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VIRGO by Jonas914


(August 23 – September 22)
The Virgo sun sign is the 6th sign of the zodiac in astrology. Well known for their discrimination, hard work and service, Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, or goddess of the harvest. As one of the earth signs, Virgo sun, moon or rising sign possesses depth. Having mutable cardinality makes Virgo flexible and adaptable. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger. This brings gifts to Virgo in communications and commerce, which may appear in Virgo rising as well or those with moon in Virgo in their natal chart. Competent and efficient, you’re everyone’s go-to girl when they want it done right the first time! You’re more than willing to help others out, but maybe you end up taking on more than your fair share? This year you’re more willing to honor how valuable your time really is! Your mantra for 2008 is: I choose to do what’s best for me.

LOVE: Your relationship is put to the test on the February 20th eclipse! It’s what he does that counts in your eyes (you may need to spell it out for him). Grab this opportunity to deepen your connection with each other. Single? Uranus says an unconventional (unpredictable?) type sparks your interest (and desire!) in March. It could be your differences that draw you in, but can you live with them long-term? You’ll know by July. A casual flirtation could morph into more in November. WORK and WEALTH: Your work ethic has always been above reproach, but with serious Saturn in Virgo you’re in danger of becoming a bona fide workaholic! Don’t think the boss isn’t noticing either. By June you’ve got the corner office, and a pay check to prove it. Mercury retrograde in October invites you to re-think and re-distribute funds. Sure, you’ve got a savings account to be proud of, but did you forget to allow enough for fun? Jupiter demands that you give fun and pleasure equal time this fall. Go ahead…splurge on yourself…just a little! FAMILY and HEALTH: You’ve always been careful about what you eat, but February’s eclipse could herald a sudden change in taste. Perhaps you’ll learn declare your kitchen a red-meat free zone, or become a full-pledged vegetarian! Jupiter says getting the kids on board may be easier than you think. It’s all in how you present it. Contemplating an addition to the family? Jupiter moves forward in September, along with baby plans. You’ve got more to say than you realize and once you get going; you may end up going on at great length. It’s all for the best, though, because much of this stuff needs to be aired pretty soon. The day favors new beginnings and domestic interests. Arrangements for a fun outing are likely to be made suddenly. You’ll have a good time. Try to find some agreement with a lover/friend who is extremely independent. A new idea should bring you some extra cash if you are clever at promoting it. A teacher is on the scene, willing to share knowledge. Cancer and Capricorn prove to be very dependable. Cash in on the number 2 and the number 19. Express your natural warmth and generosity. It’s a great time to finish one task, closing one door, so to speak, so that a new door can be opened. Under prevailing conditions, you aim to please your loved one. Home life could be tricky today. You’re feeling hemmed in by family restrictions, and angered by some kind of parental rule or decision. Try having an honest and open discussion about why you’re upset. Don’t have a tantrum, and don’t throw ultimatums around either – if you do, someone might just call your bluff and force you to go ahead with something you never really intended doing. Despite today’s slightly higher stress points, you should come out ahead and make measurable progress. You might not realize how well you actually did until midday tomorrow, but things are looking up for you. Your biggest asset is your perseverance and integrity. People have put you on a pedestal because they know they can count on you. There’s never any doubt in anyone’s mind about your willingness to work hard, finish

what you start and honor sacred promises. (For you, any promise made is sacred.) You prove that you’re extremely reliable and undeterred by significant sacrifice. Your status goes up several notches now, even if you’re too busy to notice. Are you taking advantage of how others can help you? Today’s New Moon is a good time to be aware of your responsibilities to others and vice versa.

Your creativity is beginning to help you spread your wings and venture into areas that may have seemed unattainable in the past. It’s time for self-introspection and acknowledging your responsibilities towards your family members. Broaden your technical skills and knowledge for your long-term benefits. Luck is on your side, and people will be happy to lend a helping hand, so if a work or school-related matter does not go according to plan, don’t fret. Mistakes happen, and they can be put right, nine times out of ten. Just try to bear in mind that communication is key, today!

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