Assessing Temperature with a Glass Thermometer by Jonas914


									IMPLEMENTATION ACTION RATIONALE 1. If it is stored in a chemical Chemical solutions may irritate mucous solution, wipe the thermometer dry membranes and have an objectionable with a soft tissue, using a firm taste. Twisting helps cover the entire twisting motion. Wipe from the surface. Wiping from an area of few or no bulb toward the fingers. organisms to an area where organisms might be present minimizes spread to a cleaner area. 2. Grasp the thermometer firmly with Moves the chemical back into the bulb the thumb and the forefinger and, below the previous measurement. using strong wrist movements, shake it until the chemical line reaches at least 36°C. 3. Read the thermometer by holding it This position makes it easier to see the horizontally at eye level, and rotate chemical line. it between your fingers until you can see the chemical line. 4. For axillary use, place the The probe must be inserted correctly to thermometer bulb in the center of obtain an accurate reading. the axilla with the patient’s arm against the chest wall. 5. Leave the thermometer in place for Time is needed for the chemical in the 10 minutes. thermometer to expand and accurately measure temperature. Axillary measurement takes a longer time for the chemical to expand. Staying with the patient ensures that the thermometer remains in correct position and is not broken. 6. Remove the thermometer, and Wiping the thermometer minimizes the wipe it once from the fingers down spread of organisms from an area of higher to the bulb, using a firm, twisting concentration to a cleaner area; friction motion. helps loosen material from the thermometer surface. 7. Dispose of the tissues in a Confining contaminated articles helps receptacle for contaminated items. reduce the spread of pathogens. 8. Read the thermometer to the The chemical may rise a bit above or below nearest tenth of a degree. the calibration lines.

9. Wash thermometer in lukewarm, Washing removes organic material and soapy water. Rinse it in cool water. organisms. Dry and replace the thermometer in its container.

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