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Visual Literacy Tech Tools by TCI

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Here are five web apps and two iPad apps that you could put to use inside your classroom to enhance visual literacy. From building commericals to analyzing stunning photos from our world, students can explore their visual spatial skill sets with any of these...and best yet: THEY ARE ALL FREE!

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									    Great Tech Tools for Visual Literacy
                 Websites, iTune Apps, pricing, and an idea by TCI.

     Site/App             Platform        $           Idea how to use with students

                                                    Government students could use Animoto to create a
                                                    30-second commercial for a fictional or real person
                           Web         Free         running for office. Have them focus on different
                                                    forms of propaganda when they put it together.

                                                    Have students create a 30 second video that uses
                           Web         Free         images and music to describe an important person
                                                    or event that your class is studying.

                                                    Prior to wrapping up a lesson, copy and paste the
                                                    chapter summary of your unit into a Tagxedo word
                           Web         Free         cloud. Invite the students to look at the prominent
                                                    words and debrief why each is important.

                                                    As students look for ways to prepare for an
                                                    assessment, have them create a Glogster poster that
                           Web         Free         has images, video, music, and text that would
                                                    answer your unit/lesson essential question.

                                                    Generate a class photostream for pictures your
                                                    students take as they study their community. Use
                           Web         Free         this opportunity to have students understand
                                                    copyright protections such as Creative Commons                                that allow free sharing with attribution.

                                                    Challenge students to gather pictures from around
                                                    the world that best illustrate key geographic terms.
                           iPad        Free         Example: Students find picture on Heritage of the
                                                    Mississippi River Delta for the term Delta.
    Fotopedia Heritage

                                                    For a research project, have your students take all
                                                    their RSS feeds and blend them into Flipboard so
                           iPad        Free         that they can read each sites info visually, and
                                                    without all the clicks of visiting each site.

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