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									                       TLF - THREE LIONS FACTORY

        TLF - Cathodic Protection – (Assembly, Manufacturing & Services)

A fully comprehensive service is offered in the field of Cathodic Protection (CP). The Company
is committed to design efficient, cost effective cathodic protection systems

TLF provides the following services:

      System analysis and design
      Terrain (Soil) Conductivity Surveys for Well Casing Cathodic Protection Design
      Impressed current system design, installation and commissioning
      Sacrificial anode system design and installation
      Survey, design & commissioning services for conventional pipeline systems and
       potential surveys.
      Cathodic protection in hazardous environments.
      Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures.
      Evaluation of existing Cathodic Protection System and development of comprehensive
       CP retrofit.
      Provision of specialised pipeline survey techniques and interpretation of results.
      Turnkey cathodic protection systems.
      CP Design of process plant, storage tanks and large diameter pipelines.
      Monitoring and maintenance services on new or existing pipelines.
      Design of transformer rectifiers for impressed current cathodic protection.

TLF Cathodic Protection Materials:

      Material supply includes: CP Rectifiers (Oil Cooled, Air Cooled-Single Phase Three
       Phase) Junction Boxes (Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Fiber Glass), Test Stations,
       Loresco Back Fill, Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anodes, CP Cable and Remote
       Monitoring System

Why you should use us:

      Highly responsible & resourceful team available to provide the services
      TLF follows the Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedures, Standards & Specifications
      Prompt material supply per your requirement – deadline will be followed.
      Service & Support after supply
      Cost effective material supply (low prices) due to less TLF overhead expenditures.

       For Cathodic Protection Assembling,
         Manufacturing & Material Supply
Cathodic Protection Systems

Three Lions Factory (TLF) is focused on the provision and development of Cathodic
Protection Systems. TLF is a professional service provider through the application of
corrosion control technology. Corrosion protection is an essential component in the
maintenance of all steel-based assets. TLF focuses in developing and utilizing leading
edge data acquisition analysis and communications technologies. Where pipelines and
underground storage tanks are involved, the application of appropriate corrosion
management will ensure the safe and reliable supply of products such as gas, oil and
water. TLF provides the technical expertise to design, install, monitor and maintain
systems that minimize corrosion in these valuable steel assets. In addition, TLF
provides a wide range of consulting and project management services including new
product evaluation, specification development for protective coating systems and
investigation into other aspects of pipeline corrosion protection.

Manufacturing & Assembly

TLF strives to develop and implement modern technology in the continuing fight against
corrosion. High priority is given to design, planning and production of all Cathodic
Protection Systems. A complete Quality Assurance System of SAUDI ARAMCO is
implemented in the design, manufacture and supply of systems, equipment and

A formal documented and systematic approach is employed to ensure products are
competitive, provide superior performance and are totally reliable. We take great pride
in the standard of engineering professionalism we offer, and our corporate philosophy
ensures complete customer satisfaction. We are engaged into the following items:

1. Transformer Rectifiers

      Oil Cooled
      Air Cooled
      Single Phase
      Three Phase

2. Junction Boxes

      Aluminum
      Stainless Steel
      Glass Fiber

3. Sacrificial Anodes

      Zinc
      Aluminum
      Magnesium
      Bare and Pre – Packaged

4. Impressed Current Anodes

      High Silicon Iron
      Mixed Metal Oxide
      Graphite
      Platinized Niobium C/W Cable
      Canistered and Un-Canistered

Project Management
Designing for corrosion control and cathodic protection requires a complete
understanding of the environment where the subject structure is situated. TLF provides
complete solutions based on laboratory analysis of water and soil samples for corrosion
control and cathodic protection design.

Engineering for corrosion control and cathodic protection is the heart of TLF. Our
personnel include established Cathodic Protection Specialists along with registered
Professional Engineers. TLF will provide complete system designs, write material and
equipment standards, edit, review and write project specifications and prepare design
and as-built drawings.

TLF supplies all types of equipment related to Cathodic Protection System. Following
are the some brands we keep in our stock:

      Loresco USA Back Fill
      Loresco USA All Vent Pipes
      PVC Slotted Pipes for Tank Bottom
      PVC Slotted Casing For Deep Well Anode System
      Cable for Cathodic Protection System, HMWPE.XLPE / PVC, THHN/THWN and
      Reference Electrodes
      Test station- Flush Fink from Cott Manufacturing Co.USA
      Test station – Big Fink / Little Fink Cott Manufacturing Co.USA
      3 Way Splice Kit for cathodic protection system
      Royston Handy Caps from USA
      Thermit Welding Materials from Thermo weld USA
      Insulating Flag Kits
      Kirk Cells
      Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR) From USA
      Test Instruments for Cathodic Protection System

Three Lions Factory Company LLC.

Saudi Aramco Vendor No: 10034667
Saudi Aramco Plant No: 30004266

Our Sister Concern (TLE) also approved by Saudi Aramco
Under Vendor No: 10034393

We are also registered with:

 Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail & Yanbu (MARAFIQ)
Under vendor No: 1852
 Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
 Under Vendor No: 504537

 Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Under Vendor No: 2003538

For additional information kindly contact as follows:

Mr.Ameer Ahmed
General Manager
Three Lions Factory
Ist Industrial Area
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ph: 00 966-3-859-8555/8544, Fax-00966-3-859-8522
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