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					Jupiter moves forward in September, along with baby plans.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Competent and efficient, you're everyone's go-to girl when they want it done right the first time! You're more than willing to help others out, but maybe you end up taking on more than your fair share? This year you're more willing to honor how valuable your time really is! Your mantra for 2008 is: I choose to do what's best for me. LOVE: Your relationship is put to the test on the February 20th eclipse! It's what he does that counts in your eyes (you may need to spell it out for him). Grab this opportunity to deepen your connection with each other. Single? Uranus says an unconventional (unpredictable?) type sparks your interest (and desire!) in March. It could be your differences that draw you in, but can you live with them long-term? You'll know by July. A casual flirtation could morph into more in November. WORK and WEALTH: Your work ethic has always been above reproach, but with serious Saturn in Virgo you're in danger of becoming a bona fide workaholic! Don't think the boss isn't noticing either. By June you've got the corner office, and a pay check to prove it. Mercury retrograde in October invites you to re-think and re-distribute funds. Sure, you've got a savings account to be proud of, but did you forget to allow enough for fun? Jupiter demands that you give fun and pleasure equal time this fall. Go ahead...splurge on yourself...just a little! FAMILY and HEALTH: You've always been careful about what you eat, but February's eclipse could herald a sudden change in taste. Perhaps you'll declare your kitchen a red-meat free zone, or become a full-fledged vegetarian! Jupiter says getting the kids on board may be easier than you think. It’s all in how you present it. Contemplating an addition to the family?

works wonders if started in late October. You've got the energy and the motivation to reach your goal (and easily slip into that knockout black New Year's dress).

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) Restless by nature, you love being on the go! Short weekend getaways and loads of social events usually keep you happy and stimulated. This year you're willing to move beyond familiar territory and seek out foreign faces and new-toyou places! Your mantra for 2008 is: I choose to widen my perspective. LOVE: A spring fling plants a sparkle in your eye, thanks to love planet Venus gliding into Gemini on May 25th for a month-long stay. You're irresistible now, so be careful what (or whom) you ask for! Mark June 8th as an incredibly powerful day to woo or be wooed! A blast from the past challenges the status quo in early October. This person could still hook you in emotionally, but do you need to still let him? Get clear on what the issue really is and deal with it once and for all. WORK and WEALTH: You're willing to go outside your comfort zone and try your hand at something decidedly different (you always did have good manual dexterity). Uranus and the Sun say a career/job change is entirely possible March 7th to 20th, or maybe you'll just add something new to your current repertoire? Two jobs are decidedly better than one, as any multitasking Gemini can attest to! Bountiful Jupiter ensures your feeling flush this year. Dividends, profits or a big fat legal settlement allow for more financial wriggling room this summer. FAMILY and HEALTH: Consolidation is where it's at...and security. Serious Saturn has you thinking about real estate and putting down long-term roots. You'll be tempted in June, but wait! September's the month to watch. You can find your dream home then, and at a price you can afford! A new or revamped fitness routine

upheaval? Cheerful colors and new fabrics may be all you need.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) Hearts, flowers and sentiment go a long way with you. As one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, falling in love with love is sometimes just as easy as falling in love with the guy! This year you're willing to indulge in all the blissful trappings of romance, yet still remain realistic. Your mantra for 2008 is: I choose true love. LOVE: Your head and your heart offer up conflicting opinions on the February 6th eclipse. Sure, he looks good on paper, but maybe you don't know him well enough yet? Trust your instincts. Work and romance unexpectedly collide April 5th to 20th when irritation with someone at the office suddenly ignites into passion! Who knew? Not you, but you're willing to check it out! Charming Venus and sexy Mars in Libra make you the favored one this September! WORK and WEALTH: A project that just never seems to end finally late January. Mars makes his move in March and you're barrelling ahead with something new and exciting. It's still in the drawing board stages, but you're thrilled to have something big (and lucrative) to sink your teeth into! Two heads are decidedly better than one when it comes to moneymaking this November. Be it a business idea or an investment, together you have more financial clout. FAMILY and HEALTH: You've always been a highly social creature, but Saturn invites you to take a little more time for yourself this spring. Introspection, meditation or just a quiet walk by the water does wonders for body, mind and soul. Remember what they say..."if mama's not happy, then nobody's happy." Home decorating could turn into home renovating if you're not careful this fall. Are you ready for that kind of

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