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					                             FALL 2009         Hamburger Home, Inc. / Founded 1913

                                                                                  Helping Children & Their Families

      Wallis Annenberg Center -                                                   Aviva Debuts New “A” Party
     Renovated and Rededicated                                                     and 2009 Impact Awards
The house that has                                                                More than 350 friends and supporters were treated
helped thousands of                                                               to an ultra-chic, exquisite party at Aviva’s 2009
troubled adolescent                                                               Impact Awards, also known as the “A” Party.
girls transform their                                                             The annual event was held at the luxurious
lives has now itself                                                              SLS Hotel and featured a dining adventure at
been transformed.                                                                 Los Angeles Times’ four-star-rated restaurant,
It has been a long                                                                José Andrés’ The Bazaar.
and winding road
these last four-and-                                                              Chaired by Aviva’s Board Vice-Chair, Susan Casden,
a-half years, but on                                                              the exquisite evening began with guests and honorees
September 9th, more                                                               treated to a fun-filled cocktail reception and award
than 75 Aviva friends                                                             ceremony in the hotel’s elegant ballroom. A powerful
                        Mayor Villaraigosa, who has joined Aviva’s Council
and supporters came     of Guardians, is shown with (l-r) designer Barbara        and moving program highlighting the lives of Aviva’s
together at the         Lazaroff; Aviva graduate Mayra, who spoke of her          teen residents was followed by the presentation of
                        experience at the Center; and Andrew Diamond,             awards to three incredible women who have made
Wallis Annenberg        Aviva President/CEO.
                                                                                  a significant impact on at risk youth:
                 i ns i de th is issu e      Center to celebrate
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                                             its renovation and
    Message               Platinum           rededication. Among

2                 8
    from the              Associates
                                             the guests were Mayor
                                             Antonio Villaraigosa
                                             and Supervisor
    Program               Volunteers         Zev Yaroslavsky who

3               10
                                             spoke and presented
                                             proclamations to Aviva
                                             Chair Wendy Wolf
    Corporate             Donor

7               12
    Outreach              Recognition        and President/CEO
                                             Andrew Diamond.
                                                                                  (l to r) Vicki Martin, Tracee Ellis Ross, Andrew Diamond,
                                                            continued on page 4   Susan Casden and NancyJane Goldston
                                                                                                                                                   Fall 2009
    A Message from the                            Dear Friends:
    Board Chair, and                              Recent months have been both exciting and challenging for Aviva.
    President/CEO                                 On the “exciting” side, we enjoyed a successful annual awards dinner honoring three
                                                  extraordinary women at the just-opened SLS Hotel; a celebration of the total renovation
                                                  of the Wallis Annenberg Residential Center; and a spectacular Platinum Associates
                                                  luncheon at the beautiful home of Board Vice Chair and Platinum Associates Co-Chair,
                                                  Susan Casden. (Please read more about these special events throughout this newsletter.)
                                                  Events such as these have drawn increased numbers of volunteers to our programs and
                                                  helped reestablish our “hands on” support group, the Sterling Associates.
                                                  At the same time, Aviva has been directly affected by the state’s financial difficulties,
                                                  exacerbated in our case by flawed government policies relating to the most troubled
                                                  children in the foster care system. We are deeply concerned about the apparent lack of
                                                  understanding by many government officials – from Washington to Sacramento to
    Wendy Wolf Board Chair                        Los Angeles – making legislative decisions regarding programs like Aviva’s Wallis
                                                  Annenberg Center and Aviva High School that are crucial to this population and our
                                                  community. Despite good intentions, many of these legislators and even mental health
                                                  advocates don’t fully understand the breadth and scale of the needs of these children and teens.
                                                  Throughout the county and state, too many established and credible programs which
                                                  provide a real lifeline for these children have already closed or substantially reduced
                                                  their services. As mental health practitioners and advocates, we recognize the value of
                                                  a safe and permanent home for all children, but some children need and deserve more.
                                                  Every day we observe the benefits that a structured environment and individualized school
                                                  program (with six students to a class) can provide.
                                                  Government policies and action should be based on the needs of the individual child
    Andrew Diamond, LCSW                          and the family. To prematurely remove children from treatment and terminate their
    President & CEO                               placement in a structured environment and individualized school environment simply
                                                  because they have approached a “predetermined” six-month treatment deadline is not only
                                                  counter-intuitive, but will ultimately cost society more in the price paid for higher rates

       boa r d of d i r e c tors 2 0 07

board chair               president & ceo             secretary                                       AFCS is a not for profit, non-sectarian agency providing
Wendy Wolf                Andrew Diamond, LCSW        Carol Stulberg                                  intensive residential treatment and diagnostic services,
vice chairs               treasurer                   Chair-Elect                                     special education, therapeutic foster homes and community
Susan Casden              Sherman Andelson            Robin Broidy                                    mental health services for abused, neglected and emotionally
Linda May                                                                                             troubled adolescents, children and families. Programs are
                                                                                                      designed to build on family strengths and to help our clients
                                                                                                      prepare for independent lives in the community.
board of directors
Dellene Arthur            Lawrence Lokman             Candace Foy Smith                               Aviva is accredited by: Council on Accreditation and
Lili Bosse                Sandra Milken               Barbara Van Wormer                              Western Association of Schools and Colleges
NancyJane Goldston        Lisa Mindlin                Barbara Zolla                                   Aviva is a member of:
Evon Gotlieb              Michael Sherman
Lola Levoy                Richard Sherman                                                             American Association of Children’s Residential
                                                                                                      Centers • Association of Community Human
                                                                                                      Services Agencies • California Association of
council of guardians                                                                                  Services for Children • JFC • United Way
Elliot Broidy             Marlee Matlin
Patricia A. Brown         Tracee Ellis Ross
Hon. Gray Davis           Sharon Stone
Teri Hatcher              Carolyn Strauss
Nancy Josephson           Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa   Aviva Family and Children’s Services
Assemblyman Paul Koretz   Hon. Henry Waxman
Councilman Tom LaBonge    Richard J. Welch            7120 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Barbara Lazaroff          Hon. Steve Westly           Tel: (323) 876-0550 Fax: (323) 436-7042
Arthur Levine             Bruce G. Willison           Web: avivacenter.org
Lauren Leichtman          Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky        Email: ask_us@avivacenter.org
 Message                                            Teens Learn Life Skills Through Sailing
 continued from page 2

of institutionalization and homelessness. In       The teens in Aviva’s Gang              eager to steer the boat since it was
addition, such policies discriminate against       Intervention Program took part         the first time for each of them.
families who cannot afford to provide treatment    in the Los Angeles Maritime            Afterwards, the young people said
for their children, while families with more       Institute’s TopSail program            they had a great time, wished they
resources can pay for private care.                located in San Pedro. The              could have stayed longer on the
                                                   program uses sailing as a means        ocean, and hoped to come back
This year we have received an additional
                                                   of providing young people with         soon for another field trip.
10 percent reduction in state funding for our
                                                   a unique real life experience
residential program. This compounds an                                                    TopSail provided our youth with
                                                   that teaches them skills and the
already limited resource—the state has been                                               a different way of learning, in
                                                   positive attitudes needed to lead
paying approximately $0.68 for every dollar                                               which they were encouraged to
                                                   healthy and productive lives.
Aviva spends for residential treatment services.
In addition, at Aviva High School, one-third
of the students receive no funding from the
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
when they enroll, and it takes up to five
months for funding to begin (for which LAUSD
does not reimburse Aviva). With Aviva High
School’s 95 percent graduation rate and our
graduates going on to further education, it is
clear that the at-risk students and residents we
serve thrive in Aviva’s programs and succeed in
becoming independent young women.
So how do we ensure the quality and breadth
of services Aviva provides the community?
Each year we rely on donors and foundations
so that our services remain not only viable but
on the cutting edge to address the growing
and changing needs of our client population.
Without the support of donors like you,            The activity fits well with            explore opportunities they had
valuable community resources will disappear.       Aviva’s community-based Gang           never been exposed to before.
We encourage you to help Aviva with                Intervention Program, which uses       The program helped them build
generous donations, and we invite you to get       counseling and specially selected      self-esteem while developing
involved through volunteering.                     activities, to discourage teens        teamwork, leadership and social
For those of you who have not yet visited our      from joining gangs or continuing       skills. Through interaction with
newly renovated facility, you have an open         gang affiliations.                     everyone on the boat, the young
invitation. Please just contact us at Aviva                                               people learned to establish positive
                                                   The captain and the boat crew
323 876-0550, ext. 100. We look forward to                                                relationships, not only with their
                                                   had activities set up for our youth,
hearing from you.                                                                         mentors but also with people from
                                                   in which they learned safety           different professional backgrounds.
With gratitude for your interest and support,      procedures and participated in
                                                                                          This experience provided an
Wendy Wolf, Esq                                    climbing activities, setting sail      educational opportunity in a
Board Chair                                        and steering the boat. In addition,    nontraditional classroom setting.
                                                   the participants saw varieties of
Andrew Diamond, LCSW                                                                      It was a great success for our
                                                   marine life such as dolphins and
President/CEO                                                                             Gang Intervention Program.
                                                   seabirds. During the sail all of
                                                   the teens were very excited and

    Renovated and Rededicated (continued from front page)
                                                                                                      and determined dedication to
 The renovation of our                                                                                this project and to all the donors
 historic Hollywood                                                                                   who heard our plea for support
 mansion, which serves                                                                                to update our home. The warm,
 as a home and safe                                                                                   fresh surroundings will help
 haven for 36 abused                                                                                  to strengthen the environment
 and neglected adolescent                                                                             of healing that has always
 girls, was spearheaded                                                                               existed within the walls of the
 by the dynamic and                                                                                   Wallis Annenberg Center.
 talented Barbara Lazaroff,
 restaurateur and president (l-r) Andrew Diamond, Wendy Wolf, Ona Dawes, Barbara Lazaroff,
 of Imaginings Design.         Marie Edelstein and Stephen Bryan
 Barbara worked with other
                                                “It was truly a community effort,”
                                                                                            Wallis Annenberg Center
 volunteer designers, Marie Edelstein
                                                said Ms. Lazaroff, commenting on            Renovation Donors
 and Stephen Bryan of Designwest,                                                            Barbara Lazaroff
                                                the breadth of support for the project.
 and Ona Dawes, to create a warm and                                                         Bobrick
                                                “These donations send a powerful             Catrinka Mavis
 updated home for Aviva’s girls to
                                                message to the residents. Aviva’s girls      Century Shower Doors
 enjoy in the years to come. Because                                                         Clark Construction Group- California
                                                need to feel that other people respect
 the cost of a major renovation such as                                                      Delta Faucet
                                                and value them. If they see that,            DesignWest
 this would severely strain the budget
                                                then they will come to respect and           Electric Mirror
 of a nonprofit agency, Barbara reached                                                      Emuamericas
                                                value themselves. I intend to continue
 out to her many contacts in the design                                                      Fabric Innovations
                                                beautifying the home for years to come.”     Fabricut
 industry and urged their support and
 in-kind donations. Without hesitation,         When a troubled teenage girl arrives         George Hoag Family Foundation
                                                at the door of Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg      Gideon Gallery
                                                Center, it is often her last chance to heal  Gustavo Santana
                                                                                             Home Depot
                                                and turn her life around. Many of the        Hunter Douglas Hospitality
                                                girls have suffered horrendous abuse and     IKEA
                                                neglect. Some have had unsuccessful          Imaginings Design
                                                                                             Jesse Kalisher
                                                placements in other group or foster          Joni Dell Resources
                                                homes, while others have been removed        Kohler Company
                                                from their families, and still others have   LB Furniture
                                                                                             Ludwick Family Foundation
                                                been charged with minor criminal             Martin Brattrud
                                                offenses. The Wallis Annenberg Center        Ona Dawes
                                                is a 36-bed treatment home, which            Paramount Pictures
                                                                                             ProjectStone by Belstone
                                                provides a 24-hour psychotherapeutic         Serta
County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky               environment for troubled girls, ages         Shaw Industries
addresses guests at the rededication                                                         SK Textiles
                                                12-18, who reside full time at the
 the donors committed to the project,           Center for six-to-18 months. This            Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky Discretionary Funds
 and within months, the Center received         program provides them with a safe,           The Ahmanson Foundation
 donations from many topnotch suppliers.        structured program that addresses            The Lincy Foundation
                                                                                             The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
 In addition, several foundations and           their social, behavioral and educational
                                                                                             Tile Emporium International
 corporations made equally significant          problems throughout the entire day.          Ultraglas
 financial commitments to underwrite                                                         Valleycrest
 the labor costs (Please see our list           We are extremely grateful to                 Venus Group
                                                Barbara Lazaroff for her creativity          Weingart Foundation
 of donors).                                                                                 Z Gallerie

  The “A” Party (continued from front page)
                                                           supporters,” said                 With guests staying to the very end
                                                           Andrew Diamond,                   of this sold-out event, it was truly a
                                                           President and CEO                 memorable evening, and we thank
                                                           of Aviva Family and               Dinner Chair, Susan Casden for her
                                                           Children’s Services.              hard work in spearheading this event.
                                                           “All [these women]                In addition, our heartfelt gratitude
                                                           are successful in their           goes to all of our supporters who
                                                           own right, but they               helped make this event a huge success.
                                                           have found the time to
                                                           passionately give back to
                                                           their communities and
                                                           to our troubled youth.”

                                                           Guests were then
                                                           immediately escorted
Honoree NancyJane Goldston flanked by her husband
Mark and son Ryan
                                                           to The Bazaar restaurant
                                                           where they enjoyed
   • NancyJane Goldston, Aviva                             a distinctive and
     Board member and founder/               extraordinary dining experience
     CEO of The UXB, a branding,             featuring five different tasting
     advertising and interactive             menus with such exotic morsels
     agency, was introduced                  as foie gras lollipops, liquid olives,
     enthusiastically at the dinner          and tomato and mozzarella pipettes.
     by one of her twin sons, Ryan,          Everything at this party was exciting,
     and her husband, Mark. Both             from the unique tapas served in a
     spoke passionately about her            voguish room filled with modern art,
     great achievements as a                 to the hip sounds of a stylish DJ, and
     businesswoman, mother and               the services of a cartoonist and a             Honoree Vicki Martin with husband,
     active member of Aviva’s board.         tarot reader.                                  Preston L.C. Johnson

   • Actress Alfre Woodard introduced
     honoree Tracee Ellis Ross, the
     star of the CW sitcom Girlfriends,
     who spoke about her eagerness
     to help young girls develop
     self-esteem and confidence.

   • Final honoree Vicki Martin,
     founder of investment
     management firm Johnson,
     Martin Advisors, Inc., spoke
     about her involvement with
     nonprofits and how the corporate
     community should use its
     resources to assist those in need.

 “Our organization is so fortunate to
 have such extraordinary and dedicated        (l to r) Tonya and Dave Winfield with honoree Tracee Ellis Ross and presenter Alfre Woodard

                                        Sterling Associates Updates
    Alan and Cristina Donovan, owners of       sponsor Aviva’s annual Awards and           thank the Sterlings for giving these
    Burbank’s newest Italian restaurant        Recognition Dinner, at which Aviva’s        opportunities to the teen residents.
    Ciao Cristina!, partnered with Aviva’s     teen residents are honored for their
                                                                                           Sterling Associates Chair Ann Carli,
    Sterling Associates to stage an event      accomplishments and improved
                                                                                           spoke of the importance of community
    to raise funds for Aviva’s teen            behavior during the year.
                                                                                           support in raising funds for the
    residential program. The silent auction
                                                      In another community event to        program, saying, “I think it’s really
                                                      raise funds for activities for the   great how we can all come together
                                                      girls, the Sterlings hosted a        and support the girls while raising
                                                      DVD, CD and book drive at            funds and having fun in the process.
                                                      the Sunday Hollywood Farmers         It brings out a real sense of community.”
                                                      Market. Members not only
                                                                                           For information regarding Sterling Associates
                                                      raised funds, but recruited
                                                                                           membership, contact Rose Marquez Bladh
                                                      volunteers and promoted Aviva’s
                                                                                           at 323.876.0550 x504
                                                      mission to serve the abused and
                                                      neglected youth and families of
                                                      Los Angeles. Monies raised               Sterling Members 2009
Roni Maybin, Aviva’s VP of Residential Services with will be used to support the
                                                                                            Ann Carli, Chair        Gina La Piana
Cristina and Alan Donovan, owners of Ciao Cristina!                                         Amy Bannard             Michelle Lewis
                                                      holiday tree trimming party at
                                                                                            Maggie Betts            Sandra Milken
                                                      Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg Center.                              Jennifer Robinson
 and wine tasting event, called “An                                                         Kara Fox
                                                 Aviva’s teen residents look forward to     Abbey Hood              Katie Tarses
 Evening in Venice,” provided guests
                                                 the tree trimming party every year as      Tanika Hurtt            Alesia Thornton
 the opportunity to enjoy three different                                                                           Katharine Tryforos
                                                 many have never had their own tree         Vikki Johnson
 kinds of wines along with a delicious                                                      Tashanda Giles Jones    Laura Wachal
                                                 or even decorated a stocking. We
 meal. The proceeds will be used to

                                               July 25, 2009 is a day that the children
    In-N-Out Burger                            and families in Aviva’s foster families
                                               and adoption program will remember.
    Sponsors a                                 It was the program’s first summer
    Summer Picnic                              picnic at Woodley Park in Van Nuys.
                                               The In-N-Out Burger Foundation
    for Foster Families                        donated its Cookout Trailer fully
                                               loaded. Imagine the delight of
    and Adoption                               all the kids and parents to spot the
                                                                                           arrived with a fire truck for the
    Program                                    trailer with In-N-Out Burger staff
                                               handing out burgers, chips and              curious children to explore. And
                                               drinks. Many families attended and          what excitement there was when
                                               everyone enjoyed a burger while they        the firefighters allowed children and
                                               chatted with other foster families.         families to cool off by running through
                                                                                           sprays of water from their fire hose!
                                               The families participated in games
                                               and a raffle. Children played balloon       And true to the Aviva way, no child
                                               toss and a game called “Sharks and          left empty-handed. Through the
                                               Minnows.” But the most excitement           generous support of in-kind donations,
                                               came when the local fire department         every child received a toy at the end of
                                                                                           this hot and fun-filled day.
                                     Aviva’s Corporate Partners–
                                     Shared Goals Help Our Kids
Many local and national corporations partner with Aviva                           enthusiastically supported Aviva for many years by
demonstrating their care for the communities in which                             providing our girls with in-kind gifts on many occasions.
they do business. Monetary donations from company
                                                                                • Verizon and Julia Cooksey, Director of Government
headquarters or through their corporate foundations,
                                                                                  and External Affairs in Los Angeles, for renewing
in-kind gifts and dedicated employee volunteers positively
                                                                                  their commitment to Aviva High School with a
impact Aviva’s ability to serve more than 5,000 children,
                                                                                  second STEM-focused grant for the study of science,
adolescents and families each year.
                                                                                        technology, engineering, and math. A special
                                                                                        thanks to Julia for also volunteering as a
                                                                                        presenter at Aviva High School’s Career Day
                                                                                        and for joining the girls at the Wallis
                                                                                        Annenberg Center for a Tuesday night dinner
                                                                                        where she shared with them her own life
                                                                                        experiences, interests and career decisions.

                                                                                     • The Angels Baseball Foundation for a
                                                                                       first-time grant to Aviva in support of SAFE,
                                                                                       our elementary-age afterschool enrichment,
                                                                                       child care and homework assistance program.

                                                                                     • Target Stores Community Relations for again
                                                                                       funding Aviva’s “Breaking the Cycle of Domestic
                                                                                       Violence” program. The local Target Store of
                                                                                       West Hollywood and Costco Warehouse of
                                                                                       Los Feliz donated gift cards for the purchase of
Margie Kenney, Store Manager (c) along with 2 Best Buy staff present check to          school supplies while M Imports, New York City,
Andrew Diamond, Aviva President/CEO (r) and Marty Spatz, Aviva Corporate
Partner Liaison (l).                                                                   donated backpacks.

Aviva is grateful for the generosity of these corporate                         • Aimee Golant Jewelry for dedicating a portion
partners that recently aided our efforts to help the                              of the profits from sales of their “Aviva Mezuzah”
vulnerable youth of our community. We say thank you to:                           to our agency.

    • Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center                              • Reggie Reagor, Mayon Denton and Derek Werthwein
      for generously funding for another year the                                 of DRG Films for their pro bono editing and updating
      therapeutic component of Aviva’s residential                                of Aviva’s informational video.
      treatment program at the Wallis Annenberg Center.
                                                                                • And, listed separately in this newsletter, all of
      We thank Mario Ceballos, Community Benefit
                                                                                  the corporations and businesses that sponsored
      Manager, for his interest in learning about all of
                                                                                  Aviva’s April 2009 “A-Party Gala” or contributed
      Aviva’s programs and services.
                                                                                  to the recently completed renovation of the
    • Margie Kenney, General Manager of Best Buy                                  Wallis Annenberg Center.
      Store #393 and the Best Buy Corporation for
                                                                          Thanks again to all of our corporate partners for their
      another significant grant to be used in 2010
                                                                          community consciousness and support of our vital
      for the purchase of clothing for the girls at the
                                                                          programs. Please call Marty Spatz at (323) 876-0550
      Wallis Annenberg Center, many of whom arrive with
                                                                          ext. 107, for information on how your business can benefit
      only the clothes they are wearing and a few other
                                                                          by helping the at-risk youth and families we serve.
      possessions. Margie and the employees at her store have

                         Platinum Associates Luncheon

(l-r) Susan Casden, Larry Bruce, GM of Saks Fifth Avenue,
Robin Broidy and Andy Diamond

    “Aviva helped me turn my life around,” said Mayra,               the presentation of Chanel’s 2009 / 2010 Cruise Collection.
    former resident of Aviva, who told her story to more than        Guests enjoyed a sumptuous lunch and stuck their toes in
    160 women at this year’s Platinum Associates luncheon,           the cool sand that had been trucked in for the occasion as
    sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue and Chanel. Mayra, who            they watched models stroll around the boardwalk in ultra-
    is now a medical technician studying to become a nurse,          elegant resort wear.
    bravely spoke about her years as an abused and neglected
                                                                     It was a one-of-a kind fabulous event created to support
    teen, explaining how Aviva helped make such a difference in
                                                                     Aviva’s residential and high school programs. Aviva thanks
    her life and telling the women at the luncheon how they can
                                                                     Yifat Oren & Associates for coordinating a wonderful
    help other abused young women achieve a promising future.
                                                                     luncheon, with special thanks to event sponsors Saks Fifth
    The luncheon was hosted by Aviva Vice Chair and Platinum         Avenue and Chanel, Platinum Associates Co-Chairs
    Associates Co-Chair Susan Casden, who did a spectacular job      Susan Casden and Robin Broidy, and all the Platinum
    of recreating the ambience of Italy’s Lido Beach in Venice for   Associates members and friends for their support.

Ginnifer Goodwin from
HBO’s Big Love
Platinum Associates 2009-2010*
Mi Ryu Ahn              Sherri Fogelman        Lauren Leichtman     Elisa Joy Rubin
Laura Alpert            Helene Galen           Leonard Green &      Jenifer Sackler
Wallis Annenberg        Erika Glazer              Partners, L.P.    Tawny Lee Sanders
Faye Asgar              Barbara Goldsmith      Elaine Leventhal     Adrienne Sands
Cecelia Assaf           Gina Goldsmith         Shelley Litvack      Corrine Sands
Jackie Banchik          NancyJane Goldston     Crystal Lourd        Kassidy Choi Schagrin
Suzanne Barth           Halle Gould            Claude Mann          Kim Selby
Colleen Bell            Renvy Graves Pittman   Vicki Martin         Barbara Sherman
Maria Bell              Susan Grinel           Linda May            Vicki Simms
Terré Bergman           Terry Hamermesh        Monica McEntee       Bui Simon
Linda Bernstein Rubin   Judith Hayward         Richard Merkin       Dana Slatkin
Angela Blatteis         Pamela Hoefflin        Sandra Milken        Susan Smidt
Carolyn Bloom           Karen Holzman          Susan Miller         Mari Snyder Johnson
Lois Bloom              Joan Hotchkis          Caryl Mindlin        Mimi Song
Lili Bosse              Lynda Hughes DeLogi    Lisa Mindlin         Pamela Sonnenblick
Kharlene Boxenbaum      Ghada Irani            Patty Sue Mozart     Chantal Stern
Robin Broidy            Hollye Jacobs          Ilene Nathan         Eva Stern
Stephanie Bronson       Susan Jannol           Angella Nazarian     Kitty Stoneburner
Susan Casden            Janie Jauw             Christina Noonan     Carol Stulberg
Jacqueline Caster       Nancy Josephson        Rosie Noorani        Christine Suppes
Megan Chernin           Johanna Judah          Yifat Oren           Susan Tivoli
Cheryl Cohen            Tracy Katayama-Esse    Dana Pachulski       Barbara Van Wormer
Sharon Davis            Suzanne Kayne          Julie Pakula         Tobey Cotsen Victor
Ona Dawes               Patricia Kennedy       Rachael Platt        Hope Warschaw
Janna Delamarter        Susan Kennedy          Annette Plotkin      Mary Ann Weisberg
Claudia Deutsch         Lauren King            Ashley Pourmussa     Cathy Weiss
Laura Dunn              Gai Klass              Carolyn Powers       Karen Winnick
Judy Felsenthal         Lisa Korbatov          Jeanne Pritzker      Wendy Wolf
Laurie Feltheimer       Nancy Krasne           CC Pulitzer-Lemann   Jane Wurwand
Ciina Feng              Helena Krol            Anne Rader           Shirin Yadegar
Kelly Fisher Katz       Debbi Landsberger      Michelle Richman     Adrienne Zarnegin
Susan Fleishman         Barbara Lazaroff       Nina Rosenzweig                              Perry Reeves from
                                                                    *as of Oct 15, 2009
                                                                                            HBO’s Entourage
                            Volunteering – Giving From the Heart
 It takes special people to be volunteers,   new clothing from stores such as               really good.” The others joined in
 people who give freely of their time        Gloria S. and Ma Jolie in Brentwood            by commenting, “You’re such a good
 and energy. Mitra Mansouri and              for the girls to “shop.” For the end-          writer.” I looked at Maria; she was
 Abbey Hood are more than special,           of-the-year holiday party, we celebrate        smiling ear to ear. In her soft-spoken
 they are exceptional, not just because      with a DJ and dancing, and we have a           voice she opened up about what the
 they give their time, but because they      gift for each of the girls. I also try to      poems meant to her.
 live every day as role models for our       attend the Tuesday night dinners at
 teen residents. They have shared with       Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg Center and            Abbey Hood
 our residents not only their unique         bring someone who can inspire the                                        After I
 talents and experiences but their hearts    girls to work hard and strive for the                                    read Maria’s
 as well. Following are their volunteer      better lives they deserve.                                               writing
 stories told in their own words:                                                                                     aloud,
                                             Over the years, I have witnessed the
                                                                                                                      my other
 Mitra Mansouri                              growth of these girls into young
                                             women as they benefit from Aviva’s
                            I have been                                                                               grabbed
                                             services. It is unfortunate that due
                            working                                                                                   their jottings
                                             to government policies, the length of
                            with Aviva                                                                                from the
                                             stay for the girls in Aviva’s residential
                            now for                                                         lesson I had taught earlier in the
                                             program has continued to be shortened.
                            more than                                                       evening, Letters to My Younger Self.
                                             It is very heartwarming, however,
                            eight years,                                                    “Can I read mine?” they asked,
                                             to see the love and respect that the
                            having been                                                     following Maria’s lead. As each girl
                                             girls and the staff have for each
                            introduced                                                      finished, her peers pointed out what
                                             other, and it is an absolute honor and
                            to the                                                          they liked about the letter and told
                                             pleasure to work with the kind and
 organization by Nancy Josephson,                                                           one another to keep writing, or to
                                             knowledgeable staff, including CEO
 a long-time friend. I particularly                                                         keep reading. When the class ended,
                                             Andrew Diamond.
 enjoy working with this organization                                                       I thanked the girls for another good
 for several reasons, one being that         I urge all of you to play an important         day. As they pushed their chairs in,
 I am able to donate money through           part in these girls’ lives by volunteering     they asked, “Can we work on these
 fundraising, and two, that I work           and supporting Aviva.                          this week, and bring them back?”
 directly with Aviva’s teen residents                                                       “Of course,” I said.
 and actually get to see the difference      Mitra is the owner of C’Est Tout, a skin and
                                             body salon located in West Los Angeles.        Sure enough they did.
 Aviva makes in these girls’ lives.
 Another reason of a more personal                                                          Having the ability both to inspire
 nature is that the girls represent the      Creative Writing at Aviva                      young women to write and to facilitate
 daughter I never had. I too had a           with Abbey Hood                                a supportive environment where they
 rough life, and it is simply a joy to                                                      can receive positive reinforcement from
                                             A 15-year-old girl named Maria softly
 bring a smile to their faces.                                                              their peers — there is nothing more
                                             asked me, “Can you read my poems
                                             aloud?” Too shy to read her poetry,            rewarding in my life than this class.
 I work hard every year to gather
 donations and recruit sponsors to           and a little nervous about how her             Abbey Hood is the news editor for the
 support a summer pool party and             five peers would react, she turned             Beverly Hills Courier and has been
 an end-of-the-year holiday party.           over her personal writings to wait for         volunteering at Aviva’s residential
 During the summer, we invite the            me to read them in the circle. Before          program since March. She has a six-week
 girls to enjoy a day in the pool, and       I closed the notebook, I heard one             class teaching our teen residents about
 we set up a boutique with donated           of her colleagues say, “Wow, that’s            creative writing.

         Volunteer Highlights- This Season’s                                              Israeli Pop Star
             Reflection on Compassion                                                      Idan Reichel
What teenage girl doesn’t look critically into the mirror and wish for a way to
improve the image looking back at her? Aviva’s girls are no different, so, when           Entertains Aviva
the Junior League of Los Angeles offered an event that would combine tips on                 Residents
skin care with hip-hop dancing and an inspiring speaker, Aviva readily agreed.
                                                                                      About 65 of Aviva High School’s
In March, the Junior League of Greater Los Angeles put on a radiant                   multi-cultural students enjoyed an
event called GLOW for our teens, and it was everything we hoped it would              eye-opening experience when they
be. Skin care experts examined each girl’s face and used special equipment            were invited by nearby Temple Israel
to take a picture, which showed all the oils and dirt on her skin. The                of Hollywood to attend a special and
expert then showed the girls how to properly wash and care for their faces.           private concert by one of Israel’s most
                                                                                      popular musicians, Idan Reichel.
In addition to the skin care instruction, some of the teens chose to learn            Students filled the Temple’s auditorium
some new dance moves as dance experts “broke it down” teaching them the               to listen to Reichel play the piano, sing
latest hip-hop steps. And lastly, a motivational speaker inspired the girls           and talk about diversity and the many
to think positively about their futures.                                              cultures of Israel, which he portrays in
Aviva girls left the event motivated to take diligent care of their skin and          his music. It was a culturally-enriching
beaming with new feelings of self worth and beauty, all thanks to the                 and awareness-raising experience for
Junior League of Los Angeles for sponsoring this enlightening, fun and                Aviva High School students.
inspiring event. Aviva looks forward to partnering with the Junior League
of Los Angeles again in the near future.

In August, the Walt Disney VoluntEARS held an ice cream social for our
teen residents and assisted them in making dream boxes, art boxes that
reflect an individual’s dreams and aspirations. The Walt Disney VoluntEARS
are staff members of the Walt Disney Company who dedicate their time and
talents to improving their communities. For the past few years, they
have volunteered at Aviva working on activities with our teen residents.
The volunteers and the girls had a great time designing and painting their
dream boxes in a rainbow of colors. The VoluntEARS are headed by Disney
IT Director Lisa Kaplan who said, “Volunteering is so much fun…we all
loved the event and what you all do. What a terrific mission!”

Acknowledgment                               With the advice of the Women’s
                                             Foundation of California, the students
                                                                                         that support the education, leadership
                                                                                         and well-being of girls in Los Angeles,
The support of donors – corporate,
                                             of the Marlborough School Student           plan site visits, and decide on award
foundation, and individual – is
                                             Charitable Fund independently raise         recipients. Aviva is proud and grateful
always gratefully received at Aviva.
                                             funds. They select potential grantees,      to have been selected as one of four
But some contributions merit special
                                             review and discuss grant proposals          agencies to receive an MSSCF grant
acknowledgment. And so it
                                                                                                  this year.
is with the members of the
Marlborough School Student                                                                       It is especially exciting to
Charitable Fund (MSSCF) who                                                                      know that these Marlborough
earlier this year, gave a significant                                                            students so wonderfully
monetary gift to Aviva High                                                                      represent the next generation
School to enable our high-risk                                                                   of young women dedicated
female student population to                                                                     to improving the lives of
continue their education and                                                                     other girls and women in
obtain their high school diplomas. Student members of MSSCF                                      our community.

                                                        Donor Recognition
  Aviva gratefully acknowledges its donors. These gifts make the work we do possible!
Leader’s Circle –                           Cecilia Assaf                             Barbara Goldsmith                         Brian Novack and
 $25,000 and up                             The Audrey & Sydney Irmas                 Chris Gorog and Kathy Taggares               Alex Brunkhorst
                                               Charitable Foundation                  Jerry and Evon Gotlieb                    Yifat Oren
  Jon and Lili Bosse                        Stephen and Joy Auerbach                  Andy and Dahlia Haas                      Dana Pachulski
  Elliott and Robin Broidy                  Jay and Adriana Balaban                   Jamie and Priscilla Halper                Julie Pakula
  Alan and Susan Casden                     Howard and Jackie Banchik                 Eric and Terry Hamermesh                  Paramount Pictures
  Mark and NancyJane Goldston               Barney’s New York                         Margarete Hardin                          Robert and Rachael Platt
  Lester & Rhea Kleinberg Fund              Suzanne Barth                             Judith Hayward and                        Raymond and Ashley Pourmussa
  Alfred and Claude Mann                    Frank and Katherine Baxter                   Michael Parks                          Rick and Debbie Powell
  Dr. Richard Merkin                        Dennis and Pamela Beck                    Howard and Elizabeth Hirsch               Carolyn Powers
  Sandra Milken                             Colleen Bell                              Home Depot                                Prada
  Weingart Foundation                       Maria Bell                                Joan Hotchkis                             Stephen and Anne Rader
                                            Bob and Judy Berglass                     Lynda Hughes                              Lawrence and Michelle Richman
Benefactors – $10,000-
                                            Jack and Terré Bergman                    Ray and Ghada Irani                       Rob Rodin
 $24,999                                    Tony and Linda Bernstein Rubin            Jeffrey and Hollye Jacobs                 Jeffrey Rosenthal
  Best Buy Children’s Foundation            Bingham McCutchen                         Susan Jannol                              Martin and Nina Rosenzweig
  George Hoag Family Foundation             Daniel and Angela Blatteis                Janie Jauw                                Ronald and Rebecca Rothstein
  Jewish Federation Council of              Martin and Carolyn Bloom                  Michael Johnson and                       Gregory and Jenifer Sackler
    Greater Los Angeles                     Ronald and Lois Bloom                        Mari Snyder Johnson                    Michael and Kathy Saie
  Kaiser Permanente                         Robert and Trudy Bogert                   Nancy Josephson                           Lee and Anne Samson
  Leonard Green & Partners, L.P.            Ben Bourgeois                             Johanna Judah                             Tawny Lee Sanders
  Vicki Martin and                          Kharlene Boxenbaum                        Mitchell and Joleen Julis                 Adrienne Sands
    Preston L.C. Johnson                    Glenn Bozarth                             Steven and Rose Kaplan                    Leonard and Corrine Sands
  Tim and Christina Noonan                  Harold and Stephanie Bronson of           Martin and Kelly Katz                     Rick Selby
  Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker                  the Liberty Hill Foundation            Richard and Suzanne Kayne                 Richard and Kim Selby
  Ruth and Allen Ziegler Foundation         Jacqueline Caster                         Patricia Kennedy                          Linell Shapiro
  Ronald and Victoria Simms                 Brad and Cheryl Cohen                     Susan Kennedy                             Shipp Family Foundation
  Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky                The David & Meredith Kaplan               Richard and Lauren King                      Bui Simon
    Discretionary Funds                        Foundation                             Cathy Kirkpatrick                         Edward and Dana Slatkin
  United Way-Greater Los Angeles            Gray and Sharon Davis                     Gai Klass                                 Eric and Susan Smidt
  Verizon                                   Joseph Davis                              Gina Knox                                 Candace Foy Smith
  Webloyalty.com                            Pam Dawber                                Igor and Lisa Korbatov                    Jaime and Marilyn Sohacheski
  Wendy Wolf and Mitch Menzer               Ona Dawes                                 James and Nancy Krasne                    Mimi Song and James J. Oh
                                            Janna Delamarter                          Helena Krol                               Marc and Eva Stern
Patrons – $5,000 - $9,999                   Dennis J. Gilbert Foundation              Latham & Watkins                          Chantal Stern
  Sherman and Mim Andelson                  Irwin and Lynne Deutch                    George and Renate Lee                     Kitty Stoneburner
  The David Geffen Foundation               Andrew and Jane Diamond                   Kenneth and Elaine Leventhal              Jac and Carol Stulberg
  Renvy Graves Pittman                      Jeffrey Dritley and                       Lola Levoy                                Christine Suppes
  Steven and Pamela Hoefflin                   Sandra V. Naftzger                     Frank and Shelley Litvack                 Mark Surrey, M.D.
  Steven and Karen Holzman                  Steve and Laura Dunn                      Lawrence Lokman and                       Swatfame
  John and Sarah Kobara                     The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable               Rhonda Seaton                          Target Community Relations
  John and Debbi Landsberger                   Foundation                             Crystal Lourd                             Alan and Susan Tivoli
  Lauren Leichtman and                      Christopher and Tracy Esse                Jerry and Lois Magnin                     Chris and Michele Toly
    Arthur Levine                           Robert Fagenson                           Mastro’s Restaurants, LLC                 Wina Tran
  Barbara Palmer                            Judy Felsenthal                           John and Betty May                        Adam and Trina Venit
  Ronald and Annette Plotkin                Laurie Feltheimer                         John and Monica McEntee                   Shari Violas
  Kassidy Choi Schagrin                     Ciina Feng                                Brian and Janice McMahon                  Raul and Vicki Walters
  Richard and Barbara Sherman               Valerie Fitzgerald                        Milken Family Foundation                  Hope Warschaw
  Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &           Kathleen Flanagan                         Susan Miller                              Mary Ann Weisberg and
    Flom, LLP                               Eric and Susan Fleishman                  Adam and Jade Mills                          Bryce Perry
  Tobey Cotsen Victor                       Steven and Darlene Fogel                  Bradley and Lisa Mindlin                  Ken and Cathy Weiss
                                            John and Sherri Fogelman                  Caryl Mindlin                             Richard Welch and Tawny Little
Partners – $1,000 - $4,999                  Steven Fowlkes                            Monique Lhuillier, Inc.                   David and Tonya Winfield
  Lisette Ackerberg                         Frederick & Cook                          Patty Sue Mozart                          The Winnick Family Foundation
  Mi Ryu Ahn                                Robert and Sheril Freedman                MUNCHKIN                                  Mireille Wolfe
  Harvey and Laura Alpert                   Helene Galen                              Jeff and Ilene Nathan                     Jane Wurwand
  Angels Baseball Foundation, Inc.          Jami Gertz and Anthony Ressler            David and Angella Nazarian                Shirin Yadegar
  Michael and Dellene Arthur                Erika Glazer                              Nestle                                    Adrienne Zarnegin
  Morris and Faye Asgar                     Guilford and Diane Glazer                 Rosie Noorani                             Marshall and Barbara Zolla

Donations are for the period from March 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009. We apologize for any errors or omissions. If we have inadvertently omitted your name,
please contact Michelle Cordero-Lee at 323.876.0550 x123. All donor gifts with aggregate totals for the year 2008 will be recognized in the 2008 Annual Report.

  Donor Recognition (continued)
Advocates – $500 - $999            Steven and Johnna Bryant            Mara Redden                       Ngaire Harvey
                                   Gary and Colleen Bub                Leah Rial                         Fern Heyman
                                   Edward and Renee Chanon             Riteway Charity Services          Abbey Hood
 Samuel and Arleen Bachner
                                   Michael Churukian                   Mark and Pam Rubin                Lorraine Jacoby
 James Berliner
                                   Brad and Valerie Cohen              The Stanley and Adrienne Rubin    Terry Jamail-Batrouni
 Alan and Christine Buckelew
                                   Paula Corley                          Family Trust                    Corinna Jimenez
 Barbara Coad
                                   Charles Davis                       Ken and Wendy Ruby                Vikki Johnson
 Elman Family Foundation
                                   Andre De Montesquiou                Honorable and Mrs. Joel Rudof     Nabil Kazi
 Gary and Cherna Gitnick
                                   Rebecca Diliberto                   Mark and Diane Rudolph            Edgar Khalatian
 Michael and Kathleen Gordon
                                   Phil Dominguez                      Michele Ruiz                      Michelle Lewis
 Dennis and Diane Gordon
                                   Brad and Lani Fauvre                Bob and Cathy Scullin             Matthew Mandel
 Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller,
                                   Patty Finkel                        Will Segar                        Harry and Sandy Margolis
    Hoberman, Newman, Warren
                                   Kara Fox                            Norton and Virginia Sharpe        Cynthia Marquez
    & Richman, LLP
                                   Leanne Frankel                      Ronald and Kathleen Silverman     Lena Marquez and
 Lars Hens
                                   Edye Friedman                       Audrey Snider                       Naomi Gonzales
 Jim and Leslie Hyman
                                   Elie Gindi and Pamela Schaff        Valerie Sobel                     Olivia Marr
 International Creative
                                   Randall and Allison Gingold         Martin and Linda Spatz            Nichole Mcauley
    Management, Inc.
                                   Jennifer Glassman                   Penny Stanley                     Jenn Moore
 Fred and Lenore Kayne
                                   Stan Golden                         David and Jill Stein              Dorothy Musacchio
 B. J. Kirwan Hanna
                                   Rosalind Goldstein                  Sterling Associates               Seena Spitz Navsky
 Anja Kloch
                                   Mark and Lisa Beth Goulston         Target West Hollywood             A. Catherine Norian
 Councilman Tom LaBonge
                                   John Gray                             Store #1884                     Elisa Paster
    Community Services Account
                                   Jeffrey Haber                       Anthony Truisi                    Susan Roberts
 Barbara Lazaroff
                                   John E. Hanwell                     Rubin and Elinor Turner           Corinne Rosenbaum
 Kevin Lee
                                   Jeremy and Kim Helfand              Alice Tybout                      Ivan and Muriel Rowan
 Thomas and Colleen Lee
                                   James and Ada Horwich               Frank and Fanny Vidjak            Louis and Rita Schlanger
 Ed and Lynn Lieberman
                                   Haleh Jahanbakhsh                   Richard and Marcia Volpert        Bonnie Schwab
 Jeffrey and Joni Marine
                                   Steve and Janet Kahane              Lee and Barbara Wagman            Lorelei Shellist
 Nancy Meidel
                                   Jeffrey and Barbara Kahn            Robert and Alin Wall              Donald and Sonya Sloan
 Judith Nelson
                                   Patrice Katz                        Judith Wenker                     Herb and Evie Spilka
 Northrop Grumman
                                   Alan and Michelle Kaye              Richard and Tati Wennekamp        Amanda Steele
 Colleen O’Rourke Carson
                                   Randall and Sharon Keller           Dana Wilson                       Katharine Tryforos
 The Parthenon Group
                                   Kocar Brothers Investment           Ronald and Sheila Wolf            Bill and Arlane Veis
 Edward and Nancy Lynn Phillips
                                   Robyn Kogan                         Barbara Yaroslavsky               Windsor Leasing, Inc.
 David and Lynn Pollock
                                   Ira Kruskol and Marissa Espinoza    Rosalie Zalis                     Nicole Winner
 Brian and Gwen Potiker
                                   Lorne Leach and                                                       Aime Wolf
 Frederic Randall
                                      Cephus R. Daniels
                                                                      Friends – Under $100               Russ Zandy
 Michael Reznick and
                                   Helen Lee                           Emanuel and Nancy Abrams
    Anne Cartegnie
                                   Larry and Deborah Leeb              Evelyn Avendano                  In-Kind
 Saban Family Foundation
                                   Michael Libow                       Lawrence Bartlett                 Actuality Productions
 Nevin Sanli
                                   Victoria Lindsley                   Steve and Linda Brown             ATEI
 Richard and Tami Schneider
                                   Kit and Carolyn Lokey               Susanna Burke                     Sherman and Mim Andelson
 Janet Schulman
                                   Mark and Cathy Louchheim            Ann Carli                         Beverly Hills Women’s Club
 Cameron Silver and Jeff Snyder
                                   Merritt Loughran                    Carryl Carter                     Beverly Hills/Greater L.A. Assoc.
 Ferris Strauchan
                                   Andrea C. and Rachel Lurie          Joel Chauran                        of Realtors
 Robert and Fay Taragan
                                   Robert A. and Nancy M Lurie         Heidi Clements                    Big Sunday
 United Online, Inc.
                                   Gary and Maggie Maier               Dana Terese Cordova               Whitney Braun
 Christopher Walsh
                                   Delphine Mann                       Costco-Los Feliz Store            Elliott and Robin Broidy
 Terrill Warren
                                   Sarah McClintock                    Elizabeth Dalling                 Karen Bruner
 William E. B. Siart Family Fund
                                   Debralynn McMurry                   Melissa Darling                   Kristin Burke
 Bruce and Gretchen Willison
                                   Emily Meyer                         Michael Din                       Miriam Carlip
Supporters – $100 - $499           Sheri Mobley                        Victoria Doramus                  Arleen Cohen
                                   Thomas Morgan                       Mitch Dorf and Lynda Eisenstat    DRG Films & Photography
 Bank of America Charitable
                                   Michael and Beth Moskowitz          Jerry and Marcia Edelman          The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable
                                   David Neuman                        Chuck and Rockie Elkind             Foundation
 Ben and Roz Barak
                                   Minny Ng                            Joe and Harriet Elston            Andrea Fletcher
 Donald Baron
                                   Jane Owen                           Evan Feldman                      Free Arts for Abused Children
 Bash, Gesas & Company
                                   Alan and Carol Parsow               Firstgiving                       Freeman Cosmetics
 Thomas and Tana Bernal
                                   Paul, Hastings, Janofsky &          Tashanda Giles-Jones              Sharon Gerber
 Albert and Shiva Berookhim
                                      Walker, LLP                      Aimee Golant                      The Airborne Toxic Event
 W. Earle and Nicole Betts
                                   Konie Phan                          Pamela Goody                      Nancy Heller
 Beverly Hills Women’s Club
                                   Polina Pindus                       Paul Grand                        Lisa Hwang-Kim
 Sandy Bilson
                                   Lawrence and Sandra Post            Donald Gray                       Stanley and Judy Jacobs
 Sharon Borak
                                   Erica Privitelli                    Elizabeth Hanks                   Gloria Lee
 Earl J. and Susan Broidy

        Teri Hatcher Hosts                                 Donor Recognition (continued from page 13)
       Celebrity Garage Sale                                M Imports                              Emily Meyer
                                                            Ma Jolie                               Kassidy Choi Schagrin
 Teri Hatcher, star of Desperate Housewives, honoree at     Mann Theaters                          Richard and Kim Selby
 an earlier Aviva awards dinner and member of Aviva’s       Greg Mortenson                         Barbara Lazaroff
                                                            Mouawad USA, Inc.                      Lisette Ackerberg
 Council of Guardians, graciously hosted her first          Na’Amat USA                            John E. Hanwell
 annual celebrity garage sale, which raised more than       Pasadena Playhouse
                                                            Robert and Rachael Platt               Lauren Leichtman and
 $5,000 for Aviva Family and Children’s Services.           Sisterhood Temple Beth Hillel           Arthur Levine
                                                            Rachel Solon                           Bingham McCutchen, LLP
 Invited guests paid $50 to enter, and children under       Gloria Stelitz                         Robert Fagenson
 12 years old were admitted free. Guests shopped            UCLA Athletics                         Richard and Tawny Little Welch
                                                            Universal Studios                      Linda May
 through celebrity-donated Coach purses, jewelry            Walt Disney Foundation                 Delphine Mann
 and other items, such as boots signed by Desperate                                                Minny Ng
                                                           In Honor Of
 Housewives costar, Eva Longoria Parker. In addition,                                              Sandy Milken
                                                            Rachel and Laruren’s Bat Mitvah
 a silent auction was held, in which guests could bid on    Earl J. and Susan Broidy
                                                                                                   W. Earle and Nicole Betts
 items ranging from Dancing with the Stars tickets to       Gary and Colleen Bub                   Michael A. Sherman
                                                            Donald Gray                            Nevin Sanli
 gift baskets filled with celebrity memorabilia.
                                                            Lars Hens                              Barry and Mireille Wolfe
                                                            Steven and Karen Holzman               Jeffrey and Barbara Kahn
 The sale started at 8 a.m. and, despite the September      John and Debbi Landsberger
 heat, plenty of guests showed up, including actresses      Dana Pachulski                        In Memory Of
                                                            Konie Phan
 Camryn Manheim of The Practice, Glee’s Jane Lynch                                                 Cal Menzer
                                                            Edward and Nancy Lynn Phillips         Sherman and Mim Andelson
 and TV personality Lara Spencer of The Insider news        David and Lynn Pollock                 Evelyn Avendano
 magazine. Spencer arrived with a camera crew and           Robin Broidy’s Birthday                Bash, Gesas & Company
 interviewed Teri while combing through her hat and         Harvey and Laura Alpert                James Berliner
                                                            Albert and Shiva Berookhim             Steve and Linda Brown
 bag collection. Guests were also treated to food and       Harold and Stephanie Bronson of the    Joe and Harriet Elston
 drink while the kids snacked on popcorn and cotton            Liberty Hill Foundation             Evan Feldman
 candy and jumped around in a bounce-house.                 Brad and Cheryl Cohen                  Jeffrey Haber
                                                            The David & Meredith Kaplan            Elizabeth Hanks
                                                               Foundation                          Fern Heyman
 “It has been a very successful, fun day,” Teri Hatcher     Mitch Dorf and Lynda Eisenstat         Lorraine Jacoby
 told People magazine. “You get motivated by the            Leanne Frankel                         Edgar Khalatian
 giving. I can’t wait for the next one!”                    Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler            Kocar Brothers Investment
                                                            Randall and Allison Gingold            Olivia Marr
                                                            Johanna Judah                          Debralynn McMurry
                                                            Mitchell and Joleen Julis              A. Catherine Norian
                                                            Patrice Katz                           Elisa Paster
                                                            Andrea C. and Rachel Lurie             Paul, Hastings, Janofsky &
                                                            Robert A. and Nancy M Lurie               Walker, LLP
                                                            Gary and Maggie Maier                  Corinne Rosenbaum
                                                            John and Betty May                     Ivan and Muriel Rowan
                                                            Michael and Beth Moskowitz             Bob and Cathy Scullin
                                                            Jeff and Ilene Nathan                  Donald and Sonya Sloan
                                                            David and Angella Nazarian             Herb and Evie Spilka
                                                            Alan and Carol Parsow                  Amanda Steele
                                                            Polina Pindus                          Bill and Arlane Veis
                                                            Raymond and Ashley Pourmussa           Windsor Leasing, Inc.
                                                            Mark and Diane Rudolph                 Ronald and Sheila Wolf
                                                            Michelle Ruiz                          David Reznek
                                                            Saban Family Foundation                Chuck and Rockie Elkind
                                                            Leonard and Corrine Sands
                                                            Edith Weisman                          Louise Schwab
                                                            Ken and Cathy Weiss                    Bonnie Schwab
                                                            Shirin Yadegar                         Frieda Leider Stein
                                                            Rosalie Zalis                          David Neuman
                                                            Susan Casden
                                                            Gray and Sharon Davis
                                                            Matthew Mandel
Teri Hatcher and Andrew Diamond

                Around Aviva                                         Beauty and Inspiration Day
               Congratulations                                            for Aviva Teens
                    Aviva Board member, Lawrence Lokman,          The extraordinary women of the Beverly Hills Women’s
                    who is also Chair of the agency’s Public      Club hosted Aviva’s teen residents at a fun-filled day of
                    Relations Committee, has received an          pride and beauty. Our teen residents received movie star
                    important promotion and expansion of          treatment as they were warmly welcomed by numerous
                    responsibilities at UCLA where he was         hosts representing various make-up artists, hair stylists,
                    named Associate Vice Chancellor,              nutritionists, and other professionals.
                    UCLA Communications & Public
                                                                  Girls were assigned to small groups where the hosts advised
                    Outreach. In addition to his prior
                                                                  the girls in their particular area of expertise. The teens
communications role, he now has responsibility for planning,
                                                                  learned about eating right, how to dress appropriately by
marketing, media and community image building to help
                                                                  mixing-and-matching clothing, and how to apply makeup
raise the university’s profile. Aviva congratulates Lawrence
                                                                  for a job interview. In addition, many of the girls were
and wishes him much success!
                                                                  pampered by getting their hair done or faces made up. At
Jane Wurwand, one of Aviva’s Platinum Associates’ members         the end of the event, each of the teens received a sports bag
and founder of Dermatologica who was recently named               filled with clothing, accessories, books and self-care items,
National Business Owner of the Year by the National               such as lotions, makeup and nail polish. As they left,
Association of Women Business Owners.                             many of the girls were heard to say they felt fabulous,
                                                                  beautiful inside and out.
All best wishes to Tom Bernal, CFO, his wife Tana, and
son Ryan welcomed the newest family member, Makena
Lee Bernal. She was born on September 30.

                    Althea Bassett, MA
                    Althea is a welcome addition as
                    Director of Aviva’s Foster Family/Adoption
                    Agency. Her extensive professional
                    background and management experience
                    in the foster care and adoptions field
                    make her an ideal person for this position.
                    Althea received her MA in Counseling
                    Psychology and BS in Psychology from          (L to R) Carolyn Bloom, Mandana Azad, Andrew Diamond,
                    Loyola Marymount University.                  Claudia Deutsch, Bonnie Star

                    Sharon Moore, LMFT                            “I want the girls to leave with a sense that a lot of people
                    Sharon joined Aviva as Assistant Director     care about their well-being and care about their future.
                    of the Community Mental Health                I want them to take away lasting skills that will help them
                    Services (CMHS) program. She has more         in life,” Bonnie Star told The Beverly Hills Courier.
                    than six years of experience managing
                                                                  Aviva thanks the Beverly Hills Women’s Club for supporting
                    clinical programs in a mental health
                                                                  this wonderful event, with special appreciation to Club
                    setting. She received her BA in English
                                                                  Chair Claudia Deutsch and members Mandana Azad,
                    from the University of Massachusetts, an
                                                                  Carolyn Bloom and Bonnie Star for coordinating the
                    MA in English from Ohio State University
                                                                  day and devoting their time and energy to helping our
                    and an MA in Clinical Psychology
                                                                  young women achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit.
                    from Antioch University.

           Bring a Little Magic to a Child’s Life This Holiday Season
                                                Gift ideas for teenage girls                        -Board games – all ages
                                                residing at Aviva                                   -Radio/CD player stereos/Discmans
                                                -Batteries (always needed)                          -Cars and trucks (remote control, Micro etc)
                                                -Beauty items (makeup/nail polish/lotions/          -Clothes (new) – infant to teenage
                                                   body splashes)                                   -Cologne and perfume
                                                -Board games – all ages                             -Dolls – Barbie and other types –
                                                -Books – fiction and non-fiction – all ages            all ethnic groups
                                                -Radios or alarm clock radios                       -Gift cards for electronics, book, music, clothing
                                                -Card games – Uno, Old Maid, Go Fish                -Handheld video games
                                                -CD players, Discmans                               -Learning toys (baby to primary grades)
                                                -CDs by popular artists (radio version only)        -Lego’s or building toys (Legos space type, K’Nex)
     Each year we reach out to friends          -Costume jewelry appropriate for teen girls         -Organizers
                                                -Diaries / Journals (very popular with the girls)   -Posters – movies, motivational; music
     in the community to help us fulfill                                                            -Pre-school toys
                                                -Gift cards to fast food places,
     the simplest and purest of childhood          book/music, clothing stores                      -Puzzles – all ages
     wishes – to open a gift wrapped in         -Hair accessories                                   -Stuffed animals and Beanie Babies
                                                -MP3 players/iPod Shuffle                           -Toy cars
     shiny and brightly decorated holiday
                                                -iTunes gift cards                                  -Toy characters – Disney/Warner Bros./Sesame St.
     paper. Nothing beats seeing a child or                                                         -Wallets for teen boys and girls
                                                -Night lights - plastic
     teenager’s sad eyes become bright and      -Phone cards with maximum 30 minutes                -Watches for teen boys and girls
     irrepressibly curious as they are given    -Photo frames, albums                               Activity supplies needed for teen
     a gift to open. That moment when a         -Posters – movies, motivational; music
                                                                                                    -Arts & crafts supplies (beading, scrapbooking)
                                                -Storage containers for personal items
     youngster realizes that the wished-for        (cute for room)
                                                                                                    -Balls – volley and basketball, Nerf
                                                                                                    -Exercise equipment (small) – bands, balls,
     remote control car, or first portable      -Toy characters - Disney/Warner Bros./Sesame St.       stair step, thigh master, yoga mats
     stereo is truly his or hers, is magical.   School supplies needed                              -Videos & DVDs – PG –PG13 movies/
                                                -Backpacks (high school size)                          music concerts
     You can share in the magic. We hope                                                            -Magazine subscriptions appropriate for
                                                -Notebooks (composition & spiral/binders)
     you will consider adopting Aviva and       -Loose leaf paper                                      teen girls
     hosting a holiday toy drive at your        -Organizers/Calendars
     home, office, temple, or church. Or,       -Pens/pencils/colored pencils                         We need your help to complete the High
                                                -Protractors/rulers                                   School Computer Lab. We need 5 up-to-
     if you have a party during the holidays,   -Glue sticks                                          date computers, monitors and printers.
     please consider asking your guests
                                                For our foster children – boys and girls,
     to bring a new, unwrapped gift for         birth –18                                           If you can help with any of these needs,
     a child or teenager. We promise            -Action figures (ex. Transformers, Bionicle)        please contact Arlene Joye at 323.876.0550
     everyone will feel the true spirit of      -Arts and crafts kits                               x104 or ajoye@avivacenter.org
     the holidays at your party!                -Basketballs, footballs

Aviva Family and Children’s Services
Hamburger Home, Inc.
7120 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046