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									The principal’s newsletter of Stone Mill Elementary School
Kimberly A. Williams, Principal

October 6, 2010                                                                    Newsletter #2

OCTOBER                              Guidance pillar and theme: Respect - “Never look down on anybody
                                     unless you are helping him up.” Jesse Jackson

         8                           Book Fair Begins!
                  9:30-1:00          PEP field trip to Homstead Farms
         11       9:30-11:00         Parent Visitation Day
         12       9:30-12:30         Grade 5 field trip to Strathmore Arts Center
         15                          No School – Teacher Convention Day
         18       9:30-11:00         SGA Election
         20       lunch              Walk for the Homeless
         22                          Student Picture Day
         26       9:20-2:30          Grade 3 trip to the Balto. Museum of Industry
         27       9:20-2:30          Grade 3 trip to the Balto. Museum of Industry
                  3:30-4:30          Flu Shot Clinic for Adults, Health Room
         29                          First marking period ends
                  2:15               Halloween Parade and parties

NOVEMBER                             Guidance pillar and theme: Caring - “Men are only as great as they
                                     are kind.” Elbert Hubbard

         1                           No School – Professional day for teachers
         2                           No School – Election day
         5        6:00-8:30          Bingo Night
         9        7:00-8:00          PTA meeting, APR
         11       12:55              Early Release Day – conferences
                  1:30-2:30          Flu Mist Clinic (for Stone Mill students only), Health Room
         12       12:55              Early Release Day – conferences
         17                          Ledo’s fundraising night
         18      9:30-12:30          Grade 2 to Strathmore Arts Center
         19      6:45-8:45           Movie Night
         24      12:55               Early Release Day – Thanksgiving Eve
         25 & 26                     No School – Thanksgiving
         30      9:30-12:30          Grade 1 field trip to Croyden Creek

PRINCIPAL’S WRITING WALL – Each week, students’ work is selected by teachers as exemplary and
will be displayed in the front hall of the school. Teachers are on a rotating schedule, and not all classes are
displayed every week. We have adjusted the schedule this year to allow for many more, if not all, students’
writing to be posted during the year. I invite you to read the wall regularly to see some fabulous writing!
Congratulations to the students whose writing has been highlighted this week!

                  Grade 5 – Fareed Abedini, Jon Brodsky, Reid Brown, Peter Chen, Cindy Chu,
                  Brian Huang, James Lee, Sabrina Li, Josh Oser, Gabby Benevides, Donavin Mills,
                  Eden Edery, Faraz Hafeez, Jazzlyn Taylor, Justin Glou, Katie Gillick, Mandla Johnson
                  Grade 4 – Natalia Acosta, Jack Berman, Sierra Coflin, Harrison Cance, Adam Friedman,
                  Pearl Kim, Elena Yeatts-Lonske, Hassan Syyid, Tyler Huang, Isabella Sambor,
                  Nabil Ahmed, Mehul Behera, Harrison Lee, Vincent Ma, Gelila Yimam,
                  Amanda Levenson, Andrew Jiang
                  Grade 3 – Eric Hao, Ivy Huang, Amy Kraft, Andrew Lazzaro, Michelle Li,
                  Matthew Mei, Sean Moon, Margaret Shen, Sydney Yen, Victoria Xin, Hunter Cance,
                  Sarah Edery, Benny Kotler, Jessica Stearns, Max Greenfeld, Sona Chudamani,
                  Nicholas Gonyo, Tasnim Obaied
                  Grade 2 – Jacob Bruckheim, Shakti Arumugam, Jordan Rosenzweig, Arthur Liao,
                  Maggie Chen, Chinoyelum Aniagbosco, Ari Glaser, Victoria Chai, Shruti Chauhan,
                  Brant Jiang, Colin Galbraith, Sarah Reid, Nelson Tong
                  Grade 1 – Evan Cantor, Elizabeth Ipe, Sydney Behrens, Kailyn McAfee, Logan Moore,
                  Brandon Wang, Logan Judelsohn, Lucas Ibacache, Clarie Zhang, Prielle Edery,
                  Chenhao Wu, Jordan Needleman, Zachary Dakoulas, Amber Chen, Daniel Lee,
                  Daniel Liu, Hannah Rah, Aliza Syyid

CLASSROOM VISITATION DAY – Monday, October 11, 2010*, is our annual Columbus Day Parent
Open House. Parents are welcome to visit their children’s classrooms and watch the learning occur.
Parents of children in grades K-5 are asked to sign in and can be in classrooms between the hours of 9:30
and 11:00. For details with the PEP visitation, please see below. In order to ensure a productive learning
environment for all of our children, I ask that younger siblings not attend. Thanks!

Grades K-5         AM PEP, INC        PM PEP, INC       Beginnings            AM Classic      PM Classic
Monday 9:30-11     Mon. 9:15-         Mon. 12:30-       Mon. 9:15-10:15       *Tues. 9:15-    Mon. 1:00-
                   10:15              1:30                                    10:15           2:00

GUIDANCE GROUPS – Each year, our counselor Mrs. Forrest, conducts a variety of student counseling
groups to assist with difficulties the children may be facing. She conducts groups about divorce, social
skills, friendships, etc. If you feel your child is in need of such a group please contact your child’s
homeroom teacher.

FROM THE COUNSELOR - Parents can help their children be successful in school and life by teaching
the importance of respect. If children are around adults who show respect, they are likely to be respectful
of others. Here are some suggestions for teaching respect:

    1.  Model respectful behavior at all times.
    2.  Expect your children to be respectful to you and others.
    3.  Teach respect by giving your children the tools that they need to show respect. For example,
        showing good manners, practicing greeting others, and showing compassion.
    4. Encourage your children by using positive comments when you see or hear your children being
        respectful of others.
    5. Point out to your children when you see other children displaying respectful behaviors.
    6. When teaching respect, be strong, firm and direct.
    7. Talk with your children about the importance of being kind and respectful toward others at all
    8. Discourage your children from talking negatively about others. Teach empathy.
    9. Model being respectful of your children’s teachers. They will subsequently follow your example.
    10. Teach appropriate responses to the actions of others. This is a wonderful opportunity to utilize
        role play to act out certain situations.

Bully Prevention Tip: Offer support to your children in social situations, but don’t encourage dependence
on you. The more choices a child has to make, the more self-reliant he/she becomes.

FIELD TRIPS – Thank you in advance for volunteering to assist our teachers this year on field trips!
Please understand that your role is critical to the safety and enjoyment of our children. When you volunteer
to join a class on a field trip, please know that we will need your undivided attention – no personal phone
calls, no stopping for coffee during the trip, etc.

ELECTRONIC INFORMATION – You should have received this newsletter in your email inbox. 
We would also like to send a small amount of information about upcoming events at Stone Mill that are
sponsored by our fabulous PTA. If you would not like to receive the events info, please let me know and
we will remove your email from that list.
FROM THE HEALTH ROOM - The very fabulous Mrs. Bayer wanted to make sure everyone was
starting off the year ready to keep the children healthy and ready for school! In order to ensure this she has
some reminders.
      Flu Mist Clinic for students – School Health Services will be conducting an after school FluMist
          clinic for Stone Mill students ONLY from 1:30-2:30 on Thursday, November 11, 2010.
          Information will be sent home in backpacks. If you are interested, please contact the health room
          for an appointment.
      Flu Shot Clinic for adults – Flu shots will be available for adults on Wednesday, October 27 th from
          3:30-4:30. The cost is $27. Please contact Mrs. Bayer if you are interested.

        Lice – We have already had a number of cases of lice at a variety of grade levels. Lice like clean
         hair, so if your child does get lice, please know that it has nothing to do with not having clean hair.
         Should your child complain of head itching, especially at the base of the head, please contact the
         school and Mrs. Bayer will take a look. If you think your child has been exposed to lice, again,
         please call Mrs. Bayer.

        Local numbers – There is no long distance line in the health room, so if parents have a long
         distance number on file, it is very difficult for Mrs. Bayer to give a call when a child is sick or
         injured. Please make sure that Mrs. Bayer has a local number to reach parents in the event of an

         Fever/virus update – PLEASE keep your child home the day following the last episode of fever
         and/or vomiting. For example, if Susie vomited Monday morning, she should stay home on
         Monday as she is sick, and on Tuesday to recover. Thanks for helping to keep everyone healthy!

HALLOWEEN – A few quick reminders about Halloween at Stone Mill –
   Children who choose to wear costumes for the parties and parade should BRING them, NOT wear
     them to school. They will have time to change prior to the parade.
   No weapons, pretend weapons or super scary costumes are allowed.
   Masks that allow children to see well are fine.
   Children who do not celebrate are welcome to join the non-Halloween celebration in the media

WANNA BE A POM? - The award winning Wootton High School Poms will be holding a Pee Wee Pom
Clinic on Wednesday, October 6th and Thursday, October 7th from 5:30-7:30 in the Wootton High School
gym. Participants will learn a poms dance routine and have the opportunity to perform alongside the
Wootton Pom squad at the Wootton Football game on Friday evening, October 8th (against Walt
Whitman). The cost is $35 per participant and includes a PeeWee Pom t-shirt and a set of poms. All are
welcome! For more information or to preregister, please email us at Please note
that you must preregister to attend by mailing the registration form or emailing

WOOTTON FOOTBALL CLUSTER NIGHT - All Wootton Cluster families are invited to the Hall of
Fame Game featuring exciting football, cheerleaders, poms and the marching band. There's something for
everyone to enjoy at the stadium on Friday night!
        $1 admission for all K-8 cluster students.

        Free souvenir megaphone w/ popcorn to K-8 cluster students (while supplies last, compliments of
         the WHS Booster Club).

        Purchase dinner and check out the latest in Patriots fan gear at the concessions stand.

        We're "rockin' the red" this season, so please wear your favorite red shirt to show support for the
Hope to see all the VIPs- Very Important (Future) Patriots at the game! For more information about
Wootton Athletics, please go to

Global Screening – Grade 2
InView Testing – February 7-11, 2011
Raven Testing – Spring 2011 (Specific dates will be sent later in the school year)
Rescreening and New to MCPS Testing for Grades 3, 4, 5
InView Testing – February, 2010
Raven Testing – Spring 2011 (Specific dates will be sent later in the school year)
Center Program for the Highly Gifted for Grades 4 and 5
The centers are designed for students who learn at a faster pace and can handle advanced concepts of
greater complexity. The goal of the program is to provide highly able and motivated elementary students
with an accelerated and enriched instructional program. Students enrolled in this program have a unique
academic profile and educational needs that are most easily addressed in the Center Program than in a
typical classroom. The program provides an instructional atmosphere that promotes thinking skills, risk
taking, and creative expression to help highly able students realize their potential.
          By October 1, 2010: Applications are mailed to the homes of all grade 3 students.
          November 8, 2010: Parents mail applications, postmarked by November 8, directly to the
          Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS), 11721 Kemp
          Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902.
          By mid-November, DCCAPS will send confirmation letter of receipt of application and the test
          date to parents.
          By December 13, 2010, Stone Mill ES will submit applicant folders to DCCAPS with all
          appropriate school documentation.
          January Testing will occur at Stone Mill. The date will be sent to parents in the confirmation letter
          of receipt of application letter sent directly to parents from DCCAPS.
          March 25, 2011: Schools and parents are notified of the selection process results.
          April 6 – 12, 2011: Center program open houses are held for parents of accepted students.
          April 15, 2011: Deadline for parents accepting decision or filing an appeal. Parents return
          Response Form to DCCAPS.
Middle School Options: visit for
information, application materials, and Choice forms.
          All programs are highly competitive, with limited seats at each site.
          All Grade 5 students are eligible to apply.
          Students spend part of their day in magnet classes and the rest of their day in classes with local
          The selection process considers grades, application information, teacher recommendations, and
          magnet test scores.
The Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) – use a whole school magnet approach; specialized
courses developed specifically for the MSMC; all grade 5 students are eligible to participate in the Choice
process; students submit a simple Choice form and selection is based on a lottery. No grades, tests, or
          Argyle Magnet Middle School for Digital Design and Development - (PARENT MEETING
          OCTOBER 28 @ 7:00 P.M.)
          A. Mario Loiederman Magnet Middle School for the Creative and Performing Arts
          (PARENT MEETING OCTOBER 15 @ 7:00 P.M.)
          Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology - (PARENT MEETING
          NOVEMBER 5 @ 7:00 P.M.)
Middle School Application Programs -
          Humanities and Communication Magnet Program at Eastern Middle School – serves the
          Downcounty Consortium, the Northwest Consortium, B-CC, Churchill, RM, Rockville,
          Sherwood, WJ, Whitman, Wootton (PARENT MEETING OCTOBER 18 @ 7:00 P.M.)
          Mathematics, Science, Computer Science Magnet Program at Takoma Park Middle School –
          serves the Downcounty Consortium, the Northwest Consortium, B-CC, Churchill, RM, Rockville,
          Sherwood, WJ, Whitman, Wootton (PARENT MEETING OCTOBER 26 @ 7:00 P.M.)
          Upcounty Center Programs for the Highly Gifted at Roberto Clemente Middle School –
          Humanities and communication; Mathematics, Science and Computer Science; serves Clarksburg,
          Damascus, Gaithersburg, Magruder, Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Seneca Valley,
          Watkins Mill (PARENT MEETING OCTOBER 13 @ 7:00 P.M.)
          Application workshop (in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese) @
           7 P.M. @Gaithersburg High School – October 28, 2010 and @ Wheaton High School –
          November 4, 2010
           Early September – Mailing to all Grade 5 students informing them of information meetings and
           open houses
           Late September – applications and test preparation booklets arrive at Stone Mill ES
Early October – applications and test preparation booklets are available online in Chinese,
English, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese on the MCPS Web site at programs/
Monday, November 8 – Deadline for applications and Choice forms and for students to
submit teacher recommendation requests to teachers
December 13 – Teacher recommendations due to Clemente, Eastern, and Takoma Park (forms
available on MCPS website)
December 4 – Magnet testing for Clemente, Eastern, and Takoma Park

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