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Majority of the residents in Barangay Ayusan Sur confirmed that they do not own the lot where their houses are built. The most common type of house construction they have is usually the medium-type of house, composed of mixed materials (e.g. nipa roof but with wooden walls and floor); others are composed of concrete walls and floor. Most houses contain 4 rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a toilet, respectively. The type of toilet facility a large amount of residents use is the water-sealed. Nearly all houses have the open draining system; water wastes flow to the open canal beside the houses. Breeding sites for mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and rodents are to be anticipated due to the open drainage system that serves as reservoir for those vectors. When it comes to garbage disposal and management, it is not that pretty good because most families do not practice the proper and correct way to segregate their garbage and wastes; they usually burn those garbage disposed. Other options are burying and open dumping elsewhere. So far, the condition is not yet too shocking to cause a mass disease distribution in the community.

When it comes to their supply of electricity, a good number of houses are connected. Appliances like television, electric fan, radio, and the like play a very important role for every family’s leisure time and relaxation in this community. Most of the families own and domesticate animals which roam around their surroundings, specifically dogs, cats and the like. There is water supply in the barangay; the source of the water they drink is NAWASA and also, the potable water located at their barangay plaza. They usually place it on covered water jugs; others put it on water pitchers, while others choose to place it on drinking bottles for refrigeration. No other treatments such as chlorination and boiling are prepared or done on the water they drink; they just drink it straight from the source. Their food, on the other hand, is stored in baskets while a few choose to store the food through covered dishware or plates; others prefer to place it in their refrigerator.

Accidents hazards are not always absent in a home and community environment but can be minimized with precautions. For the most part of the barangay, the student nurses have observed that a large amount of families residing there have poor environmental sanitation as evidenced by the location of their houses just along the national road that makes them exposed to air and noise pollution and that of the open drainage system that contributes to the chances for insects, rodents or vectors to breed and proliferate in large amount that can bring about to probability of developing diseases in the community.

Kind of Neighborhood:

The point on which the houses, located in the western part of the barangay, are established is too congested. The spacing between houses situated there is approximately one meter apart to result to crowding; while the spacing of the houses in the eastern part is approximately two or three meters apart. The population density on the western part is obviously more maximal compared to that of the eastern part.

Social and Health Facilities Available:

The families share with other residents in using available social facilities. One of these facilities is the Barangay Plaza which caters to the needs of all the residents of Barangay Ayusan Sur especially the men because a basketball court is situated just inside the plaza. The plaza aims to serve the residents in terms of social gatherings and social activities. The basketball court, a very important sport facility serves as a training ground for sports enthusiasts, and also serves as training ground for the sport development of the youth. The Barangay Chapel, which stands at the center of the plaza, is the site of religious activities. The location of the chapel speaks for itself that God should be in a clear and holy place. Some meetings, social and cultural gatherings also take place there when the plaza is unavailable for unexpected cause. There is also a Day Care Center located at the right side of the plaza. Just beside it is the Barangay Health Station that offers health facilities and services for the whole barangay.

Communication and Transportation Facilities:

Tricycle, one transportation facility which is very valuable for the development of the community, motorcycles and other vehicles roam around as their means of transportation. Tricycles bridge the gap between Barangay Ayusan Sur to the city proper. Tricycles also provide a fast transport of agricultural products and many more directly to the market. Bakery and sarisari stores are also visible within the vicinity.

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