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					                                   Job Description
                               Promotions and ticket staff

Students’ Union:

The aim of the Students’ Union is to support and enhance the educational, social,
cultural and recreational activities, and opportunities of the student body, and also to
provide a channel of communication for students with the University, NUS and other

Purpose of job:

We are looking for motivated individuals to assist in various roles from ticket selling,
promotions, working in the ticket shop and manning stalls at Colchester Institute and a
market stall in Colchester town centre ( only Saturdays ). You may also be required to
conduct market research from time to time to ensure we engage with our membership
and will be invited to join the Entertainments committee to feedback and input into
shaping future events and bookings.

You will be an outgoing person, able to communicate effectively and engage in
conversation with both students and public alike. You may be given targets to achieve
which will involve bonuses to pay, and perks such as free entry to certain events. You
will ensure that the halls of residence and town centre outlets such as taxi ranks, kebab
houses, shops have posters & flyers for specified events.

You will be reliable, punctual and be self motivated. There are a maximum of 8 places
available on this team and you will be managed by a team leader and the
Entertainments Manager. These are exciting roles for the right people and give you
opportunities to experience a number of roles with a view to being more multi skilled.

The role will assist the Entertainments Manager and Brand Managers to communicate
all our brands to both students and public, and to keep the quality of our brands
consistent and make changes when necessary.

Responsible for:

Distributing flyers, putting posters up, visiting halls of residence, manning ticket outlets,
manning market stall, other promotional activities as and when required.

Reporting to: Entertainments Manager and Operations Managers.

Functional Relationships:

Ents Management Team, Brand Managers, Ents committee, SABBs and Union Staff,
Membership, public & Colchester Borough Council.

Department:                Commercial Services

Hours of work:             Maximum of 16 during term-time

Our Values
In everything we do we will be:
     Representative
     Democratic
     Student Led
     Accessible
     Professional
     Diversity Aware

And we will:
   Seek to engender an equal opportunities environment
   Take wider environmental issues into account in everything we do
   Offer opportunities for personal development at all levels

Principal Duties of Post:
    Be a champion of excellent customer service in your area
    Carry out all crew duties and follow all Health & Safety procedures
    Contribute as a team member to ideas in relation to operational efficiency and
      service standards and make recommendations
    Attend all relevant training
    Assist in special projects
    Assist in relevant key events throughout the year e.g. Freshers Fair, Summer
      Ball etc.
    Work with all team members in a fair and respectful manner in accordance with
      legislation and SU Policy and Procedures.
    Any other duties, as may be reasonably required, from time to time

In addition to the above:
     Team Leaders/Senior Team Leaders will be expected to assist with Induction,
      training and supervision of student staff
     Team Leaders/Senior Team Leaders expected to assist in appraising student
     Team Leaders/Senior Team Leaders on occasion may be required to open
      and/or close the venue

These duties are a guide to the work that the post holder will initially be required to
undertake. Other duties or a change of duties may be necessary from time to time.
The duties do not form part of the contract of employment. It is important to know that
you will be expected to participate in any training programme considered relevant to
your job and that you will be appraised during the course of your work. Staff are
expected to portray a positive image, both internally and externally of the Students’
Union by displaying high standards of service, integrity, punctuality, politeness and

Personal Specification Skills and Competencies
                                                         Essential   Desirable
Previous promotions or advertising experience                          
Experience and understanding of the needs of the           
student membership
Customer Service skills or market research                                
Achieving Excellence                                                      
Ability to continually deliver customer service beyond
the expectations of customers and stakeholders
Training                                                   
 Ability to take responsibility for completion of
   essential training for the role.
 Ability to report back to the management team with
   review and evaluation information
People                                                     
 Ability to work as a team member
 Ability to share learning
 Ability to inspire others to achieve success for the
Operational Skills                                                    
 Knowledge of Colchester and surrounding areas
Personal Qualities include :                               
 Initiative
 Willingness to learn
 Energy
 Flexible
 Communication skills
 Creative
 Meeting strict deadlines
Commitment to equality of opportunity                      

      The Students' Union is committed to its Policy & Code of Practice on Equal


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