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									 MO OSE


               ‘E M
                    M EN T
               AT THE FAMO
                 GOLDEN NUGG
                 HOTEL & CASI
                 LAS VEGAS, NE

Janua ry 9 -12 ,
                 201 1
      The 2nd Annual Moose International Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament will once
again be held at the historic Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in beautiful downtown
Las Vegas. Our inaugural event in January was the largest private tournament
ever held at the Golden Nugget. 504 Moose members came from various points
 throughout the United States and Canada to participate and, after three days of play,
 it was Anthony Mills of Hutchinson, Kansas who walked away with the $10,000 first
      The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino features more than 1,900 guest rooms
   and suites in its 3 towers. There are six restaurants and a swimming pool complex,
                         complete with 3-story waterslide and private cabanas. The
                            Golden Nugget also offers top-notch entertainment, including
                             impressionist/singer/entertainer Gordie Brown. And,
                              readers of Casino Player magazine have awarded the Golden
                              Nugget with the distinctions of Best Overall Hotel/Casino,
                               Best Casino, Luckiest Casino, Best Casino
                               Promotions and Best Service.

    Registration: The registration fee for the 2011 Moose International Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament is $500    0
for a single player or $825 for two players sharing one room. There is a maximum of two players per room.
The registration fee includes the tournament buy-in and four nights lodging. You can register on-line with a
credit card at www.mooseintl.org in the Sports Portal in the ‘Members Only’ section of the website (password
is “sponsor”), or mail the registration form with a check or credit card information to the address on the
registration form.
    Confirmations: Attendees will receive a confirmation letter in December. The letter will outline hotel
check-in and on-site tournament registration procedures.
    Additional Nights: After November 15, 2010, participants interested in additional room nights may
contact the Membership Department at 630-966-2228. Additional room nights, up to three days prior to
January 9, 2011 and/or up to three days following January 12, 2011, will be at a special Moose rate of $39/
night Sunday-Thursday and $89/night Friday and Saturday (does not include hotel occupancy tax, currently
at 13%). Additional room nights are subject to availability.
    Moose Member Benefits: If you are planning to rent a car, take in a show or check out a favorite
restaurant during your trip, please remember to take advantage of your Moose member benefits. You can
receive discounts on your car rental; show tickets; and meal certificates. Simply log into the “Members Only”
section of www.mooseintl.org and click on the Member Benefits link to find out what’s available.
Q: Is airfare included in the package price?
A: No – the registration fee includes the tournament buy-in and four nights lodging.
Q: When should I plan to arrive in Las Vegas and when can I depart?
A: Tournament play will begin on Monday, January 10, 2011. Plan to arrive on Sunday, January 9. You
should plan to depart on Thursday, January 13, as your package include four nights lodging.
Q: My wife and I are traveling together, but she’s not playing in the tournament. How much
is the registration fee?
A: The registration fee would be $500. Since the registration includes a room, you may share with a
non-playing guest.
Q: My buddy and I are traveling together. We’re both playing and want to share a room.
Can we?
A: Yes – this would be a double registration for $825.
Q: What if we bring our wives with us?
A: If they are not playing, everyone may stay in one room. However, if all four people are going to play,
two rooms will be required. There is a maximum of two registered players per room.
Q: My wife is not registered for the poker tournament, but wants to play in the slot
tournament. Is that OK?
A: Yes – the slot tournament is open to any member of the Loyal Order of Moose or Women of the
Moose, even if they are not participating in the poker tournament.
Q: Are there re-buys or add-ons?
A: No – once you are out of chips, you are out of the tournament. There is also no “chopping the pot”.
Play will continue until there is one player remaining.
Q: What is the prize pool?
                                          laces    w
A: The total prize pool and number of places paid will be determined by the number of entries received.
                                  $10,0 .
First prize will not be less than $10,000.

                                                                                                       or Women
                                                                                        r of Moose
                                                                          oyal Orde                          d at the
                                                          b er of the L                     is tration an
                                             be a mem                          me of reg
                                you must                        n t at the ti
                     rticipate,                     t be curre                        checked.
   In o rder to pa                    rship mus                        rds will be
                oose. You
                           r membe                       bership ca                                           d in full.
   of the M                       u r nam ent . Mem                                             e refunde
                       for the to cember 1, 2010                                  010 will b
            of arrival               e                              ember 1, 2 f registration fee.
    time                 ad line – D                   rough Dec                    o
    R e g i st ration De y: Cancellations th l be refunded 50%
                    n Polic                     010 wil
        ncellatio                  mber 1, 2
     Ca                after Dece
     Can   cellations                    Printed in USA. Moose International Membership Department, Mooseheart, IL 60539-1183
                                            2011 Moose International
                                     Texas Hold ’Em Tournament
                                              Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino—Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                            January 9-12, 2011
                                         DEADLINE FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS IS DECEMBER 1, 2010
                                                                                       PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE
                                                        REGISTRATION:                             1 PLAYER                             2 PLAYER
                                                                                                     $500                               $825
                                                            Registration fee includes tournament buy-in and 4 nights lodging.

PLAYER 1 First Name                                      Last Name                                                 Moose ID #
How do you want first name shown on badge?
Address                                                                           City
State/Prov.                                                                        Zip Code
Email Address
Telephone (Including Area Code) Day                                                          Evening
Lodge/Chapter Name                                                                State/Prov.                      Lodge/Chapter #
Dues Expiration Date                                                                (Membership Cards WILL Be Checked Upon Registration!)
PLAYER 2 First Name                                      Last Name                                                 Moose ID #
How do you want first name shown on badge?
Lodge/Chapter Name                                                                State/Prov.                      Lodge/Chapter #
Dues Expiration Date                                                             (Membership Cards WILL Be Checked Upon Registration!)
 Commemorative Shirts (Please indicate quantity per size on second line)
                                                                                                       1 PLAYER REGISTRATION $500 $
Men’s Size        S        M         L        XL       2X       3X        4X        5X       6X                             OR
                                                                                                       2 PLAYER REGISTRATION $825 $
                                                                                                       Polo Shirts Qty.                         x $30 $
Women’s Size S (6-8) M (10-12) L (14-16) XL (18-20) 2X (22-24) 3X (26-28) 4X (30-32)
                                                                                                       Hats Qty.                                x $10 $
                                                                                                       Slot Tournament Reg.                     x $20 $
Please Select Room Preference:
                                                                                                       GRAND TOTAL                                       $
    King                       Smoking

   Double/Double                          Non-Smoking                              Other
                                                                                                     (Please specify—handicap, etc.)

 Mail Registration Form together with check made payable to Moose International to:
                                                    Moose International
                                                2011 Texas Hold ’Em Entries
                                                 155 S. International Drive
                                                Mooseheart, IL 60539-1173
 OR—If you choose, provide the following credit card information (Accepting VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS)
 Name as it appears on Credit Card
 Credit Card Number                                                                           Expiration Date (Month/Year)
                             ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ SECTION (password is “sponsor”).
 Cancellation Policy: Cancellations through December 1, 2010 will be refunded in full. Cancellations after December 1, 2010 will be refunded 50% of the package price.
                              QUESTIONS? Please contact the Membership Department at (630)966.2228.

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