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					1. Perform hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene deters the spread of microorganisms. Gloves are easier to don when hands are dry. Moisture could contaminate the sterile gloves. Any sterile object held below the waist is considered contaminated. This maintains sterility of gloves in inner packet.

2. Place sterile glove package on clean dry surface at or above your waist. 3. Open the outside wrapper by carefully peeling back top layer. Remove inner package, handling only the outside of it. 4. Carefully open inner package using the flaps and expose sterile gloves with the cuff closest to you.

The inner surface of the package is considered sterile. The outer 1” border of the inner package is considered unsterile. Unsterile hand touches only inside of glove. Outside remains sterile.

5. With thumb and forefinger of nondominant hand, grasp folded cuff of sterile glove for dominant hand. 6. Lift and hold glove up and off the inner package with fingers down. Be careful it does not touch any unsterile object. 7. Carefully insert dominant hand palm up into glove and pull glove on.

Glove is contaminated if it touches unsterile object.

Attempting to turn upward with unsterile hand may result in contamination of sterile glove. Thumb is likely to become contaminated if held outward.

8. Holding thumb outward, slide fingers of gloved hand under cuff of remaining glove and lift glove upward. 9. Carefully insert nondominant hand into glove. Adjust gloves on both hands, touching only sterile areas with other sterile areas. To Remove Gloves 10. Using dominant hand, grasp other glove near cuff end and remove by inverting it, keeping contaminated area on the inside. Continue to hold onto glove. 11. Slide fingers of ungloved hand inside remaining glove. Grasp glove on inside and remove by turning inside out over hand and other glove.

Sterile surface touching sterile surface prevents contamination.

Contaminated area does not come in contact with hands or wrists.

Contaminated area does not come in contact with hands or wrists.

12. Discard gloves in appropriate container and perform hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene reduces the spread of microorganisms.

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