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					 I.    First triumvirate (remember Julius and Pompy)
       a.      Julius
                i.    Told proconselship was over
                      1.     Had a big army and Rome didn’t, crossed Alps and met at Rubicon (crossing the
                             a.    Trying to be counsel for life
                                    i.     Trying to have the power of imperator of Rome
               ii.    After he beat Pompy, Rome said they were going to give in to him, but friends
                      murdered him
                      1.     Rome didn’t realize how popular he was and the people were upset when he
       b.      Pompy
                i.    Brought Asia minor, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt to Rome
                      1.     Had civil wars with Julius
                             a.    Lost
II.    Second triumvirate and the rise of Augustus
       a.      Together they chase Brutus and Cassius into and murder them
       b.      Anthony
                i.    Made sure that Egypt was part of that Romans
               ii.    Love relationship with the last member of Egypt
                      1.     Cleopatra
                      2.     Unknown if she had sun
              iii.    Sails away to Actium be with Cleopatra
                      1.     Escapes Actium with Cleopatra and goes to Egypt
       c.      Octavian
                i.    Direct relation to Julius
                      1.     Next in succession
               ii.    Couldn’t defeat Antony on land
                      1.     Fought Antony on the see in Actium
              iii.    Princeps - fist citizen of Rome and its territories
                      1.     Given by the senate
                      2.     But eventually gets the title of Imperator
                             a.    Power of the land and the law
                      3.     Thus moving toward the Empire
                             a.    Given the name Augustus - the revered one
                                    i.     Got the right for family to succeed
III.   Other emperors to remember
       a.      1st century
                i.    Tiberius
               ii.    Nero
              iii.    Titus
              iv.     Domitian
       b.      2nd century AD "good emperors"

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