleaner through your flower so that it comes up and through the first
         hole of your button, then poke it down through the next hole in the button and through the flower. Twist
         the short end of the pipe cleaner around the long end directly under the flower and button.

    10. Camp Stick. You can use either a small 4-5 inch branch or a popsicle stick. A hole needs to be punched
        at the top with a nail and hammer and thread string to hang it. Add macaroni letters to the front telling the
        name of the camp and the year. Colour the macaroni with markers.

    11. We’re All A Piece of the Puzzle. You will need puzzle pieces and paint for all the branches of Guiding.
        Paint puzzle pieces, one in each of branch colours. Glue together in a bunch. Glue pin to back.

    12. Ontario Trillium. You will need white, yellow and green felt. Cut out a 3 petal shape of the Trillium in
        white, 3- 1/8” circles in yellow and 3 green leaves. Glue leaves to back of Trillium and glue yellow circles
        in centre of white Trillium. Add a pin to back.

    13. Frazzled Guider. You will need a Pop tab, Yarn and Wiggle eyes. Cut yarn into 6 – 10cm lengths. Fold
        each piece in half, put loop through small hole in tab, put ends of yarn through loop and pull tight (lanyard
        hitch). Continue with all pieces of yarn. Glue eyes on pop tab and add pin to back.

    14. Flashlight. Supplies: Black craft paint, yellow craft foam, yellow pony bead, sand paper, wire cutters.
        Use the wire cutters to cut point of tee off. Sand end of golf tee. Paint black. Glue yellow bead to the end
        of the tee and small rectangle of craft foam to side of golf tee. Don’t forget to glue a pin to the side of

    15. Instant Snowmen – Just Add Water! You will need black & orange craft foam, black e-beads, clear
        glitter, tiny re-sealable bag and paper for note in bag. Write instructions on paper, “Just Add Water” and
        place in bag. Cut out snowman pieces (hat & carrot nose) and place in bag with paper and beads (for

    16. Glue Gun Ghost. You will need wax paper, glue gun, black e-beads. Make a pattern of a small ghost on
        sheet of paper and place under the wax paper. Spread glue gun glue within pattern and place eyes in
        glue. Allow to completely cool down. Remove from waxed paper.

    17. Brownie Smile. Orange and white craft foam and a black marker are needed. Cut a pattern of a pocket
        from orange foam. Cut a second shorter pocket. Cut a “smile” from white foam. Glue the two pockets
Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council

2010 Provincial Annual

October 15-17, 2010

         together leaving the top open to serve as a pocket. Print “S M I L E” on white foam and place in pocket.
         Add stitching to front of pocket.

    18. Branch Scarf. You will need small triangles of white cotton fabric, craft paint for the branch, and pony
        bead in same colour. Paint Maple Leaves on white cotton triangle and allow to dry. Fold triangle in half
        and slip bead on ends. Add pin.

    19. Friendship Knot

                                 Thanks to: for illustrations

    20. Beaded Feather Swap. 3 pony beads, different colors, 2 feathers, different colors, glue, flat back
        pin and tag for information. Directions: Stick quill ends of the feathers into the pony beads.
        Glue the last pony bead to secure. Hot glue flat back pin on back. Add the tag to the pin.

Here are some fun ones I’ve picked up along the way:

    1.   100 Year Old Stick. I designed this for a camp to celebrate our 100 years of Guiding. It can be a
         learning tool as well. You will need a tongue depressor with a hole drilled in the one end. On the
         computer, print a tiny logo for the 100 years of Guiding. You will also need to pint a list of the dates (by
         decade) to fit on the stick. A notch can be made by the girls beside each date as you talk about what
         happened during those years.











    2.   Water Bottle Bracelets. You will need to find bottles with the rings going straight around since you will
         be cutting these off to use. I can usually get 4 from each bottle. Using ribbon, wrap it around the rings
         and glue tightly at the end. Girls can then add embellishments to the top of bracelet.

    3.   Sunshine Fun. With yellow and orange felt, cut 3 sun shapes (large and small from yellow and medium
         from orange). Glue these together and add googly eyes to the centre with a mouth made from a piece of
         black felt.

    4.   Stamped Fun Foam. Any red rubber stamp can be used….Canada Flag on red, Happy Face on any
         colour, animal on any colour. With a heat gun, gently heat up the foam piece. Press rubber stamp into
         the foam and allow it to cool. Remove stamp and you will have a lovely impression.

    5.   Firecracker. Materials needed are thin red foil paper (found with tissue paper), large milkshake straws
         (like those at McDonald’s), regular size straws, tape. Cut a piece of paper 6 in. by 3 in. and cut one end
         into a fringe (approx. 2 in. long). Wrap this tightly around a skewer and carefully insert it into the small
Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council

2010 Provincial Annual

October 15-17, 2010

           straw. You then put small straw into milkshake straw. Give a good puff of air and your firecracker will sail
           into the air.

      6.   Rudolph Necklace. You will need a large jingle bell (approx. 1 inch in diameter) with brown pipe
           cleaners, googly eyes, red pom pom for nose and thin red ribbon to hang around neck. Take half a pipe
           cleaner and put it through the top of the bell. With ¼ of a pipe cleaner twist it on the end of the longer one
           to fashion antlers. Do the same on other end. Add eyes and nose and then thread enough ribbon through
           the top (with the pipe cleaner) to put over the head to wear around neck.

      7.    Ice Cream Cones. Draw a template for a cone and 3 different scoops to layer on cone. Let the girls
           trace the templates and cut them out. Glue all pieces together and punch a hole on top to thread string
           and hang on hat.

      8.   Friendship Pins. Have a variety of beads and some safety pins. Let the girls add the beads to the pins
           and close them up. The girls can do several of these and hand them out to special friends. I receive two
           of these pins from a Guide back in the mid 90’s and I pinned them to my shoelace where they stay for
           over a year. They are now amongst my treasures.

      9.   Coloured Sand Vases. Materials needed: Newspaper, Tacky glue, Plastic cup, Paintbrush, Clean glass
           bottle or jar, spoon, Coloured sand (sold at most craft stores)
           Cover your workspace with newspaper. Pour 1/4 cup or so of tacky glue into a plastic cup and dilute it
           slightly with a teaspoon of water. Use a paintbrush to coat the outside of a clean bottle or jar with the glue
           solution and then sprinkle spoonfuls of colored sand over the glued surface, rotating the bottle to spread
           the sand evenly. Allow the glue to dry completely.

      10. Fortune Cookie. These can be made from either beige felt or craft foam. You will also need a small
          piece of paper for the fortune. Cut out a small circle 3-4 inches around. Fold the circle in half and glue.
          Insert the fortune (written on paper) inside. Fold the two ends together and glue together. Add a pin to
          attach to hat.

      11. Autograph Books. These can be as simple as a stack of papers with a construction paper cover stapled
          together or using chipboard, cover these with some fancy scrapbooking paper. Then add cardstock
          sheets decorated and embellished between. Punch holes and tie loosely together with yarn or ribbon so
          you can turn the pages. You could use rings as well.

      12. Shrink Art. This fabulous shrinking plastic is a must have at camps. Choose a small picture
          from a magazine or colouring book (or draw your own). Colour it with Sharpie markers.
          Remember to punch a hole before baking! Your finished art will be a lot smaller but absolutely
          clear to see. Instructions usually come with the plastic.

Special Note:       I have collected many of these ideas over the years and couldn’t possibly remember who
designed them all. Please give credit to all those Trainers and Guiders that passed them on to us.

Debbie Bean, President

1 Grand Trefoil Guild, Brantford, ON

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