Section B Functional Areas by hcj


									Section B: Functional Areas

Title: Introduction to Functional Areas

Describe briefly what role is undertaken by each of the functional areas.

Use Boardworks/Applied Business textbook Chapter 7

How does ICT supports retail in the high street ?

Watch the DVD and make notes in your books.

Write a paragraph in your portfolio.

What happens in the functional areas at WH Smith’s Stamford ?

Using the notes describe how each functional area operates at WH Smiths
and how ICT supports it area.

You should illustrate where appropriate with photographs.

How do functional areas work together to meet the aims?

Using your notes and the exemplar guide explain how the functional
areas work together to meet each aim:

   1) You can combine the aims of PROFIT, SALES TARGETS and INCREASE

   2) Retaining staff

   3) Customer Satisfaction.

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