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									20100101   On the Menu
20100102   On the Menu
20100103   German Americans
20100104   Churchs & Cathedrals
20100105   Churchs & Cathedrals
20100106   Churchs & Cathedrals
20100107   Desert Life
20100108   Desert Life
20100109   Desert Life
20100110   Historic Documents
20100111   Money Matters
20100112   Money Matters
20100113   Money Matters
20100114   Titles Inspired by Shakespeare
20100115   Titles Inspired by Shakespeare
20100116   Titles Inspired by Shakespeare
20100117   Pets in Fiction
20100118   The American Dream
20100119   The American Dream
20100120   The American Dream
20100121   Twentieth Century
20100122   Twentieth Century
20100123   Twentieth Century
20100124   American Politicians
20100125   Classic Literature
20100126   Classic Literature
20100127   Classic Literature
20100128   Science Class
20100129   Science Class
20100130   Science Class
20100131   Rocks & Minerals
20100201   That's "Super"!
20100202   That's "Super"!
20100203   That's "Super"!
20100204   African-American Literature
20100205   African-American Literature
20100206   African-American Literature
20100207   Women in History
20100208   Marco Polo
20100209   Marco Polo
20100210   Marco Polo
20100211   The Winter Olympics
20100212   The Winter Olympics
20100213   The Winter Olympics
20100214   Notorious
20100215   U.S. Presidents
20100216   U.S. Presidents
20100217   U.S. Presidents
20100218   African Exploration
20100219   African Exploration
20100220   African Exploration
20100221   Notable Women
20100222   Kick the Cannes
20100223   Kick the Cannes
20100224   Kick the Cannes
20100225   Literary Terms
20100226   Literary Terms
20100227   Literary Terms
20100228   Composers
20100301   You Do Know Jack
20100302   You Do Know Jack
20100303   You Do Know Jack
20100304   Hold the Fort
20100305   Hold the Fort
20100306   Hold the Fort
20100307   Famous Objects
20100308   Left, Right, Center
20100309   Left, Right, Center
20100310   Left, Right, Center
20100311   Guys Named Richard
20100312   Guys Named Richard
20100313   Guys Named Richard
20100314   European Treaties
20100315   "Xe"-Lent
20100316   "Xe"-Lent
20100317   "Xe"-Lent
20100318   "I" on the World
20100319   "I" on the World
20100320   "I" on the World
20100321   Television
20100322   A Bug's Life
20100323   A Bug's Life
20100324   A Bug's Life
20100325   Food in French
20100326   Food in French
20100327   Food in French
20100328   Transportation
20100329   What A Good Idea
20100330   What A Good Idea
20100331   What A Good Idea
20100401   In the Dictionary
20100402   In the Dictionary
20100403   In the Dictionary
20100404   Musical Movies
20100405   Great Books in Haiku
20100406   Great Books in Haiku
20100407   Great Books in Haiku
20100408   Elton John
20100409   Elton John
20100410   Elton John
20100411   State Capitals
20100412   Chick Lit
20100413   Chick Lit
20100414   Chick Lit
20100415   April
20100416   April
20100417   April
20100418   Business & Industry
20100419   Saints
20100420   Saints
20100421   Saints
20100422   Constellations
20100423   Constellations
20100424   Constellations
20100425   The Early 1900s
20100426   Compound Words
20100427   Compound Words
20100428   Compound Words
20100429   Biblical Cities
20100430   Biblical Cities
20100501   Biblical Cities
20100502   Poets
20100503   "S"panish Words
20100504   "S"panish Words
20100505   "S"panish Words
20100506   Heraldic Beasts
20100507   Heraldic Beasts
20100508   Heraldic Beasts
20100509   TV Inspirations
20100510   Foreign Words & Phrases
20100511   Foreign Words & Phrases
20100512   Foreign Words & Phrases
20100513   Extinct Creatures
20100514   Extinct Creatures
20100515   Extinct Creatures
20100516   U.S. Territories
20100517   Pasta Names
20100518   Pasta Names
20100519   Pasta Names
20100520   Going Down in History
20100521   Going Down in History
20100522   Going Down in History
20100523   Bestselling Books
20100524   Take a Hike
20100525   Take a Hike
20100526   Take a Hike
20100527   The Days of World War II
20100528   The Days of World War II
20100529   The Days of World War II
20100530   Castles
20100531   Documentaries
20100601   Documentaries
20100602   Documentaries
20100603   "A" in Science
20100604   "A" in Science
20100605   "A" in Science
20100606   Opera
20100607   Gates
20100608   Gates
20100609   Gates
20100610   Mind Your Business
20100611   Mind Your Business
20100612   Mind Your Business
20100613   Nineteenth Century America
20100614   Constitutional Amendments
20100615   Constitutional Amendments
20100616   Constitutional Amendments
20100617   Four-Letter Friends
20100618   Four-Letter Friends
20100619   Four-Letter Friends
20100620   Oscar Winners
20100621   A Robotic Category
20100622   A Robotic Category
20100623   A Robotic Category
20100624   "M"edicine
20100625   "M"edicine
20100626   "M"edicine
20100627   World Literature
20100628   A Night In June
20100629   A Night In June
20100630   A Night In June
20100701   Lines of Poetry
20100702   Lines of Poetry
20100703   Lines of Poetry
20100704   Born on the Fourth of July
20100705   Geographic Cinema
20100706   Geographic Cinema
20100707   Geographic Cinema
20100708   Playwrights
20100709   Playwrights
20100710   Playwrights
20100711   Recreation
20100712   Three-Letter Body Parts
20100713   Three-Letter Body Parts
20100714   Three-Letter Body Parts
20100715   I'll Need Some "ID"
20100716   I'll Need Some "ID"
20100717   I'll Need Some "ID"
20100718   International Sports
20100719   What Kind of Fowl Am I?
20100720   What Kind of Fowl Am I?
20100721   What Kind of Fowl Am I?
20100722   Starts and Ends with "N"
20100723   Starts and Ends with "N"
20100724   Starts and Ends with "N"
20100725   World Capitals
20100726   Word & Phrase Origins
20100727   Word & Phrase Origins
20100728   Word & Phrase Origins
20100729   _____"ing" Positions
20100730   _____"ing" Positions
20100731   _____"ing" Positions
20100801   Films of the 1960s
20100802   U.S. Islands
20100803   U.S. Islands
20100804   U.S. Islands
20100805   The Elements
20100806   The Elements
20100807   The Elements
20100808   Fitness
20100809   Around the House
20100810   Around the House
20100811   Around the House
20100812   Who "R" You
20100813   Who "R" You
20100814   Who "R" You
20100815   Psychology
20100816   Let's Get Biblical
20100817   Let's Get Biblical
20100818   Let's Get Biblical
20100819   Wearable Vocabulary
20100820   Wearable Vocabulary
20100821   Wearable Vocabulary
20100822   Memorials
20100823   Musical Instruments
20100824   Musical Instruments
20100825   Musical Instruments
20100826   The Body Woman
20100827   The Body Woman
20100828   The Body Woman
20100829   American Authors
20100830   Mr. Bill
20100831   Mr. Bill
20100901   Mr. Bill
20100902   Double Talk
20100903   Double Talk
20100904   Double Talk
20100905   Nineteenth Century Inventors
20100906   "D"udes
20100907   "D"udes
20100908   "D"udes
20100909   Rocket Men
20100910   Rocket Men
20100911   Rocket Men
20100912   Book Subjects
20100913   Let's Get Small
20100914   Let's Get Small
20100915   Let's Get Small
20100916   Order in the TV Courtroom
20100917   Order in the TV Courtroom
20100918   Order in the TV Courtroom
20100919   Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels
20100920   Ships
20100921   Ships
20100922   Ships
20100923   "H.D." TV
20100924   "H.D." TV
20100925   "H.D." TV
20100926   Dog Breeds
20100927   Silk
20100928   Silk
20100929   Silk
20100930   The Quotable Mao
20101001   The Quotable Mao
20101002   The Quotable Mao
20101003   English Literature
20101004   Phoning It In
20101005   Phoning It In
20101006   Phoning It In
20101007   Fictional Movies
20101008   Fictional Movies
20101009   Fictional Movies
20101010   Physicists
20101011   NFL Coaches
20101012   NFL Coaches
20101013   NFL Coaches
20101014   The 1850s
20101015   The 1850s
20101016   The 1850s
20101017   Historic Quotes
20101018   Alphabetically Last
20101019   Alphabetically Last
20101020   Alphabetically Last
20101021   Sci. Abbrev.
20101022   Sci. Abbrev.
20101023   Sci. Abbrev.
20101024   Artists
20101025   Sports Evolution
20101026   Sports Evolution
20101027   Sports Evolution
20101028   Sisters in Literature
20101029   Sisters in Literature
20101030   Sisters in Literature
20101031   Movie Directors
20101101   Duck, Duck, Goose
20101102   Duck, Duck, Goose
20101103   Duck, Duck, Goose
20101104   After A While, Crocodile
20101105   After A While, Crocodile
20101106   After A While, Crocodile
20101107   100 Years Ago
20101108   Where the "H" Is It?
20101109   Where the "H" Is It?
20101110   Where the "H" Is It?
20101111   What's the Diagnosis?
20101112   What's the Diagnosis?
20101113   What's the Diagnosis?
20101114   Ancient Works
20101115   Ten-Letter Words
20101116   Ten-Letter Words
20101117   Ten-Letter Words
20101118   Getting Attached
20101119   Getting Attached
20101120   Getting Attached
20101121   The Tonys
20101122   Health & Medicine
20101123   Health & Medicine
20101124   Health & Medicine
20101125   A Sleepy Category
20101126   A Sleepy Category
20101127   A Sleepy Category
20101128   From the French
20101129   Mystery History
20101130   Mystery History
20101201   Mystery History
20101202   Ancient Times
20101203   Ancient Times
20101204   Ancient Times
20101205   Nineteenth Century Books
20101206   Who's Crying Now?
20101207   Who's Crying Now?
20101208   Who's Crying Now?
20101209   Completes the Book Title
20101210   Completes the Book Title
20101211   Completes the Book Title
20101212   The Old Testament
20101213   Give Me A Break
20101214   Give Me A Break
20101215   Give Me A Break
20101216   Verbs
20101217   Verbs
20101218   Verbs
20101219   Historic Americans
20101220   Crossword Clues "L"
20101221   Crossword Clues "L"
20101222   Crossword Clues "L"
20101223   Holidays & Observances
20101224   Holidays & Observances
20101225   Holidays & Observances
20101226   Landmarks
20101227   You Say Tomato
20101228   You Say Tomato
20101229   You Say Tomato
20101230   Eighteenth Century America
20101231 Eighteenth Century America
Tradition says its good luck to eat this southern dish made with black-eyed peas and served with rice on New Year's Day.
Delectably Fatty Toro, from the belly of this fish, is a sushi delicacy.
He famously remarked, "We are all the President's Men," giving Woodward and Bernstein their title.
This Boston landmark contains the first set of church bells in the American Colonies.
The name of this Byzantine church in Istanbul is Greek for "Holy Wisdom."
The National Cathedral in Washington is officially known as the Cathedral Church of the two saints.
Also called a chapparal cock, it can't stay airborne long, but can reach about fifteen mph on the ground.
The Gila Monster is as tough as it sounds; each scale has an osteoderm, a tiny one of these, for armoring.
This common name of "Agave Americana" might make you think you'd wait 100 years for it to flower.
In one of these essays, Alexander Hamilton said that "Standiing armies threaten domestic liberty".
Hey big spender - set aside a few bucks for the future in one of these, an IRA for short.
In 1976, BankAmericard get this new name with an international flavor.
In 2006-07, there were many foreclosures on this type of loan, which despite its name has a higher-than-usual interest rate.
Thornton Wilder's title "The Ides of March" came from this play.
William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" as well as John Steinbeck's "The Moon is Down" came from this play.
Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" comes from a speech of Miranda's in this play.
A classic 1900 book says he "was not gray; he was a little black dog, with long, silky hair"
Martin Luther King Jr dreamed of "The table of" this, a crowning quality in "America, the beautiful"
The two things the United States has "for all" in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Decades before Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Webster spoke of government "made for", "made by", and "answerable to" them.
In 1919, the impish Marcel Duchamp repainted this Leonardo da Vinci work and added a mustache and goatee.
Yves Klein found this heavenly color a symbol of pure spirit and made works that were just a field of it.
Long after his Fauvist days, he designed a chapel at Vence, from stained glass down to the vestments.
In 2005, he took his first submarine dive since he left the navy in 1953, on a new nuclear vessel that was named for him.
"The Honor and Glory of Whaling" is a chapter in this American Masterpiece.
He's the teenage narrator of "The Catcher in the Rye".
Some early reviewers objected to the realistic depiction of Archdeacon Frollo's death in the classic.
The difference between the freezing and boiling points of water is 100 hundred on both the Kelvin scale and this scale.
Genetecists know that human beings typically have 23 pairs of these, fruit flies have only four pairs.
A Litmus test can help you set things on this scale devised by S.P.L. Sorensen.
Mines near Ticonderoga, New York, were once the USA's principal source for this 8-letter mineral.
These enormous cargo ships can hold over three hundred thousand tons of oil.
When a massive star dies out, it may explode and become one of these, billions of times as bright as the sun.
A high-bounce ball inspired businessman Lamar Hunt to give an annual event this name.
Perhaps he was just being modest when he said that his "Invisible Man" was "not an important novel"
Her bestseller "Waiting to Exhale" focused on four black women living in Phoenix and hoping for Mr. Right.
This late playwright won a Pulitzer and a Tony for "Fences"
In an 1863 essay, Harriet Beecher Stowe called this woman with whom she had met "the Libyan Sibyl"
Marco Polo was born in 1254, in this Italian City where his father Niccolo worked as a merchant.
Some argued that Marco Polo never went to China; he did omit mentioning this landmark some measure at 4000 mile long.
In "Description of the World", Marco Polo notes the then-startling use of this as fuel; he called it "black stones"
Mike Eruzione of Winthrop, Massachusetts, was captain of the miraculous 1980 Olympic team in this sport.
In 1998, the first Olympics that included this sport, Italy's Gian Simmen won the men's halfpipe.
Besides Vancouver, the only other Canadian city that has hosted the Winter Games.
In the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929, seven members of this man's gang were shot dead.
His second inaugural address began, "At this last presidential inauguration of the twentieth century … "
Subpoenaed for documents in Aaron Burr's treason trial, he cited executive privilege; didn't work.
On June 28, 1919, he married Elizabeth Wallace.
Before beginning his famous search, this Welsh-born journalist covered the Indian campaigns in the American West.
In 1849, missionary Ludwig Krapf sighted the two snow-capped peaks of this "national" mountain but did not climb it.
Between 1420 and 1432, this prince sponsored many expeditions to round Cape Bojador; the 14th succeeded.
In a 1936 Obit, a pupil said of her, "I pray for strength to endure the silent dark until she smiles upon me again."
In 2002, this director's "The Pianist" took home the Palme D'Or.
Forest Whitaker and Clint Eastwood both won awards in 1988 for bringing this "flighty" jazzman to life.
In 2004, he became the first to win the Palme D'Or for a documentary since Jacques Cousteau in 1956.
A Shavian isn't a clean-shaven man; it's a devotee of this bearded playwright.
Type of Poetry that's the literal translation of the French term "vers libre"
Edmund Spenser coined the term "Prothalamion" for a poem that celbrates an impending one of these events.
The year 2010 is the Bicentennial of this composer, born March 1, 1810, near warsaw, to a French father and a Polish mother.
This popular radio and TV comedian began in vaudeville at the age of seventeen as a violinist.
In the 1950s, at age sixteen, this young golfer won the Ohio open.
The personification of very cold wintry weather.
The Patton Museum is located at this famous fort in Kentucky.
While imprisoned at Fort Pickens, this Apache indian leader became Pensacola's first tourist attraction.
Fort Orange was established by Dutch settlers in 1624, in what is now this state capital.
Shah Hahan, Ranjit Singh, and Queen Victoria all possessed one of these whose name means "mountain of light".
You're "out in" this sports area when you hold an extreme or unconventional point of view.
It has three sides and contains a ninety-degree angle.
The Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Ballet are part of this New York City arts complex.
In 1886, he began selling pocket watches, and in 1887, hired A.C. Roebuck as his watch repairman.
This stock car racer received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992.
His will gave a total of $110,000 to grandchildren Alexander and Melanie Eisenhower and Christopher Cox.
Until nullified by a 2002 law, a 1918 treaty said if no male heirs were produced, Monaco would come under this nation's rule.
This men's formal attire got its name from a village in New York State.
A turn-of-the-twentieth-century rebellion in China.
Pass this Grand Duchy to the left-hand side (of Germany).
The 1916 Easter rising was an armed rebellion against British rule in this country.
This country gave Denmark the cold shoulder in 1944 by declaring its independence after 564 years of Danish rule.
As a boy, President Barack Obama lived for several months in this country whose capital is Jakarta.
The television documentary "America's Favorite Neighbor" was a tribute to him.
Known as a "Wanderameisen" in German, these conspicuously mobile ants move about in long orderly columns.
The Chigoe is a sand-dwelling variety of this insect.
The field and house types of this insect are sold as laboratory subjects, frog food, and bait.
"Pain" is the French word for this food staple.
In French, the citrus fruit is "Un Pamplemousse"
"Champignon" is the French word for an edible one of these.
The name of this airline established in 1948 means "skyward".
Chocolate lovers might say that the best idea of 1928 was the peanut butter cup invented by this man.
This man was a mechanic in a bed factory when he invented the first elevator with an automatic safety brake.
This brand of carpet, introduced in 1986, uses Teflon to repel spilled drinks.
It's a scholar or an eye part.
This type of letter gets its name from being stored in the bottom of two trays used by typesetters.
Home buying is scary: this loan agreement comes from the old French for "Dead" and "Pledge".
He came out of retirement to play the lead in the movie musical "Easter Parade".
1719 - My name is not Gilligan - Thank God It's Friday.
1860's book - Bolkovsky and Rostova - Read in a day, Not!
1931 - Everyone Wang Lung Tonight and the buck stops here.
The 1997 version of "Candle in the Wind" honored Princess Diana; the original version was about her.
Elton John's 1982 song "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)" was a tribute to this slain man.
Completes the apt title of Elton John's 1973 album "Don't shoot me I'm only …"
Alphabetically, they're the first two state capitals named for presidents.
This 1813 novel about the Bennet sister has been called a chick lit classic.
Lauren Weisberger's first novel was this humorous look at the fashion world and the boss from Hell.
This Candace Bushnell newspaper column inspired the HBO series.
In April, 1952, the President seized these mills to help the Korean War effort; then the Supreme Court said he couldn't.
In April, 2003, Worldcom, Inc. changed its brand name to this three-letter one.
In this theatre on April 14, 1865, the play "Our American Cousin" celbrated its 1000th performance.
On July 16, 1995, this company made its first sale, a science textbook.
Saint Cadoc founded the Monastery of Llancarfan in this country.
English-Born Saint Boniface became bishop of Mainz and is known as the apostle of this country.
Saint Mark is the patron saint of this Italian city (his square is famous there).
The handle of the big dipper forms the tail of this constellation, the Great Bear.
One of the first double stars discovered was found by Robert Hooke in 1664, in this constellation of the ram.
The name of the star Deneb in this constellation is Arabic for "tail"; it forms the end of the tail of the swan.
These two nations fought a war on neither nation's soil; the decisive battle came at present-day Shenyang.
April brings the National Safety Week for these places - uh-oh, that swing's looking rusty.
Judy Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, and Susan Sarandon have all been this type of ambassador for UNICEF.
As a noun, it's a small slit in a garment; as a verb, to try to hold someone's attention.
This city in lower Galilee was the hometown of Mary and Joseph.
Lot fled to Zoar as destruction rained upon Admah, Zeboiim, and these two cities in the Vale of Siddim.
On the road to this city, Paul was struck blind for three days; he later preached there.
She wrote, "A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is imprisoned lightning"
Celiz Cruz, who passed away in 2003, was long hailed as the "Queen of" this style of music.
Better not miss this one - it's spanish for "miss," as in an unmarried woman.
Referring to mountains with a saw-toothed appearance; it precedes Madre and Nevada.
Moscow's coat of arms features Saint George slaying one of these with his lance.
As you'd expect, this animal appears on the coat of arms of the Ivory Coast.
Wearing a gold collar and chain in the United Kingdom's coat of arms, this mythical beast represents Scotland.
Creator Marc Cherry has said that Bree van De Kamp on this series is based in part on his mom.
German Biliophiles know that a "Buchhandlung" is this type of retail store.
To a Dutchman, this clothing accessory is a "Zakdoek" and is something to sneeze at.
In Greek, this two-word phrase means "the many"; it refers to the common people.
Similar to its larger relative the Mammoth, this extinct mammal had shaggy hair and two sets of tusks.
The Quagga, a type of this equine, was found in Southern Africa until going extinct around 1900.
Two-word "steller" name for this relative of the Dugong and the Manatee that went extinct around 1768.
Five of the seven islands that make up this U.S. territory are of volcanic origin; the other two are coral atolls.
The spiral Cavatappi resembles, and is named for, this spiral barroom tool.
The disk-shaped Orecchiette are shaped like little these body parts.
The name of this tubular pasta means "quills"
In 1904's election, Alton B. Parker and Eighty-year old running mate Henry Davis went down in defeat against thie president.
In 1941, Abe Reles, an informer on this homicidal "corporation," went down in history - six stories straight down.
The documentary "The Battle of" this country chronicles events leading to Salvador Allende's downfall.
This book says, "Until one morining in mid-November of 1959, few americans - in fact, few Kansans - had ever heard of Holcom
If this European country's alps are forbidding, try hiking it famed valley, the Engadine.
The Otter Trail on ths coast of this country's western Cape Province may be book up a year ahead.
In 1923, the first path designated part of this trail opened in New York's Bear Mountain State Park.
On May 27,1941, this German battleship was sunk in the east Atlantic.
On April 28, 1945, Clara Petacci died alongside this man, her lover for more than a decade.
This battle and German counterattack began on December 16, 1944.
The name of this large home, located in Aberdeenshire, means "the majestic dwelling" in Gaelic.
One of the earliest documentaries was Robert Flaherty's 1922 film about this title eskimo "of the North".
The documentary "Hearts of Darkness" recounted the harrowing making of this other movie.
Subway's Jared Fogle turned up for a cameo in this 2004 Morgan Spurlock film about fast food in America.
The eight essential types of these acids cannot be produced by the human body but must be obtained from food.
Revive yourself and give the name of this compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that has been used for refrigeration.
Probably the most common and best-known carnivore of the late Jurassic period, it had a three-foot-long skull.
Fragments of "Ode to Joy" appear in the libretto of this 1805 opera, Beethoven's only one.
The Jaffa gate is the western entrance to this city's old city.
Savior's Gate is the way into this Moscow fortress complex.
According to Homer, this ancient city had numerous gates, including the famous Scaean one.
With a winning bid of $14.83, a broken laser pointer was the first item sold on this auction website.
Though there are also stuffed dogs and kitties, a global franchise is called build-a-this creature workshop.
This discount retailer hit the mark with its bullseye logo.
This act of 1854, named for two future states, allowed the new territories to decided the slavery issue themselves.
The one that ends the Bill of Rights is numbered this.
One of the two amendments with a due-process clause.
The amendment that ends with the word "infringed"
A nobleman, or to look intently.
The sport of rowing.
Four-letter term for ground bait used to attract fish.
This man won Oscars for writing and directing a 1948 film; his dad won a supporting actor Oscar for the same film.
In 1961, the world's first production-line robot was used by this U.S. automaker.
This toy company created Mindstorms for robots, with programmable bricks and sensors.
Started in 1997 to develop robotics and artificial intelligence, the robocup features robots playing this competitive sport.
This childhood disease is caused by a paramyxo-virus that causes the parotid glands to swell up.
This disease, caused by a parasitic protozoan, was once thought to be caused by swamp exhalations.
This heart valve connects the left atrium and the left ventricle.
In this 1864 Jules Verne novel, explorers descend into a volcano and later surface on Stromboli Island.
One night in late June, 1520, he barely escaped from rampaging Aztecs at Tenochtitlan.
After his ballet troupe's Toronto performance on June 29, 1974, he didn't get on the KGB bus.
Adolf Hitler massacred the leadership of the SA, his own paramilitary group, on June 30, 1934, "The Night of the Long" these.
In the words of Edgar A. Guest, "It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it" this.
Two of his less famous lines are "a tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray"
In "Harlem", he penned, "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?"
This U.S. President was born on July 4, 1872, in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.
1979: The _____ Horror
1957: The Spirit of _______
2008: Madagascar: Escape 2 _______
He wrote "Long Day's Journey Into Night" in 1941, but it wasn't performed until 1956, three years after his death.
Although he was Irish-born, most of his works after World War II, including "Waiting for Godot", were written in French.
In 1935, this dramatist stopped "Waiting for Lefty", and in 1937 he married actress Luise Rainer.
In 1980, two Minnesota Brothers formed a company to make these as an off-season hockey-training device.
To chew without teeth
To do this to "the line" is to do what's expected.
A section of a journey separated from the other sections by a period of rest.
It's the "Spud State"
A proverb tells us that this type of "hands are the devil's tools"
In a Dostoyevsky novel, the innocent and naïve Prince Myshkin is this title character.
Considered the world's fastest ball game, its name comes from the Basque words meaning "merry festival"
Snow or Canada
Rock Cornish Game Hen or Rhode Island Red
Golden or Ring Necked
In book titles, it follows "Prozac" and "Fast Food"
This University's address is 633 Clark Street, Evanston
This University's address is 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston
It's the nearest national capital to the Hollywood sign.
This fir tree is named for Scottish botanist David, who collected samples in America.
In 1866, rancher Charles Goodnight introduced this vehicle used for transporting provisions and cooking equipment
A Roman hill where the emperors built their homes gives us this six-letter word for a king's home.
The Supreme Court in "Clinton v. Jones" declared a "_____ing president" is not immune from lawsuits.
"Chopsocko U.S. bow for Sony's fantasy" wrote Daily Variety of "___ing Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
The Gospel According to Mark has a leper ____ing as he beseeches Jesus to make him clean.
The 1966 film "Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo" is better known as this in the United States.
This New York island is divided into four counties: Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.
Vineyard Sound separates her Vineyard from Cape Cod, four miles away.
Cape Kukukahi is the easternmost point on this "Big Island".
This liquid metal is also called quicksilver.
When exercising, be sure to replace this element you sweat out, or you risk hyponatremia?
The name of this metal comes from the Latin "Cyprian".
The name of this meditative exercise and martial art comes from Chinese words for "fist of the great absolute"
Four-letter term for an upright piece of wood or steel forming the inner frame of a wall.
Clothing word for the fixed or moveable framework of a window in which a pane of glass is set.
Clinkers, face, and cored are types of these building materials.
His clever military tactics during World War II earned him the nickname "The Desert Fox"
French Cardinal who said, "Give me six lines written by the most honest man, (and) I'll find something in them to hang him"
"Dutch" and "The Role of a Lifetime" are books about him.
Latin for "it", it's one-third of your psyche.
The Book of Mark recounts how John the Baptist baptized believers, including Jesus, in this river.
Isaiah 18 consists of prophecies against Ethiopia; Isaiah 19, of prophecies against this other African country.
Hannah is featured in an old testament book named for her son, this Hebrew Prophet.
Wooden beams laid down to secure the rails of a railroad.
For insulting me, you're going to get a "van Allen" one of these in the chops.
For insulting my friend, you're going to get a "wind" one of these in the eye.
A Manhattan memorial to this 1845-1849 tragedy used Kilkenny limestone.
This small four-stringed instrument's name comes from the Hawaiian for "jumping flea".
"Tailgate" was once a popular style of New Orleans jazz featuring this slide instrument.
It's a Russian musical instrument with three strings, a triangular body, and a guitar-like neck.
Women have this piece of thyroid cartilage too; it's just smaller than a man's and may be under more fat.
Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones produced by these glands.
A fertilized egg travels to this female body part and implants itself there.
The grandson of a humorist, the son of a children's author, he wrote one of 1974's top-selling novels.
He's TV's "Science Guy".
"Timeless American Style" was the hallmark of this fashion designer born in the Indiana heartland.
This TV journalist, commentator, and frequent PBS host was Lyndon Johnson's press secretary from 1965 to 1967.
The true on of these unfortunate birds had the scientific name "Raphus Cucullatus"
It's Hawaiian for snacks or appetizers often served on a platter.
This disease of the peripheral nerves is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B1.
He wrote, "Isn't it the irony of fate that I have been prescribed nitroglycerin to be taken internally."
Nineteen years after his victory at Manila Bay, this U.S. Admiral lay in state in the capitol rotunda.
In 1981, his company produced a sports car with a stainless steel finish and gull-wing doors.
In 1868, and again in 1880, he was succeeded as British Prime Minister by William Gladstone
"First Man" is a 2005 biography of this quiet Ohioan.
Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders were the first men to make this circuit and they made ten of them
In 1980, Soyuz 38 carried the first Hispanic man in space, Arnaldo Tamayo-Mendez of this country.
"Under My Skin", "His Way" and "Mr. S" are all books about this singer.
The smallest bird in the world is the bee type of this from Cuba.
With molecules used as beads, IBM researchers created the world's smallest one of these counting devices.
Three-foot long Compsognathus, meaning "Pretty Jaw", was the smallest of these thought to have existed.
James Spader "Practice"d for Crane, Poole, and Schmidt on this show.
In 1963, this Erle Stanley Gardner title character suffered his only loss in a TV case.
Fred Thompson has played D.A. Arther Branch on this cop and lawyer show.
This 1983 Pulitzer Prize Winner is written in the form of letters, mostly from Celie to her sister and to God.
The ships of Christopher Columbus's first voyage were two caravels, and this bigger ship, a type called a nao.
The Andra Doria was replaced with a ship named for this artist, followed by the Michelangelo and the Raffaelo.
The U.S.S. Constitution was one of the first six of this type of warship authorized by Congress in 1794.
Aaaaaaaaay! It was the family favorite featuring the Fonz.
Say, kids, he was the freckled-faced puppet persona of 1950s TV.
On the Disney Channel, she turned heads as the multi-talented and often animated "Lizzie McGuire"
There are six-recognized breeds called this, the most appropriate type of dog to tell "fetch".
Silkworms spin their cocoons by moving their heads in this numerical pattern figure skaters make on ice.
During World War II, silk was used to make the canopies of these, today they're usually made of nylon.
One silkworm is the larva of the Bombyx Mori moth; Mori come Morus Multicaulus, the scientific name of this tree.
"All reactionaries are paper" these animals.
"Political power grows out of" this.
One of these dramatic upheavals "is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture"
Sydney Carton finds himself riding in one of the "death-carts" in this Dickens Novel.
Apple introduced this device in the United States in June 2007; the 3G one came out in July 2008.
The "pearl" model of this Research in Motion Device is an email client, media player, camera, and cell phone.
In 2008, T-Mobile launched the first Android phone, the G1, powered by this search engine.
"The Dueling Cavalier" was the silent film being turned into a musical in this 1952 Gene Kelly favorite.
A docu-comedy called "Yankee Doodle Doctor" was made by the wacky medical staff on the 1950s-set sitcom.
"Jaws 19" is playing at a movie theater in the first sequel of this Michael J. Fox time-travelling comedy.
Some of the Mars rover mission's payload was supplied by the NBI, an institute named for this Danish Physicist.
In the 1990s, Marv Levy led this team to four straight Super Bowl appearances.
The Oakland Raiders rehired this man in 2006, seventeen years after making him the first black head coach in the modern NFL
He spent his entire twenty-nine year NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys.
This country emerged from isolation and agreed, in 1854, to allow the United States trading rights to two of its ports.
This runaway slave published his autobiography, "My Bondage, My Freedom", in 1855.
This grandson of a founding father arranged an 1853 purchase from Mexico.
Abraham Lincoln's line, "We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place," refers to this battlefield.
… of the months of the year.
… of the countries of Africa.
… of the Great Lakes.
On a prescription, the abbreviation "B.I.D." indicates you should take your medicine this often.
Vitamin E can be measured in milligrams or in these, IU for short.
These, CFCs, are bad for the environment.
One of his last letters said, "I am risking my life for (my work) and my reason has half-floundered owing to it…"
In the 1750s, the original golf course here had eleven holes and you played each of them twice.
By the time the British discovered this sport in India around 1860, it used a ball, no longer a goat's or enemy's head.
The eighteenth-century Broughton Rules were intended to lessen the brutality of this sport.
In this Tennessee Williams play, Tom Wingfield brings a gentleman caller home to meet his crippled sister, Laura
In "Gone with the Wind", Scarlett O'Hara marries Charles Hamilton and Ashley Wilkes marries her, Charles's sister.
Meg's the oldest of the sisters in this family; Amy, the youngest.
Appropriately, the last name of this horror movie director means "characterized by abject fear".
The down of this large sea duck, Somateria Mollissima, is used as warm filling in jackets, pillows, and quilts.
This two-word term refers to a politician who has recently lost an election and is soon to leave office.
She's the fictional woman famous for her "nursery rhymes"
The American crocodile is very rare and can be found naturally only in the southern part of this state.
Crocodiles are unique among reptiles in that they have four-chambered ones of these organs.
This ancient culture's god Sobek was often depicted as a crocodile wearing a headdress.
In November 1910, he was elected Governor of New Jersey; he was elected to a higher office just two years later.
Gloria Estefan was born in this capital city in 1957.
One of the last British possessions to be decolonized, it happened in 1997.
The National Anthem of this Carribean country is titled "La Dessalinienne"
A painful sensation in the esophagus could be this "cardiac" term, also called pyrosis.
Halitosis is another name for this alliterative condition; get a case of Mentos, stat!
This ocular abscess that's caused by an infection is known medically as a hordeolum.
Aristophanes' play "Lysistrata" is set during this war.
Often available on CD, it's the music and songs from a movie.
The internet or online world.
Here's the drill - a sapsucker is one of these birds.
If a girl gets a small charm, she'll most likely wear it attached to this piece of wristwear.
The calcaneofibular one of these bands of tissue attaches your fibula to your heel bone.
Actors attach false beards with this "ghostly" substance.
Gertrude Lawrence won a Tony in 1952, for playing the title pronoun in this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.
More than three hundred thousand hip fractures annually can be attributed to this porous bone disease.
This painful condition is abbreviated CTS.
This four-letter malady is caused by deposits of uric acid and is most common in the large joint of the big toe.
The sedative effect of turkey has been attributed to this amino acid, sold as a sleep aid until 1990.
Sleepy Bear has been this motel chain's logo since 1954.
This poet told Death: "Be not proud" because "one short sleep past, we wake eternally".
An Old French word for "throat" gives us this word meaning to stuff one's face.
In a 1990s novel, Stephanie Barron had the sense and sensibility to turn this author into a sleuth.
Agatha Christie was staying in Aswan when she wrote this mystery book about a young woman's murder.
It's the two-word name for the van driven around by the kids on "Scooby-Doo"
This name for the Jewish heroes of Hanukkah may mean "hammer".
The ancient Ban Chiang pottery of Thailand resembles that of this country's neolithic Yang-Shao period.
Horrified by the carnage of war, Asoka, a third-century BC ruler in India, embraced this peaceful religion.
"The Chronic Argonauts" was a precursor to this HG Wells novel.
In this 1987 film, Holly Hunter's tears are real but William Hurt's are not.
"Let not women's weapons, water drops, stain my man's cheeks," says this title Shakespeare guy to daughter Regan.
He went from frontrunner for the 1972 Democratic nomination back to simply Senator after reportedly crying in New Hampshire
As told to Alex Haley: "The Autobiography of ___________"
Milan Kundera: "The Unbearable _________"
Henry James: "The Turn of the ______"
In the Bible book named for him, he says, "Take me up, and cast me forth into the sea"?
He broke the sound barrier October 14, 1947
When a woman's "water breaks" in labor, the "water" is this fluid.
Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine joined Russia and Belarus in forming this, the CIS.
Four-syllable synonym for "to count" from Latin for "to count".
This word for a type of running is a word meaning "jump", and it's a talent that long jumpers need to get distance.
As a verb, this British nationality means to put an end to something abruptly.
Davy Crockett said the sight of this man's knife could "give a man of squeamish stomach to colic."
A young ewe, to you (4 letters).
Serendipity (4 letters)
"Presidential" auto (7 letters)
In India, flowers and wreaths are brought to the shrine of this spiritual leader on his birthday, October 2.
This Jewish observance marks the end of ten days of penitence.
In 1223, this saint famously celebrated Christmas by setting up a nativity scene in Greccio, Italy.
Some of its pieces, which weighed up to fifty tons, were quarried at Marlborough Downs, about twenty miles away.
The traditional remedy if this mammal sprays you is: rub tomato juice into your clothes, let stand 15 minutes, and rinse.
It is believed tomatoes were first eaten and cultivated on this continent before being introduced to Europe.
The Italians call the tomato "pomodoro", meaning "golden" one of these fruits.
His wife, Abigail, wrote to him in a 1776 letter, "Remember the ladies … all men would be tyrants if they could."
In 1792, Robert Thomas founded this almanac that contained useful weather info; the "old" was added later.
600     What is Hoppin' Jack?
1000    What is (Bluefin) Tuna?
Final   Who is Henry Kissinger?
100     What is the Old North Church (or Christ Church)?
300     What is Hagin Sofia (or Ava Sofia or Santa Sophia)?
500     Who are Peter and Paul?
200     What is the roadrunner?
600     What is a bone?
1000    What is the (American) Century Plant (or Century Aloe)?
Final   What are "The Federalist Papers"?
100     What is an Individual Retirement Account (or Arrangement or Annuity)?
300     What is Visa?
500     What is subprime?
200     What is "Julius Caesar"?
600     What is "Macbeth"?
1000    What is "The Tempest"?
Final   Who is Toto?
100     What is brotherhood?
300     What is liberty and justice?
500     Who are "the people"?
200     What is the "Mona Lisa"?
600     What is blue?
1000    Who is Henri Matisse?
Final   Who is Jimmy Carter?
100     What is "Moby-Dick"?
300     Who is Holden Caulfield?
500     What is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (or "Notre Dame de Paris")?
200     What is the celsius (or centigrade) scale?
600     What are chromosones?
1000    What is the Ph scale?
Final   What is graphite (or plumbago)?
100     What are supertankers?
300     What is a supernova?
500     What is the Super Bowl?
200     Who is Ralph Ellison?
600     Who is Terry McMillan?
1000    Who is August Wilson?
Final   Who is Sojourner Truth?
100     What is Venice?
300     What is the Great Wall (of China)?
500     What is coal
200     What is (ice) hockey?
600     What is snowboarding?
1000    What is Calgary?
Final   Who is George "Bugs" Moran?
100     Who is Bill Clinton?
300     Who is Thomas Jefferson?
500     Who is Harry S Truman?
200     Who is Henry Morton Stanley?
600     What is Mount Kenya?
1000    Who is Prince Henry the Navigator?
Final   Who is Anne Sullivan (Macy)?
100     Who is Roman Polanski?
300     Who is Charlie "Bird" Parker?
500     Who is Michael Moore?
200     Who is George Bernard Shaw?
600     What is free verse
1000    What is a marriage (or wedding)?
Final   Who is Frederic Chopin?
100     Who is Jack Benny?
300     Who is Jack Nicklaus?
500     Who is Jack Frost?
200     What is Fort Knox?
600     Who is Geronimo?
1000    What is Albany?
Final   What is a Koh-I-Noor Diamond?
100     What is left field?
300     What is a right triangle?
500     What is Lincoln Center?
200     Who is Richard Sears?
600     Who is Richard Petty?
1000    Who is Richard Nixon?
Final   What is France?
100     What is a tuxedo?
300     What is the Boxer?
500     What is Luxembourg?
200     What is Ireland?
600     What is Iceland?
1000    What is Indonesia?
Final   Who is Mr. (Fred) Rogers?
100     What are army ants (or soldier ants)?
300     What is a flea?
500     What are crickets?
200     What is bread?
600     What is a grapefruit?
1000    What is a mushroom?
Final   What is El Al (Israel Airlines)?
100     Who is (Harry Burnett) Reese?
300     Who is (Elisha Graves) Otis?
500     What is Stainmaster?
200     What is a pupil?
600     What are lowercase (letters)?
1000    What is mortgage?
Final   Who is Fred Astaire?
100     What is "Robinson Crusoe"?
300     What is "War and Peace"?
500     What is "The Good Earth"?
200     Who is Marilyn Monroe (or Norma Jean Baker)?
600     Who is John Lennon?
1000    What is "the piano player"?
Final   What are Jackson and Jefferson City?
100     What is "Pride and Prejudice"?
300     What is "The Devil Wears Prada"?
500     What is "Sex and the City"?
200     What are steel mills?
600     What is MCI?
1000    What is Ford's Theatre?
Final   What is Amazon.com?
100     What is Wales?
300     What is Germany?
500     What is Venice?
200     What is Ursa Major?
600     What is Aries?
1000    What is Cygnus?
Final   What are Russia and Japan?
100     What are playgrounds?
300     What is goodwill?
500     What is buttonhole?
200     What is Nazareth?
600     What are Sodom and Gomorrah?
1000    What is Damascus?
Final   Who is Emma Lazarus?
100     What is salsa?
300     What is senorita?
500     What is sierra?
200     What is a dragon?
600     What is an elephant?
1000    What is a unicorn?
Final   What is "Desparate Housewives"?
100     What is a book store?
300     What is a handkerchief.
500     What is hoi polloi?
200     What is the Mastodon?
600     What is the Zebra?
1000    What is (Steller's) Sea Cow?
Final   What is American Samoa?
100     What is the corkscrew?
300     What are ears?
500     What is Penne?
200     Who is Theodore Roosevelt?
600     What is Murder, Inc?
1000    What is Chile?
Final   What is "In Cold Blood"?
100     What is Switzerland?
300     What is South Africa?
500     What is the Appalachian Trail?
200     What is The Bismarck?
600     Who is Benito Mussolini?
1000    What is the Battle of the Bulge (or the Battle of the Ardennes)?
Final   What is Balmoral Castle?
100     What is Nanook?
300     What is "Apocalypse Now"?
500     What is "Super Size Me"?
200     What are amino acids?
600     What is ammonia?
1000    What is the allosaurus
Final   What is "Fidelio"?
100     What is Jerusalem?
300     What is the Kremlin?
500     What is Troy?
200     What is ebay(.com)?
600     What is bear?
1000    What is Target?
Final   What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
100     What is the tenth?
300     What is the fifth or fourteenth?
500     What is the second?
200     What is peer?
600     What is crew?
1000    What is chum?
Final   Who is John Huston?
100     What is General Motors (GM)?
300     What is Lego?
500     What is soccer?
200     What is mumps?
600     What is malaria?
1000    What is the mitral valve?
Final   What is "Journey to the Center of the Earth"?
100     Who is Hernan(do) Cortez?
300     Who is Mikhael Baryshnikov?
500     What are knives?
200     What is (a) home?
600     Who is Joyce Kilmer?
1000    Who is Langston Hughes?
Final   Who is Calvin Coolidge?
100     What is Amityville?
300     What is St. Louis?
500     What is Africa?
200     Who is Eugene O'Neill?
600     Who is Samuel Beckett?
1000    Who is Clifford Odets?
Final   What are Rollerblades (or inline skates)?
100     What is gum?
300     What is toe?
500     What is leg?
200     What is Idaho?
600     What are idle?
1000    What is "The Idiot"?
Final   What is "Jai Alai"?
100     What is a goose?
300     What is a chicken?
500     What is a pheasant?
200     What is "Nation"?
600     What is Northwestern?
1000    What is Northeastern?
Final   What is Mexico City?
100     What is the Douglas (Fir)?
300     What is a chuck wagon?
500     What is a palace?
200     What is sitting?
600     What is crouching?
1000    What is kneeling?
Final   What is "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"?
100     What is Long Island?
300     What is Martha's Vineyard?
500     What is Hawaii?
200     What is mercury?
600     What is sodium?
1000    What is copper?
Final   What is T'ai Chi (Ch'uan)?
100     What is a stud?
300     What is the sash?
500     What are bricks?
200     Who is Erwin Rommel?
600     Who is Cardinal Richelieu?
1000    Who is Ronald Reagan?
Final   What is id?
100     What is Jordan River?
300     What is Egypt?
500     Who is Samuel?
200     What is a tie?
600     What is a belt?
1000    What is a sock?
Final   What is the (Irish) Potato Famine (or Great Hunger or Irish Hunger)?
100     What is the ukelele?
300     What is the trombone?
500     What is a balalaika?
200     What is the Adam's apple?
600     What are the ovaries?
1000    What is the uterus?
Final   Who is Peter Benchley?
100     Who is Bill Nye?
300     Who is Bill Blass (or William Ralph Blass)?
500     Who is Bill Moyers?
200     What is the dodo?
600     What is pupu?
1000    What is beri-beri?
Final   Who is Alfred Nobel?
100     Who is Admiral George Dewey?
300     Who is John DeLorean?
500     Who is Benjamin Disraeli?
200     Who is Neil Armstrong?
600     What is an orbit of the moon?
1000    What is Cuba?
Final   Who is Frank Sinatra?
100     What is a hummingbird?
300     What is an abacus (or calculator)?
500     What is a dinosaur?
200     What is "Boston Legal"?
600     Who is Perry Mason?
1000    What is "Law & Order"?
Final   What is "The Color Purple"?
100     What is the Santa Maria?
300     Who is Leonardo da Vinci?
500     What is a frigate?
200     What is "Happy Days"?
600     Who is Howdy Doody?
1000    Who is Hilary Duff?
Final   What is retriever?
100     What is a figure eight?
300     What are parachutes?
500     What is the mulberry tree?
200     What are tigers
600     What is (the barrel of) a gun?
1000    What is a revolution?
Final   What is "A Tale of Two Cities"?
100     What is the iPhone?
300     What is the Blackberry?
500     What is Google?
200     What is "Singing in the Rain"?
600     What is MASH?
1000    What is "Back to the Future"?
Final   Who is Niels Bohr?
100     Who are the Buffalo Bills?
300     Who is Art Shell?
500     Who is Tom Landry?
200     What is Japan?
600     Who is Frederick Douglass?
1000    Who is James Gadsden?
Final   What is Gettysburg?
100     What is September?
300     What is Zimbabwe?
500     What is Superior?
200     What is twice a day?
600     What are International Units?
1000    What are chlorofluorocarbons?
Final   Who is Vincent Van Gogh?
100     What is St. Andrews (or Royal and Ancient Golf Club)?
300     What is polo?
500     What is boxing (or pugilism)?
200     What is "The Glass Menagerie"?
600     Who is Melanie (Hamilton) (Wilkes)?
1000    Who is the March Family?
Final   Who is Wes Craven?
100     What is the eider?
300     What is "Lame Duck"?
500     Who is Mother Goose?
200     What is Florida?
600     What are hearts?
1000    What is Egypt?
Final   Who is Woodrow Wilson?
100     What is Havana?
300     What is Hong Kong?
500     What is Haiti?
200     What is heartburn?
600     What is bad breath?
1000    What is a sty?
Final   What is the Peloponnesian War?
100     What is the soundtrack?
300     What is cyberspace?
500     What is a woodpecker?
200     What is a bracelet?
600     What is a ligament? (NOT acceptable: What is a tendon?)
1000    What is spirit gum (or spirit glue)?
Final   What is "The King and I"?
100     What is osteoporosis?
300     What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
500     What is gout?
200     What is (l-)tryptophan?
600     What is Travelodge?
1000    Who is John Donne?
Final   What is gorge (engorge)?
100     Who is Jane Austen?
300     What is "Death on the Nile"?
500     What is the Mystery Machine?
200     What are the Maccabees?
600     What is China?
1000    What is Buddhism?
Final   What is "The Time Machine"?
100     What is "Broadcast News"?
300     Who is King Lear?
500     Who is Edmund Muskie?
200     What is "Malcolm X"?
600     What is "Lightness of Being"?
1000    What is "Screw"?
Final   Who is Jonah?
100     Who is Chuck Yeager?
300     What is amniotic fluid?
500     What is Commonwealth of Independent States?
200     What is enumerate?
600     What is sprint?
1000    What is scotch?
Final   Who is Jim Bowie?
100     What is a lamb?
300     What is luck?
500     What is a Lincoln?
200     Who is Mahatma (or Mohandas) Gandhi?
600     What is Yom Kippur (or Day of Atonement or Yom Hakippurim)/
1000    Who is Saint Francis of Assisi?
Final   What is Stonehenge?
100     What is a skunk?
300     What is South America?
500     What is an apple?
200     Who is John Adams?
600   What is the (Old) Farmer's Almanac?

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