Maternal and Child-Care Nursing

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					MATERNAL and CHILD-CARE NURSING “Skilled nurses care for people, care about people, and use their expertise to help people care for themselves...” – the ESSENCE of NURSING. Maternal-Child Nursing refers to the care of women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, as well as the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Nursing Roles in Maternal-Child Nursing 1. as nurses who work with families quickly learn; a holistic, inclusive approach is crucial to effective nursing care. 2. the nursing process provides the framework for delivery of direct nursing care. 3. nurses play a major role in minimizing the psychologic and physical distress experienced by childbearing families and by children and their families. 4. nurses can help families by suggesting ways to support their loved one in the hospital, in community settings, and in the home. 5. nurses also suggest ways to support families with informational resources, family support groups, referral for healthcare services, and in some cases, respite care. 6. during pregnancy, nurses provide anticipatory guidance to prepare the woman and her partner, if he or she is involved, for the changes that each month brings. 7. as client educators, nurses help children adapt to the hospital setting and prepare them to procedures. 8. nurses teach parents to watch for important signs and responses to therapies, to increase the child’s comfort, and even to provide advanced care. 9. nurses also serve as advocates, acting safeguard and advance the interests of families.

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