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Massage Experiences                                            Body Experiences
Relaxation                                                     Lavender Dreams Experience
60/90 minutes $129/189                                         90 minutes $209
Tailored to your preferences, this intense yet gentle          Using mountain lavender, stones and mineral salt, this
full-body Swedish-style massage increases circulation,         experience harnesses the revitalizing properties of blue
assists lymphatic drainage and promotes relaxation.            mountain skies and rivers. A rejuvenating spa experience
Unscented organic massage oil and long, smooth strokes         which includes a two-step invigorating full body scrub, a
soothe muscles, and stimulate the lymphatic and                warm wrap, and a full body hot stone treatment.
circulatory systems.                                           Organic Aromatherapy Ritual
Sports                                                         90 minutes $209
60/90 minutes $139/199                                         This unique treatment begins with an invigorating mineral
Perfect after a day of strenuous hiking, paddling, skiing or   salt and essential oil exfoliation, after which the body is
golfing, this deep massage soothes sore or stressed muscles.   immersed in an Aromatherapy Mineral Bath to soothe the
Sport-therapy techniques increase range of motion,             body and mind. A luxurious organic aromatherapy
improve circulation and relieve tension. A mild soreness       massage follows the bath using essential oils chosen by the
may result.                                                    guest.
Signature Organic Aromatherapy                                 Chamomile Body Scrub
60/90 minutes $139/199                                         60 minutes $129
Invite your guest to enjoy an unsurpassed level of             Recover your skin’s radiance with a two step, gentle body
relaxation in this enhanced classic massage. The light, 98%    exfoliation utilizing granulated pumice stone in a crème-
organic aromatherapy body oils are based on organic            base followed by a loofah scrub with Chamomile
Sunflower as well as wildcrafted and organic flowers,          Shower/Bath Gel, rich in botanicals. Followed by a
plants, roots and leaves. Guests may choose between five       luxurious lotion application.
organic aromatherapy blends to customize this ultimate         Thermal Mineral Body Scrub
massage experience.                                            60 minutes $129
Mountain Stone                                                 An invigorating body exfoliation utilizing granulated
60/90 minutes $149/209                                         pumice stone in a gel-base, rich in therapeutic mineral
Healing essential oils combine with stones warmed in           elements and botanicals. Followed by a loofah scrub with
water to create a deep-heat massage—and a unique               Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel, and a luxurious lotion
aroma—that releases tension and melts away stress.             application.
Side by Side Couples
60/90 minutes $269/389                                         Facial Experiences
Spend quiet time together while enjoying side-by-side          Customized Deep Cleansing Facial
relaxation massages. Guests may choose between five            60 minutes $129
organic aromatherapy blends to customize this                  A purifying treatment for any skin type which includes a
experience. The perfect gift to give each other...time         gentle exfoliating peel to remove dull surface skin cells, a
together.                                                      luxurious massage, deep-cleansing masque and botanical
                                                               extracts to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. A heated
                                                               hand treatment completes the experience.                4
Facial Experiences continued                                   Facial Companion Treatments continued
Correcting Advanced Repair Facial                              Cell Vitale Ampoule
60 minutes $149                                                $39
This results-oriented treatment is customized to address       The perfect skin-rescue remedy. This powerful treatment
specific skin conditions including hyperpigmentation,          contains super-hydrating sodium hyaluronate, soy protein,
congested skin, fine lines and premature aging. Includes an    caviar and rose, which work together to leave your skin
exfoliating multi-acid or enzyme peel on the face, neck,       luminous.
décolleté and hands to renew the skin, a deep-cleansing        Intensive Repair Ampoule
massage to promote circulation and a masque to balance         $39
and nourish the skin. A heated hand treatment completes        A healing, soothing treatment that rejuvenates skin cells
the experience.                                                and lends elasticity to skin tissue for a visibly firmer,
Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial                                   smoother, more youthful appearance.
90 minutes $219                                                PRO 30 Multi-Acid Peel
This oxygenating, anti-aging facial utilizes ingredients       $69
brimming with antioxidants, including an application of a      This exclusive 30% multi-acid peel combines glycolic,
natural Spirulina Algae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals    lactic, phytic and salicylic acids along with naturally
and botanical extracts, to combat premature aging, disrupt     derived botanicals to achieve a safe, yet highly beneficial
hyperpigmentation and provide skin with a healthy glow.        refining treatment. Effectively reduces the appearance of
This facial includes a luxurious face and scalp massage as     pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and problematic skin
well as a hydrating hand treatment and take home               to promote a brighter, more even skin tone.
ampoule. Skin is noticeably smoother and younger
                                                               Bath Enhancements
Correcting PRO Peel 30
30 minutes $79                                                 Thermal Mineral Bath
Using an exclusive 30% multi-acid peel, this facial            30 minutes $59
provides immediate results to brighten and help even skin      Therapeutic remineralizing salts contain active minerals
tone. Skin is deeply cleansed and toned, followed by a         and trace elements which absorb into the skin during
16-point acupressure exercise on the face and scalp.           bathing. This bath helps detoxify and balance the body
Intensive serums are applied as beauty globes cool and         and is especiallybeneficial for sore muscles and aching
lighten the skin. Recommended in a series of 6.                joints.
                                                               Thalasso Bath
Facial Companion Treatments                                    30 minutes 59
                                                               This is a purifying algae bath utilizing fresh dried Fucus
Vitamin C Ampoule                                              seaweed and mineral-rich seawater crystals, rich in vital
$39                                                            minerals and algae that stimulate circulation and
This antioxidant treatment improves the appearance of the      accelerate the body’s natural rate of perspiration, assisting
skin, increases elasticity and helps prevent premature aging   in overall detoxification. Great for stress!
caused by UV exposure.

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                                                               “Just for Men” Experiences continued
Salon Services
                                                               Executive Foot Grooming for Men
Classic Manicure
                                                               60 minutes $69
45 minutes $49
                                                               Stimulate circulation and revitalize weary feet. Eucalyptus
Hands feel amazing and look perfectly polished after this
                                                               and Turkish salts exfoliate, a foot bath rejuvenates, and a
classic treatment, which includes a hand soak, a massage,
                                                               paraffin treatment relieves dry skin. A massage with
nail shaping and polish application.
                                                               therapeutic foot balm seals in moisture.
Classic Pedicure
45 minutes $59                                                 Gentlemans Facial
Add spring to your step. Enjoy a foot soak, an exfoliation,    60 minutes $129
a massage, nail shaping and polish application.                Designed specifically for the special skin-care needs of
Aroma Mani Kur                                                 men— from sensitivity to razor burn—this therapeutic
60 minutes $69                                                 facial includes a revitalizing massage and deep-cleansing
This deluxe manicure features a unique French gommage          mask. Relaxes the skin as it refines pores.
hand exfoliation with 11 nourishing plant oils, a hand
soak in thermal minerals and essential oils, and a             Salon
cuticle-enriching application of myrrh nail oil. As well,      Manicure/Pedicure Polish Change $29
enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage with organic             French Polish add on Manicure Pedicure $10
ylang-ylang, bergamot and lavender essences.                   Parrafin Upgrade $15
Alpine Foot Treatment
60 minutes $79                                                 Salon and Waxing
Intensive therapy for rough, cracked skin. Feet are soaked     Bikini $39
in thermal mineral salts and eucalyptus oil, exfoliated with   Brow Wax $19
a creamy eucalyptus salt mixture, and massaged with a          Chin, Lip & Brow $39
natural foot balm rich in menthol, eucalyptus and              Full Leg $69
lavender. A pedicure completes the treatment.                  Full Leg with Bikini $89
                                                               Full Arm $39
“Just for Men” Experiences                                     Half Arm $29
                                                               Half Leg $39
Executive Hand Grooming For Men                                Lip $19
45 minutes $49                                                 Underarm $29
A healthy approach to a traditional manicure, this deluxe
treatment begins with a soak in thermal minerals and           Make Up
essential oils, continues with a unique Turkish-salt hand      Bridal Make Up $69
exfoliation, and finishes with a luxurious hand massage to     Make-Up Application $49
relieve dry skin.
                                                               Make-Up Lesson $79

                                                                 *Prices are in Canadian dollars. All prices are subject to
                                                                        applicable taxes and a 15% service charge.
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Brow & Lash $39
Eyebrow Tint $19
Eyelash $29


Permanent Color Starts at $89
Semi-Permanent Color Starts at $79
Bridal Hair $89 + $10 per hair accessory
Bridal Trial $65
Bang Trim $10
Updo (Regular) $59

Child Cut $19

Ladies Cut & Style $59
Foils Individual $8
Highlights with Cut Starts at $139
Highlights No Cut Starts at $109

Neck Trim $10
Men’s Beard Trim $15
Men’s Buzz Cut $20
Men’s Cut & Style $35
Men’s Color $50
Men’s Highlights Starts at $85

Shampoo & Style Starts at $39

    *Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include
                applicable taxes or gratuities.

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      Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has been a
      WWF Climate Savers partner since 2009
      and has committed to reducing its emissions
      by 20% below 2006 levels by 2013.

For Spa Reservations
please call 403 522 1545

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
111 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, Alberta T0L 1E0

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