Cenla Bug Fest by mudoc123


									   May/June 2007
                                                                           Cenla Bug Fest
                                                                              May 4 & 5, 2007
 Cenla Volks Folks Vintage
Volkswagen Car Club meets                                                                           One day Eddy Lashney came up with
   at 7:00 PM every third                                                                           a great idea for the car show. For our
  Thursday of the month.                                                                            show, which was held on May 5th, we
                                                                                                    had the whole Buhlow Lake boat
   This month it will be at:                                                                        landing to ourselves. Taking
      CAJUN CATFISH                                                                                 advantage of it, we thought more and
         PINEVILLE                                                                                  more about his idea, having a MOVIE
 Check out our web site at:                                                                         night, that is a drive in movie night.
www.cenlavolksfolks.com                                                                             We had a projector, a sound system
  for club news, upcoming                                                                           and we made a screen. Testing it
events, member pictures and                                                                         several times, we were ready.
                                                                                          We invited all club members, show
        E-mail us at:                                                                     participants traveling in on the Friday
 cenla.vw@cenlavolksfolks.com      before our show and any guest that wanted to join us to come for the evening. We provided
                                   free hot dogs, drinks and popcorn for all. What movie did you say, yes it was CARS!!. We
     Mailing address:              started the evening off by meeting at the Host Motel and with a police escort cruised all the
    Cenla Volks Folks              way to Buhlow Lake. Volkswagens lined up, and people gathered around and had a good
   3305 Wainwright St.             old time. For some people, it was their first drive in movie and others their first time to see
   Alexandria, La 71301            the movie CARS.
        President                  After the movie, several club members spent the night at Buhlow along with several of the
       Mitzi Eason                 show participants. What a great IDEA Eddy had. The next morning came early, meeting
                                   back at Buhlow at 6:30 am, we were all ready to get the show under way. Getting t-shirts,
                                   clocks, door prizes placed out, computer up and running, we were ready to welcome show
       Vice President              participants. Nat Dutton started with a prayer and Tim Chelette sang the National Anthem.
       Eddy Lashney
        318-308-4210         Mark, with the microphone, had his job under control. Giving out door prizes every 15
  elashney@suddenlink.net    minutes, talking up a storm and even was able to get in a few games between club
                             members of different clubs through out the day. Thanks to each member for a wonderful
 Secretary/Treas./Newsletter job.
        Beth Fleury
                         We had participants and vendors from Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and
                         Louisiana. With 43 Volkswagens to be judged, and our cars on display, I can say our show
                         turned out to be a big success. We will be donating $2000.00 to the Lion’s Club. This
        Website          money will be used to help pay for a path that they are building to help children in
      Debra McCrary      wheelchairs and with walkers to be able to make their way to the lake near the camp in
mccary612@suddenlink.net Anacoco. It was a big job getting ready for a show. We all did a great job in preparing for it.
                         Everyone who attended the show has committed on it and can’t wait for our 2009 show.

                                   -Beth Fleury

                                   Here are a few messages we received from show participates and lookers:

Milton and Nancy Eason 1974 Bus     I just wanted to let you know that we had a GREAT time! This was our first show, but it won't be the last. We are
                                    making plans to go to Lafayette in Oct.---with the goal of not getting another "Got Rust" award. Ha-Ha! Thanks
                                    again for your hospitality and I look forward to seeing y'all next time. Trish Owens, West Monroe, La

                                    Had a great time at this years show. The Drive IN movie Cruise was the coolest. The positive attitude and
                                    friendly club members made our trip and visit a very good one. Turbo got his head patted so many times I think
                                    he got a headache. Wild Bill, Pensacola, FL

Jennifer Eason   1999 New Beetle
                                    I went to my first Cenla Bug Fest & fell in love W/ all the VW’s — Darren McGraw-(Pineville)
                                                                 June Birthday’s
                                   ust Birthday’s
                                 May Birthday’s                  Ruth Link              5th
      JIMSKI’S                     James Eason
                                 AndrewDomzalski17th4th          Kristi Wharton        11th
VINTAGE AIR COOLED PARTS         Morgan Pittman 28th10th
                                   Nick Aikman                   James Flattery        19th
 “To Maintain Your Air Affair”
      140 Alice Drive
                                   Pat Smith        13th         Jesse Teekell         20th
     Pineville, LA 71360         May Anniversary 20th
                                   Wade McCrary                  Sheila Fuller         26th
       (318) 445-6868            Jesse and Anna Teekell
                                   Ann Poe          24th         Jim Domzalski         29th
                                   Ed Crump         24th         Dewey Robertson       30th
                                   Sarah Johnson    24th
                                   Tiffany Bordelon 26th         June Anniversary
                                                                 David and Beth Fleury
                                   David Mizell     31st         Tom and Karla Rice
                                                                 Greg and Sheila Fuller

                                  For Sale
                                  “NEW” 1974 Super
                                  Beetle, needs work,
                                  engine runs. For more
                                  information contact Tom
                                  Rice (318) 640-4879
                                  Beetle located in Pineville,
                                  Louisiana, asking $850.00

                                  “NEW” 1966 Beetle 6 volts “original”.
                                  For more information, contact David Mizell at
                                  (318) 640-6862. Beetle located in Pineville, Louisiana,
                                  asking $5500.00

                                  “NEW” 1968 VW Trike, $9500.00
                                  Rebuilt engine two years ago. Brand new battery, shift on
                                  left side of frame. Porsche gray with green and blue flames.
                                  Metal fenders, very wide rear tires, Springer Harley front
                                  end and extra chrome.      A blast to drive.
                                  For more information contact: Cynthia and Kevin Cloud at
                                  (318) 442-7619 Original builder located in Pineville, La.

                                  1974 Convertible Beetle         $9,000
                                  For more information contact: Pete Perot
                                  (225) 931-1506 located in Baton Rouge, La

                                  1966 Bus      $10,000 or best offer
                                  Great shape, runs great, no rust.
                                  For more information contact:
                                  Jacob Thompson (318)446-7351
                                  Bus located in Woodworth, La

                                          Red River Auto Repair
                                                   3609 N Bolton Avenue
                                                      Alexandria, LA
                                                      (318) 442-0065
                                                    David Bass: Owner
For Sale continued:                                           Club Meeting                May 17, 2007
Southside Imports:
Mr. Troy Morris is clearing out Southside Imports in   Vice-President, Eddy Lashney began the meeting :
Monroe, La. He has parts (engine parts, engine tin,    NEW MEMBERS: Luis Santo from Anacoco. Luis joined
fenders, NOS parts) and whole beetles, buses, ghias,   after the April meeting. He owns two Volkswagens: 2003
all types of VW’s. (318) 322-9551                      Jetta and a 1968 Beetle. Greg and Sheila Fuller from Ball.
                                                       They joined the club after the May meeting. They have a
                                                       2000 New Beetle. Welcome all to the club. Hope to see you
                                                       at lots of events and meeting in the future.

1973 VW Fastback          $2800.00 OR BEST OFFER       Upcoming Events
Good running motor, body in good                       May 19th: Caldwell Bank & Trust Annual Antique Car Show
shape, original condition. Must see                    May 26/27, 2007: Texas Manx Dune Buggy Club, presents
to appreciate! (337) 238-3051 leave                    Buggy Blast V. in Salado, Texas. For more information visit
a message. Located in Anacoco, La                      texasmanxclub.com
                                                       May 25-27, 2007: Cajun Hot Rod Nationals ‘07 in Lafayette,
                                                       La. For more information 337-988-7637
                                                       June 2/3, 2007 Mid-America Motorworks– FunFest held in
Cenla Volks Folks Club Calendars        $5.00          Effingham, Il.
Cenla Volks Folks Club T-shirts         $10.00         June 2, 2007: Monthly drive and shine. We will meet at the
Cenla Volks Folks Club Jackets          $25.00         Sutherlands parking lot at 6:30pm. We will cruise and then
Club window decals                      $1.00          stop for a quick bite to eat and lots of chatting.

                                                       Congratulations Andrew Eason, he graduated from
Cenla Bug Fest t-shirts                 $10.00
                                                       Leesville High School on May 17th.
Contact Beth Fleury to order. 318-473-8118 or
                                                       We had talked about purchasing a canopy for the club. Vot-
                                                       ing took place, with all in favor of purchasing one.
                                                       Local events for the club to do.
                                                       Camping trip-do this in the fall
                                                       Zwolle Tamale festival –Pat will find out when it is
                                                       Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days– Friday, Saturday and Sun-
                                                       day before the third Monday of each month
                                                       Hwy 80 garage sale trip– Pat will find out when it is
                                                       Suggested we get with the Ark-La-Tex club to do some of
                                                       these events together.

                                                       Cenla Bug Fest
                                                       Would like to thank each and everyone for helping with
                                                       Cenla Bug Fest! It was a big hit and the movie night was
                                                       even a bigger hit.

                                                       We will be donating $2000.00 to the Lion’s Club

                                                       ***CLUB MEETING FOR JUNE WILL BE HELD AGAIN AT
                                                                      CAJUN CATFISH****

                                                       Door prizes were handed out, 50/50 won by Jean Brouillette.
                                                       If you have any stories to share, e-mail or snail mail to Beth.
                                                       We want to hear from you.

          Lonnie Poe, expert on VW washing
Drive In Movie Night, Friday, May 4, 2007
Cenla Bug Fest, Saturday May 5, 2007

   For more pictures of Cenla
   Bug Fest, visit our web site at
                                4th Annual Texas VW Classic
                             April 20—22, 2007 Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas is a small, German inspired town in
the hill county of Texas about an hour north of San Antonio.
The Texas VW Classic is held there every year and put on by
the Texas Club Coalition. This is the 4th year for their show
and its keeps getting bigger every year. Traveling to the
event were Dewey and Ann Robertson, Mark Rabalais and
Lori Aikmans, Terry and Jean Brouilette, Debra and Wade
McCrary, and Mitzi, David, Jenny and Andrew Eason.
Fredericksburg, the birthplace of Admiral Chester Nimitz, is a
beautiful town and is home to the National Museum of the
Pacific War. Wade, Mark and I got a chance to tour a small
part of this huge facility and can say its one of the best WWII
museums we have seen.

Between show events, we spent our time shopping, eating in
some great German restaurants, and sampling some great
German beer! On Friday, we enjoyed a small (about 50 cars)
cruise through the blue bonnet fields in the hills surrounding
Fredericksburg. On Satuday, we cruised through the countryside again with 158 cars and ended up at LBJ Ranch where
the hosts gave away picnic basket door prizes. We then joined about 500 people at Lady Bird Johnson State park for a
BBQ dinner.
                                                             The show began Sunday morning and we arrived early
                                                             to watch the Volkswagens roll in. I have to say, it was
                                                             the largest gathering of Beetles and buses we had ever
                                                             witnessed in one place! This year they had about 350
                                                             Volkswagens separated into 28 classes with seventeen
                                                             specialty trophies. After we got our cars cleaned up, we
                                                             spent the day examining the cars, talking with old
                                                             friends from the show circuit, meeting new ones,
                                                             visiting the vendors, and spreading the word about the
                                                             Cenla Bug Fest. Wade debuted his recently completed
                                                             1958 Beetle Ragtop and he placed 3rd in his class!

                                                             We had lunch at the Airport Diner next door to the park
                                                             and took a brief tour of the Hanger Hotel, a 1940’s style
                                                             diner and hotel that was decorated with WWII
                                                             memorabilia! We arrived back at the show in time to
                                                             form a club team for the German Fire Drill. Wade,
                                                             David, Mark, Jenny, Andrew and Lori pushed a
                                                             Volkswagen 50 yards, then had to pile inside it, all in
                                                             the quickest time possible. There were three club
                                                             teams competing, we came in 2nd! A video of the drill is
                                                             on our website at http://www.cenlavolksfolks.com. The
                                                             Texas Club Coalition deserves a huge thank you for a
                                                             first class show!

                                                             After the show, we took a slow cruise to the hill country
                                                             to see the blue bonnets with some club members who
                                                             missed it the first time. We and were joined by our
                                                             friends Donna and Jimmy
                                                             Davis, Steve and Elaine
                                                             Nelson and some of their
                                                             friends from the Texas
                                                             Manx club.

                                                                   Monday morning, we all
                                                                   headed back. The Easons
                                                                   and    the    M c C r a r ys
                                                                   stopped at the Blue Bell
                                                                   Ice Cream factory in
Brennan, Texas for a great tour and samples and eventually we all made it home safe! We highly recommend this show
and Fredericksburg is the perfect place to vacation as well as attend the show! We plan to do just that next year!

                                                                                                     -Debra McCrary
June 2, 2007           Club Drive and Shine
June 2 & 3, 2007       Mid America FunFest, Effingham, IL
June 17, 2007          Happy Father’s Day
June 21, 2007          Club Meeting-Cajun Catfish Pineville
June 29-July 1, 2007   8th Annual Roswell New Beetle Show, Roswell, NM
August 24-26, 2007     Eureka Springs VW Show, Eureka Springs, AR
September 8, 2007      Rusty Wallis North Texas Bug Swarm—Dallas, TX
September 22, 2007     The Volkswagen Club of Tulsa, Okla. –12th Annual Car Show and
                       Swap Meet
October 6, 2007        11th Annual Rare Air VW Club– Car Show and Swap Meet in
                       Pensacola, Florida
October 12-14, 2007    Transporters at the Point, Morgan’s Point Resort, TX
October 27/28 2007     Bayou Bug Bash, Vermilionville, LA

         3305 Wainwright St.
         Alexandria, La 71301

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