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									                 Baseball is the all-American sport that everyone
                 knows how to play, but do you know how to
                 play baseball properly? If you think that your
                 baseball swing could be improved, then here are
                 some fabulous hitting tips for baseball that you
                 can put to use.

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Well, the important thing is to know how to do the proper stance.
Walk into the batter’s box and align your front foot with the back
corner of the home plate. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-
width apart and that your knees are bent. With your dominant
hand, raise your bat and grip it, making sure that your hands are
touching each other and that your knuckles are aligned. Touch
the bottom knob of the bat lightly with your bottom hand. Then,
position your dominant hand parallel to the ground, with your
hands behind your back shoulder. Shift your hips slightly and
take a small step forward when you see the pitcher releasing the
ball. Step toward the ball, bringing your elbow in, followed by
your hands and back leg. Continue your swing all the way
through, stopping as your bat reaches behind your shoulder.

Aside from the proper stance, you should take note that other
factors affect your baseball swing. That includes your hands, head
and shoulders, relaxation, and mental approach. Know that the
only way to strike the ball effectively is to have strong hands. No
matter what else happens during your swing, your hands must
remain in a position to aggressively hit the ball. Your head and
front shoulder should always stay on the ball.

It is also important to be relaxed and loose at the plate. You have
to be mentally alert – to be aware of the situation that you are
stepping into – and to be confident. Being aware of your situation
is actually what baseball is all about. The confidence that you
build in yourself is where most of your hitting ability comes from.
Most beginner baseball players are afraid of hitting the ball
probably because they think that they cannot do it. What they
don’t know is that by following some hitting tips for baseball,
batting is not as difficult as it seems to be.

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