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                                             A publication of OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

                                                              2005 Spring Edition

Las Vegas Beckons OMIK
                                           Hello OMIK members! Once again we have the privilege to welcome the
                                           OMIK Convention to Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been almost a decade since
                                           you were here. You will notice lots of admirable changes in guest accom-
                                           modations, adventure, dining, and entertainment.
                                          Las Vegas will roll out the red car-
                                          pet to please the patrons and fam-
                                          ily travelers to enjoy this fun city
                                          to the fullest. The ever increas-
                                          ing population growth in Las Ve-
                                          gas made it necessary for promot-
                                         ers to build better highways across
                                         the valley. There are also elevated
                                         street crossings over busy intersec-
tions on the Strip for the safe passage of pedestrians.
For the ladies who love to shop, there’s the Las Vegas outlet mall that is at
the end of the Strip. And there is another outlet mall near the downtown
area. Also, some hotels sport their own shopping centers. Ladies, you may
want to shop around for the best bargains before making your purchase.
My wife, Mary, and I know that you will enjoy the convention, the tours,
entertainments, attractions, shopping, buffet meals, and your stay in the                        Zed Alston, 7th Call Area Director
hotels, and that you will leave this city with a longing to come back soon.

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 Table of Contents                                                                  Do you remember the OMIK calendars that listed
 Presidents’ Page................... 2                                              birthdates of members and other information?
                                          The OMIK Calendar

 Call Area News .......... 3, 4, & 5                                                Well the calendar is coming back! The calendars
                                                                                    will be available for sale at the convention for July
 Tuskegee Airmen Salute....... 6                                                    2005 through December 2006. The proceeds will
 Convention Pages ..........7 & 8                                                   benefit the Scholarship Fund.
 Health & Welfare .................. 9                                              In addition to birthdates, at the top of each
 Uncle O’Mike ...................... 0                                             month’s page will be a picture of a member or
                                                                                    their ham shack.
 Featured Shack ...................
                                                                                    For information on how to get your picture on the
                                                                                    calendar, e-mail Cornelius Washington, KR0Z, at

OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                                     2005 Spring Edition - Page 
The President’s Corner                      ties. A tour of the world famous Hoover     tain that we will award scholarships in
Col. (R) Frank Taylor Smith, KUB           Dam is one of them. A late-breaking         excess of that amount within the next
                                            tour of Nellis Air Force Base, brokered     ten years!
Spring is here, and before you know it      by Moody and Norma Law, WQ6I and
we will be into the WARFA Spring Re-                                                       By the time you read this, the
                                            N6MMF, has been added. It is not in
treat (May 19 – 22) in Valencia Cali-                                                   Scholarship Fund will have held the
                                            your packet, but it will include the Air
fornia); the HiFivers’                                                                  drawing for its flat panel television.
                                                                Warfare Center &
Rendezvous (May 27 &                                                                    This was a novel concept, with only
                                                                Museum (see page
28) in Dallas, Texas; the                                                               one hundred $20-tickets being sold.
                                                                6). Elsewhere at the
7.248 Rendezvous (June                                                                  They are getting close to that 100 ticket
                                                                convention, I am told
3 - 5) in Tupelo, Mis-                                                                  mark as I write.
                                                                that the ladies are
sissippi; and the OMIK                                          getting ready to bone       The Association is holding its own
Convention (July 13 -                                           up on that stomp        scholarship raffle in the traditional
16) in Las Vegas, Ne-                                           step again with         manner, with unlimited tickets be-
vada. To the extent that                                        Essie Hughey (Odis,     ing sold for $2 each. The grand prize
you can, please support                                         KC4BMX) and her         is another flat panel TV, with four $50
them because thanks to                                          sister, Lessie. Look    prizes also being awarded. Hopefully,
a lot of love and generos-                                      out now!                you are well on the way to selling your
ity, these events generate
                                                                                        20 tickets. All members, except the of-
money for the Scholar-                                            Every once in a
                                                                                        ficers and convention directors, are eli-
ship Fund.                                                    while a number grabs
                                                                                        gible to win. Of course we hope you
                                                              your attention. In my
    The development of the OMIK                                                         sell many tickets to non-members! The
                                            case, the number is $60,400. That is
Convention is exciting! Hosted by fam-                                                  drawing will be at the convention.
                                            the amount of scholarship money that
ily-friendly Circus Circus Hotel Resort,    OMIK has awarded over the years. As            Good hamming and peace and good
the convention offers some great activi-    notable a milestone as that is, I am cer-   health to you and your families.

From the Office of Vice President
Nathaniel J. Gates, N8RIT
I am writing to you to introduce the first OMIK Scholarship Raffle. Although there are raffles being conducted in different
areas, I hope that you will consider furthering our cause by supporting all the raffles.
I have learned that life is just like gardening, you get what you plant. You may ask, “What about the weeds?” That, my
friend, is where the work begins. If we take an attitude that “I have what I need” and never reach back to help someone else,
we will only get weeds. A happy gardener is one who shares
Here is a breakdown of how the OMIK Scholarship Raffle will work. Each area director or his appointee will distribute the
tickets for that area (we have 5000 printed at $2 each). The tickets will be stapled in bundles of ten which makes it easier to
simply purchase a booklet of ten for $20! The drawing will be during the banquet at the OMIK Convention in Las Vegas
July 16, 2005. Please contact your area director to get your tickets. See the back page of the newsletter for contact informa-
tion. Thank you for your continued support.

Scholarship Named for Fannie Motley
Spring Hill College recently established       A long-time OMIK member,                     The college hopes to attract
the Fannie E. Motley scholarship for        Mrs Motley, KB8EBX, graduated with          emergent leaders, especially high school
under-represented youth.                    cum laude honors in history. (For more      students who weren’t provided with the
    In the spring of 1956, Mrs. Motley      information on Mrs. Motley, see the Fall    opportunities or the training to take on
made history in Alabama as the “first       2004 edition of The Communicator.)          leadership positions.
Negro” to be graduated from Spring Hill         The scholarships will target well-         For information about the scholarship
College, located in Mobile, Alabama in      rounded individuals who have the ability    fund, please contact the Spring Hill
its 126-year history.                       to enhance the diversity on campus          College development office at 877-777-
                                            through the celebration of their unique     4455.
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                               2005 Spring Edition - Page 2
                        News from around the Call Areas
An Interview with the President of the OMIK Ladies Auxiliary                                 KG: Does the Auxiliary have any
                                                                                             planned activities for Las Vegas?
by Ken Greene, KC8EAT, Call Area 8 Director
                                                                                              MG: We are looking forward to a
                          Ken Greene:         We are looking at setting up a begin-          great time in Las Vegas. Bring the
                          Mary, I’d like      ning ham tech session for auxiliary            family and participate in the Western
                          to start off by     members who would like to learn the            Roundup Fashion Show and a special
                          congratulat-        rudiments of ham radio (Ham 101).              feud game between the cowboys and
                          ing you on get-                                                    cowgirls.
                          ting your ticket.   We also realize that there are many in-
                          You are now –       terests that don’t appeal to the men and       KG: What do you see in the future for
                          KD8ASF. Your        some that don’t appeal to the women.           the auxiliary?
                          husband James,      With that said, auxiliary members try
                                              to sponsor family type activities and          MG: We will continue to be an integral
  Mary Green, KD8ASF      KA8HBT, being
                                              activities of special interest to ladies.      member of the OMIK family. We’re not
                        the charmer that
                                                                                             behind you supporting OMIK, we’re
he is, tells me that ASF stands for Al-       At last year’s convention our fashion          side by side with you.
ways Sassy and Foxy. I’m not going to         show was a great hit with everyone.
put you on the spot and ask you to re-        Some of our young people were partici-         KG: This has been a pleasure. Without
spond to that but I’d say he knows how        pants and had a great time. It was a fun       the auxiliary the OMIK family would
to stay on your good side. If you want        evening for everyone as can be seen in         be incomplete.
to really test his sincerity, tell him you    the photo of some of our world class
want a Yaesu FT-847 rig to start your         models.                                        African-American 2 Meter
station. On a more serious note tell me
a little something about the OMIK La-         We have to give special recognition to         Repeaters
dies Auxiliary.                               Grace Mecham, KA4OBK, for all the              Wayne Scott, N4RAP
                                              hard work and planning she did for the         I am compiling a list of 2-meter repeat-
Mary Green: We have about thirty-             pamper party. Grace got the pros in-           ers owned by African-Americans. The
five members and look forward to in-          volved by enlisting the aid of “Elyssa’s       ones that I have collected are listed be-
creasing our numbers. Our elected of-         Pleasures,” an Internet portal special-        low. If you know of any others please
ficers for 2004 thru 2006 are: Mary
                                                                                             send them to me. I also want to know
Green, KD8ASF, president;
                                                                                             if the repeaters have ILRP on them.
Joyce Spight, N9YXM, vice
                                                                                             If so please provide me with the node
president; Frances Williams,
                                                                                             number, also.
secretary; Lillie Williams,
treasurer; and Laverne McCoy,                                                                   I would like to create a link-
chaplain; plus all those impor-                                                              ing ILRP system. I think this will be
tant ladies that are working be-                                                             awesome as it would recognize just
hind the scenes.                                                                             African-American repeaters.
We in the Ladies Auxiliary                                                                      This information will be good to
look at OMIK as a large fam-                                                                 have just as a FYI when you are travel-
ily made up of people who           From left to right they are: Nokia Simms; James Green,   ing to know whom you can communi-
have come together because         KA8HBT; Ella Wells; Houston Scott (daughter of Wayne      cate via 2 meters.
of shared interest and values.    Scott, N4RAP; Nathaniel Gates, N8RIT; and Sheree Gates.
                                                                                               Clinton, WB3EHB, in New Jersey
So we of the auxiliary – being
                                                                                               Jimmy, K4NAJ, in Alabama
good family members – see our major           izing in bachelor and bachelorette par-
                                                                                               Moody, WQ6I, in California
mission is to fully support the goals and ties by providing ideas, products, utili-            Rich, WA8DBW, in Ohio
values of OMIK.                               ties, and information that simplified the        Wayne, N4RAP, in Texas
                                              process of organizing better parties.            Paul, KB2SQ, in New York
At the 2004 convention our attendees          We had 25 to 30 participants. The la-            Carlos, W2CGW, in New Jersey
donated $180 to the auxiliary, and we         dies got manicures, facials, massages,           Jack, N5KDV, in Mississippi
donated eighty percent of that, $140,         make-up, perfumes, and cologne. There            Lester, W5GSU, in Louisiana
to the OMIK scholarship fund. The re-         were also many gifts donated by the              Grady, WB3JUV, in Maryland
mainder went into our treasury.               Dillard Department Store of Memphis,
                                              Tennessee.                                     For information about ILRP visit www.
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                                    2005 Spring Edition - Page 3
                  News from around the Call Areas
Profile of Carter L. McNary, N6YA                Mac opened his own
                                                 radio repair business.
Ted Sneed WG6F, Area Director
Carter L. McNary, N6YA was born in                    In 1957, Mac and
1916 in Cuero, Texas, near San Anto-        John Pulliam, W6HCW,
nio. “Mac” as he is known by most of        began a long-time friendship.
his ham radio friends, worked for civ-      It was their wives who
il defense from 1940 to 1942 until he       introduced them while John
joined the military as a radio repairman    was still in the Air Force.
and radio operator with Battery C, 351st    With John’s urging, Mac
Field Artillery.                            decided it was time to get
                                            a ham license, and he went
   Mac furthered his interest in “radio     straight to General class
communications” while stationed in          because he did not want to be
Germany as a member of the military         bothered with being a Novice
unit called Men of Courage. Mac also        operator.
belonged to a singing group while in
the military called the Caisson Choir.         For many years, Mac was                          “Big Mac”
                                            a volunteer examiner. Mac                 He believes that the OMIK scholarship
    He came back from Germany               said one time a guy met him and said      program is one of the organization’s
and returned to his civilian job at         he had never associated with “black”      most important activities because it
the telephone section, but after about      people but he was really interested in    helps young people along their path to
three months he became bored, so he         getting to know the OMIK members.         higher education and better careers.
rejoined the singing group. His wife,       After three days the man also became      Still very active in amateur radio, Mac
Louella, thought he was nuts because        “family.”                                 enjoys working all bands and all modes
he had just got back after 14 months
but had now decided to leave again for         Mac has been a constant fixture at         A long time member of the amateur
Washington, D.C. With not too much          the OMIK conventions and WARFA            radio community, Mac still volunteers
                                                            activities. For five or   his time to testing new hams, and is a
                                                            six years, Mac says       faithful OMIK member.
                                                            he headed the OMIK
                                                            training program.
                                                            During OMIK School        AREA 5 REPORT
                                                            Days, we could            Tim Sonnier, N5RKK, Area Director
                                                            always count on Mac
                                                                                      The HI-FIVERS Rendezvous 2005 will
                                                            and the Los Angeles
                                                                                      be hosted by SDARO, in the Dallas Me-
                                                            gang to have children
                                                                                      troplex. This event will be held May 27
                                                            from several schools
                                                                                      - 28, 2005 at the Holiday Inn, Desoto,
                                                            participating in the
                                                                                      Texas. The contact number for the hotel
                                                             events. For nearly 20    is (972)224-9100. The cutoff date for
                 The “other” Mac - KA6USS                    years, Mac was in        hotel registration is May 10, 2005.
                                                             charge of training for
                                                             WARFA, the Western           I recently attended a local hamfest
choir activity he again got bored, and
                                            Amateur Radio Friendship Association.     in the Lafayette, Louisiana area March
his wife was fussing at him to come
                                            He also has given many technical          11,12,2005. During that weekend, I
home because he had been gone from
                                            sessions on antenna design at the         had the pleasure of visiting with Fred,
her and their little two-year old baby                                                WB5HKV, Amos, W5JMT, and Don,
daughter, Betty.                            OMIK conventions.
   As with many young couples, the              Mac says that he is proud to be a
                                            member of OMIK and WARFA. He                 Laurence Haliburton, K5LDH, is
McNarys had a few financial problems.                                                 home recovering from surgery and do-
Coupled with the fact that, in those        said that OMIK is basically unchanged
                                                                                      ing well.
days he couldn’t get a really good job,     in its focus, although the members have
                                            changed...but times have also changed.
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                             2005 Spring Edition - Page 4
                       News from Around the Call Areas
Two OMIK Members of Note
OMIK is fortunate to have two members who are world-renown musicians. Romeo Phillips, KA8ZUK and Clarence Small
have been present at OMIK conventions for the past ten or more years. Many of us know that Romeo wrote and Clarence ar-
ranged the OMIK hymn, but it’s been a few years since we have heard one of their “informances” – informational perfor-
                                                         Clarence, pianist/organist/violinist/tenor, has performed in most of
                                                     the lower forty-eight states as a member of the internationally known
                                                     choral ensemble, Wings Over Jordan. He and his twin sister, Clara,
                                                     were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the age of six months were
                                                     adopted by a Kalamazoo, Michigan couple, Eppie and Joseph Small.
                                                     He attended the Kalamazoo Public Schools where he honed his musi-
                                                     cal talents as a member of the band, orchestra, and choirs; talents de-
                                                     veloped under the competent tutelage of his mother, Mrs. Eppie Small,
                                                     who taught him piano. He studied percussion and violin throughout his
                                                     high school years and resumed the study of violin after a hiatus of forty
                                                         Romeo, professor emeritus of music and education at Kalamazoo
                                                     College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has performed concerts through-
                                                     out the United States and in West Africa as a baritone singer and cho-
                                                     ral conductor. A native of the City of Chicago, he attended Englewood
                                                     High School, earned the Bachelor of music and Master of music degrees
                                                     in theory from the Chicago Musical College, the M.A. degree from
                                                     Eastern Michigan University, and the Ph.D. degree from Wayne State
                                                        Their informances combine music, poetry, monologues and historical
                                                     reenactments. For more information about Clarence and Romeo, check
                                                     out their web site at

 A Great Mobile Set-up                 The Prius is in its third year of production by Toyota. The car has two engines—one
                                       gas and one electric—and is completely computer controlled with a LED monitor that
 Lee Simmons, K9CZL
                                       is built into the dash. The electric engine operates from 0 to 49 mph, and then the gas
                                                             engine kicks in. The Prius gas engine is a 4-cylinder and is rated
                                                             up to 100 mph.
                                                             In the city it is
                                                             rated at 60 mpg
                                                             and highway 51
                                                            For hamming,
                                                            Lee has a 2 me-
                                                            ter radio and
                                                            an ICOM 725
                                                            mounted in easy
                                                            reach of the
                                                            driver’s seat.
                                                            The antennas
are a Hustler 5/8 wave and an Outbacker for low bands.
The car comes with two 12-volt outlets. Lee uses one for radios and the other for cell phone. There is no way to tap the bat-
tery because it is 500 volts. Lee says that he will be on the road all of July in case someone wants to hear the system.

OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                              2005 Spring Edition - Page 5
Salute to an Unknown Airman                      My grandfather was a lieutenant in        he concentrated on completing his as-
By st Lt. Jennifer Miller                   the 8th Air Force’s 509th Bombardment         signment. It must have taken only sec-
                                             Squadron, 351st Bomb Group (Heavy),           onds, but he told me that it seemed like
I owe my very existence to one un-           stationed at Polebrook, England. At 22        forever.
known African-American fighter pilot         years old, he was a rated bombardier,
of a past era.                                                                                 Suddenly, the German fighter dis-
                                             navigator and aerial observer.
                                                                                           integrated in a fireball before his very
    When I was little, my family and            On March 13, 1944, he and his B-           eyes. My grandfather announced
I took a weekend trip to Dover, Del.         17G crew got orders to fly right wing on      “bombs away,” the pilot regained con-
to visit my father who was on Army           a group bombing                                                              trol of the
Reserve duty that summer. During             mission. The pri-   Looking closely, I thought I                             plane, and
                                             mary target was                                                              the group
our trip, we visited a hanger at Dover
Air Force Base where a group of vet-         the railroad mar-   saw a tear on my grandfather’s                           headed
erans was rebuilding a vintage B-17G         shalling yards      cheek.                                                   back to
from World War II called the “Shoo           in Regensburg,                                                               England.
Shoo Shoo Baby.” That July morning, I        Germany. He was one of three lead             As my grandfather looked out the nose
                                                      bombardiers.                         of the plane, an American fighter flew
                                                                                           by. My grandfather distinctly remem-
                                                         Bombardiers on these mis-
                                                                                           bered the pilot, who had shot down the
                                                     sions would take control of
                                                                                           German fighter, looking towards his
                                                     their aircraft at the initial point
                                                                                           bomber and saluting. He never forgot
                                                     of the bombing run and maneu-
                                                                                           the black face of that pilot, who saved
                                                     ver their aircraft by finding the
                                                                                           his life that day, along with the lives of
                                                     target with their bombsight. At
                                                                                           the other nine members of his crew.
                                                     a precise moment, the bomb-
                                                     sight would automatically re-             Many of us know the history
                                                     lease the plane’s load of 500-        and proud tradition of the Tuskegee
                                                     pound bombs with “pin-point”          Airmen. The members of the 332nd
                                                     accuracy on the target.               Fighter Group were renowned for never
                                                                                           losing a bomber they escorted. These
                                                         That day, my grandfather
                                                                                           black Americans endured not only the
                                                     took control of his aircraft,
                                                                                           rigors of training, but also harassment
                                                     the B-17G “Faith,” at the ini-
                                                                                           from some white Airmen.
                                                     tial point of the run. With flak
                                                     blasting all around, he was               My late grandfather, Arnold
                                                     calmly and steadily sighting          Bernfeld; my father, Col. (Ret.)
                                                     the target when he heard a crew       William Bernfeld and I owe those
                                                     member over the intercom:             African-American heroes a special debt
                 Lt. Arnold Bernfeld
                                                   “Jerry at 12 o’clock.”                  of gratitude. On behalf of all three of
watched my grandfather stand motion-                                                       us, I proudly return the salute of that
                                                My grandfather looked up through
less in front of that Flying Fortress. He                                                  unknown pilot, whoever he is.
                                             the nose bubble and immediately saw a
had not seen one for at least forty years.
                                             German fighter, machine guns blazing,         ----
   Looking closely, I thought I saw a        heading straight for his bomber. The
                                                                                           First Lt. Jennifer Miller is a public affairs offi-
tear on my grandfather’s cheek, and -        navigator who shared the plane’s nose         cer in the 375th Airlift Wing, based at Scott Air
as only a child could - I asked, “What’s     with him began firing back.                   Force Base. This commentary was adapted from
the matter, Poppy Arnold?” We sat                                                          a piece that originally appeared in “Command
                                                My grandfather told me that eva-
down on a nearby bench, and he told                                                        Post,” the base newspaper at Scott Air Force
                                             sive action was impossible. With the
me this story.                                                                             Base.
                                             German fighter approaching head-on,

  OMIK members (present and former) who are Tuskegee Airmen include:                         Lucius Theus, W9KPB
  Charles L. Lewis, W3IFX                      Theopolis Johnson, K6UJV                      Hilton Joseph, N9SFJ
  Robert Pettigrew, WD4ADF                     George Mitchell, K6ZE                         Rodge Rodgers, W0IDA
  Elmer Jones, K4EUX                           Stanley Gordon, W2CVL
  George Sledge, K4NHG                         William Johnston, KB8AM                       Please send names of other current or
  Vernon Robinson, KF6FH                       Caesar Bassette, KO8B                         former OMIK members who are Tuskegee
  John Pulliams, W6HCW (SK)                    Charles Southern, W8PNK                       Airmen to

OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                                     2005 Spring Edition - Page 6
                           Convention Happenings
Ham Signature Quilt                    check out for the $500 and tried to   Premium Tour of Nellis
Moody T. Law, WQ6I                     hand it over to Ted, WG6F, area       Airforce Base
I have seen it and I want it NOW !     six director. He refused my offer.    While attending the 53rd annual
                                       His reason was that the art work is   OMIK convention you will be
   I have seen this great work         a compilation of the work of many     able to visit Nellis AFB, home of
of art done by Mrs. Dorothy            hams and they all should have a       the Thunderbird Precision Flying
Lampkin of Fort Worth, Texas.          chance to own it.                     Team.
Mrs. Lampkin, a distinguished
artist and seamstress, refuses            I took my check back and pro-      The WARFA Safari Adventurers
money for this fantastic artwork.      ceeded to write a larger check for    discovered and arranged this tour
She is a retired educator and is       $600. The chief financial officer     for July 14, 2005 from 10:00 am
donating this work to one of her       of my firm, Mrs. Norma B. Law,        to 4:00 pm. In addition to visiting
favorite charities, the WARFA ef-      N6MMF, stepped in and stopped         the flight line, you will tour the
fort to build the OMIK scholar-        my madness.                           museum which has old and new
ship fund.                                                                   aircraft and weapons. Cost for this
                                                                             tour will be $20 for adults, $10 for
                                                                             children. Lunch will be on your
                                                                             own in the officers club. Typically,
                                                                             lunches run from $4 to $7.
                                                                             The base requires attendees names
                                                                             and social security numbers to
                                                                             be provided two weeks before
                                                                             the tour. to refgister for the tour,
                                                                             contact Moody Law, WQ6I before
                                                                             June 6, 2005.

                                                                             Convention Youth Activities
                                                                             Romeo Phillips, KA8ZUK
                                                                             As education chair, I am planning
                                                                             activities for the young people who
                                                                             will attend the convention. Frank,
                                                                             Moody and I believe it very impor-
                                                                             tant to have at least one planned ac-
   The queen sized reversible              I now have to report that there
                                                                             tivity for youth at the convention.
quilt has a number of colorful         will be a raffle at the WARFA
                                       retreat on May 21, 2005 for the       Please send me the names and ages
squares prepared by many hams
                                       quilt. Tickets will sell for $2 per   of the young people who will at-
which contain their calls, names
                                       or 6 for $10. I won one point!        tend the convention with you. I will
and or other artistic depictions
                                       If they don’t raise at least $500     contact those who respond with in-
arranged in a fantastic fashion.
                                       in May, they have to hold the         formation about the youth activity.
    A WARFA raffle committee           raffle over until our fall retreat    Also, please see elsewhere in the
has decided to raffle this quilt as    in September. You don’t have          newsletter my request for ham ra-
its major fund raiser this year.       to be present to win. Contact         dio educational activities you held
Their goal is to raise $500 mini- for your tick-       in your call area.
mum. I immediately wrote my            ets.
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                   2005 Spring Edition - Page 7
     Convention Happenings                                                         “Shoot-Out at Las Vegas”
                                                                                   There will be a mobile shoot-out at
                                                                                   KOA RV campground at Circus Cir-
                                                                                   cus Hotel on the strip. The rules will
             Come on                                                               be simple….DC only (no long ac
                                                                                   cords to the hotel) and the antenna
                                                                                   has to be attached to the transmit-
          Down for the                                                             ting mobile.
                                                                                      The categories are:
        Western Round-up                                                              0 to 100 watts = Class C
                                                                                      101 to 500 watts = Class B
         and Family Feud                                                              501 watts up = Class A.
                                                                                      The winners will be determined
                                                                                   by readings from selected listening
                                                                                   post at various points on the
                                                                                   compass and by field strength meter
                                                                                   readings on the grounds. There will
                                                                                   also be a separate trophy for the best
                                                                                   mobile installation.
                                                                                       There will be trophies and cash.
                                                                                   Entry fees will be announced later.
                                                                                   You may want to buy into a piece of
                                                                                   the action by providing a part of the
                                                                                   entry fee to the person entering the
                                                                                   field that you believe will win. The
    The OMIK Ladies Auxiliary says that all cowboys and cowgirls                   pots will be determined by number
    attending the convention need to wear their best western outfits,              of entrants….half to the winner and
    rawhide, leathers, boots, skirts, jeans, vests, ropes, jewelry, and            the rest to support the convention
    hats. The Big Western Round-up will be held on Thursday night,
    July 14, from 9 p.m. until.                                                       To register send an e-mail to
    Activities will include a “feud game’ between all cowboys and                  the number of mobiles and which
    cowgirls, and you had better be quick and ready to draw.                       categories you will enter.

Request for Information about Your Training Activities                                The sharpest youngster in the
Romeo E. Phillips, KA8ZUK                                                          group is the grandson of a buddy of
                                             My goal is to give a comprehensive
                                                                                   mine. (He’s also the only student of
                                          report on OMIK training events, I
Your BlueBook will reveal that the                                                 African ancestry). He has the five
                                          need you to let me know what has
president has appointed me to serve as                                             words per minute code “down pat.”
                                          been, is now, and will be. HELP!
education committee chair. With our                                                We’re working actively with him
having ten call areas, the only way for      Here in the metropolitan              and the other students to master the
me to make a decent report in July is     Kalamazoo area I have been working       theory.
for everyone to share with me those       with three other men at one an
                                                                                      I am sure many OMIK members
exposures to young people you have        elementary school. We are coaching
                                                                                   are also training potential hams.
had since Atlanta, those exposures        eight students to earn their “tickets”
                                                                                   Please share your information with
you are now having, as well as those      before the end of the school year.
                                                                                   me so that I can make a full report on
exposures you will have or anticipate
                                                                                   OMIK training activities.
having prior to Las Vegas.
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                          2005 Spring Edition - Page 8
                                                                                 Daughter of KR0Z Publishes
 Health and Welfare Report                                                       st Book
 Harold Mitchell,                                            Teresa Washington, Ph.D. has followed
 Silent Keys                                                                     in her father’s footsteps as a writer. Te-
 K3GEF, John R.Shockley, Jr., Bonita, CA                                         resa’s book Manifestations of Àjé in Af-
 K3PUT, Fred King, formally of Washington, DC                                    ricana Literature is scheduled to hit the
                                                                                 bookstores in early May.
 WB6DVE, Clarence Freelin, 3/16/05, Riverside,CA
 KD6UJW, Wallace L. Bush, heart attack, 2/17/05, San Diego,CA                        Àjé is a Yoruba word that signifies
 WA4ZKE, Elyone Frank LaMondue, retired U.S. Marshal, 3/10/05 Memphis, TN        a spiritual power of and the human be-
                                                                                 ings who exercise that power. Although
                                                                                 both men and women can have Àjé, its
 Loss of Love Ones                                                               owners and controllers are women, the
 KR4YD, Elias Burton, lost his wife Easter Sunday Augusta, GA                    literal and cosmic Mothers who are re-
 W9SUS, Leroy’s wife, Betty, KC9FQW, lost her father, Chicago, IL                vered as the gods of society.
 KB2SQ, Paul wife Sandra, KA2PBJ, lost her mother, New York City
                                                                                     Because of its association with fe-
 N6ECE, Earl C. Lockhart, lost Brother Seattle, WA                               male power, Àjé is often misconstrued
 KG9BT, David G. Adkins, lost Sister, Sauk Village, IL                           as witchcraft. However, Washington
 KB8HAP, Muti Aziz, lost Cousin John Wesley Smith, Hudson, OH                    emphasizes that Àjé is essential to so-
 KG8W, Bill F. Norman, lost sister; services in Macon, GA                        cial harmony and balance. As Africans
 KA4OBK, Grace A. Meacham, lost brother, Memphis, TN                             were forced into exile and enslavement,
                                                                                 they took Àjé with them and continued
                                                                                 its work of creating, destroying, harm-
 Sick and Shut-In                                                                ing, and healing in the New World.
 KA2PBJ, Sandra’s sister’s husband, Isaac Forbes to have open heart surgery
 KE0D, Walt of Pueblo, Colorado is home from hospital doing well                     She begins with an examination
                                                                                 of the ancient forms of Àjé in Yoruba
 NT4U, Dennis Alan Mills, wife, Beverly, had surgery home doing well
                                                                                 culture that creates a framework for
 K1CAL, wife hospitalized, (2nd) surgery expected to do well, Cal blew out a     readings of works by Africana writ-
 knee; MRI to follow                                                             ers, including Zora Neale Hurston, Toni
 WA8DBW, Fred, back in hospital bedridden                                        Morrison, Ben Okri, Wole Soyinka,
 WB3GBF, Fred L. Joyner, brother hospitalized; sister admitted to nursing        Jamaica Kincaid, and Ntozake Shange.
 home                                                                            This rich analysis will appeal to readers
 KB8OJQ, Hilton C. Bradley, admitted to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio                 of Africana literature, African religion
 W8RFX, Sam Boyd, wife, Jennymary, hospitalized, pneumonia, doing well           and philosophy, feminist studies, and
 W3DBP, Wilbur Wells, home from hospital for corrective surgery, doing well      comparative literature.
 K9JED, Jim Dawson, Sr., home after eye surgery                                    Teresa is assistant professor of
 W4HPJ, Henry Patterson, in and out of hospital doing well                       English at Kent State University in
 W4REG, Reginald Rogers, surgery 2/21/05 home doing well                         Ohio. She is the daughter of Cornelius
                                                                                 “Dub” Washington, KR0Z.
 NA4F, Robert Dozier, hospitalized back surgery doing well
                                                                                   For information, contact Teresa
 Please remember our members and friends with your expressions of comfort.       Washington at

Recognition for Dr. Wayne’s Daughter              nominated the students         the Capitol, the Bob Bullock Texas
Houston Scott was one                             for participation in the       State History Museum and the LBJ
of three Crockett Middle                         educational program. Students   Library. “We listened to a clerk from
School (Paris, Texas)                            were chosen based on            the Supreme Court and an archivist
students who recently took                       outstanding academic success,   from the museum,” Scott said of
an up-close look at Texas                        demonstrated leadership         speakers who informed students about
history and lawmakers                            potential and school/           career and internship opportunities.
in action at Lone Star                           community involvement.
                                                                                     Houston is the daughter of Wayne
Leadership Academy in                               Houston says that she        D. Scott, N4RAP of Paris. She is also
Austin. Social studies                           enjoyed meeting state Rep.      an accomplished French horn player.
instructor Cheryl Stephens                       Mark Homer, D-Paris, touring
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                        2005 Spring Edition - Page 9
It=s About Time!                             needed a unit of measurement some-
                                             thing other than an hour. This gave rise
                                                                                          should be heard throughout the United
                                                                                          States, the contiguous 48 states that is.
By Uncle O= Mike                             to the minute. Another pronunciation         One would expect to hear WWVH sig-
This is the second part of an article be-    for minute is “my- nute”.The hour was        nals in the Pacific area.
gun in the winter 2005 edition of the        divided into 60 “my-nute” parts. But
                                                                                              However on numerous occasions, I
OMIK newsletter. The previous portion        again as time moved on, the world be-
                                                                                          have heard both of these signals-- that
of this article discussed time and why       gan to note even a minute needed to be
                                                                                          is both WWV and WWVH, as far in-
an amateur operator should be interest-      divided into smaller units, and thus we
                                                                                          land as the mid-western portion of
ed it. The article also discussed some       have seconds. The early English said
                                                                                          the United States. This is the reason
of the historical aspects associated with    this was the second part of an hour, and
                                                                                          why voice time signals are announced
time. This article will provide a wee bit    so we use the term “seconds” today.
                                                                                          by a male voice (WWV). In Hawaii,
more history and some URLs where                 Well, Dub says I must keep this ar-      WWVH voice time signals are an-
additional information may be found.         ticle short so let us move away from a       nounced by a female. Knowing this,
    At this point, we now have an idea       discussion of the history of time and        when conditions are rough, it is much
of why we have our present-day calen-        the calendar to how to obtain accurate       easier to identify a particular signal
dar. It was noted calendars prior to the     or correct time in this modern day and       or station. You may telephone the sta-
Gregorian calendar did not adequately        age.                                         tions at anytime to obtain the time sig-
take into account the fact the earth ro-                                                  nals. Dial (303) 499-7111 for WWV
                                                Actually, any ham who has been
tates around its own axis at a varying                                                    or, and (808) 335-4363 for WWVH
                                             around for a while, and is worth his or
rate. Furthermore, the earth rotates                                                      (Hawaii). Please be aware, if you do
                                             her salt knows the time of day maybe
around the sun also at a varying rate.                                                    not live in Colorado or Hawaii, the call
                                             obtained from          the old standby
For everyday use we assume the earth                                                      is a toll call. The stations are operated
                                             WWV                               using
rotates around its axis in 24 hours. This                                                 by the National Institute of Science
gives us what is commonly called the                                                      and Technology (NIST) and provide a
solar day. Actually the earth rotates                                                     wealth of information besides time sig-
around its axis in 23h 56m 4.091s.                                                        nals. As an example, the stations pe-
This rotational period is known as a                                                        riodically transmit a 500 Hz tone, a
sidereal day. This slight difference                                                         600 Hz tone and a 440 Hz tone. The
between a solar day and a sidereal                                                            last tone mentioned may be used to
day is the cause of the problem of                                                             tune musical instruments for it is
the Christian holidays, found in the                                                           A above middle C. The other two
Julian calendar, beginning to slip                                                             tones are used to adjust power gen-
from the desired seasonal date.                                                               erators for example. Other informa-
                                                                                             tion such as propagation forecasts,
    The Gregorian calendar provided                                                         oceanic weather forecasts and satellite
corrections or adjustments to keep the                                                    information are also broadcast. To learn
calendar in sync with the seasons. The                                                    more, go to the NIST web site www.
correction methods used now provide                                              for additional
us with one additional day every four                                              just
years. That is, unless the year is evenly    about                           any mod-
divisible by four and does not end in        ern-day transceiver. If one lives on the        Well, once again, I am caught by
00 it is a leap year. Also please note,      West Coast or close thereto, or even         time and space. This was to be a two-
if the year does end in 00, and can be       in the midwest, Hawaii time signals          part article. But there are some other
evenly divided by 400, it is a leap year.    may be obtained from WWVH. WWV               time signals or time stations that I want
Thus the years 1600 and 2000 are leap        signals may be accessed by tuning to         to mention and another aspect or two of
years. And according to this 400 year        one the following five frequencies:          time as used by amateur radio opera-
rule, the year’s 1700, 1800 and 1900 are     2.5 MHz, 5.0 MHz, 10.00 MHz, 15.00           tors. So I’ll leave that for the next issue
not leap years. The adjustments made         MHz or 20.00 MHz. The WWVH time              of The Communicator. As I promised,
to the Gregorian calendar are such that      signals may be found on one the fol-         om the next page is a list of URLs that
this calendar will not be in error for ap-   lowing four frequencies: 2.5 MHz,            you may find useful to learn more about
proximate 3,000 years.                       5.0 MHz, 10.00 MHz, or 15.00 MHz.            time, to display the current time and
                                             The WWV and WWVH signals may                 also where to obtain some software that
    Well, once the calendar was squared      be used to help determine propagation        may be used to adjust your PC’s clock.
away, the navigators of the world began      conditions on the various frequencies.
to note that they were having problems                                                      Please send your comments to
                                             Generally speaking, WWV signals
with time. To navigate correctly they                                           
OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                                2005 Spring Edition - Page 0
Continued from page 10                                                               Help Out a Ham
                                                                                     Wayne Scott, N4RAP asks, “Have any
For a list of time-related software, go to.
                                                                                     of you all ever owned a Yaesu 767/GX
                                                                                     as an hf base station? If so...what did
Software to set your computer clock:
                                                                                     you think about it compared to other hf
                                                                                     base station rigs?”
More software to set your PC’s clock. This is the one I use, and it is free.
This site offers software that allows time zones to be displayed on your taskbar.    Want a Vanity E-mail Address?                                                             OMIK members can now get a vanity
The next site (requires an Internet connection) displays current time:               email address as in ---                             
To see the current time in various time zones around the world see:                                                     Simply send your request to
Need to know the time in a variety of world cities try:                    
To access the time and service department of the US Navy Observatory:                The cost is absolutely FREE
For a brief explanation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) see:                     Corrections                                      In the last edition of the newsletter,
Time Chart to Convert from UTC to Standard Times (by time zone)                      Nate Gates, N8RIT, was erroneously                                                credited with writing the article
For an excellent article on the Gregorian calendar and leap year:                    “RACES, Civil Emergencies and
                                                                                     OMIK”. The article was written by
                                                                                     Ken Greene, KC8EAT.
The following site offers access to some calendar software:                                          Due to a glitch, some expirations dates
For a good discussion of the term “Zulu or Z” time see:                              were incorrect on the mailing labels                                                        for the BlueBook. If you wish, you can
A little more discussion of why Universal Time:                                      verify your dues status with OMIK                               secretary Patricia Sneed, KF6P,

                       Featured Shack                                               John’s station is comprised of all
                                                                                    Swan transceivers including two
                    John W. Martin, N4MSA                                           270Bs, 350, 500 and 500C models.
                                                                                    Each transceiver feeds an individu-
                                                                                    al antenna through a tuner. The HF
                                                                                    vertical has radials cut for 10, 5, 20,
                                                                                    40, and 80 meters.
                                                                                       Swan 270B - 40 meters
                                                                                          Hustler vertical
                                                                                       Swan 500 - 20 meters
                                                                                          Hustler vertical
                                                                                       Swan 350 - 75/80 meters
                                                                                          #2 Hustler vertical
                                                                                       Swan 350 - 40 meters
                                                                                          Inverted Vee
                                                                                       Swan 500C - 20 meters
                                                                                          Double Bazooka

OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.                                                           2005 Spring Edition - Page 
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Area 8 Director, Ken Greene,
Area 9 Director, Moses Jones,
Area 10 Director, Chuck Dugue’,
Ladies Auxiliary President, Mary Green, kd8asf
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