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You will hear some TV news items. There are five questions, one for each news

Write the letter of the topic in the table below. There are two extra topics. Do
not use them.
(0) has been done for you as an example.

You now have one minute to look at the topics.

Now listen to the news items. You will hear the items once.

News item – example
The US ambassador to the United Nations is expected to urge India and
Pakistan to reopen a dialogue during his tour through the subcontinent this
week. Tension between the two countries mounted last week after Islamabad
said it had test-fired its longest-range missile, drawing a sharp reaction from
New Delhi, which accused China of providing Pakistan with the technology.

News item – one
Wimbledon officials ruled out delaying the tournament’s start by a week in 2005 to
give players more time to adjust to grass after the clay-court French Open. The All
England Club said it would keep the traditional dates for 2004 and 2005, meaning
Wimbledon still will begin two weeks after the French open ends.

News item – two
An earthquake struck Afghanistan on Saturday. It is believed that more than 3,000
people were killed. The French Foreign Ministry plans to send about 35 tons of
humanitarian aid. The Red Cross is preparing to set up a clinic in the area. The
quake’s epicenter was about 50 kilometers from Faizabad.

News item – three
The Bank of Japan on Friday kept monetary policy unchanged for the fourth time as it
awaited signs that an 18-month economic expansion might end five years of falling
prices. The bank governor and his eight colleagues left interest rates close to zero
and maintained monthly purchases of government bonds at 10.2 billion dollars.

News item – four
The heaviest shelling yet in Guinea-Bissau’s 10-day military revolt rocked the capital
Tuesday. The bombardment lasted for about 90 minutes and was concentrated on
the Bra military complex. There was no immediate word on casualties. More than
150,000 refugees were reported in the area.
News item – five
Seven climbers were missing and feared dead after a blizzard stranded them just
below the summit of Mount Everest. The seven did not return Sunday from the north
face of Everest, and it was believed they had died in a blizzard about 200 meters
from the peak. The missing climbers included three from Kazakhstan, one German
and a Sherpa guide.

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You now have one minute to check your answers.

Now turn over the page for PART TWO.
(0) E
(1) G
(2) B
(3) C
(4) H
(5) A

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