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									The Director General, Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, Government Collage University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Respected Sir, I am writing to apply for the position of Assistant Professor of Mathematics under the Tenure Track System with an emphasis in teaching and research specialty in Algebraic Geometry. I am a Ph.D from a prestigious institute of the country. I believe that my determination with a strong background of course work during my PhD taught by the renowned mathematicians, my publications in prestigious journals and my experience of working with great mathematicians make me a strong candidate for this post. As my curriculum Vitae shows, I have had an experience to be taught by the well renowned experienced Professors in the World during my course work. I have learned the different skills of problem solving and computations using the latest mathematical soft wares COCOA, SINGULAR, MAPLE and Scientific Work Place. Now a days well known universities of the world has introduced these computational courses in their Mathematics Departments, as these softwares have played an important role in developing the skills of problem solving abilities of students. My interest in the class room is to create a good competition in learning and problem solving by organizing the quiz or surprise tests. I want to have an oral view of the individual student about his/ her understanding and building his/her confidence level by organizing small presentations. In all my courses I will encourage my students to become critical readers; my goal is always not only to promote their intellectual engagement with the course text but also to help them and motivate them to become a good researcher. I have included in my curriculum vitae about my published work. I have an honor that one of my research papers (namely ‘Admissible rank one local system’) got the acceptance in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society which shows the quality of my research publications. I have developed the habit of working in a very good research environment, I like open discussions and presentations. I am an active participant in the scholarly/research activities like workshops, short schools and conferences. I have given many talks and presented in different conferences and workshops around the country. I hope and I wish to carry forward these traits with me in my career. Additionally, I have taken a comprehensive course on professional communication in English from two professional American Professors; Prof. Dr. Phil Backlund and Prof.

Judy Backlund. In that course, we covered presentation skills, professional interviewing, persuasive presentations, impromptu speaking, Email etiquettes and English grammar. I have included my curriculum vitae, my certificates and would be happy to send you additional materials such as my research papers, proposed courses, and reference letters as per requirement.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Shaheen Nazir

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