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                             A passion for PIZZA
                                       plus pizza perfection...
                                         tips from hotel chefs

City Hosts Country 2008
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                                                                       Just the ticket
                                        The Union Hotel proves it’s more than just a local

                                                      Cosmopolitans for a cause
   Hotel group rallies its venues for breast cancer research and raises more than $11,000

                         plus 2.30am closing time for Manly hotels... a temporary strategy?
                                                                                                                                                             hotelnews sept08
ROSS Colosimo from the Hillside Hotel has donated $100,000 to
Centacare Parramatta as part of the Hillside Fund, which was
registered in May 2007.
The cheque was presented on Wednesday 27 August along with two
of the fund’s trustees, Rowan Cameron from the AHA (NSW) and
local MP Michael Richardson. This is the largest single donation

                                                                                                                                                              news upfront
made by such a trust, the first of its kind by a NSW hotel.
Hotel owner Ross Colosimo is immensely proud of the strong
community involvement that the hotel and this trust has played in the
Hills District.
The Hillside Fund has committed to the following: $100,000
donation to Centacare; $50,000 to ONE80TC; $15,500 to Youth In
Excellence Awards; $1,500 to Police Legacy; and $13,000 to the            Left-to-right: Angela Littleford (Executive Director of Catholic Social Services
Hills Teen Challenge. In addition, the Hillside Hotel has committed to              Diocese of Parramatta), Ann O’Brien (Senior Manager, Centacare),
a further $200,000 for 2008/09.                                               John Spillane (Diocesan Financial Administrator), Rowan Cameron (AHA
These local organisations have been identified as those which can                  (NSW)), Ross Colosimo (Hillside Hotel) and Michael Richardson MP.
educate and assist young people about responsible gaming and                                                                       Photo: Dan McAloon.
work at providing alternate activities for these youths.

Hotels in New South Wales have once again proven                         Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney – Bilson’s Restaurant (Sydney);
they are tough to beat, collecting a total of eight                      • Best Bar Presentation & Service
awards – including the honour of Overall                                 Hilton Sydney – Zeta Bar (Sydney) – joint winner;
Accommodation Hotel of the Year – at the 2008 AHA                        • Best Hotel or Pub Accommodation
National Hotel Awards for Excellence.                                    Coogee Bay Hotel (Coogee);
The winners were announced at a gala dinner at Star City in Sydney       • Best Suite Apartment Hotel Accommodation
on 28 August 2008, with Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa           Quay Grand Suites Sydney (Sydney); and
taking out Overall Accommodation Hotel of the Year.
                                                                         • Best Superior Accommodation
Also, respected New South Wales hotelier David Thomas was an             Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley (Lovedale)
inaugural inductee into the Johnnie Walker Hall of Fame.
                                                                         Minister for Tourism Matt Brown said hotels, bars and pubs create a
The awards reward high standards in all aspects of a hotel’s             vibrant visitor experience for domestic and international visitors to
operations, including bars, restaurants and accommodation and there      Sydney and congratulated all winners that were announced last
was at least one winner from each Australian State and Territory.        month at Star City.
The Australian Hotels Association (NSW) would like to congratulate       Mr Brown said the award winners were recognised not only for their
the following hotels, who were a stand out at this year’s awards at a    excellence in accommodation, food, beverages and service but also
national level:                                                          for the essential role that hotels play in attracting visitors to our
• Overall Accommodation Hotel of the Year                                vibrant city.
Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa (Katoomba);                       “Sydney’s fantastic hotels, restaurants, entertainment and retail
• Best Boutique Accommodation/Hotel                                      services are a major drawcard for tourists looking for a vibrant and
Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa (Katoomba);                       exciting destination to visit,” Mr Brown said.

• Outstanding Community Service & Achievement                            “These awards recognise the important role hotels play in attracting
Macquarie Hotel (Surry Hills) – joint winner;                            tourists to Sydney. On accommodation alone, visitors spend $2.3
                                                                         billion in our great State, adding to their overall spend of more than
• Best Restaurant (Accommodation Division)                               $23 billion.”
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                                   12           COMMENT: ID CHECKS FOR GAMING VENUES
                    Gold           14           COMMENT: MANLY HOTELS 2.30AM CLOSE
                                   16           PROFILE: KINGS CROSS HOTEL – DORMANT NO MORE
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                                   22           PROFILE: JUST THE TICKET
                                   24           SPECIAL FEATURE: PASSION FOR PIZZA
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                                                                                                                                                 hotelnews sept08
Cosmopolitans and canapés flowed freely at the first Cosmopolitans for a Cause fundraising event, hosted
recently by the J&J O’Brien hotel group. The event exceeded all expectations, raising $11,400 in support of
the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation.

                                                                                                                                                  news upfront
THE response from hotel industry identities and members of the
general public was impressive for the first-ever Cosmoplitans for a
Cause event, which was held at two of J&J O’Brien’s venues in
Sydney, the Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour and Cohibar.
Each venue featured a ‘Sex in the City’ theme for the ultimate girl’s
night out – for a wonderful cause. The event was a sell-out in both
venues, as around 360 guests headed out for a great night of
hospitality, at the same time raising an impressive amount of money
for breast cancer research.
Treated to free cosmopolitans and canapés all night, guests were
encouraged to sit back and relax while taking in the breathtaking
views of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline and lively, welcoming
ambience created by special guest DJ Miss Match.
The Watershed Hotel and Cohibar were the perfect venues to host                 Left to right: Tracey Golden, Judith Crawley and Trish Nicol.
this event and Gelatissimo Raspberry Bambino gelato and                 • Splash Spa Voucher
marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fountain kept everyone
energised.                                                              The Cosmopolitans for a Cause event was the first of its kind to be
                                                                        held by the J&J O’Brien hotel group, since becoming a supporting
Prizes up for grabs included Gucci and Prada handbags (every girl’s     partner of The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation – one of Australia's
dream) and the irrisistable Cerrone diamond necklace. Needless to       leading centres for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of breast
say, the raffle draw was a highlight of the evening.                    cancer.
Nobody left empty-handed, with each guest taking home a fantastic       The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to raising funds
goodie bag valued at more than $100, filled with a range of girlie      for research and treatment of breast cancer, raising awareness of
gifts including:                                                        breast cancer and supporting individuals and their families faced
• J&J O’Brien’s relaxing eye mask                                       with breast cancer. Since 1995, the Sydney Breast Cancer
                                                                        Foundation has raised close to $3 million due to the tireless energy
• Tooheys Bare Foot Radler beer, donated by Lion Nathan                 and dedication of its members who work in a voluntary capacity for
• Condura jewellery                                                     the Foundation. For information visit www.sbcf.org.au

• Naomi Simpson’s book, I Want What She is Having                       Diary dates

• Napoleon lip glosses                                                  J&JO’Brien’s will not stop here, with two more fundraising
                                                                        events scheduled for 2008:
• Kosmea Skin Care Range
                                                                        • Pink Breakfast at Jacksons on George
• Tic Tacs                                                              Wednesday 1 October 2008
• Blackmores Vitamins                                                   • Pull a Beer for Prostate Cancer at Jacksons on George
• Marzena Wax Strips                                                    17-19 October 2008
hotelnews sept08

                   A TRIBUTE TO OUR RESILIENT
                   COUNTRY HOTELIERS
                   SCOTT LEACH – AHA (NSW) President

                   This month, as we city folk prepare for the City Hosts Country Conference of hoteliers,
   4               when we will welcome our country cousins to town, it is long overdue that we should
                   pay tribute to our hoteliers from the bush.

                   ALL those years ago, when retired priest, Monsignor Patrick Joseph        and most severe drought in living memory. They are copping the
                   Hartigan (writing as John O’Brien) penned his now famous and              savage backlash of ever-rising fuel costs and they must contend with
                   ominous words: “We’ll all be rooned, said Hanrahan, before the year       the difficulties of finding staff during an overall skills shortage.
                   is out” – he certainly wasn’t referring to the stamina, the persistence
                                                                                             No use whinging, they say.
                   and the resilience displayed by our country hoteliers.
                                                                                             But they don’t complain, they don’t suggest that ‘we’ll all be rooned’.
                   So as we prepare for the City Hosts Country Conference of hoteliers,
                                                                                             Instead, they just get on with providing much-needed, good old
                   we should pay tribute to our counterparts from the bush – there is
                                                                                             fashioned Aussie hospitality.
                   1,000 of them, running their own independent and family-based
                   small businesses.                                                         Perhaps they should complain. In fact, they should shout loud and
                                                                                             hard from their rooftops, when many of their refurbishment and
                   During my first several months as President, I have been fortunate to
                                                                                             renovation plans are being snookered by the unnecessarily
                   have attended several meetings of members in rural areas where it
                                                                                             bureaucratic red-tape of local Government. Perhaps they should
                   has become so obvious what a consistently first-rate job is being
                                                                                             complain when inflexible heritage constraints over-rule sensible plans
                   done by the country hotelier.
                                                                                             for the upgrading of their premises.
                   Hotels – the Hub of Local Communities
                                                                                             Perhaps they should whinge about unfair competition from the
                   In every regional, rural and far flung setting, the hotel is the          registered clubs in their towns. Perhaps they should grumble that
                   epicentre of community life. The ‘local’ is not only a long-established   their major competitors pay little if any income tax – clubs that are
                   building with a street-front bar but, these days, it often doubles as     financially way in front because they also benefit from discounted
                   the local bank and the clearing house for many other business             State Government gaming taxes. And perhaps they should complain
                   activities and community functions.                                       when so little of the tourism budget has been directed at
                                                                                             encouraging domestic and in-bound visitors to get out and
                   Our rural and regional hotels are part of a great Australian heritage.
                                                                                             experience the real Australia.
                   They are institutions where folk from all over come to chew the fat,
                   pour out their souls, and to receive comfort away from the worries of     It will be my pleasure to offer our country members not only a good
                   working the land.                                                         time in Sydney but also the helpful advice of some business experts
                                                                                             we have lined up for our 27-30 October City Hosts Country
                   The local pub is the one remaining place where hard working
                                                                                             Conference. And, it will be my even greater pleasure to recognise the
                   Australians (that we now so often hear about), get a rare chance to
                                                                                             work they are doing in maintaining the fabric of Australian society in
                   unwind and re-charge their batteries. Where mum gets a night off
                                                                                             the face of difficult operating conditions.
                   from the cooking at home and dad shouts the family a dinner of fine
                   fare, which is colloquially but kindly referred to as ‘pub grub’.         A message to our Politicians
                   The cockies and townsfolk alike meet, share a shout and a yarn and        I direct these comments about the true worth and value of the bush
                   receive much-needed encouragement from the person on the other            pub to all politicians in each of the three tiers of Government. I ask
                   side of the bar.                                                          you all, when you are framing budgets and considering new
                                                                                             legislation, to consider the true-blue men and women who own and
                   Times are tough
                                                                                             lease our hotels.
                   I also recognise that out in the bush, it’s not all roses. Amidst the
                                                                                             I ask you to remember the importance of the local hotel whenever
                   warmth and friendship, it must be appreciated that times are tough
                                                                                             you are contemplating the possible removal of ATMs from around
                   for the rural publican.
                                                                                             gaming machines.
                   Our country pubs have been hit hard by the smoking bans – where
                                                                                             And, a message to Local Government Councillors
                   nearly 70 percent of their public bar patrons are smokers. Many
                   have been hit, possibly even harder, by what must be the longest          This month, as the results of the New South Wales Local Government
                                                                                                                                                   hotelnews sept08
elections become known and as many newly elected officials take          they are not just the hotel in your town or your suburb but they are
their place in Council chambers around the State, I have a particular    really the community centre. Consider that they are the place where
message for the councillors of our 157 individual Councils in NSW:       local folk, your constituents, swap their yarns and pour out their
                                                                         souls and transact their business. They are the lifeblood of your
Many of you may not have experienced or enjoyed the conviviality of
the local pub. Many of you may see hotels in the wrong light by
ignoring the fine food and the entertainment and the mateship that is    We Won’t Be ‘Rooned’
so easily found around the public bar. Many of you may not be aware
                                                                         As life goes on and as things progress, let’s make sure that we

of the important and multi-faceted roles played by the local hotel in
                                                                         maintain the tradition and spirit which is the Aussie pub. Let’s ensure
Australian society.
                                                                         that it doesn’t get even worse than what was pondered in the
As you begin your new terms of office, I invite you to get to know       famous song that Slim Dusty recorded when he sang:
your local publicans.
                                                                         “There's-a nothing so lonesome, morbid or drear than to stand in the
They represent the pulse of your area and they are a wonderfully         bar of that pub with no beer”.
accurate conduit to the local community which you serve. Get to
                                                                         Out in the bush, as well as in the suburbs of our cities, we must
know how they so generously contribute from their own pockets to
                                                                         make sure that it never becomes so morbid and drear that the pub
much-needed sponsorship of local sporting activities and how they
                                                                         ceases to provide this much-needed level of community service and
never hesitate to offer direct financial support to any worthwhile
                                                                         camaraderie and warm Aussie hospitality.
charitable cause.
                                                                         There would be only one thing worse than a pub with no beer – and
When you have to deliberate over development and trading hour
                                                                         that would be a town without cheer.
applications from hotels that are proposing to reinvent themselves, or
enhance their décor, or expand the services they offer, consider that    president@ahansw.com.au
hotelnews sept08

                   SALLY FIELKE – Chief Executive Officer

                   Members will recall in our June #1 Member Update where we published a brief article on the new “Naming
                   and Shaming” scheme implemented by the New South Wales Government on 1 July 2008.


                   THERE has been genuine concern from members that a one off              Firstly, any food business that involves the handling of food intended
                   incident could lead to the venue being breached or prosecuted but       for sale or the sale of food is affected by this legislation and liable to
                   worse still, published on the NSW Food Authority website where          be prosecuted for food law breaches. Any business which receives
                   breaches are posted for 12 months and successful prosecutions are       either a penalty notice or is prosecuted before a Court is published
                   posted for two years.                                                   on the Authority’s website www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au
                   Prior to the new laws coming into effect, Primary Industries Minister   The Authority’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy which is also
                   Ian Macdonald stated that: “The overwhelming majority of                published on the website sets out the factors taken into account
                   businesses that do the right thing and observe food safety laws have    before deciding on any enforcement action including but not
                   nothing to fear from these new laws. There are rigorous safeguards      limited to:
                   in place to ensure minor infringements do not penalise the              • Whether a warning has previously been given;
                   reputations of businesses.”
                                                                                           • Whether the breaches pose a serious risk to public health or
                   To clear this up, myself and Robert Goldman from the Restaurant         significantly mislead consumers; and
                   and Catering Association (NSW) recently met with the NSW Food
                   Authority to clarify exactly how and when a business is “named and      • The number of breaches or repeat offences.
                   shamed” and how this system works.                                      In the Minister’s media release dated 23 July 2008, the
                                                                                           Minister indicated that an average of 15 names are added to the
                                                                                           shame list each week. A quick review of the website indicates that
                                                                                           predominantly small restaurants and meat wholesalers are the main
                                                                                           offenders. Pleasingly, no AHA (NSW) members are listed on this
                                                                                           site at all.
                                                                                           The Association has expressed concern that both the Food Authority
                                                                                           and local Councils can issue penalty notices with the possibility of
                                                                                           inconsistencies in approach by 157 individual Councils.
                                                                                           Members are urged to ensure that their food preparation and service
                     SPECIALISTS TO THE HOTEL INDUSTRY                                     areas including kitchens, bistros and restaurants maintain the proper
                        AND AHA (NSW)’S SOLICITORS                                         standards to comply with the requirements of the Food Act. Key tips
                                                                                           are available on the Authority’s website to assist in ensuring proper
                                                                                           food safety and the AHA (NSW) will continue to work with the NSW
                                                                                           Food Authority to ensure any notices issued are fair and are a last
                         • Buying, selling, leasing a hotel ... ?                          resort. If members receive a warning or a breach notice, please do
                                                                                           not hesitate to contact the Association for assistance at that point.
                           or Entitlements ... or your Licence?
                                                                                           On another note, the next edition of Hotel News will be the launch of
                    • Want advice on Entitlements and Gaming?                              our new look, new style and new feel for the magazine. Since my
                                                                                           appointment in March and the election of our new board in April this
                                                                                           year, the Association has been working hard to continue to “Review,
                                                                                           Refresh and Reconnect”.
                    Contact:            John Miller         (02) 9236 8522
                                        Kim Stapleton       (02) 9236 8555                 The revamp of Hotel News is an important part of this process. As
                                        Jon Martin          (02) 9236 8533                 the industry’s leading communication piece to members, sponsors,
                                                                                           Government and other stakeholders, we are excited about the new
                             Level 5, 1 Castlereagh Street Sydney                          format. Coupled with this will be the launch of our new look
                                                                                           website, which will better assist members to keep up-to-speed with
                                Phone: (02) 9236 8588                                      the latest information, get across industry issues and essentially have
                                                                                           a “one stop” portal that will contain everything you need to know.
                                 Fax: (02) 9236 8599                                       Stay tuned...
hotel profile       hotelnews sept08
                                                                                                                                                    hotelnews sept08
An old favourite sets a new scene
Newcastle’s latest contemporary venue
with an emphasis on functionality

                                                                                                                                                    hotel profile
This month, Hotel News goes                     everyone. By opening the hotel to the              hotel now saves up to 70 percent in energy
north of Sydney to the Junction                 streetscape with the installation of large bi-     costs,” Mr De With explains.
                                                fold doors and windows, the Junction Hotel
Hotel which has not only                                                                           “In addition, by opening the hotel to the
                                                has set the scene for a social, dynamic strip in   street through large bi-fold doors and
transformed itself into a venue of              the local area.                                    windows, the cross-flow ventilation has
choice, but has contributed to a                                                                   significantly reduced our air-conditioning
                                                Inside, the central bar and service area has
change in the entire local area.                                                                   requirements.”
                                                been relocated to create a less cluttered
THE Junction Hotel, originally known as the     space and the natural light which floods in        The hotel boasts an 8x4 metre double-
Junction Tavern, is located on a prominent      perfectly highlights the furnishings and           glazed, fully retractable roof which soaks the
corner and has been a local favourite for       fitouts which reflect a beachside location.        central courtyard in natural light, allowing
some time. When hotel owner Rolly De With                                                          the floor-to-ceiling water feature to take
                                                “All aspects of architectural design were          centre stage. This a tranquil spot within the
embarked on the redevelopment, the
                                                taken into consideration throughout the            hotel, where guests can enjoy fine dining or
objective was to completely open the hotel
                                                redevelopment process including                    a casual drink from a great beer, wine and
to the streetscape, encouraging patrons to
                                                functionality, finishing touches and               cocktail list.
enjoy the ambience of not only the hotel, but
                                                branding,” Mr De With said.
the local area in its entirety.                                                                    The View Bar is aptly named with its glass
                                                “A refined range of textured materials were        floor allowing patrons to see below to the
“The suburb of Junction is in the midst of a
                                                incorporated into the design which would           state-of-the-art beer reticulation system. the
transformation, turning it from a typical
                                                reflect our objectives.”                           View Bar is separated from the main dining
suburban shopping area, to that of a boutique                                                      area by a glazed wine wall which houses an
precinct,” Mr De With told Hotel News.          A sandstone wall runs down one length of           impressive champagne and wine collection.
                                                the hotel and timber cladding provides a
“Therefore the hotel’s transformation is                                                           The restrooms are also a talking point with
                                                framework for the crisp, white freestyle bars,
viewed as a significant contribution to the                                                        their unique graphics and features.
                                                turquoise-coloured glass and vibrant carpet.
change in the whole area, which will be
                                                Contemporary furniture and finishing               The dramatic transformation of the Junction
complemented by restaurants and cafés
                                                touches were chosen to accentuate the              Hotel has seen it become a focal point not
with a distinctive alfresco feel.”
                                                hotel’s new design and functionality.              only in the suburb of Junction, but in
The original hotel was primarily male-                                                             Newcastle overall. The redevelopment has
                                                Another important objective for the Junction
dominated with a focus on gaming and                                                               succeeded in providing a destination for
                                                Hotel was that it would be energy efficient,
there were limited opportunities for social
                                                with a unique and elegant feel, setting a          people to meet, drink and dine in a unique
interaction. Following the redevelopment, it
                                                new standard for venues in Newcastle.              and welcoming environment.
combines traditional hospitality with modern
design concepts to offer something for          “By designing and installing LED lighting, the     www.junctionhotel.com.au
                                                                                                                              hotelnews sept08
                              SYDNEY TO HOST
MEMBERS 2008 RICHARD MUNRO – Accommodation Division Chairman
President                     THE Minister for Tourism, Matt Brown has       the US visited NSW spending more than            11
Scott Leach                   announced that Sydney has been named the       $518 million. They are the third largest group
                              host city of an international Symposium for    of international visitors to NSW, behind the

                                                                                                                              tourism news
Senior Vice-President         luxury travel group Virtuoso, adding further   United Kingdom and New Zealand.
General Division              success to its ongoing partnership with
                                                                             In March, Sydney was voted the number one
                              Tourism New South Wales.
Lyn Humphreys                                                                city brand in the world in the Annual Anholt
                              Mr Brown said the invitation-only network of   City Brands Index for the second year
Senior Vice-President         high-yield travel agents will showcase         running and in October last year Sydney was
Accommodation Division        Sydney and regional New South Wales as an      voted number one city in the world for a
Richard Munro                 ideal destination for international tourists   record 12th time by the readers of the
                              and demonstrate how the city and State can     prestigious US Conde Nast traveller
Vice-President                host their next up-market vacation.            Magazine.
Patrick Gurr
                              The 2009 Virtuoso Symposium will host up       I recently had the pleasure of attending the
Secretary/Treasurer           to 350 industry delegates including CEO’s of   inaugural Hotel Executives Conference –
                              the group’s principle travel suppliers of      HEXCO 08 – in Sydney. This event, which
Colin Waller
                              leading international airlines and hotels      was co-hosted by the AHA and Horwath
Metropolitan Representative   and runs for one week from 20 April to         HTL, attracted close to 200 registrations
                              27 April 2009.                                 and boasted an impressive line-up of
Kim Maloney
                                                                             speakers. I’m sure most, if not all who went
                              “As major luxury travel experts worldwide,
Metropolitan Representative                                                  along returned to their hotels after the
                              Virtuoso’s clients are some of the highest
                                                                             conference armed with a host of new
Paul Dirou                    spending US visitors, with an average net
                                                                             information about how to make their
                              worth of $USD 1.75 million,” said Mr Brown.
Metropolitan Representative                                                  businesses even better.
                              “Combined they spend a total of $USD 4.2
Phillip Webster               billion in worldwide travel sales each year.
Country Representative        “Sydney is a global city with a lot to offer
                                                                                         Diary Date...
Peter Harris                  the wealthy traveller and there is an              Members are reminded that a special
                              increasing range of luxury experiences in          event is being held on Tuesday 28th
Country Representative        regional NSW which the Symposium
                                                                              October 2008, as part of the AHA (NSW)’s
Bevan Douglas                 delegates will experience first hand.”
                                                                                    City Hosts Country Conference.
                              Delegates will experience some of the best
Country Representative                                                         The John Thorpe AM Tribute Dinner,
                              food, wine and sightseeing Sydney and
Bruce Woods                   regional NSW has to offer, including             which is being held at the Four Seasons
                              breakfast at the Royal Botanic Gardens,          Hotel will bring together industry leaders,
Accommodation Division
                              sailing on Sydney Harbour and a trip to the      State and Federal politicians, media and
                              Hunter Valley and Outback NSW.                    tourism representatives a celebration of
George Bedwani
                              Mr Brown will speak at a Gala Evening at            the achievements of the hospitality
                              the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 26 April                         industry.
                              2009, with delegates of the Symposium and
                              members of the Virtuoso Executive               Bookings are essential. Please contact the
                              Committee attending.                               AHA (NSW) on (02) 9281 6922 for a
                                                                                        booking/payment sheet.
                              Last year, more than 295,000 people from
hotelnews sept08

                   ID CHECKS FOR GAMING VENUES
                   JOHN KEATING – Executive Officer

                   Is the State Government’s proposed plan to ‘test’ New South Wales licensed venues a good idea, or is it
                   entrapment? This month, I look at plans to have young-looking adults visit licensed venues and test the
                   vigilance of staff in checking IDs.
12                 MEMBERS may have read in the Daily Telegraph and Australian                 catch people doing the wrong thing.
                   newspapers on Wednesday 6 August 2008, that the New South Wales
                                                                                               “These young adults will attempt to play gaming machines and casino
                   Government has called for tenders from research firms to provide a
                                                                                               tables games, place bets with bookmakers and the TAB, play Keno and

                   group of young looking 18 and 19 year-olds to be sent to hotels, clubs
                                                                                               buy lottery tickets without being asked for ID.
                   and Star City Casino in the next six months.
                                                                                               “The research will cover as many venues in as many metropolitan and
                   These young persons will be despatched across Sydney metropolitan
                                                                                               regional areas as the budget allows,” Mr West said.
                   and regional areas to “test” whether hotels, in addition to clubs and the
                   Casino, are checking IDs before allowing patrons to play the gaming         “ID checks are the first line of defence in preventing minors gambling
                   machines, play Keno or use the TAB facilities.                              and potentially developing gambling problems.”

                   The Minister for Gaming and Racing was quoted as stating that he was        The State Opposition has criticised the plan and has accused the
                   searching for young-looking adults to lure pubs into ignoring required ID   Government of entrapment.
                   checks and that any venue that did not ask for ID would become a            Whilst the Australian Hotels Association (NSW) fully supports responsible
                   target for departmental inspectors.                                         gaming practices in hotels, including ongoing ID checks to prevent
                   The Minister is further quoted as saying:                                   minors gambling on hotel premises, the enforcement of the Gaming
                                                                                               Machines Act and Regulation should be a matter for the Police and
                   “This is a test. If it comes back that no one is asking, the first thing
                                                                                               Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) Inspectors without the need
                   we’ll do is send our inspectors in and start checking patrons’ IDs to
                                                                                               to enlist the services of “young looking” 18 or 19 year-old university
                                                                                               students in an attempt to entrap licensees.
                                                                                               It is the high visibility of Police and OLGR Inspectors in licensed
                                                                                               premises which deters licensees and patrons from ignoring the liquor
                                                                                               and gaming laws.
                                                                                               Nevertheless, members are urged to remain vigilant to ensure that ID
                                                                                               checks are made of patrons who look 25 years or younger in order to
                                                                                               be justified that they are over 18 years of age.
                                                                                               Seeking ID verification from patrons who look 25 years of age or
                                                                                               younger is a sensible approach which will ensure that should the test
                                                                                               group participants visit the hotel they will be required to produce IDs
                                                                                               before using the gaming facilities.
                                                                                               It is also essential that licensees make certain that the hotels have
                                                                                               proper signage in and around the gaming areas.
                                                                                               Under the Liquor Act 2007 the sign “Persons under the age of 18 years
                                                                                               are not permitted in this area by law” must be displayed in each bar
                                                                                               area, including the gaming room, of a hotel. The current 2008
                                                                                               GameCare signs must also be displayed. In addition, licensees should
                                                                                               check that the gaming stickers have not been removed from the
                                                                                               gaming machines by patrons and that brochures are available.
                                                                                               Proper vigilance will ensure that the proposed “test” will not show any
                                                                                               weaknesses in the ID checking procedures in hotels which could lead
                                                                                               to minors gaining access to gaming machines, Keno and TAB facilities.
hotelnews sept08

                   MANLY HOTELS 2.30AM CLOSE...
                   A TEMPORARY STRATEGY?
                   JOHN GREEN – Director, Police and Regulatory Regulations

                   This month, my article is written                 The plan is a collaborative effort between         and a clear appreciation of key timings.
                   by Superintendent Dave Darcy,                     the Manly Liquor Accord, Manly Council and
                                                                                                                        The ‘bump out’ of the Manly Corso of
                                                                     local police. It is a locally developed solution
                   Manly Police Local Area                                                                              patrons between around 2.00am and
                                                                     to address local issues and does not solely
                   Commander. Along with the hotels                  rely on a traditional enforcement response to
                                                                                                                        3.00am is arguably the most challenging
14                 on the Manly Corso, Mr Darcy is a                                                                    time to test cooperation between law
                                                                     alcohol related crime.
                                                                                                                        enforcement, private security and transport
                   main player in an innovative
                                                                     The key element of the plan is focussed on         services.
                   strategy that has just been

                                                                     assisting the three major hotels to
                   implemented in the Manly CBD.                                                                        The enforcement strategy will also see a
                                                                     significantly realign their business strategies.
                                                                                                                        lowering of the use of discretion by police in
                                                                     The Steyne, Ivanhoe and New Brighton
                   The catalyst for this was an                                                                         preference to the issuing of infringement
                                                                     hotels are currently in various stages of
                   article I wrote in a recent edition               reviewing their business strategies and a
                                                                                                                        notices and court attendance notices for
                   of Hotel News. In that article, I                                                                    street offences, in particular public urination,
                                                                     key aim of this plan is to provide a strategic
                   reported on the decision by Manly                                                                    offensive language, offensive behaviour and
                                                                     ‘lattice work’ that will facilitate their
                                                                                                                        street fighting. This will coincide with the
                   hotels to close their doors at                    intentions.
                                                                                                                        reopening of public toilets to 3.00am.
                   2.30am, whilst Superintendent                     An events strategy is currently being
                                                                                                                        The two year plan is divided into four six
                   Darcy had agreed to the removal                   developed by Manly Council that will attract
                                                                                                                        month stages. At the end of each stage,
                   of the lockout at a time when                     larger numbers of people to Manly, from a
                                                                                                                        there is an assessment of progress against
                   others raved about them (even if                  broader demographic base, to take
                                                                                                                        agreed outcomes. This process allows
                   they had no evidence that they                    advantage of the new focus on
                                                                                                                        partners an opportunity to see what is
                                                                     entertainment earlier in the evenings. The
                   were effective). Superintendent                   themes and timings of these events will be
                                                                                                                        working in the plan and what is not.
                   Darcy and I then spoke and I                      provided to licensed premises so that they         For example, already discussions are being
                   invited him to write my column                    can align their efforts and ultimately attract     held about the value of the 2.30am close
                   this month, to articulate his plan –              new business.                                      initiative. Consideration is being given to
                   which he did. His column is                                                                          moving towards a 2.00am cease service of
                                                                     One of the challenges for Manly after hours
                                                                                                                        alcohol and closing times extended to
                   printed below.                                    has been the lack of public transport.
                                                                                                                        3.00am and possibly, at a later stage in the
                                                                     Frustration of patrons having to queue for
                   There is a great deal of interest by the liquor                                                      plan, alfresco dining to 9.00pm.
                                                                     hours, frequently leading to assaults, has
                   industry in the recent announcement by
                                                                     been a continued source of demand for              In many ways, these discussions provide an
                   three of Manly’s top hotels that they have
                                                                     police. The 2.30am close of the major hotels       example of what underpins this plan. We are
                   voluntarily agreed to a 2.30am close and
                                                                     will now generate a peak in demand for             chasing the local solutions that contribute
                   abandoned a four-year commitment to 2am
                                                                     public transport and State Buses has               most effectively to us achieving our goals at
                                                                     responded very positively with the provision       Manly. In this plan, timings of closures or
                   The move was a surprise to many and has           of an additional seventeen services during         lockouts are merely a means to an end and
                   sharply focussed debate on the efficacy of        the peak period between 1.30am and                 we recognise that we are not wedded to any
                   lockouts as opposed to earlier close.             3.30am.                                            strategy that does not move us toward our
                   Unfortunately, what this debate has missed                                                           vision of having the safest after hours venue
                                                                     Improved provision of taxi services is
                   is that the 2.30am close is merely one of a                                                          in Sydney.
                   whole raft of strategies contained within the     another goal of the plan. It is likely we have
                                                                     sufficient drivers but unfortunately, due to       The most important factor that is likely to
                   Manly After Hours Venue Management Plan
                                                                     high levels of victimisation and very poor         lead to success is commitment by the Manly
                   (MAHVMP). In fact, the 2.30am close is a
                                                                     behaviour of passengers, drivers tend to           Liquor Accord, Manly Council and police to
                   temporary strategy and only applies to three
                                                                     avoid the area after hours. Through                make Manly a profitable, dynamic, safe after
                   of the 115 licensed premises within the
                                                                     improved safety and behaviour of patrons, it       hours environment for all to enjoy.
                   Manly area.
                                                                     is hoped the drivers will be more confident        The plan commences on Friday 15 August
                   Developed at a local level, the MAHVMP
                                                                     to provide service to the area.                    2008. We look forward to reporting progress
                   aims to make Manly the safest after hours
                   venue in Sydney within two years. That is a       The key element of the enforcement strategy        in the coming months.
                   far cry from where we are now with 80             of the plan is focussed on ensuring police,        by Superintendent Dave Darcy
                   percent of crime alcohol related and a            council rangers and private security work
                   recent outbreak of ‘glassings’ leaving seven      together, with each having a proficient and        For information, please contact
                   young people with serious injuries.               thorough understanding of each other’s roles       John.Green@ahansw.com.au
hotel profile        hotelnews sept08
                                                                                                                                                        hotelnews sept08
Dormant no more...
The Kings Cross Hotel unveils a
spectacular new look with choice galore

                                                                                                                                                     hotel profile
After being dormant for more than                The building’s exterior has been restored        was designed to attract patrons and lift their
two years, Sydney’s Kings Cross                  using cutting-edge and environmentally-          spirits as they dance the night away.
                                                 friendly technology. The dark green paint
Hotel re-opened its doors to                                                                      The fifth floor cocktail oasis offers dazzling
                                                 was removed with soya bean paste to reveal
unveil five levels of the very best              the original red brick and sandstone facade.
                                                                                                  views of Sydney’s CBD skyline, impeccable
hospitality has to offer, all under              High-tech insulation has been used to            service and comfortable lounge seating both
the one roof.                                    ensure the Kings Cross Hotel is sound proof      indoors and outdoors. The urban cocktail list
                                                 – a comfort to adjoining neighbours and          perfectly accommodates Sydney’s style set.
WHEN the landmark Kings Cross Hotel re-                                                           Classic cocktails with a twist feature on the
                                                 surrounding businesses.
opened after six years of redevelopment, it
                                                                                                  menu including Honeysuckle Daiquiri,
was a special occasion – marking the first       Art Deco light fittings softly illuminate the
                                                                                                  Campari & Blood Peach Bellini and the
time in 96 years the hotel has been allowed      main bar which has polished terrazzo
                                                                                                  Fallen Scott. The hearty bar food menu
to legally operate all five floors               flooring, purposely chosen to offer durability
                                                 over time.                                       compliments the cocktail list with a hint of
                                                                                                  sophisticated old-world appeal, including
Owner Brian Perry’s six-year labour of love      “Our intention was that the Kings Cross          slipper lobster spring rolls, fried quails and a
included gutting the building from the           Hotel should look just as good in three          variety of tasting platters to share.
ground up and introducing state-of-the-art       years, as it does today,” Mr Perry continued.
facilities, whilst retaining the building’s                                                       The original gothic columns remain around
                                                 A gently swirling ceiling, architectural
heritage.                                                                                         the main sitting area of the bar, restored
                                                 columns and a square-shaped sofa
                                                                                                  with faux gold leafing and the two-toned
The statuesque building, which stands at the     punctuate the space, while a large corner
                                                 stage can host individual performances or        parquetry floor undulates in a Gaudiesk
top of William Street, is a complete                                                              motion, while the bar shimmers and
entertainment destination, with five floors of   small theatre productions.
                                                                                                  changes hue in the light.
intimacy, style and old-world charm. Built in    The first floor restaurant, open seven days,
1913, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing with     offers alfresco dining under a theatre-like      Throughout the hotel, items of heritage
a multitude of owners and closures. Failing      glass shelter, where the iconic Coca-Cola        significance have been restored to their
to meet safety conditions again in 2002,         sign sits at centre stage. The 90-seat bistro    former glory including the original stained
Brian Perry, a lover of Sydney’s heritage        serves up produce-driven Australian fare         glass windows and doors in the second floor
buildings, purchased the hotel.                  with an Asian influence.                         function space accommodating parties from
“My vision was to create a variety of areas      Copperlilly Nightclub is located on the third    20 to 125 guests. Juliet balconies have
which would appeal to as many people as          and fourth floors of the hotel, made up of a     been lovingly repaired and faithfully
possible, providing multiple entertaining        maze of ornate timber screens (duplicated        replaced, while the floor is recycled wood
spaces,” Brian Perry told Hotel News.            from the original building), large ottomans      collected from the original building.
                                                 and the original 1913 lift car has been          Brian Perry’s incredible vision for this truly
“By using basic human psychology, we have
                                                 transformed into a private booth.                iconic building has been turned into a reality,
created the right environment to make our
customers feel good in warm, comfortable         The glass dance floor literally hangs above      making it a must-visit for Sydneysiders and
and intimate spaces.”                            guests and a spectacular laser light show        international guests alike.
hotelnews sept08

                    BASIC PROCEDURES TO MINIMISE YOUR RISK                                                                                              Michael Grant
                    MICHAEL GRANT - Membership Manager

                    Once again, the last month brought visits to various Sub-Branches throughout New South Wales, discussing
                    pressures that hotels face from region-to-region. The pressure on Cobar publicans in particular has
18                  increased not only because of the drought, but due to mine closures and loss of work.
  member services

                    ONE of the places we visited in August was Cobar, where an Outback       areas in hotels before attempting to steal an amount of cash. In the
                    Sub-Branch meeting was held, hosted by Damian Wray at the                Western Suburbs of Sydney, it was reported that a man posing as a
                    Empire Hotel Cobar. This Sub-Branch is one of our largest                Telstra worker was attempting to gain access to licensed premises.
                    geographically, covering towns such as Mt Hope, Bourke, Brewarrina,      The man would arrive at licensed premises dressed in uniform and
                    Nyngan and Cobar. Outback Delegate Lachlan Ford, from the Port of        would say that he is working on communication cables outside the
                    Bourke Hotel chaired the Sub-Branch meeting with great success.          venue and that he requires access to internal cables to ensure the
                    Prior to the meeting, we had attended the Cobar Liquor Accord,           lines are not disconnected.
                    where the focus was on re-invigorating the Accord and its direction
                    for the future. Gerard Francisco from the Great Western Hotel Cobar      Upon gaining entry, he then moves around the venue appearing to
                    is the Chairman of the Accord and has received strong support from       check lines in the gaming/TAB and office areas before attempting to
                    hotels, clubs, police and the local Council.                             steal cash from the office area. This person has since been
                    The licensees in Cobar are not only facing issues regarding the
                    drought, but work has been suspended at the biggest mine causing         The Erskineville Hotel had a similar situation occur recently where a
                    a lot of people to move elsewhere to find work – there is also the       gentleman came into the hotel saying that he provided the service of
                    possibility of a second mine doing the same as well. This has            the cleaning of flues above stoves/grills in kitchens. The contractor
                    understandably increased the pressures facing the publicans trying       arranged a time to come to the hotel to clean the flues, attempting
                    to run their hotels.                                                     to receive cash payment in advance and offering to provided the
                    The following day, we travelled to Broken Hill where the AHA (NSW)’s     hotel with a receipt and ABN (which turned out to be invalid) and
                    long-serving Delegate for the Barrier Sub-Branch, Dean Trengove          then he promptly disappeared.
                    from the Mulga Hill Tavern hosted a meeting where issues such as         Both of these incidents show how simple it can be for a thief or
                    the Liquor Act 2007 and the greater relevance of Liquor Accords          bogus worker to gain access to hotels. The AHA (NSW) advises that
                    have in local communities were discussed.                                hoteliers implement some basic procedures to minimise the risk of
                    The Barrier Sub-Branch is geographically the largest of all AHA          this happening. Furthermore, any suspicious activity or attempts by
                    (NSW) Sub Branches, covering towns such as Wilcannia, Menindee,          bogus contractors should be reported to police with as much
                    Tibooburra, Ivanhoe, White Cliffs as well as 18 hotels in Broken Hill.   information as possible.

                    The following day, we drove back via the opal mining town of White       What should you do?
                    Cliffs to catch-up with licensee of the White Cliffs Hotel-Motel,        1. Maintain a sound Contractor Management policy and ensure
                    Graham Wellings. Graham has owned and operated the hotel for             strict adherence.
                    some 33 years and has been an AHA (NSW) member for that same
                    length of time.                                                          2. Ensure all staff, particularly reception and security staff, are
                                                                                             briefed with respect to your contractor policy/procedure.
                    After staying overnight in Hillston, we drove through to Lake
                    Cargellico, where we caught up with Stan Orr from the Commercial         3. Despite contractors wearing uniforms and appearing legitimate,
                    Hotel, as well as Jim Clyburn from the Railway Hotel in Condobolin,      request company ID and their driver’s license and record all details
                                                                                             before granting entry.
                    who happened to be in town at the time. While we were there, we
                    welcomed some very long awaited rain to the area.                        4. Where possible, seek confirmation via work order and/or
                                                                                             telephone the organisation to confirm that the person is authorised
                    After that and around 3,000kms later, we arrived back in Sydney.
                                                                                             to conduct work on their behalf.
                    There were numerous other Sub-Branch meetings that we attended
                    which I will write about next month in Hotel News.                       5. Always ensure that a staff member accompanies contractors
                                                                                             when in your venue.
                    I do, however, want to bring your attention to some other issues of
                                                                                             6. Ensure cash is secure at all times.
                    concern. We have received recent reports that persons have been
                    posing as contractors to gain access to restricted/administration        Mick.Grant@ahansw.com.au
                                                                                                                                                     hotelnews sept08
KENO’S innovative promotions are adding real value to more than          National Marketing                                                          19
200 hotels in New South Wales and their customers, offering players      Manager Marina Cid is
the chance to win exclusive, ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.              particularly looking

                                                                                                                                                      gaming news
                                                                         forward to giving away
Keno’s Velocity Million-air promotion has really taken off this month,
                                                                         this major prize, as
with Keno – together with Velocity Rewards and Virgin Blue – giving
                                                                         there is even more in store for the winner.
players the chance to win more than five million Velocity points in
Virgin’s frequent flyer program, with the major prize of one million     “As if the weekend away with ET wasn’t enough, the winner and 30
Velocity points. While Velocity points can be purchased, you would       of their friends will also receive the added bonus of a free barbecue
need to spend one million dollars to do so, which further highlights     cooked at the winner’s home, with ET on hand to assist; plus, they’ll
the exclusivity of the Velocity promotion’s major prize.                 appear on TV,” Ms Cid told Hotel News.
With the promotion being heavily supported by television advertising     The Christmas promotion is choc-full of secondary prizes, including
to help spread the word, the Velocity promotion is giving hotels         an Everdure Fitzroy Outdoor Kitchen, as well as in-venue prizes of
around the state their very first taste of the excitement a Keno         Keno eskies. Furthermore, just like the Velocity promotion, there will
promotion brings to a venue.                                             be plenty of opportunities for hotel staff to become winners, with staff
From the sky to the sea, Keno is preparing to launch their next          incentive prizes on offer for the best Keno displays.
promotion at the beginning of November to provide one lucky Keno         “We’ve had some fantastic displays pop up around the state for our
player the perfect Christmas present: The Ultimate Fishing and BBQ       promotions and we can’t wait to see what the Ultimate Fishing and
Experience with ET, as well as the chance to appear on his TV show.      BBQ Experience will bring,” Ms Cid continued.
Running through to 21 December 2008, the Christmas promotion             But hurry, sign-up for the Christmas promotion closes 10 October
offers the exclusive opportunity to win a weekend for two with former
                                                                         2008. Please note that Keno must be operational in your hotel by this
Australian rugby league star and fishing legend, Andrew Ettinghausen
                                                                         closing date. To ensure you can take part or for more information,
(ET), to his fishing lodge in the Northern Territory. Plus, with the
                                                                         please email hotels@tabcorp.com.au
highlights of the winner’s trip featured on TV’s Escape with ET, their
experience is truly one that money can’t buy.                            This editorial has been provided to Hotel News by Tabcorp.

WITH a strong focus on the Australian marketplace, IGT                                    concept featuring MultiWay™ Play, is a double
is committed to delivering gaming products designed                                       progressive with bonuses that increase at the same
to maximise the potential of gaming floors in hotels                                      rate as the bet increases. Shogun Returns™ is IGT’s
across Australia.                                                                         first-ever $1 symbol-driven double progressive and
                                                                                          features a mini jackpot that kicks off at $1,000 and a
Following the successful March 2008 launch of the                                         maxi jackpot that starts at $5,000.
Super Reel® stepper and its increasing popularity, IGT
                                                                                          “IGT is very excited about the release of Jungle Quest
has added three new games to the Super Reel® library
                                                                                          and Shogun Returns,” says Mr Louis.
including Incan Queen™, which features a chance to
win a jackpot plus a bonus.                                                               “We believe that the special features of both games
                                                                                          make them a great addition to IGT’s successful suite of
“Our stepper allows venues to create a point of                                           double progressives.”
difference in gaming rooms,” says Cameron Louis,
IGT’s NSW/ACT Sales Manager.                                                              These latest product releases demonstrate IGT’s ability
                                                                                          to utilise its global strength and experience to develop
“Super Reel reintroduces players to iconic old-style                                      an ever-changing array of innovative products and
gaming and introduces this style of play to a new                                         systems for its local business partners.
generation of players.”                                                                   To find out more about IGT’s innovative products and
IGT has also just released two new games to the NSW                                       systems visit www.igt.com.au
marketplace. Jungle Quest®, IGT’s new gaming                                              This editorial has been provided to Hotel News by IGT.
hotelnews sept08


                   BEEFEATER STRIKES                               THE APPLE OF SKYY                                RUSSIAN STANDARD
                   GOLD                                            BLUE’S EYE                                       VODKA NOW AVAILABLE
                   BEEFEATER London Dry Gin has won again          EXCITE your taste buds with the launch of        RUSSIAN Standard Vodka has vaulted into
                   at the 2008 International Wine and Spirit       two new SKYY Blue flavours – SKYY Blue           the top 15 largest vodka brands worldwide
                   Competition (ISWC).                             Apple & Blackcurrant and SKYY BLUE Peach         as ranked by IMPACT magazine, a leading
                   The only premium London Dry Gin still           Ice Tea. This is the first time vodka lovers     source for exclusive data on the alcoholic
                   distilled in London is celebrating once         can enjoy these popular and unique flavours      beverage industry. In addition, Russian
                   again, after it was awarded the coveted         in a premium vodka premix.                       Standard is the fastest growing premium
                   Greenall’s Best Gin Trophy at this year’s                                                        vodka brand in the top 15 as reported in
                   International Wine & Spirit Competition.        These luscious new variants join the
                                                                   much-loved SKYY Blue Lime & Soda and
                   “This most recent accolade confirms             SKYY Blue Lemon, Lime & Bitters premixes         “This ranking demonstrates how popular
                   Beefeater’s unsurpassed quality and it          and have been developed to provide a             our brand has become both in Russia and
                   clearly indicates the gin is the best in its
                                                                   refreshingly crisp, clean drink without that     around the world,” said Roustam Tariko,
                   class,” said Brand Manager Jo Haynes from
                                                                   ‘sickly sweet’ aftertaste so often found in      founder of Russian Standard.
                   Pernod Ricard Australia.
                                                                   other pre-mixed drinks.
                   “The rigorous judging process and intense                                                        “Consumers love authentic Russian vodka
                   nature of the competition highlights not only   SKYY Blue Apple & Blackcurrant is an             and we are proud to bring them the very
                   the superiority of Beefeater Gin, but the       exciting fusion of apple and blackcurrant        best. We want to thank all of our partners
                   expertise and skill of our master distiller     flavours which delivers a fresh and fruity       and employees who have helped to make
                   Desmond Payne.”                                 aftertaste. Combined with the SKYY Vodka,        this brand a success.”
                                                                   this vodka premix is refreshingly smooth n
                   In Australia, Beefeater Gin has gained                                                           The Russian Standard portfolio is now
                                                                   the palate.
                   popularity among bartenders and gin-lovers                                                       available in Australia through Teracole Fine
                   alike, following the recent introduction of a   SKYY Blue Peach Ice Tea is made from real        Wines & Spirits in premium Original, super
                   more contemporary bottle and a move to 40       tea extract, with no artificial colours and 35   premium Platinum or luxury Imperia bottles.
                   per cent ABV.                                   percent less sugar than most regular premix
                                                                   drinks – it’s the first ice tea vodka premix
                                                                   available in Australia. This vodka premix
                   If you would like your ‘new product’
                                                                   presents the complexity of full fruit peach
                   featured on our Spotlight page, send press
                   release and high-resolution product image       flavours with a refreshing tea finish that
                   to Samantha.Panigiris@ahansw.com.au             lingers on the palate.
hotelnews sept08

                   Just the ticket
                   The Union Hotel proves it’s more than
                   just a local
 hotel profile

                   Following a year of extensive                    describes it as a jumbled eclectic look, with     Uncorked. This restaurant, located on level
                   renovations, the Union Hotel has                 fun features and a clever lighting scheme.        one and flooded in natural light, is a
                                                                                                                      sophisticated, comfortable space with a
                   opened its doors to reveal a fresh,              It’s clear that no expense has been spared,
                                                                                                                      modern fit-out and a great deal of charm. It
                   European-style venue which has                   with most of the furniture and fittings for the
                                                                                                                      has also emerged as a restaurant of choice
                   added a new, dynamic social                      new look Union Hotel being imported from
                                                                                                                      in North Sydney.
                                                                    Ireland and Italy. And there’s no mistaking
                   experience to the heart of
                                                                    the decidedly French feel of the hotel with a     The striking red carpet perfectly contrasts
                   North Sydney.                                    striking Parisian-style bar, internal courtyard   the crisp, white furnishings and table
                   WHEN owner/operator Patrick Gallagher            and Le Bistro.                                    settings, as well as the intricate ceiling
                   embarked on the complete transformation of                                                         design and lighting features. Head chef
                                                                    Le Bistro is the chic bistro open every day,
                   the Union Hotel, the objective was to target                                                       David Little combines his exceptional
                                                                    offering affordable meals. It’s a relaxed and
                   an older market, whilst building loyalty                                                           culinary skills with seasonal ingredients to
                                                                    comfortable space where patrons can share         create a prize menu, with an emphasis on
                   amongst the locals and regular patrons.
                                                                    a rustic pizza, seafood platter or indulge in     fresh and robust flavours.
                   The $4 million redevelopment was                 the French and local cheese selection.
                                                                    Group executive chef Ronny Ghantous, has          Little’s menu is modern Australian with a
                   completed in stages with a focus on
                                                                                                                      French influence and is changed on a
                   improving efficiency and flow throughout all     ensured the menu offers something for
                                                                                                                      monthly basis. All steaks served are
                   areas of the hotel.                              everyone. Entrees start at $8.50 and include
                                                                                                                      hormone and antibiotic-free and the
                                                                    French onion soup and slow roast pork belly,
                   “My belief is that quality gives you longevity                                                     signature dish is the Bouillabaisse, which is
                                                                    while mains start at $10.50 and includes a
                   and loyalty,” My Gallagher told Hotel News.                                                        a premium fish and seafood rustic stew,
                                                                    pot of Boston Bay SA mussels which has
                                                                                                                      served with rouille and a crusty baguette
                   “It also gives you the right age group and       proven to be a real favourite.
                   since our re-launch with added versatility                                                         The transformation of level one and
                                                                    The high table in the main bar area (pictured     Uncorked separates it from the more casual
                   and wider appeal, the proof is in our
                                                                    above) has quickly become a central feature       spaces and menu downstairs. A cocktail bar
                                                                    and a meeting place for small groups. There       also features upstairs which is ideal for pre-
                   The entire ground floor was re-designed          is a consistent use of dark timber                dinner drinks and swinging doors lead to an
                   from the front to the back to create a           throughout, which creates a sense of              an outdoor terrace. The French theme is
                   European interior with a Parisian style,         warmth, a corrugated copper feature wall          continued on level one with recurring
                   whether it be for a hearty meal, a quick drink   with French-inspired prints and a specially       images of the Eiffel Tower and while
                   or a casual together with friends or             designed fireplace.                               Uncorked is open four days a week, the
                   colleagues.                                                                                        influx of bookings may see that change in
                                                                    The ground level is only the half of it! Make
                   The ground floor is comfortable and                                                                the near future.
                                                                    your way up the grand, red-and-white
                   traditional, with a modern slant. Gallagher      staircase to the Union Hotel’s drawcard,          www.unionhotel.com.au
                                                hotelnews sept08
Construction company Whitcon Services
worked closely with Patrick Gallagher at the
Union Hotel on this impressive redevelopment.


                                                 hotel profile
                            special feature: passion for pizza        hotelnews sept08

Tip: when it comes
to topping, less is more!
                                                                                                                                                    hotelnews sept08
Toppings galore
Pizzas are providing a point of difference
on hotel menus around NSW
Pub pizzas have come a long way                   provided with the perfect beer or wine         most people would be familiar with their           25
and are a popular choice for a                    match for each pizza. For example, the         unique and exciting toppings. Their pizzas
                                                  Gamberi pizza (prawn, tomato and               range from the traditional pub varieties such
quick lunch or casual dinner. This

                                                                                                                                                     special feature: passion for pizza
                                                  mozzarella) is perfectly teamed with a         as the Queenslander (crispy bacon and
month, Hotel News visits some                     James Squire Golden Ale, or a wine match       pineapple), tiger prawn, Tandoori chicken
hotels where pizza is a favourite                 of the Beelgara Pinot Grigio. Or the Live      and chorizo sausage, to the more exotic
with the patrons and when it                      Cannon pizza (salami, hot pepperoni, chilli,   pizzas with emu, salt water crocodile and
comes to toppings, the                            mushrooms and mozzarella) can be enjoyed       kangaroo.
possibilities are endless!                        best with a Beck’s beer or a glass of JJ’s
                                                                                                 “Our pizza offerings, particularly the
                                                  Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.
IT’S no secret that beer and pizza is a                                                          ones with unique Australian game meats,
fantastic combination and these days, more        The Australian Hotel at The Rocks has been     are what we have become famous for,”
and more people are visiting their local pub      a pub pizza favourite for some time and
                                                                                                                        ...continued next page...
for a ‘slice’ of the action.
Whether you’re sharing a couple of
traditional woodfire pizzas or sampling the
latest unique mix of toppings, it’s great to
just sit around a table with friends, enjoy the
hospitality and watch the big game in your
local hotel.
There are, however, tricks of the trade and
rules to making the perfect pizza. We have
put some handy tips together for you from
some hotel chefs (see next page).
Let’s start with the Union Hotel in North
Sydney which has quickly gained a
reputation for its rustic, handmade pizzas. All
of the pizza bases are made fresh on the
hotel’s premises and are cooked on stone,
making them hot, crispy and irresistible. The
Union Hotel also uses 100 percent fresh
Italian buffalo mozzarella and the pizzas are
priced from $8.50 to $14.50.
The Union’s pizzas include your typical
toppings such as salami, tomato and
mozzarella and prosciutto, basil, tomato and
mozzarella (pictured left). But if you want to
try something a bit more creative, there’s a
fig and gorgonzola pizza on offer too.
PJ Gallagher’s Hotel in both Parramatta and
Drummoyne have a great pizza selection
using raw, fresh ingredients with both Italian
and Aussie-style varieties.
PJ Gallaghers’ pizzas are cooked in a
woodfire oven that helps to enhance the
flavours and the best part is customers are                                                             Bluestone Pizzeria at the Peachtree Hotel
hotelnews sept08

                                       PERFECTING YOUR
                                       PUB PIZZA
26                                     Here are some tips from some of
                                       the State’s ‘pizza’ creators in
  special feature: passion for pizza

                                       • Make your pizza dough before
                                       each meal period
                                       • Once dough is ready and
                                       divided into balls, it’s best to let it   says Richard Jacob from The Australian             and the Napoletana (fresh tomato sauce,
                                                                                 Hotel.                                             olives, anchovies, mozzarella cheese,
                                       rest and rise                                                                                oregano and basil). The signature pizza is
                                                                                 “Not to mention that we have more than
                                                                                                                                    the Bluestone, with fresh tomato sauce,
                                       • Too much sauce can make your            100 exclusively Australian beers to match
                                                                                                                                    mozzarella cheese, salami, grilled capsicum,
                                                                                 any of the pizzas.”
                                       base soggy                                                                                   ham, bacon and mushrooms.
                                                                                 Mr Jacob also explained that most people
                                                                                                                                    At the Bluestone Pizzeria, you can literally
                                       • When it comes to topping, less          who visit The Australian Hotel sample a
                                                                                                                                    create your own unique pizza with a long list
                                                                                 pizza they have never tried before.
                                       is more                                                                                      of extras including grilled capsicum,
                                                                                 “Pizza is such a good food offering for our        eggplant and sundried tomatoes – the
                                       • Keep your pizzas simple, but            hotel, as it fits right in with our philosophy     possibilities are endless.
                                                                                 which is providing a venue and atmosphere
                                       don’t be scared to experiment                                                                Finally, we go to the Oatley Hotel on the
                                                                                 to share good food, quality time with friends,
                                                                                                                                    other side of Sydney where the Clock &
                                       with fresh, tasty ingredients             family or work colleagues, or bring guests
                                                                                                                                    Oyster has a very ‘stylish’ pizza menu. The
                                                                                 for a true Aussie pub experience,” he said.
                                                                                                                                    names of the pizzas are fun and the
                                       • Start with good, fresh produce.         “The pizzas also work really well for our          ingredients are unique and pleasantly
                                                                                 functions, as they are the perfect offering for    surprising. The Versace has chilli beef,
                                       Put a lot of care into your
                                                                                 groups of people gathered on our rooftop           re-fried beans, roasted capsicum, spanish
                                       presentation and consistency and          whilst they enjoy views of Sydney Harbour.         onions and is topped with guacamole and
                                                                                 We actually offer sessions at The Australian       sour cream. Or for real indulgence, the
                                       make sure the pizza gets to the
                                                                                 where we have groups come in to learn all          Gucci is topped with Italian sausage,
                                       table piping hot                          about beer and matching them with our              marinated artichoke, chargrilled eggplant,
                                                                                 pizzas. It’s a great twist to your normal          sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese.
                                       • Build good relationships with           get-together.”
                                       your pizza and produce suppliers          The Peachtree Hotel at Penrith has taken its
                                                                                                                                             ‘Pizza is such a good
                                                                                 pizza offering one step further, offering          food offering for our hotel, as
                                       • Be conscious of wasting                 patrons a pizzeria-style venue within the hotel.           it fits right in with our
                                       ingredients                               The Bluestone Pizzeria serves up a variety of                 philosophy which is
                                                                                 meals, with the emphasis on quality pizzas.               providing a venue and
                                       • If you're cooking in a conveyor         The usual favourites are on the menu                         atmosphere to share
                                                                                 including Supreme, Vegetarian, Hawaiian,
                                       oven, crisp your pizza that little                                                                 good food, quality time
                                                                                 Meatlovers and Margarita. Other varieties
                                       bit more by taking it off the pan         get a bit more creative with toppings like the             with friends, family or
                                                                                 Mexicana (fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella               work colleagues, or bring
                                       and placing it under the oven for         cheese, beef, beans, capsicum, jalopenos,               guests for a true Aussie
                                       an extra minute or so                     tabasco sauce, guacamole and sour cream)                           pub experience.’
hotelnews sept08

                   HOTELS ON NOTICE:
                   KATE ROWE - Training Manager

                   With the introduction of the new Liquor Act and Regulations, it is imperative that all hotels should focus
                   on the ongoing training of staff. This month, I explain how you can get your hotel gaming areas up-to-speed.

28                 WHEN you consider that the Office of Liquor,       gaming machine change counts. You may             You need to refresh their knowledge.
                   Gaming and Racing (OLGR) have recruited an         remember the instance when a security             Managers and supervisors also need to be
                   additional 35 compliance officers, there can       guard looking after the gaming room was           ‘on the ball’. They may have become over-

                   be no doubt that hotels will be visited and        requested for evidence of his RCG certificate.    familiar with their workplace and have
                   tested on their compliance.                        You cannot afford to leave yourselves             stopped seeing things that should be there.
                                                                      exposed to penalties.                             There is always a danger they haven’t
                   While it is reasonable to expect that police
                                                                                                                        supervised the visiting technician who has just
                   and compliance officers will be concentrating      For the safety of your premises, you should
                                                                                                                        serviced gaming machines and has neglected
                   on your hotel’s liquor operations and its          not only ensure that all staff have their
                                                                                                                        to replace the seals within the computer
                   impact on the community, it is also                certificates but that they are aware of licence
                                                                                                                        cabinet. In this case, the licensee would be
                   reasonable to expect that Gaming                   requirements for your premises. For
                                                                                                                        looking at a minimum penalty of $1,100.
                   Regulations will not be neglected. Hotels          example, do they know what to do when they
                   should anticipate that gaming areas will be        are approached by a problem gambler? Can          Iit has been noted that ‘GameCare’ signage
                   attended to by the compliance officers.            your staff give an inspector information on       in some hotels has not been updated to
                                                                      your self-exclusion procedure? Are the            2008. Card holders are empty. Player
                   Now is the time to ensure that your RSA and
                                                                      mandatory signs in place? Where do they           information brochures are missing. The clock
                   RCG Register books are up-to-date. All hotel
                                                                      access replacement stickers for the gaming        is losing time because of flat batteries.
                   staff should have their RCG certificates if
                                                                      machines and ATM? Where is the incident           Stickers on the machines haven’t been
                   your hotel offers gaming machines. There are
                                                                      book located and who do they report to?           replaced.
                   numerous occasions when a member of staff
                   from behind the bar needs to assist in the         It may be that you have staff who completed       All of this means penalties.
                   gaming area. They may have to do the               their RCG when it first became mandatory
                                                                                                                        The AHA (NSW) Training Department is happy
                   occasional payout when an attendant is out         and then did not have a connection with
                                                                                                                        to provide you and your staff a simplified
                   of the room. This counts, as that bar              gaming machines for some years. It would
                                                                                                                        checklist to ensure a compliant gaming area.
                   attendant is concerned with the conduct of         be nice to think that they refreshed their
                                                                                                                        Get in touch with us and together we can get
                   gaming machine activities. It may even             knowledge with workbooks from their
                                                                                                                        your gaming areas up-to-speed.
                   include the provision of refreshments to           courses before they commence working in
                   players. Perhaps the practice of providing         the gaming area. But you can’t count on it.       Kate.Rowe@ahansw.com.au

                   SEPT08 training calendar
                   Date      Course                        Venue                               18 Sept RSA                              Tursa Maclean
                   5 Sept    Counselling, Warnings Fair Termination                            19 Sept RCG                              Tursa Maclean
                                                           AHA (NSW)                           19 Sept Anti-Discrimination & Harassment for Managers
                   8 Sept    RCG                           AHA (NSW)                                                                    AHA (NSW)
                   9 Sept    RSA                           AHA (NSW)                           24 Sept RCG                              AHA (NSW)
                   10 Sept RCG                             AHA (NSW)                           25 Sept RSA                              AHA (NSW)
                   11 Sept RSA                             AHA (NSW)                           29 Sept RCG                              AHA (NSW)
                   15 Sept RCG                             AHA (NSW)                           30 Sept RSA                              AHA (NSW)
                   16 Sept RSA                             AHA (NSW)
                   17 Sept RCG                             AHA (NSW)                           For a complete list of training courses visit www.ahansw.com.au
                   18 Sept RSA                             AHA (NSW)                           or telephone the AHA (NSW) Training Hotline on 1800 100 047.
hotelnews sept08

                         OR IS FORWARD WITH FAIRNESS MERELY
                         INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION?
                         PHILLIP RYAN - Director of Legal and Industrial Affairs

                         In recent editions of Hotel News, I have discussed the progress of the Federal Government’s industrial
                         relations policy, Forward with Fairness (FWF) – the Government’s solution to kill off the Howard Government’s
30                       WorkChoices Amendments.
  industrial relations

                         I say ‘kill off’, because some commentators      will be restoring unfair dismissal laws and    An added benefit for the hospitality industry
                         suggested WorkChoices was dead the               tightening the protections for collective      is that the Australian Industrial Relations
                         moment Labour won the Federal election           statutory agreements. Can you see some         Commission (AIRC) has identified the
                         last year.                                       similarity? So much for WorkChoices being      industry as a priority industry for the Award
                                                                          dead! If WorkChoices was an industrial         Modernisation Process. This means a
                         However, from what we have seen of FWF so
                                                                          revolution, FWF is a industrial evolution.     Hospitality Industry Modern Award (HIMA) will
                         far, I’m not so sure.
                                                                                                                         be determined by the end of this year.
                                                                          FWF is being implemented in stages towards
                         When WorkChoices commenced in 2006, we
                                                                          a target date of 1 January 2010 when the       Therefore, employers in the hospitality
                         saw the biggest changes in industrial
                                                                          NES and modern awards are due to               industry will have the duration of 2009 to
                         relations policy since federation in 1904.
                                                                          commence.                                      consider how the NES and HIMA will affect
                         Contrary to public sentiment, WorkChoices
                                                                                                                         their operations and make the necessary and
                         was more than just Australian Workplace          To date, we have seen:
                                                                                                                         appropriate adjustments in time for the ‘big
                         Agreements (AWA’s), which might I add have
                                                                          • The abolishment of AWA’s;                    bang’ on 1 January, 2010.
                         been around since 1996!
                                                                          • The implementation of transitional           One consideration for many employers will
                         WorkChoices changed the federal industrial
                                                                          arrangements;                                  be, how are my ‘award-free’ employees
                         relations framework from one based on the
                                                                          • Consultation, development and release of     affected? An example of an award-free
                         conciliation and arbitration power, to one
                                                                          the NES; and                                   employee in the hospitality industry is a
                         based on the corporations power. If an
                                                                                                                         general manager or financial controller of a
                         employer was a constitutional corporation,       • Commencement of the Award
                                                                                                                         hotel. Historically, such an employee was
                         then WorkChoices applied.                        Modernisation process.
                                                                                                                         subject to a common law contract with some
                         It introduced the Australian Fair Pay and        In addition to this, we can expect a           limited State-based statutory obligations
                         Conditions Standard (AFPCS) which provided       substantive Bill incorporating the remainder   such as annual leave and long service leave.
                         five statutory minimum conditions of             of the FWF amendments to be introduced
                                                                                                                         This changed in 2006 under the
                         employment, overhauled/improved union            into Parliament in the second half of the
                                                                                                                         WorkChoices amendments with the
                         right of entry laws, removed/loosened            year.
                                                                                                                         introduction of the AFPCS which created five
                         protections for statutory agreements and
                                                                          The implementation of FWF is a bit like        statutory minimum conditions of employment
                         exempted many employees from unfair
                                                                          being drip fed. However, that is not           that apply to all employees of constitutional
                         dismissal laws.
                                                                          necessarily a bad thing and so far, the        corporations. These are minimum wage,
                         Interestingly, the Federal Government will       implementation of FWF has been consistent      maximum ordinary working hours, annual
                         continue to use the corporations’ power as a     with the pre-election FWF policy. At this      leave, personal leave and parental leave.
                         basis for FWF. They will also continue to use    stage, one can cautiously and I repeat,
                                                                                                                         The NES will build on the AFPCS. In a
                         statutory minimum standards of                   cautiously anticipate there shouldn’t be any
                                                                                                                         nutshell, the NES re-brands and remodels
                         employment, increasing the current               big surprises.
                                                                                                                         the AFPCS and introduces another five,
                         AFPCS from five standards to ten and
                                                                          The benefit employers have from such an        taking the minimum standards that will apply
                         renaming them the National Employment
                                                                          implementation process is the time to assess   to all employees of corporations to ten. In
                         Standards (NES).
                                                                          their industrial and employment                addition to the existing conditions under the
                         The Federal Government has indicated it will     arrangements and prepare for 1 January         AFPCS, the NES will provide flexible working
                         retain existing union right of entry laws, but   2010.                                                                     ...continued next page
                                                                                                                                                   hotelnews sept08
  Calendar of events
Mudgee Wine Celebration      Newcastle & Hunter Sub-
1-30 September               Branch Annual Charity Ball

          September    1                             2                            3                             4                             5    31
                             Father’s Day

                      6                              7                            8                             9                          10
                                                           Australia vs New Zealand
                                                           Rugby Union, QLD

AHA golf club event
                      11     Sydney BarShow 2008
                                                  12                          13                             14                            15
Castle Hill                  Moore Park

                      16     Fine Food Australia
                                                  17       AHA (NSW) Council
                                                                              18                             19                           20
                                                                                       Cherry Blossom Festival,
                             Melbourne Convention          meeting and dinner          Cowra
                             Centre                        Newcastle &
                      21                          22       Hunter Sub-Branch
                                                           Charity Golf Day   23                             24                            25
                             AFL Grand Final               Formula 1 Grand Prix                                       Regional Sub-Branch
                             Melbourne, VIC                Singapore                                                  Meeting, Peachtree Inn,

                      26                          27                          28                            29                             30
      If you would like your industry event listed on our Calendar, please send details to Samantha.Panigiris@ahansw.com.au

  arrangements for parents, community services leave, termination and     The AHA (NSW) will be providing members with further information
  redundancy payments, information in the workplace and public            regarding the NES and other industrial relations matters in an
  holidays.                                                               upcoming Special Edition of Member Update.

  As I said above, the NES will apply to all employees, including         It is expected that the AIRC will finalise the HIMA by the end of this
  ‘award-free’ employees. Therefore, employers will need to consider      year and once this occurs, we will ensure members receive detailed
  their contractual arrangements with ‘award-free’ employees and          information on its application and interpretation, most likely in
  whether these need to be amended and if so, what strategy or            early 2009.
  process will be implemented to do so. Furthermore, as 1 January,
                                                                          While 1 January 2010 appears to be a long way off, I’m sure you will
  2010 gets closer, employers may consider drafting new contracts
                                                                          all agree that time does fly and before we know it FWF will be
  that are consistent with the NES.
                                                                          operational. It’s time to start preparing!
  For those employees that are traditionally covered by an award, it is
  likely that they will be subject to the HIMA which will operate in
  conjunction with the NES.
hotelnews sept08

                   FEATURE YOUR CHEFS ONLINE
                   AND ENJOY THE BENEFITS
                   MAX HITCHINS

                   This month, we look at at a great example of how using the internet to feature your hotel, particularly your
                   chefs, can generate some valuable word-of-mouth advertising. It’s also a great way of promoting your
                   signature dishes and attracting new diners to your hotel.
                   Feature your Chef                                                           internet visitors can see and learn how to create this great dish.
                   ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbVGw3wrfHk                                   Chefs Ronnie and David really take you through the process in a
 max’s net news

                                                                                               step-by-step format.
                   Patrick Gallagher at the Union Hotel at North Sydney has certainly
                   seen the benefits of promoting his chefs. Quickly becoming the place        Monthly Gadget:
                   to eat is the Union Hotel’s Uncorked Restaurant. The Union is one of
                                                                                               The iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets to hit the market in 2008.
                   the Australian pubs invited to be part of THEBestPub.com.au This
                                                                                               The things I particularly like about my iPhone are (a) It is a two-
                   video shows why... as chefs Ronnie Gantos and David Little talk you
                                                                                               megapixel camera; (b) A 3.5-inch widescreen multi-touch display
                   through the preparation of one of their signature dishes,
                                                                                               with 480-by-320-pixel resolution; (c) 16 GB of storage space for
                                                                                               photos, videos and music; (d) a real Web browser, Safari, which was
                   Watch them as they take their seafood stock, Morton Bay bugs,               developed by Apple, so it provides connectivity without
                   kings prawns, scallops, mullaway, parsley and lemon and ruie and            complications; (e) iPhone comes with iTunes and Google Maps as
                   turn it into a magical dish.                                                well as two search engines, Google and Yahoo.
                   Patrick Gallagher is using this video as a multi-marketing tool. Firstly,   Max Hitchins is known around the world as the Hospitality Doctor
                   he is sending it to the media to get some word-of-mouth happening.          specialising in internet marketing for the Hospitality Industry.
                   As he is in the vanguard of operators realising the potential of using
                                                                                               AHA (NSW) members are invited to register at
                   the internet, he realises the media may pick it up and run with it as a
                                                                                               www.HospitalityDoctor.com to receive his regular emails with tips
                   story. Secondly, take a few minutes to view the video and I’m
                                                                                               and tonics to fill your bars, beds and bistros.
                   prepared you will soon be licking your lips and thinking: “I am hungry
                   and I would like to try that!” Thirdly, it gives him another angle where    max@hitchins.com.au

                   ON HOTEL GAMING
                   WHILST most businesses in Australia are being impacted by the               superior customer service.
                   current economic climate, the hotel, club and gaming sectors have
                                                                                               Last month, Aristocrat showcased its newest range of games at the
                   been subjected to the double-whammy of the economic downturn
                                                                                               Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) in Sydney. Whilst the line-up of
                   and indoor smoking bans.
                                                                                               games includes innovative and entertaining new games in the low
                   It is quite clear from the industry and Government data, that the vast      denomination segment for which Aristocrat is globally renowned,
                   majority of NSW hotels are experiencing some level of negative              Aristocrat also launched a range of jackpot and bonus products in
                   impact in their business growth this year due to these factors.             the mid-denomination (5c, 10c, 20c) and high-denomination (50c,
                   Understandably, many operators have to adjust their business                $1) categories.
                   strategies in order to deal with the situation.
                                                                                               The current market dynamics are influencing an increase in mid and
                   A hotel’s gaming operation is one area that typically suffers the           high denomination products in many gaming installations and most
                   highest impact from anti-smoking legislation and understandably             hotels have traditionally had a demand for this product from their
                   many operators are inclined to reduce their investment in this part of      patrons.
                   their business.
                                                                                               Aristocrat’s fixed-term software licensing model is the perfect
                   However, there are clear indicators in the data from many sources
                                                                                               mechanism for hoteliers to maintain a dynamic and exciting gaming
                   that the venues that have maintained a strong focus on and
                                                                                               floor through regular game changes at a significantly reduced cost.
                   continuous reinvestment into their gaming operations are the ones
                   that have typically minimised the impacts compared to less proactive        If you would like to discuss Aristocrat’s latest games, promotions or
                   venues in their regions.                                                    strategies for improving your gaming floor, don’t hesitate to
                   Maintaining an appealing and fresh gaming installation with the             telephone your Business Development Executive or call 1800 150 432.
                   newest and most popular products is a significant part of this, as is       * The editorial above has been provided to Hotel News by Aristocrat.
                                                                                                                                                      hotelnews sept08
ROWAN CAMERON – Gambling Counsellor

THERE is a very good friend of mine. At the age of 68, you might say       of their country, they erected a Statue of Responsibility on the West
John’s a bit of a cynic – a tad life-weary. He views the world around      coast.
him as having become a bit precious. Legalised injecting rooms,
                                                                           As a counsellor who is involved with the harm minimisation initiatives
serious criminal offenders getting off with a sentence that’s little
                                                                           NSW hotels have introduced, I’m in an unique position to bear
more than a wrist-slap, men who as boys were caned at school, only
                                                                           witness to the extent to which the hotels are committed to making a
years later to receive substantial lumps sums of cash in                                                                                              33
                                                                           difference, while I constantly work with the suffering experienced by
                                                                           a minority of those who experience destructive machine play.
“The world has gone stark-raving mad,” John says.

                                                                                                                                                       responsible gaming
                                                                           I’m privileged to counsel a great variety of people from all walks of
What really pushes his button is when he perceives the world as            life who share one common experience. They are all problem
interfering with his freedom as an adult and a taxpayer to make            gamblers. I help them to slowly and painstakingly work through the
choices for himself.                                                       issues in their lives that have contributed to the problem gambling
                                                                           behaviour. One of the common misconceptions about problem
“When is the world going to give up trying to save me from myself!”
                                                                           gamblers is that they all get into trouble for the same reason. I’d like
Like John, you could be forgiven for thinking most modern Western          to finish by dispelling dispel a few myths here:
democracies such as ours are having difficulty walking that fine line
                                                                           1. Not every problem gambler is ‘stupid’, though some are
between necessary regulation of society and unnecessary
                                                                           intellectually challenged.
                                                                           2. Not every problem gambler has a meaningless, dull existence,
At times, my friend feels as though society is treating him as a
                                                                           though some of these people’s lives are lacking in meaning and
parent would treat a child. Naïve and thus a potential danger to
himself. The media regularly applies the term ’Nanny State’ and it’s a
term my cynical old friend is also fond of.                                3. Not every problem gambler who plays a gaming machine is doing
What I like to remind my friend of, is that not everybody has the          so to escape into a pain-avoiding, trance-like state, although a
knowledge, maturity, wisdom, education, intelligence and general           significant proportion have used the machines as an attempt to self-
high level of human functioning that he enjoys. For some people, a         medicate the pain in their lives.
society brimming with freedom and choices can be dangerous place.          4. Not every problem gambler leads a lonely, isolated existence.
My friend likes to put the odd $50 into a gaming machine. He enjoys        There are those who do experience a sense of disconnection from
the uncertainty. He doesn’t know how long he will play, whether he’ll      the community.
win more money or lose part – or all of what he’s invested. Although       5. Not every problem gambler is an addict, though addictive
the machine is set to deliver a certain fixed outcome returning
                                                                           behaviour runs high in this portion of the community.
roughly 90c in the dollar, my friend does have the ability to affect the
outcome in other ways. He can alter the value of his bet, pull out his     6. Not every problem gambler suffers from alcoholism or depression,
money at any time. He can choose not to put anything in at all.            although as you might expect, there is a high incidence of ‘co-
What about those people who aren’t as capable as my friend to take         morbidity’ here. That is, a lot of problem gamblers also suffer from
care of themselves and to behave in ways that preserve their own           other disorders such as alcoholism and depression.
interests? Part of the role of a caring society is to look after those     I hope this goes some way towards your understanding that the title
who are not as adept at self-preservation.                                 “Problem Gambler” really doesn’t do justice to those unique and
I’m fairly sure that it was a noted 20th century psychotherapist and       complex individuals who get into trouble with the gambling choices
Nazi death camp survivor Viktor Frankl that advocated that the United      available in our society.
States would be sending a much more healthy message to its
citizens if, to give balance to the statue of Liberty on the East coast
hotelnews sept08

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                     Contact: Bryan Johnson and Tony Croese
                                                                                             Contractors. Sales - Service - Installation. Specialists in the       Email: smete@cumuluswines.com.au
                     Tel: 4923 4000 Email: bj@cws.biz Web: crosbiewarrensinclair.com.au
                                                                                             Hospitality Industry. 18 Gartmore Ave, Bankstown 2200                  DIAGEO
                     FERRIER HODGSON (NEWCASTLE)
                                                                                             Contact: Greg De Vries Tel: 9707 2070 Fax: 9793 2070                  The world’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding
                     Level 3, 2 Market Street Newcastle 2300 Contact: Cath Antaw
                                                                                             Email: alana@saltec.com.au                                            collection of brands, including: Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guinness,
                     Tel: 4908 4444 Fax 4908 4499 Email:
                                                                                              TOTAL CONCEPT PROJECTS (AUST) PTY LTD                                Baileys, Bundaberg Rum & Gordons. Locked Bag 1 Bondi Junction
                                                                                             Audio Visual Systems Engineering. Sales, Service, Installation.       NSW 1355 Contact: Justin Casey Tel: 9931 9888 Mob: 0403
                     LAWLER PARTNERS                                                                                                                               360 118 Fax: 9386 1532 Email: justin.casey@diageo.com
                                                                                             Audio, video, background music, public address, intelligent
                     Accounting and business advisory services for the hospitality
                                                                                             lighting, control systems & projection systems. 34-36 Adderley         FOSTER’S AUSTRALIA
                     sector. 763 Hunter St, Newcastle 2300 Contact: Peter McLean
                                                                                             St East, Silverwater 2128 Contact: John Angel Tel: 9648 3444          Foster’s is Australia’s leading multi-beverage business offering both
                     Tel: 4962 2688 Email: pmclean@cmplawler.com.au
                                                                                             Mob: 0412 814 523 Email: jangel@totalconceptprojects.com              customers and consumers an unrivalled portfolio of leading beer,
                     NEXIA HOTEL ACCOUNTANTS
                                                                                                                                                                   wine, spirits, ready-to-drink, cider and non-alcoholic brands. GPO
                     Chartered accountants and business advisors, specialising in            BAR SUPPLIES                                                          Box 4050 Sydney 2001. Contact: Matt Webster Tel: 0400 329
                     hotels. Lvl 29 Australia Square 264 George St Sydney 2000
                                                                                             ANDALE HOTEL SERVICES                                                 979 Fax: 9212 7412
                     Contact: Sidney Lin, Paul Lenton Tel: 9251 4600 Fax: 9251
                                                                                             Beer and soft drink dispensing equipment. 2/2 Pile Road,              GLOBAL COFFEE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
                     7138 Email: pubs@nexiacourt.com.au Web: nexiacourt.com.au
                                                                                             Somersby NSW 2250 Contact: Paul Nesbit                                A dominant player in the provision of the full range of coffee
                     PITCHER PARTNERS
                                                                                             Tel: (02) 4340 4111 Fax: (02) 4340 4155                               solutions systems to Australia’s hospitality industry. PO Box 201
                     Level 22 MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place Sydney 2000
                     Contact: Damien Hodgkinson Tel: 9228 2247                               BEVCON SOLUTIONS                                                      Fairy Meadow 2519 Contact: Joe Trad Tel: 4284 6055 Fax:
                     Email: hospitality@pitcher-nsw.com.au                                   Provider of bulk spirit dispensers and real-time beverage             4284 6099 E: jtrad@nationalcoffee.com.au
                                                                                             monitoring systems. Contact: Cameron Lee Tel: 9680 4033               LIQUOR MARKETING GROUP/BOTTLEMART
                     STEPHEN PAGE & CO
                                                                                             E: c.lee@bevcon.com.au
                     Chartered Accountants. Lvl 7, 84 Pitt St, Sydney 2000                                                                                         The largest and most successful hotel group with over 1,600
                     Contact: Stephen Page Tel: 9233 4011 Fax: 9232 8830                     BRACTON INDUSTRIES P/L                                                members nationally. Unit 14, 1 Burroway Rd, Homebush Bay
                                                                                             Manufacturers and suppliers of quality beverage dispensing            2127 Contact: Sean Hogan Tel: 9475 2333 Email:
                     ATM & EFTPOS SUPPLIERS                                                  equipment, glass washing and dishwashing machines, bar & cellar       shogan@lmg.com.au Web: bottlemart.com.au
                     BANKTECH                                                                cleaning products. 52 Chard Rd, Brookvale 2100 Contact: Ben
                                                                                                                                                                   NESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL
                     The leader in ATM services with the CashConnect ATM                     Hudghton Mob: 0433 114 423 Tel: 9928 1800 Fax: 9905 0979
                                                                                                                                                                   Preferred and respected as the leading quality coffee port for
                     Network. Lvl 5, 140 William St, Sydney 2011. Contact: Arthur            E: ben@bracton.com Web: bracton.com
                                                                                                                                                                   portioned coffee. Lvl 11, 20 Miller St Nth Sydney 2060
                     McGill Tel: 1800 080 910 Fax: 9368 1892 Email:                                                                                                Contact: Renaud Tinel Tel: 8925 6615 Fax: 8925 6680
                     sales@banktech.com.au Web: www.banktech.com.au
                                                                                             AUSTRALIAN LIQUOR MARKETERS PTY LTD                                    OATLEY FAMILY WINES PTY LTD
                      CASHCARD AUSTRALIA LIMITED                                                                                                                   Lvl 3, 100 Pacific Hwy St Leonards 2065 Contact: Campbell
                                                                                             Australia’s largest wholesaler of wine, spirits and beer. Suppliers
                     ATM and EFTPOS suppliers. PO Box 1509 Nth Sydney 2059.                                                                                        MacLeod Tel: 9433 3224 Fax: 9433 0456 Email:
                                                                                             to independent marketing groups and specialists in contract
                     Contact: Glen Hughes Tel: 1300 655 627 Fax: 9922 3486                                                                                         cmacleod@oatleywines.com.au
                                                                                             warehousing. 4 Newington Rd, Silverwater 2128
                     Email: sales@cashcard.com.au Web: cashcard.com.au
                                                                                             Contact: Mark Turner Tel: 9741 7222 Fax: 9741 7290                    PERNOD RICARD AUSTRALIA
                     CUSTOMERS ATM                                                           Email: mark.turner@almliquor.com.au                                   Wine & spirits supplier: Jacobs Creek, Wyndham Estate,
                     Australia’s leading publicily listed ATM provider. Suite 4, Level 1,                                                                          Stoneleigh, Chivas Regal to name a few. 16 Byfield St Nth Ryde
                                                                                             BACARDI LION
                     118 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest 2065 Contact: Larry Warren Tel:                                                                                 Contact: John Chapman Tel: 8874 8306 Email:
                                                                                             Unit 18 Newington Technology Park, 8 Avenue of Americas,
                     9432 8709 Fax: 9432 8799 Email: sales@customers.com.au                                                                                        john.chapman@pernod-ricard-australia.com
                                                                                             Newington NSW 2127 Contact: Brooke Collins Tel: 9737 9829
                     ICASH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD                                                 Email: brooke.collins@bacardilion.com                                 PETER DOYLE WINE CENTRES P/L
                     Ground floor, 504 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards 2065 Contact: Kim                                                                                  Liquor wholesaler. 56 The Avenue Maryville 2293
                                                                                             BARONS BREWING PTY LTD
                     Stewart Tel: 9906 0658 Fax: 9906 0611 Email:                                                                                                  Contact: Mary Therese Doyle Tel: 4969 6933 Fax: 4969 5718
                                                                                             Brewer. PO Box 1222 Woollahra NSW 1350 Tel: 9302 5000
                     kim.stewart@pulseint.com.au                                                                                                                   Web: peterdoylecellars.com.au
                                                                                             Fax: 9302 5099 Email: info@baronsbrewing.com
                     AUDIO VISUAL & LIGHTING                                                 BYRON BAY BEVERAGES                                                   PREMIUM BEVERAGES PTY LTD
                                                                                             5/5 Talavera Road, Nth Ryde 2113 Contact: Brad Humphries              Supplier of Coopers range of beers and the King of Beer
                     AVSOUND PRODUCTION PTY LTD
                                                                                             Tel: 1800 505 365 Email: humpa@byronbaybrewery.com.au                 ‘Budweiser’. Unit 45, 7-9 Percy St, Auburn NSW 2144 Contact:
                     PO Box 6221 Alexandria NSW 2015 Contact: Matthew Kline Tel:
                                                                                                                                                                   Paul Esposito Mob: 0404 839 203 Tel: 9643 7100 Fax: 9643
                     9550 2555 Fax: 9550 4333 Email: mkline@avsound.com.au                    CADBURY SCHWEPPES
                                                                                                                                                                   7166 Email: Paul.Esposito@premiumbeverages.com.au
                                                                                             27 Huntingwood Drive Huntingwood NSW 2148
                     DRUIN PTY LTD
                                                                                             Contact: Marc Rees Tel: 9839 8000 Email:                               PUBMART/THE INDEPENDENT LIQUOR GROUP
                                                                                             marc.rees@ap.csplc.com Web: cadbury.com.au                            Wide range liquor wholesaler and hotel banner group.
                     15-21 Atkinson Rd, Taren Point NSW Contact: Alan Stephenson
                                                                                             CANTARELLA BROS                                                       16 Tyrone Place, Erskine Park NSW Contact: Aidan Desmond
                     Tel: 9710 4235 Email: andrew.bloom@au.harveynormal.com
                                                                                             Vittoria Coffee and Aurora Coffee. 118 Wetherill St, Silverwater      Tel: 9675 8400 Fax: 9625 0601
                     SOLUTIONS P/L                                                           NSW 2128 Tel: 9748 0299 Email: domm@vittoriacoffee.com                Email: adesmond@ilg.com.au Web: pubmart.com.au
                     Sales and installation of plasmas and LCDs for TAB and Keno;             COCA-COLA AMATIL                                                     RHINOS AUSTRALIA
                     in-house sound, CCTV & CBUS control systems. PO Box 364                 Suppliers of all postmix flavours and carbonated soft drink           Energy drink. Unit 2/93 Jedda Rd, Prestons NSW 2107 Tel:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      hotelnews sept08
9608 0644 Email: kevin@rhinos-energy.com.au                              FOURWAY PROJECTS                                                       Tel: 03 6237 3211 Email: national.sales@auroraenergy.com.au
 SAMUEL SMITH & CO.                                                      Complete hotel fitouts. Factory J, 61 Waratah St, Kirrawee 2232        BOC
Purveyors of fine wines, beers and spirits - Yalumba, Vasse Felix,       Contact: Jeffrey Lillington Tel: 9542 3996                             Supply industrial and hospitality gases for the industry. We are
Champagne Pol Roger, Pewsey Vale, Heggies Vineyards, Nautilus            Fax: 9545 1203 Email: fourway@bigpond.net.au                           the leading supplier of AS5034 equipment and solutions.
Estate, Oxford Landing, Ringbolt, Smith & Hooper, Twin Islands, Forest   FUGEN CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD                                             10 Julius Ave Nth Ryde 2113 Contact: David Garnham
Hill, Jim Barry, Coopers Premium Ales, Budweiser, Angas Brut, Peter      Commercial builders specialising in the hospitality sector. New,       Tel: 8874 4400 Email: david.garnham@boc.com
Lehmann, Jansz Tasmania, Langs Supreme Scotch, Glentrothes, Cutty        refurbishment and fitout works. PO Box 566, Alexandria NSW             NATGAS
Shark. 6-8 Crewe Plc, Rosebery 2018 Contact: Andrew                      1435. Contact: Stephen Flannery Tel: 9550 5344 Fax: 9516               Suppliers of cylinder gases for beverage dispensing. 6
Tramonte and Garth Grbich Tel: 8344 8244 Fax: 8344 8246                  2599 Email: sflannery@fugen.com.au                                     Chalmers Street Mascot 2020 Contact: Gary Boyle Tel: 9317
Web: www.samsmith.com                                                    INNOVATIVE SPACES                                                      5011 Fax: 9669 2698 Email: natgas1@bigpond.com
TAYLORS WINES                                                            Commercial and residential builders, specialising in hotel/pub         SPEED GAS PTY LTD
Wine company. 1-3 Charles St Petersham NSW 2049 Contact:                 refurbishments. 2/1547 Botany Rd, Botany 2019. Contact:                Supply of beer gas nitrogen Co2 mixes to hotels for beverage          35
Kathleen Scofield Tel: 8585 3510 Fax: 8585 3599                          Ryan Marsh Tel: 9666 6443 Email:                                       systems. 4D 1 Campbell Pde, Manly Vale 2093 Contact: Tim
Email: kathleen@taylorswines.com.au                                      ryan@innovativespaces.com.au                                           Brown Tel: 9907 7999 Fax: 9907 7666 Email:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       associate members
THE DAIQUIRI GROUP                                                       INTERO HOSPITALITY PROJECTS                                            tim@speedgas.com.au
Unit 1/31 Export Drive, Ernest Qld 4214 Contact: John Sigur              PO Box 253 Artarmon 2064. Contact: David Vokes Tel: 0417               TAGTEAM AUSTRALIA ELECTRICAL
Tel: 07 5563 1166 Fax: 07 5563 1066 Email:                               758 956 Email: davidv@interoprojects.com                               All areas of electrical work specialising in programmed
admin@daiquirigroup.com                                                  JAMES CLIFFORD CONSTRUCTION                                            preventative maintenance. Unit 16/15 Henry St, Picton 2571.
 TOOHEYS PTY LTD                                                         56 Bathurst St, Liverpool 2170. Contact: Bill Garrett Tel: 9601        Contact: Jacob Digger Tel: 1300 368 042 Email:
Brewer of Tooheys New, Tooheys Extra Dry, Hahn Premium,                  5177 Fax: 9821 1069 Email: bg@jamesclifford.com.au                     jacob@tagteamaustralia.com
Hahn Premium Light, Tooheys Old, Tooheys Pils, Becks,
                                                                         MCNALLY DESIGN INTERNATIONAL (AUSTRALASIA) P/L
Heineken, James Squire and XXXX Gold. 29 Nyrang St, Lidcombe                                                                                    EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS
                                                                         Suite 306, 19a Birkenhead Pt, Roseby St, Drummoyne 2047.
2141. Contact: Doug May Tel: 13 15 13 Fax: 9647 9437
                                                                         Contact: Hugh O’Reilly Tel: 9819 6002 Fax: 9819 6004                   EXHIBITIONS & TRADE FAIRS
UNITED INN-KEEPER ASSOCIATION LTD                                        Email: horeilly@mcnallydesign.com.au                                   68-72 Lilyfield Rd, Rozelle 2039. Contact: Robby Clark Tel: 9556
Hotel banner buying group. Suite 3, 26 Ross St Parramatta                                                                                       7992 Fax: 9556 7979 Email: rclark@eft.com.au
                                                                         NETWORK REFURBISHMENTS
2150 Contact: Peter Silvia Tel: 0408 709 509 Fax: 9630
                                                                         Design & construction company specialising in the hospitality          FINANCE/SUPERANNUATION
1997 Email: peters@innkeepers.com.au
                                                                         industry. 873 Victoria Rd Ryde NSW Contact: Michael Chain
                                                                                                                                                 AMERICAN EXPRESS
CARPET MANUFACTURERS                                                     Tel: 9808 5673 Fax: 9807 7196 Email:
                                                                                                                                                The AMEX Business Card is unlike any other in Australia. It’s
TASCOT                                                                                                                                          designed especially to make the day-to-day running of your
Manufacturer of woven carpets. 1st floor, 59 Hume St, Crows              THE BUILDER CONSTRUCTION GROUP INTERNATIONAL                           business simpler and far more rewarding. 12 Shelley St, Sydney
Nest 2065 Contact: Steve Major Tel: 9906 7955 Fax: 9906                  Unit 4/1 Horden Place, Camperdown 2050 Contact: Jocelyn                2000 Contact: Cynthia Gole Tel: 9271 3958 E: 92
7776 Web: www.tascot.com.au                                              Souter Tel: 9517 9555 Fax: 9517 9599 Email:                            BANKWEST
                                                                         jocelyn@thebuilder.net.au                                              Banking and finance. Lvl 26, 45 Clarence St Sydney 2000
CLEANING                                                                                                                                        Contact: Richard Bennett, Warren O’Brien,
                                                                         EDUCATION, TRAINING & EMPLOYMENT
 AHS HOSPITALITY                                                                                                                                Peter Ostroman Tel: 8543 4101 Fax: 8299 8350
The largest outsourcing provider to accommodation hotels in              BARRINGTONS                                                            Email: richard.bennett@bankwest.com.au
Australia. It’s our job to make you look good! Suite 3, Lvl 3 13-        Risk management, training and recruitment. 6/7 Anella Ave,             COMMONWEALTH BANK AUST.
15 Wentworth Ave Sydney 2010 Contact: Jodie Gilcrist Tel:                Castle Hill 2154 Contact: Ariane May Tel: 9899 9391                    Corporate Banking. Lvl 12, 363 George St, Sydney NSW 1155
8267 2400 Email: jgilcrist@ahshospitality.com.au                         Fax: 9899 9392 Email: ariane@barringtongroup.com.au                    Contact: Barry Van-de-Water Tel: 8292 5390 Fax: 8292 8727
BUTLER CARPET CLEANERS                                                   BUTLER & BLACKBERRY                                                    Email: barry.vandewater@cba.com.au
Awarded No 1. Carpet Cleaning Company in Australia 2008.                 National hospitality, cleaning and promotions staffing agency          FORSYTHES
Specialising in Hotel Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Programs.            (casual & full-time recruitment). Lvl 1, 620 Harris St Ultimo 2007.    Financial planning, recruitment, forensic accounting, IT and
Suite 3, 27 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne 2047                                     Contact: Chloe Matters Tel: 1300 729 201 Email:                        training. Lvl 5, 175 Scott St Newcastle 2300 Contact: Bill
Contact: Mary Langrell Tel: 9719 8777                                    info@butlerandblackberry.com                                           Tonkin Tel: 4926 2699 Fax: 4929 1435 Email:
CHALLENGER CLEANING                                                      LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA
Public area cleaners, room attendants and stewarding services            Management training, leadership development, productivity               HOSTPLUS
for all Sydney metro hotels. Contact: Vadim Gurevich Tel: 9993           empowerment, Cert IV in Business FLM, Cert III in Business             The national superannuation fund for the hospitality, tourism,
0562 Email: vadim@challengerservices.com.au                              (Sales). PO Box 258, Nth Sydney 2059 Contact: Gavin Farley             recreation & leisure industries. Lvl 5, 477 Pitt St, Sydney NSW
EMPIRE HOSPITALITY                                                       Mob: 0419 418 531                                                      Contact: Mr Chris McManamon Tel: 02 8202 8700
Housekeeping outsource provider. Suite 102/243 Pyrmont St,                                                                                      Fax: 02 8202 8750 Mob: 0417 538 821 Email:
                                                                         MINT GROUP
Pyrmont 2009. Contact: Darren Sacks Tel: 9571 6811                                                                                              cmcmanamon@mail.hostplus.com.au Web: hostplus.com.au
                                                                         Contract staffing, nationally accredited training, permanent
Fax: 9571 6822 Email: reception@empirehospitality.com.au                 recruitment. Lvl 4, 47 York St Sydney NSW 2000                         ING BANK (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED
Web: empirehospitality.com.au                                            Contact: Scott Whitelaw Tel: 9994 0218 Fax: 9994 0221                  Finance for the purchase of hotels. Lvl 5, 140 Sussex St,
JANI KING                                                                Email: scottw@mintgroup.org Web: mintgroup.org                         Sydney 2000 Contact: Ian Cox Tel: 9028 4185
Commercial cleaning services. Unit 43, 7 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill                                                                              Fax: 9028 4117 Email: ian.cox@ingbank.com.au
                                                                         ST JOHN AMBULANCE AUSTRALIA (NSW)
2154 Contact: Rachel Finney Tel: 9634 4133
                                                                         First aid training and products. 6 Hunt St Surry Hills NSW 2010        MEMBERS EQUITY BANK – THE SUPER FUNDS BANK
Email: rachel@janiking.com.au
                                                                         Contact: Brett Hamilton Tel: 9212 1088 Fax: 9281 6923                  Australian bank, owned by Industry Superannuation Funds,
TJ’S CLEANING SERVICES                                                   Email: contact@stjohnnsw.com.au                                        specialists in providing finance to hotel – freehold or lease hold.
Contract cleaners specialising in the hospitality industry. 6                                                                                   Lvl 13, 44 Market St Sydney NSW 2000 Contact: Stephen
                                                                         STUART WIGGINS
Daphne St Botany NSW 2019 Contact: Corey Dunn Tel: 9315                                                                                         Gurney Tel: 8296 0347 Fax: 9262 4594 Email:
                                                                         Hospitality tourism education. Lvl 10, 171 Pacific Hwy Nth
5555 Fax: 9316 4392 Email: cdunn@tjscleaning.com.au                      Sydney 2059 Contact: Stuart Wiggins Tel: 9955 1122                     sgurney@membersequitybank.com.au
                                                                         Fax: 9955 2771 Email: stuartwiggins@billyblue.com.au
CONSTRUCTION/BUILDERS/DESIGNERS                                                                                                                 NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK LTD
                                                                         Web: billyblue.com.au
BERGSTROM ARCHITECTS                                                                                                                            Leading pub specialists in acquisitions, debt
                                                                         SYDNEY INSTITUTE OF TAFE                                               restructuring/refinance and transactional banking. Lvl 23, 255
Architecture and interior design, full independent design service,
                                                                         Building E, Cnr Harris & Thomas Streets Ultimo 2007                    George St, Sydney NSW 2000 Contact: Patrick Ying Tel: 9237
hospitality specialists. Suite 9, 9 Myrtle St, Nth Sydney 2060
                                                                         Contact: Andrea Poletti Tel: 9217 5543
Contact: Tom Bergstrom Tel: 8920 1499                                                                                                           9756 Email: patrick.ying@nab.com.au
                                                                         Email: andrea.poletti@tafensw.edu.au
Email: tom@bergstromarchitects.com.au                                                                                                            ST GEORGE BANK LTD
CLUB CONSTRUCTION AUSTRALIA PTY LTD                                      ENERGY/GAS/POWER                                                       Level 4, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000 Contact: Rob
Hotel refurbishment specialists offering design and construction         AURORA ENERGY                                                          Gleeson Tel: 9216 2217 Email: gleesonr@stgeorge.com.au or
services. 14/10 Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill 2154. Contact: Jason           Energy retailer currently operating in NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA & TAS.   Contact: Michael Grace Tel: 9216 2257 Fax: 9216 2212
Gaff Tel: 9799 3999 Email: office@clubconstruction.com.au                21 Kirksway Pl, Hobart TAS 7000. Contact: Business Sales Team          Email: gracem@stgeorge.com.au
hotelnews sept08

36                   SUNCORP-METWAY
                     Finance for the purchase of hotels. Lvl 2, 56 Pitt St Sydney
                                                                                         Road, Alexandria 2015 Contact: Scott Macdougall
                                                                                         Tel: 8394 6000 Email: scott@globalgaming.com.au
                                                                                                                                                               B & B SUPPLIERS PTY LTD
                                                                                                                                                               Hospitality supplier. 29 Torrens Ave, Cardiff 2285 Contact: Mark Mackay
                     2000 Contact: Brad Fowler Tel: 8836 5887 Fax: 9635 7269                                                                                   Tel: 4956 5500 Fax: 4956 6271 Email: mark@totalsupply.com.au
                     Email: brad.fowler@suncorp.com.au                                                                                                         BUTLER CARPET CLEANERS PTY LTD
                                                                                         Manufacturers and suppliers of innovative gaming products,
 associate members

                     WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION                                                                                                               Specialists in commercial carpet cleaning. Also do domestic carpets,
                                                                                         including 1,000 Credits for $1 games, exclusive to IGT.1 Rosebery
                     Banking and finance. Lvl 26, 275 Kent St, Sydney 2000                                                                                     leather and fabric upholstery and hard-surface cleaning. Suite 3, 27
                                                                                         Ave, Rosebery 2018 Contact: Bruce Bevan Tel: 8345 3000
                     Contact: Ross Burgess Tel: 8254 5010 Fax: 8253 0925                                                                                       Lyons Rd, Drummoyne 2047 Contact: Mary Langrell Tel: 9719 8777
                                                                                         Mob: 0417 794 090 Fax: 8345 3690 Email: bruce.bevan@IGT.com
                     Email: rburgess@westpac.com.au                                                                                                            Email: info@butlercc.com.au Web: butlercc.com.au
                                                                                         Web: IGT.com.au
                     FLORISTS                                                             KONAMI
                                                                                                                                                               On site paging and communications specialising in hospitality.
                     COURTNEYS FLORIST                                                   28 Lord Street Botany NSW 2019 Contact: Larry Mason Tel: 0409
                                                                                                                                                               8/31 Maclaurin Ave East Hills 2213 Contact: Shayne Evans
                     Shop 4, Railway Rd, Meadowbank 2114. Contact: Courtney              365 531 Email: lpmason_54@hotmail.com
                                                                                                                                                               Tel: 9792 4188 Email: shayne@jtech.com.au Web: jtech.com.au
                     Anderson Tel: 9808 2133 Tel: 9808 2155 Email:                        MAX GAMING                                                           SCENT AIR
                     courtneysflorist@bigpond.com                                        PO Box 1528 Strawberry Hills 2012 Contact: Simon Provost              13 Auburn St, Hunters Hill 2110 Contact: Batya Shulman Tel:
                     FOODS                                                               Tel: 8272 3429 Fax: 8272 3640 Email:
                                                                                                                                                               1300 763664 Fax: 9388 3718 Email: info@scentair.com.au
                     BIDVEST                                                             simon.provost@maxgaming.com.au Web: maxgaming.com.au
                                                                                                                                                               THE MENU COMPANY
                     With a reputation as the supplier of choice, we are the leading     INDEPENDENT GAMING PTY LTD                                            Menu covers, wine & cocktail lists, in-room compendiums, bar
                     broad line food service wholesale distributor in Newcastle, the     Specialising in the sales, service & maintenance of poker             stands. 49 Hume St, Crows Nest 2065 Contact: Libby Scott
                     Central Coast, Port Stephens & Hunter Valley. 4 Ayrshire Cres,      machines, link & network systems. 17 Brookhollow Ave,                 Tel: 9966 4999 Email: libby@menucompany.com.au
                     Sandgate NSW 2304 Contact: Glen Convery Mobile: 0438                Baulkham Hills 2153 (PO box 6906) Tel: 8858 1000 Fax: 8858
                     640 259 Fax: 4960 2228 Email: gconvery@bidvest.com.au               1010 Email: sales@independentgaming.com.au                            HOTEL AMUSEMENT & ENTERTAINMENT
                      GLENMORE MEATS                                                      PALTRONICS                                                           A HANKIN & CO PTY LTD
                     Wholesale meat supplier. 40 Wentworth Park Rd, Glebe NSW            Mystery jackpot link systems. 4, 12-14 Mangrove Lane, Taren           Sole supplier of the “Millennium” remote console pool tables.
                     2037 Tel: 9660 3522 Email: brett@glenmoremeat.com.au                Point 2229 Contact: Michael Ryan Tel: 9531 5199 Mobile: 0413          Also specialising in digital sound systems, CD-Video jukeboxes
                     GOOD NUTS                                                           942 094 Email: michaelr@paltronics.com.au                             and coin-operated pool tables. PO Box 194 Potts Point 1335
                     Suppliers of vending and snack products to the hotel industry.      SHOWORKS                                                              Contact: Martin Hankin, Jack Lucas Tel: 9281 3599 Fax: 9281
                     Contact: Evan Goodman Tel: 9316 4211 Fax: 9316 4211                 Suite 27, 42-44 Abel St, Penrith 2750 Contact: Phil Bennett Tel:      2844 Email: mhankin@hankin.com.au
                     Email: evan@goodnuts.com.au                                         4731 1082 Email: phil@showorks.com.au                                 AMARDA OPERATIONS
                     SYDPRO                                                               STAR GAMES                                                           Leading supplier of coin-operated CD-video jukeboxes and pool
                     Fruit, vegetable and dry goods warehouse. 13 Woodburn St,           Gaming machine supplier. 1 Sheridan Close, Milperra 2214.             tables. 4 Charles St, Canterbury NSW 2193 Contact: Roger
                     Redfern 2016 Contact: Angelo Moschella Tel: 8399 0822               Contact: Phil Middleton Tel: 9773 0299 Email:                         Eather Tel: 9718 7155 Fax: 9718 7302 E: reather@amarda.com.au
                     Email: angelo@sydpro.com.au                                         philmiddleton@stargames.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                APRA LTD
                                                                                         THOMMOS LINK JACKPOT GROUP
                     THE SMITHS SNACKFOOD COMPANY                                                                                                              Music licensing - providing hotels and pubs with the legal access
                                                                                         Gaming products. Contact: Geoffrey Glynn Tel: 0417 273 446
                     Manufacturer of Australia’s market leading salty snackfood                                                                                required to use music in their establishments. Locked Bag 3665,
                                                                                         Fax: 9547 2852 Email: thommos@thommosgaming.com.au
                     brands. Smiths, Red Rock Deli, Doritos, Twisties, Cheetos, Burger                                                                         St Leonards 1590 Contact: Catherine Giuliano Tel: 9935 7774
                     Rings, Nobby’s and Parkers. 23 South St, Rydalmere 2116              TABCORP                                                              Email: cgiuliano@apra.com.au Web: apra.com.au
                     Contact: Hugh Edwards-Neil Tel: 9841 2000 Fax: 9841 2108            Tabcorp is proud to be a Diamond partner and supporter of the         DIVINE PRODUCTIONS
                                                                                         AHA (NSW). Tabcorp is committed to working with the AHA               PO Box 608, Alexandria 2015 Contact: Anthony Hughes Tel: 0410
                                                                                         (NSW) to support the development of the best possible                 145 748 Email: vanessa@divineproductions.com.au
                                                                                         wagering facilities in NSW hotels. GPO Box 4168 Sydney 2001
                     Outdoor and indoor commercial leisure, lounge and dining                                                                                  FUN AND MONEY ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD
                                                                                         Contact: Sharyn Nichols Tel: 9218 1000 Web: tab.com.au
                     furniture. PO Box 557 Willoughby 2068 Contact: Dave Bihari                                                                                We supply trivia shows to hotels and clubs across Australia for
                     Tel: 4372 1672 Fax: 4372 1670 Email: sales@classique.net.au         GAMING COMPLIANCE                                                     weekly entertainment. 18 Farnell Ave Carlingford 2118
                                                                                                                                                               Contact: Ian George Francis Tel: 9614 1410 Fax: 9614 1411
                     GAMING & RACING                                                     EBET GAMING SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                                                               Email: ffun@bigpond.net.au
                      ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES AUST PTY LTD                               Providing software and system solutions to gaming venues such
                                                                                         as loyalty, analysis and cashless. Unit D, 255 Rawson St,             JF AMUSEMENTS PTY LTD
                     Australia’s largest gaming machine manufacturer. 71 Longueville
                                                                                         Auburn 2144 Contact: Russell Scott Tel: 8748 8000                     Operating throughout NSW with over 400 machines inc. pool
                     Rd, Lane Cove 2066. Contact: Ray Brown Tel: 9413 6300 Fax:
                                                                                         Fax: 8748 8052                                                        tables, pin ball machines, game machines & much more. 16/3
                     9420 1346 Email: rbrown@ali.com.au Web: aristocrat.com.au                                                                                 Kelso Crs, Moorebank 2170 Contact: Janos Feher Tel: 9600
                     ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES GAMING SYSTEMS                              HOTEL SUPPLIES                                                        9882 Fax: 9600 9843 Web: www.jfamusements.com
                     Gaming supplier. PO Box 155, Rosebery NSW 1445
                                                                                         ALSCO                                                                 NATIONAL POKER LEAGUE PTY LTD
                     Contact: Allan Dodd Tel: 9413 6300 Fax: 9697 4446
                                                                                         Linen, uniforms, mats and washroom rental services for the            Texas Holdem poker tournaments. Unit 4 17 Green Street Botany
                     ARUZE GAMING AUSTRALIA                                              hospitality. Contact: Kim Yang Tel: 9440 7772 Fax: 9440 3066 Email:   2019 Contact: Guy Leslie Tel: 0404 834 434 Fax: 9666 9787
                     Manufacturer of poker machines. 23-27 Bourke Rd Alexandria          sales@alsco.com.au Web: alsco.com.au                                  Email: guy@npl.com.au
                     2015 Contact: Todd Triebler Tel: 9699 9133 Fax: 9698 4669
                                                                                         ANDERSON OFFICE SUPPLIES                                              NIGHTLIFE MUSIC VIDEO
                     Email: sales@aruzegaming.com.au
                                                                                         12/26 Burrow Rd, St Peters 2044 Contact: Bob Trudgeon Tel: 9517       Providing entertainment venues with music management
                     CANNON GROUP                                                        2244 Fax: 9517 2844 Email: lasercw@bigpond.net.au                     solutions, including digital jukeboxes, DJ and programmable
                     PO Box 6143 Buranda Qld 4102 Contact: John Cannon                                                                                         music video systems. PO Box 2135 Milton BC QLD 4064.
                                                                                          AUSTRALIAN FINE CHINA
                     Tel: 07 3391 0111 Fax: 07 3391 0014                                                                                                       Contact: Paula Geinitz Tel: (07) 3367 1045 Fax: (07) 3369
                                                                                         Manufacturers and importers of china ware and Schott Zwiesel
                     GLOBAL GAMING INDUSTRIES                                                                                                                  8376. Email: paula@nightlife.com.au Web: nightlife.com.au
                                                                                         glassware. 31/2 Bishop Street St Peters 2044 Contact: Michael
                     Manufacturers of the latest Gaming Machines and Central             Carrie Tel: 9516 2011 Fax: 9516 5822 Mob: 0414 417 030                PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE COMPANY OF AUSTRALIA
                     Credit Units. 100% Australian owned. Unit 3/19-21 Bourke            Email: afcnsw@bigpond.com                                             PPCA grants licences for the broadcast, communication and
                                                                                                                                                                                                           hotelnews sept08
public performance of sound recordings and music videos. Lvl       HOSPITALITY CONSULTANTS                                           GRANT CUSACK & ASSOCIATES
4, 19 Harris St Pyrmont Contact: Christy Hayes Tel: 8569 1100                                                                        Level 1, 65 Campbell Street Surry Hills 2010
Fax: 8569 1183 Email: ppca.mail@ppca.com.au                        EI GROUP (FORMERLY ENTERPRISE INITIATIVES) PTY LTD                Contact: Grant Cusack Tel: 9280 4310 Fax: 9280 4404
                                                                   Employment consultancy specialising in workplace agreements.      Email: gc@grantcusack.com.au
                                                                   PO Box 1828 Nth Sydney NSW 2059 Contact: Amanda Daff Tel:
PO Box 800 Harbord NSW 2096 Contact: Keira Spiteri Tel:                                                                              GWYNNE THOMPSON SOLICITORS
                                                                   9334 5555 Fax: 9334 5533 Email: amanda@ei.net.au
9907 1117 Email: keira@sassymodels.com.au                                                                                            Legal services, including licensing, gaming, commercial. Level
                                                                   HOSPITALITY ONE
TRIVIA MAGIC                                                                                                                         14, 323 Castlereagh St, Sydney 2000. Contact: Greg Gwynne or
                                                                   Provides marketing consulting and marketing products. 25 Mace
The specialists in hotel trivia. 18, 51-55 Euston Rd, Alexandria                                                                     Chris Thompson Tel: 9212 7055 Fax: 9212 7349 Email:
                                                                   Dr, Buderim Qld 4556. Contact: Nathan Koina Tel: 07 5477 5656
2015 Contact: John Barrand Tel: 9517 4414 Fax: 9517 4413                                                                             gwynthom@ozemail.com.au
                                                                   Email: nathan@hospitalityone.com.au
Email: jbarrand@bigpond.net.au                                                                                                       JDK LEGAL
WILD GAMES & PROMOTIONS                                                                                                              Laywers and specialists in the hotel industry.
Games, promotions, bingo, trivia and entertainment. Your one-      AHIS (AUSTRALIAN HOSPITALITY INSURANCE SERVICES P/L)              Lvl 5, 1 Castlereagh St, Sydney 2000 Contact: John Miller,
stop promotions shop. PO Box 590 Harbord NSW 2096                  AHIS is 100% owned by the AHA (NSW) for the benefits of
                                                                                                                                     Kim Stapleton or Jon Martin Tel: 9236 8588 or 9236 8555
Contact: Tony Bear Tel: 9938 5805 Email:
                                                                   members. Services include: industrial special risks, fidelity
                                                                                                                                     Fax: 9236 8599 Email: j.miller@jdklegal.com.au /
                                                                   guarantee, motor vehicle and other classes of commercial
enquiries@wildpromos.com.au Web: wildpromos.com.au
                                                                   general insurance. Contact: Neil Musgrave Tel: 0419 247 707
                                                                                                                                     k.stapleton@jdklegal.com.au / j.martin@jdklegal.com.au                37
HOTEL BROKERS / REAL ESTATE                                                                                                          JPR LEGAL
                                                                   Contact: Terry Carr Tel: 0400 338 279 Contact: John Durant Tel:
 AUSSIE HOTEL BROKERS                                              0423 821 457 Fax: 9267 8179 Email: neildenpl@bigpond.com          Legal practice. Level 1, 59 Oxford St, Bondi Junction 2022

                                                                                                                                                                                                            associate members
‘The Hotel Experts’ 10/9 Myrtle St North Sydney NSW 2060           CARTWRIGHT INSURANCE BROKERS PTY LTD                              Contact: Joe Ryan Tel: 9389 8555 Fax: 9389 8455
Contact: Max Hitchins or Paul McElhone Tel: 0419 536 373 or        General insurance brokers. PO Box 130 Bondi Junction NSW          Email: joeryan@jprlegal.com.au
0419 483 390 Fax: 9966 1700                                        1355 Contact: Geoff Cartwright Tel: 9387 6677                     LEITCH HASSON DENT PTY LTD
Email: max@hitchins.com.au Web: hotelbrokers.com.au                Fax: 9387 7272 Email: cartwright@ibna.com.au                      Level 12, 162 Goulburn St, Sydney 2000 Contact: Chris Callen
BAKER & MAGIN VALUERS                                               EMPLOYERS MUTUAL LTD                                             Tel: 9264 6644 Email: cgc@lhd.com.au
Hotel valuers and consultancy. PO Box 102 Lambton NSW              Workers compensation, insurance specialist. GPO Box 4143          MATTHEWS FOLBIGG PTY LTD
2299. Contact: William Baker, Andrew Magin Tel: (02) 4952          Sydney NSW 2001 Contact: David Barry Tel: 02 8251 9129            Commercial lawyers including liquor licensing. Lvl 7, 10-14
2655 Fax: (02) 4952 2699 Email: admin@bmvaluers.com                Fax: 02 8251 9498 Email: d.barry@employersmutual.com.au           Smith St, Parramatta 2150 Contact: Phillip Brophy Tel: 9806
COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL HOELS & LEISURE                             FAIRWEATHER TURNER PTY LTD                                        7453 Fax: 9689 3494 Email: phillipb@matthewsfolbigg.com.au
Lvl 12 Grosvenor Place, George St Sydney. Contact: Colin           Specialists in hotel insurance. Private Bag 932 Nth Sydney        SLATER & ELIAS LAWYERS PTY LTD
Revelman Tel: 9257 0222 Fax: 9017 6953 Email:                      NSW 2059 Contact: Carolyn Roche, Pat Walsh, John Challenor        Solicitors to the industry for over 30 years. Specialists in acting
colin.revelman@colliers.com                                                                                                          on purchases and sales of hotels, gaming entitlements, permits,
                                                                   Tel: (02) 9959 5911 Fax: (02) 9959 5958 Email:
                                                                                                                                     goodwill disputes, industrial and commercial. Lvl 5 287
CB RICHARD ELLIS-HOTELS AND LEISURE                                info@fairturn.com.au Web: fairturn.com.au
                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth St Sydney 2000 Contact: Rod Slater Tel: 9261 1044
Specialised pub brokers/valuers. Lvl 26, 363 George St Sydney      OAMPS INSURANCE BROKERS PTY LTD                                   Fax: 9261 1162 Email: rod.slater@slaterandelias.com.au
2000 Contact: Ben Parkinson Tel: 9333 3333 Fax: 9333 3330          Hospitality insurance brokers and risk management services.       SZABO & ASSOCIATES
Email: ben.parkinson@cbre.com.au                                                                                                     Legal services. www.szabosolicitors.com.au Contact: George Szabo
                                                                   PO Box 1898 Nth Sydney NSW 2059 Contact: Jeremy Kendall
GILCHRIST BUSINESS BROKERS                                                                                                           Tel: 9281 5088 Fax: 9281 5988 Email: george@szabosolicitors.com.au
                                                                   (0411 131 403) Tony Walker (0409 220 844) PO Box 654
Hotel brokerage. PO Box 8165 Orange NSW 2800                       Newcastle 2300 Tel: 4979 3333 Contact: Ron Onslow (0412           YARDY LEGAL
Contact: Murray Gilchrist or Dan Maley Tel: 02 6369 1055 Fax: 02   496 199) Reg Mahwinney (0412 293 024)                             Solicitors. 497 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills Contact: Ken Yardy
6369 1044 Email: sales@gbb.net.au Web: gbb.net.au                                                                                    Tel: 9318 2288 Fax: 9318 1066 Email: legal@yardy.com.au
                                                                   IT & TELECOMMUNICATIONS
JOHN PARSONS HOTELS                                                                                                                  MANAGEMENT
Hotel broker. 12 William St, Orange NSW 2800                       2EASY TELECOM
                                                                                                                                     AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY GROUP
Contact: Greg Haines Tel: 6362 3199 Fax: 6361 4384 Email:          Australia’s first hospitality focused telecommunications          Restaurant management, tourist attraction and catering. Lvl 2
greg@johnparsonshotels.com.au                                      company. PO Box 7299 Alexandria 2015 Contact: James               Imperial Arcade, 85 Castlereagh St Sydney 2000 Contact:
JONES LANG LASALLE HOTELS                                          Rowden Tel: 1300 726 470 Fax: 1300 726 481                        Rodger Powell Tel: 8223 3818 Fax: 8223 3842 Email:
Lvl 18, 400 George St, Sydney 2000. Contact: John Musca            Email: james@2easytel.com Web: 2easytel.com                       rodger.powell@aihgroup.com.au
Tel: 9220 8787 Fax: 9220 8765 Email:                               COMUNICOM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS                                      B&C MANAGEMENT GROUP
john.musca@ap.joneslanglasalle.com                                                                                                   Total hotel management solutions. Banks Close, Bateau Bay
                                                                   Telecommunications broker. Suite 502, 46-52 Kippax St, Surry
KNIGHT FRANK HOTELS & TOURISM BROKERAGE                                                                                              NSW 2261 Contact: Michael Brolly Tel: 0409 914 523 Email:
                                                                   Hills 2010 Contact: Kate McNab Tel: 8332 1609 Email:              bcmgt@bigpond.net.au
Lvl 9, 2 Elizabeth Plaza North Sydney NSW 2060
                                                                   kate@comunicom.com.au Web: www.savingsolutions.com.au             MEDIA / MARKETING
Contact: Mike Wheatley Tel: 9028 1105 Fax: 9028 1195
Email: Mike.Wheatley@au.knightfrank.com                            IMC COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD                                         AUSTAR
                                                                   IT systems engineering and suppliers and accredited major         Live sports, music and general TV entertainment. Locked Bag
Hotel brokers and consultants. Lvl 7, 58 Pitt St, Sydney NSW       vendors including Compaq, HP, IBM, CISCO, Microsoft products,     2001 Gold Coast MC Qld 9726 ontact: Mark Gardner Tel: 07 5560
                                                                   Novell, etc. Suite 29, Lvl 10, 53 Walker St, Nth Sydney 2060      6550 Email: mgardner@austar.com.au
2000 Contact: Graeme Hennessy
Tel: (02) 9252 5300 Fax: (02) 9252 5400                            Contact: Kelly Brockhoff Tel: 9006 8200 Fax: 9006 8222            BRANDFRAME
Email: hoteltourism@ljh.com.au Web: ljhooker.com.au                Email: kbrockhoff@imc.net.au                                      Export House, Level 2, 22 Pitt St, Sydney 2000 Contact: Howard
                                                                                                                                     Moodycliffe Tel: 9904 8673 Fax: 9904 8699
                                                                   LEGAL                                                             Email: howard@brand-frame.com.au
Hotel Brokers. Lvl 1, 105-111 Liverpool Rd Enfield 2136
                                                                   BRAYE CRAGG SOLICITORS                                            DIRECTSMS
Contact: Peter Manenti or Gerry Quinlan.
                                                                   Legal. PO Box 493 Newcastle NSW 2300 Contact: Kevin               Provide an internet-based SMS service. PO Box 455 Rockdale
Tel: 9744 8833 Fax: 9745 4770
                                                                   Anthony Tel: 4926 2955 Fax: 4929 5288 Email:                      2216 Contact: David Andrawes Tel: 1300 724 387
                                                                   kanthony@brayecragg.com.au                                        Email: info@directsms.com.au
Hotel brokers. Lvl 1, 1 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle 2300
Contact: Ray Bailey Tel: 4926 2199 Fax: 4926 2195 Mob: 0412        CARROLL & O’DEA LAWYERS                                            FOX SPORTS
680 415 Email: newcastlehotelbrokers@swiftdsl.com.au               Specialists in employment law, licensing and other commercial     Live sports, music and general TV entertainment. Lvl 2, 55
                                                                   services. Level 19, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000             Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Contact: Ed Jezard Tel:
                                                                   Contact: Peter Punch Tel: 02 9291 7159                            02 9776 2477 Fax: 8584 4351 Mob: 0405 035 838 Email:
‘Confidentiality Assured’ 16-18 Newcomen St, Newcastle 2300                                                                          Ed.Jezard@pve.tv
Contact: Francois Sylvester, Deane Moore, Rebecca Johnstone        CROPPER PARKHILL
                                                                                                                                     GIRL FRIDAY SOLUTIONS
Tel: 4929 3333 Fax: 4929 3222 Email: sales@sylvestermoore.com.au   Specialists hotel, commercial & property lawyers.
                                                                                                                                     Mystery shopper services known as “PI Patrons”, event and
TJ BOARD & SONS                                                    Lvl 20, 9 Castlereagh Street Sydney 2000
                                                                                                                                     marketing services. “If it’s in Hospitality, Girl Friday has the
Hotel brokers. Suite 809, Lvl 8, 14 Kings Cross Rd, Potts Point    Contact: Pat Campion Tel: 9232 5000 Fax: 9232 2467 Email:
                                                                                                                                     Solutions.” GPO Box 356 Gymea 2227 Contact: Louise Uroda
Contact: Dennis Morrissy Tel: 9356 8240 Fax: 9356 8258             pcampion@cp-law.com.au Web: cp-law.com.au
                                                                                                                                     (nee Heffernan) Tel: 9528 3303 Mob: 0407 599 277
Email: infonsw@tjboard.com.au                                      DEUTSCH PARTNERS LAWYERS PTY LTD                                  Email: louise@girlfridaysolutions.com.au
YAZBECK’S HOTEL BROKERS                                            Lawyers providing litigation and dispute resolution services in   Web: girlfridaysolutions.com.au
Hotel brokerage. PO Box 406 Newcastle NSW 2300                     property and commercial disputes. Lvl 3, 35 Spring Street         JACKSON WELLS MORRIS P/L
Contact: Mike Yazbeck Tel: 4926 3200 Fax: 4926 2891 Email:         Bondi Junction 2022 Contact: Mark Deutsch Tel: 9387 5666          Suite 16, 81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay 2089 Contact: Annabel
michael@yazbeck.com.au                                             Fax: 9387 5668 Email: mark@deutschpartners.com.au                 Lee Tel: 9904 4333 Email: alee@jacksonwells.com.au
hotelnews sept08

                     KISS THE SKY                                                           PRINTING                                                                 I-SEC PTY LTD
38                   Graphic and web design. Suite 1, 1 Kingsway, Cronulla 2230                                                                                      Hotel security personnel, door hosts/concierge, promo staff, risk
                                                                                            AC SIGNS & PRINTING
                     Contact: Lauren Saywell Tel: 9527 0863 Email:                                                                                                   management consultancy support and advice. PO Box 1833, Bondi
                                                                                            6 Daphne Street, Botany NSW 2019 Contact: Mel Cook
                     info@kissthesky.com.au                                                                                                                          Junction NSW 2022 Contact: Glenn Ferguson Tel: 9389 5999 Fax:
                                                                                            Tel: 9316 4772 Email: orders@acsigns.com.au
 associate members

                     OZLOCAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY                                             INFORM PRINT                                                             9386 9333 Email: security@isec.com.au Web: isec.com.au
                     Offering successful, innovative hotel marketing, design, web & print   Printing. 402 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville 2204                            Master Lic No: 408347462
                     services. PO Box 475 Cronulla 2230 Contact: David Eggert Tel:          Contact: Lauren Harbrow Tel: 9559 3338 Fax: 9559 3020                    NEUTRAL ZONE ENTERPRISES
                     9523 0488 Email: david@ozlocal.com.au                                  Email: ifp@informprint.com                                               Providing security services to the 4 and 5 star hotel industry,
                      PUBSHOW                                                               PRESS ELEVEN                                                             emergency/crisis management and electronic testing and
                     The PubShow is an innovative new trade exhibition dedicated to the     General printing, display materials and signage. 17 Garema               tagging. PO Box 3198, Bellevue Hill 2023 Contact: George
                     Australian pub, hotel and bottle shop industry and is the official     Circuit Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Contact: Heidi Vnoucek Tel: 9750             Livanios Tel: 0412 602 328 Fax: 02 9365 5565 Email:
                     exhibition of the AHA (NSW). Suite 402, 56 Bowman St, Pyrmont          9211 Fax: 9740 5357 Email: sales@press11.com                             mark@neutralzone.com.au
                     2009 Contact: Simon Webster Tel: 9660 9600 Email:                      PAPER & PRINT DIRECT                                                     Web: neutralzone.com.au
                     simon@pubshow.com.au                                                   26/5 Ponderosa Pde, Warriewood NSW 2102 Contact: Jeffrey
                                                                                            Gatchell Tel: 9979 8057 Fax: 9979 8037 Email:                            PARAGON RISK SERVICES
                     SYDNEY PUB GUIDE                                                                                                                                Security provider, crowd control & event management. 28/204
                     PO Box 784 Queen Victoria Building Sydney 1230                                                                                                  Chandos St, St Leonards 2065 Contact: Marius Buitendag Tel:
                                                                                            SINNOTT BROS PTY LTD
                     Contact: Joe Smith Tel: 8231 7700 Fax: 9299 4966
                                                                                            Creative communications and print media. 4/85-91 O’Riordan               9467 9350 Email: admin@paragonrisk.com.au
                     Email: sales@what-media.com
                                                                                            St, Alexandria 2015. Contact: Greg Bird Tel: 9646 4522 Fax:              SIGNATURE SECURITY GROUP
                     Y’S COMMUNICATION                                                      9649 9889 Email: gbird@sinnottbros.com.au                                Suite 901, Lvl 9, 815 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood 2067 Contact:
                     16 Yalleroi Ave, Pymble 2073. Contact: Phil Young Tel: 9499 9288
                                                                                            PROPERTY INVESTMENT                                                      Marisa Piombo Tel: 9325 5504 Email:
                     Email: cre8iv@ys.com.au
                                                                                            INTELLIGENT PROPERTY                                                     marisa.piombo@signaturesecurity.com.au
                     OUTDOOR SHADE STRUCTURES                                               Suite 1206, Lvl 12 World Tower 87-89 Liverpool St Sydney                 SPRINTQUIP P/L
                                                                                            Contact: Graham Love Tel: 0424 603 679 Fax: 9362 0430                    Sale of cash handling equipment, note sorters, note counters,
                     ABSOLUTELY COVERED
                                                                                            Email: info@intelligentproperty.com.au                                   coin counters and weighers, change machines.
                     Shade sails & structures, outdoor umbrellas, folding arm awnings,
                     PVC blinds and outdoor heating. PO Box 529 Eastwood 2122                                                                                        1 Arab Rd, Padstow NSW 2211. Contact: Robert Leather Tel:
                                                                                            SECURITY                                                                 9772 4377 Fax: 9772 1022
                     Contact: Andrew Wernick Tel: 1800 151 500 Fax: 9809 1255 Email:
                     info@absolutelycovered.com.au                                          AUSTRALIAN CROWD MANAGEMENT SERVICES (NSW)                               SUN SECURITY PERSONNEL
                     Web: absolutelycovered.com.au                                          Specialist crowd control manpower and professional man and               20 years experience providing security for hotels and pubs. Lvl 1,
                                                                                            dog teams. 300 Reynolds Road, Londonberry NSW 2735                       564 Princes Hwy Rockdale 2216 Contact: Danny Farah Tel:
                                                                                            Contact: Wayne Irwin Tel: 1300 722 710 or 0430 571 400                   1300 736 795 Email: info@thesungroup.com.au
                     Design, fabrication and construction of architectural umbrellas,
                     modular and custom tensioned membrane structures. Suite                Email: ops@auscm.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                     SURE SECURITY
                     420, 185 Elizabeth St Sydney 2000 Contact: Daniel Cook Tel:            AUSTRALIAN VENUE SECURITY                                                PO Box 261, Avalon NSW 2107 Contact: Andrew McLennan Tel:
                     9283 6744 Fax: 9283 7709 Email: info@taiyomc.com                       Specialist security manpower providers, man & dog teams,                 1300 551 2100 Fax: 9918 4121 Email: andrew@sure.com.au
                                                                                            electronic security and registered training organisation. Total
                     PEST CONTROL                                                                                                                                    TANK SECURITY
                                                                                            security service providers. Master Lic No: 405961241. 88
                                                                                                                                                                     Security, safes, CCTV, alarms, cash management systems.
                     PINK PEST SERVICES                                                     Parramatta Rd Granville Contact: Scott Taylor Tel: 9212 2100             Unit 7, 14-38 Bellona Ave Regents Park 2143 Contact: Carl
                     PO Box 294, Sans Souci 2219 Contact: Ric Trotter Tel: 1300 132         Fax: 9897 3339 Email: scott@avsgroup.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                     Peeters Tel: 0404 278 797 Fax: 9743 8569
                     062 Email: info@pink.com.au
                                                                                            AVILLION GROUP PTY LTD T/A UNITED VENUE PROTECTION                       Email: carlp@tanksecurity.com.au

                     POINT OF SALE                                                          Security provider, specialising in licensed premises and cash &          VENUE SAFE AUSTRALIA
                                                                                            carry. 8 Gillespie St Liverpool 2170 Contact: Alex Stankovic Tel:        PO Box 427 Ettalong Beach 2257 Contact: Malcolm Britt
                     BEPOZ RETAIL SOLUTIONS
                                                                                            9602 0387 Fax: 9600 6312 Email: alex.uvp@people.net.au                   Tel: 0416 308 503 Email: mal@venuesafe.com.au
                     Point of sale systems. 390 Princes Highway, Rockdale 2216 Contact:
                     Bob Green Tel: 9556 3566 Fax: 9556 3206                                BARRINGTONS
                                                                                            Risk management, training and recruitment. 6/7 Anella Ave,
                                                                                                                                                                     TOBACCO PRODUCTS
                     Email: murray@bepoz.com.au
                                                                                            Castle Hill 2154 Contact: Ariane May Tel: 9899 9391 Fax: 9899            BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO
                      H & L AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
                                                                                            9392 Email: ariane@barringtongroup.com.au                                Westfield Drive, Eastgardens NSW 2036 Contact: Adam Joseph
                     Point of sale, comprehensive stock management, customer
                                                                                                                                                                     IMPERIAL TOBACCO AUSTRALIA
                     loyalty, staff rostering and payroll and software solutions for        BR DIGITAL SECURITY SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                                                                     Supplier of tobacco products. Suite 10, 18 Third Ave, Blacktown
                     accommodation. Unit 12, 5 Parsons St, Rozelle 2039                     BRDigital Security offers a wide range of digital CCTV, alarm
                                                                                                                                                                     2148 Contact: Nancy Petkovic Tel: 8887 3100 Fax: 8887 3177
                     Contact: Jason Nikolas Tel: 9555 4480 Fax: 9555 4490                   monitoring and access control systems to help you find the solution
                                                                                                                                                                     Email: nancy.petkovic@au.imptob.com
                     Email: jasonn@hlaustralia.com.au                                       for your problem. We are the supplier of choice for most hotel
                     HOSPITALITY INFORMATION SYSTEMS                                        groups and over 100 NSW hotels. PO Box 2913 Taren Point NSW              UNIFORMS
                     Developers & vendors of computer applications for the hotel            2229. Contact: Mark Wall Tel: 1300 722 103 Fax: 9525 0033
                     industry. 35-37 Wellington St, St Kilda VIC 3182                       Email: sales@brdigital.com.au Web: brdigital.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                     ROBBIE BARSMAN
                     Contact: John Armstrong Tel: 03 5817 5504 Fax: 03 8517 5500                                                                                     Delivers the latest in fashion to the hospitality and service
                                                                                            HOST SEC                                                                 industries. Unit 2, 96-102 Buckingham St, Surry Hills 2010
                     Email: john@his.com.au
                                                                                            Specialist provider of hospitality trained security officers to          Contact: Raja Farah Tel: 9310 7574 Fax: 9310 7537
                     RETAIL SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA                                               accommodation hotels. Lvl 13, 167 Macquarie St Sydney 2000.              Email: info@robbiebarsman.com.au Web: robbiebarsman.com
                     Sales/support of hotel bottleshop, stock control, software and         Contact: Ramon Gardiner Tel: 1300 360 065
                     hardware. 187 Concord Rd, Nth Strathfield 2081 Contact: Glen           Email: support@host-sec.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                     SPECIALISED MERCHANDISE & DESIGN PTY LTD
                     Parker Tel: 9736 1677 Fax: 9743 2561                                   ICU SECURITY CAMERAS                                                     Unit 6/56 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015. Contact:
                     SANYO OFFICE MACHINES PTY LTD                                          Digital surveillance solutions – sales/installation/service throughout   Scott Mitchell Tel: 02 8338 1088 Email: scott@smad.biz
                     Suppliers of electronic cash registers and smart point of sale         NSW. Cash register journal interfaced to video images. Contact:
                     loyalty and stock maintenance systems. Private Mail Bag 4001,          David Baker Tel: 1300 135 253 Email: db@icucameras.com.au                For information about becoming an Associate Member
                     Chatswood 2057 Contact: Stephen Grosser Tel: 9417 7666 Fax:            Web: www.icucameras.com.au Master Lic No: 409121772
                                                                                                                                                                     tel: Dominique Le Toullec on (02) 8218 1815 or email
                     9417 8594 Email: sales@sanyo-it.com.au Web: sanyo-it.com.au                                                                                     Dominique.LeToullec@ahansw.com.au
                                              hotelnews sept08

  Contact: Francois Sylvester, Deane Moore,
             Rebecca Johnstone
       PHONE: 02 4929 3333
             PO Box 1345
 NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 Fax: (02) 4929 3222
      Associates of the AHA (NSW)
    Thinking of Buying or Selling?
hotelnews sept08

                                 Cosmopolitans for
                                 a cause

                                 The first ever Cosmopolitans for a Cause
                                 fundraising event was a great success,
                                 raising more than $11,000 for breast
                                 cancer research.
                                 See page 3 for full story.

                                 J&J O’Brien Hotels
                                 Far left (l-r): Senja Vassallo and Niki
                                 Kingsmill took advantage of the ultimate
                                 girl’s night out, all for a wonderful cause.
                                 Left (l-r): Julie Llambias, Katherine
                                 Barbeler and Mairead McLaughlin at the
                                 Cosmopolitans for a Cause fundraiser.

                                 Sanctuary Hotel
                                 Far left (l-r): Robbie and Gai Waterhouse,
                                 Kim Maloney and Jack Lucas.
                                 Left (l-r): Tony Squires and Kate Pascoe
                                 at the VIP launch of the Sanctuary Hotel
                                 in Sydney.

                                 VIP launch party
                                 Far left (l-r): Justine Laundy and
                                 Nick Tindall at the VIP launch party on
                                 26 August 2008.
                                 Left (l-r): Marina Camp, Suzy Kay and
                                 Ximena Miranda celebrated the launch of
                                 the Sanctuary Hotel last month.
At the forefront of pub &                                                         all FRE
                                                                                me AHA E
bottle shop innovation                                                            mb (N
                                                                                     ers SW)

     Times have changed in the NSW hotel market. Challenges and
     opportunities are emerging at a rapid rate.There’s no better way to
     evaluate your business opportunities than your participation at The
     PubShow 2008. Its new, fresh and on the cutting edge of industry
     trends. An opportunity not to be missed.
     Mr. Scott Leach. AHA (NSW) President

                               The PubShow Attractions
 •   The Pub Food Live Theatre                       •   City Hosts Country
 •   The Business Theatre hosted by the AHA (NSW)    •   NSW Battle of the Burger Competition
 •   The PubShow Networking Bar                      •   The PubShow Pub Awards
 •   The Beer Theatre                                •   Hotel News Magazine Networking Drinks

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