Using a Pet Sitting Service

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					                              Using a Pet Sitting Service
If you are planning on taking a family vacation, the safety and wellbeing of your pet may be on
your mind. Using a pet sitting service, which will keep your pet in the same familiar
environment such as the comfort of your home, is a wise choice. When you use a professional
sitting service it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are being cared
for by a professional.

Pet Sitters Are True Pet Lovers

It is important to weigh all the factors when it comes to hiring a Pet Sitting Atlanta service.
Clearly, if you have family member that can take the pet, you could always go that route. But
then the family member would feel obligated to care for your pet and it could get uncomfortable.
When you select a pet sitter, you are choosing a paid professional who also is a true pet lover.
They are not doing it simply because you ask but because they are hired to do so. Also, you can
be reasonably sure that a pet sitting professional wouldn’t be in the profession they are in unless
they loved pets.
Keep Your Pet in Their Daily Routine

If you hire a Pet Sitting Atlanta service it allows you to keep your pet on the same feeding and
bathroom schedule. This keeps your dogs and cats at ease. Also, if your pet’s exercise and
playtime routine stays the same they may not even know you left. Also, having a professional
trained in pet first aid and CPR looking after your pet can save their life should there be an
emergency situation. Additionally, keeping your pet out of a pet kennel can keep them healthy
and disease-free as they won’t be in contact with other dogs and cats but instead in their own

What to Look For in a Pet Sitter

There are a few key items to ask for when you hire a pet sitting service. Ask the sitter for a
business license as you want to be sure that the individual/company is legitimate. Most
professionals will be registered with the state and also with the city in which they reside and
work. Also, ask to see proof of insurance as all professional services must be insured and
bonded to care for your animals. Lastly, make sure that your pet sitter is certified in first aid and
Pet Sitters Atlanta should be able to provide proof that they are certified through a reputable
organization such as the American Red Cross.

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