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Internet_ Intranet_ Extranet


									Internet, Intranet, Extranet

Layered System View

Extranet Internet

Corporate members
Clients, partners, customers Global society: competitors

What is Internet?



a worldwide system of computer networks a public, cooperative, and self-sustaining facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide use a set of protocols called Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

What is Intranet?



Networks connecting an affiliated set of clients Using standard Internet Protocols, especially TCP/IP and HTTP, and some FTP IP-based network of nodes behind a set of firewalls

What is Extranet?


part of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company securely share part of a business's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses

How Does Intranet Work?
Establish an internal network
Via LAN (Local Area Network)  Via WAN (Wide Area Network)  Via MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) which rely on ISDN (Integrated Services of Digital Network)

When TCP/IP protocols are set up, web servers & browsers can be installed to give access to the Intranet.

Benefits of Intranet
  



Cost-effective communication in corporate Fostering actual/real interaction of knowledge Providing more flexibility in human’s abilities to do jobs Promoting secure system of access & interaction Becoming corporate communication tools

Corporate can use Extranet for
    


Exchange large volumes of data using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or XML Share product catalogs exclusively with wholesalers or those "in the trade" Collaborate with other companies on joint development efforts Jointly develop and use training programs with other companies Provide or access services provided by one company to a group of other companies, such as an online banking application managed by one company on behalf of affiliated banks Share news of common interest exclusively with partner companies

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