August Report to the Community - Newsletters by Reps


                                            Lucille Roybal-Allard
                                            Reports                 August 2002
                                                                                                       To the
                                                                                                       33rd District

                                                                              Safeguarding Our Nation
  Dear Friends,                                    ary of
                                                                            A     s a member of the Democratic Caucus’s Homeland
                                                                                  Security Task Force, Congresswoman Roybal-Allard
                              the first annivers                            is actively working to ensure that the new Department of
        As we approach                      muc  h about our
                       , it is clear that                                   Homeland Security protects the rights of its employees
   September 11th              e ha  ve come together
                                                          as a
                                                                            and the public. Specifically, she is:
   lives has changed. W                       joined in our
                         ays, and we are                                    ❖ Fighting President Bush’s plan to abolish Civil Service
   nation in new w                          r nation from
                        to safeguard ou                                         protections for employees of the new department;
    common desire                        untry faces man
    terrorism.     However, our co                  well,                   ❖ Working to guarantee “whistleblower” protections for
                                opportunities as
     othe r challenges and                           munity’s                   workers who discover misconduct or abuse of power by
                                 improve our com
             ing the need to                               r our                the new department;
     includ                            l opportunities fo
     health, pr   ovide educationa              of our                      ❖ Advocating for the establishment of an Office of Civil
                           sure the success
      children, and en                                                          Rights in the Homeland Security Department to pro-
      businesses.                           information abou
                                                                 t              tect our civil liberties; and
            This new    sletter contains              ers to                ❖ Supporting proposals that ensure high-quality, just
                                  ith other lawmak
       how   I am working w              rity and to meet
                                                             the                immigration services.
       improve     our national secu                           dates
                                            also includes up                   In addition, the Congresswoman is working to make
       needs of ou    r community. It                           or-
                                             ts in our neighb               certain the Department of Homeland Security is respon-
        on activities   and special even               resting and
                                    u will find it inte                     sive to our local communities. She believes that home-
        hood  . I hope that yo                                              town security equals homeland security. Congresswoman
        useful.                                              you, or
                                        I can do to assist                  Roybal-Allard is pushing to:
               If there is anything           ur opinion on is
                                                                            ❖ Ensure that the new department is created with input
                       ld like to share yo                           at
         if you wou                              y District Office
          before Congr     ess, please call m           aring from
                                                                                from local firefighters, police, doctors and community
                                     ok forward to he                           healthcare providers – the real experts on their commu-
          213/  628-9230. I lo                                                  nity’s needs;
          you.                                            s.
                                       Warmest regard                       ❖ Bring the needed federal funding to our local govern-
                                                                                ments to enable them to respond to future threats; and
                                                                            ❖ Protect successful programs already working in our local
                                       Lucille Roybal-A                         communities, like the COPS and FIRE Act programs,
                                       Member of Con                            which benefit our local public safety offices.

                                               Honoring a Veteran
        ongresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard pinned seven                   Regiment of the 88th Infantry Division in Italy, where he
        military honors, including the Bronze Star, on                    fought on the ground. He received: the Bronze Star
        Jesus Ybarra, a World War II veteran and resident                 Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the European-
of East Los Angeles in a cere-                                                                       African-Middle Eastern
mony at Patriotic Hall in Los                                                                        Campaign Medal, the World
Angeles on May 30th.                                                                                 War II Victory Medal, the
   Congresswoman Roybal-                                                                             Good Conduct Medal, the
Allard’s office helped Mr.                                                                           Combat Infantry Badge, and
Ybarra receive the medals he                                                                         the Honorable Service Lapel
had earned over 50 years ago                                                                         Button WWII.
during World War II. This                                                                               The ceremony with
service is available to all local                                                                    Congresswoman Roybal-Allard
veterans who would like help                                                                         was a special moment for Mr.
in obtaining medals they have                                                                        Ybarra, his family, and friends.
earned.                                                                                              It was covered by several local
   Jesus Ybarra grew up in Los                                                                       newspapers and television sta-
Angeles and joined the Army at age 22. After training in                  tions, and many friends called Mr. Ybarra to congratulate
the United States, he was deployed in Oran, North                         him. Sadly, two weeks after the ceremony, Mr. Ybarra
Africa. In 1944, he joined Company E 351st Infantry                       passed away.
             Providing Opportunities to Students
                       Congresswoman Roybal-Allard is pleased
                       to congratulate Greg Garcia on his grad-        Congressional
                       uation from the U.S. Naval Academy.
                       Greg was nominated to the Academy by
                       Congresswoman Roybal-Allard in 1997.            Program
                       A graduate of Warren High School, Greg
                       grew up in Bell Gardens. At the Academy,
                       he earned a Bachelor’s degree in                F   ive local students are working as
                                                                           interns in the Congresswoman’s
                                                                       Los Angeles office: Amelia Bonilla, a
                       Economics. This summer, Greg will be
training in Florida and continuing his service in the U.S. Navy.       Roosevelt Magnet High School student; Elizabeth
                                                                       Amezquita, a graduate of Alameda College; Adriana Payan,
Attending a Military                                                   a UCLA student; Robert Yeh, a member of the Taiwanese
                                                                       American Citizens League; and Yobana Cordero, an alumna
Academy                                                                of Roosevelt High School. The photo shows Adriana Payan

S   tudents in the 33rd Congressional District who
    are interested in earning a college degree at one
of the prestigious U.S. military academies should call
                                                                       (right) and Robert Yeh (left).
                                                                           Through their internships, these students are learning
                                                                       first-hand how the federal government works. Local stu-
Veronica Prado in the Los Angeles office (213/628-                     dents interested in earning school credit and gaining valu-
9230) for more information. Details are also available                 able work experience through the Congressional Internship
on the Congresswoman’s web site:                                       Program should contact Congresswoman Roybal-Allard’s                       office at 213/628-9230.

                                                                           Financial Aid Forum
                                                                         ongresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard held several forums for
                                                                         parents and students on how to complete the financial aid
                                                                         application for college. She invited student aid specialists
                                                                to help families learn how to complete the necessary forms. From
                                                                left to right, they are: Frank Reyes, Associate Director of Financial
                                                                Aid for Occidental College; Ernesto Guerrero, College Counselor
                                                                at Elizabeth Learning Center; and Pati Piñeiro-Goodenberger,
                                                                Associate Director of Financial Aid at Occidental College.

    Assisting Local Businesses & Their Employees
                                                               Helping Local Manufacturers
                                                                        ongresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard is concerned about cuts
                                                                        to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) pro-
                                                                        gram, which helps small and medium-sized manufacturers
                                                                with technical assistance. In Los Angeles, MEP is run by the
                                                                California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC). It has
                                                                assisted over 100 local businesses in the 33rd Congressional
                                                                   Unfortunately, President Bush has proposed severe cuts to the
                                                                MEP budget. Roybal-Allard championed the MEP program at a
                                                                Congressional hearing with the Secretary of Commerce, and chal-
                                             lenged the Secretary’s recommendation that the MEP budget be dramatically reduced.
                    from Downtown
 Jesus Gonzalez, d from the                  As a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, the Congresswoman is in a
 Los Angeles (sec              w union        strong position to continue fighting for this program, which is creating jobs and help-
 right), w as joined by fello are             ing businesses in southeast Los Angeles.
                    California, Cl
  members from                      d J.
  Butterfield (c enter) and Edwar sit
                      d others, on a vi
  Rendon (left), an an Roybal-
           ngresswom                                      Accompanied by Selma Fisch,
  with Co
                      were in                             Congresswoman Roybal-Allard
   Allard. The men                   sters
   Washington,    D.C. for the Team                       took the trolley to tour the Los
                        Conf erence.
   2002 Legislative g, they talked                        Angeles Fashion District this
    During  their meetin                                  spring. She saw first-hand
                       sswoman about
    with the Congre r protections,                        some of the recent economic
    trade issues, wor ug benefits.                        development projects in the
     and pres  cription dr                                area and talked with business
                                                          owners in the community.
   Improving the Health of Our Community
                                                                                    congratulated gr
                                                                                                        aduates of the
                                                                                    Arthritis Founda
                                                                                                      tion’s Spanish
                                                                                   Language Arthrit
                                                                                                       is Program at th
                                                                                   Edward R. Royb                       e
                                                                                                     al Comprehensi
                                                                                   Health Center in                   ve
                                                                                                      East Los Angele
                                                                                  The program of                       s.
                                                                                  self-help and ex                   ge
                                                                                                    ercise classes w
                                                                                 funded by a gran                     as
                                                                                                     t Congresswom
                                                                                 Roybal-Allard ob                     an
                                                                                                    tained for the
                                                                                 Arthritis Founda

          Reminder:                                                       Important Warning
   Grown-ups Need Shots Too!                                                 for Parents

T                                                                  A
        o help promote immunizations for adults,                            dvertisements for new drinks like Mike’s Hard
        Congresswoman Roybal-Allard is sponsoring the                       Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, and Bacardi Silver,
        Underserved Adult and Adolescent Immunization Act.                  among others, are common on television.
This bill will provide funding for the Centers for Disease         Although the packaging of these drinks, known as
Control (CDC) to increase the number of adults who are             “alco-pops,” makes them look similar to sports drinks
immunized – especially seniors and minorities who are less         or flavored iced teas, they are alcoholic beverages.
likely to be up-to-date on their shots.                               Congresswoman Roybal-Allard is very concerned
   August is “National Immunization Awareness Month” –             about the huge number of ads for alco-pops and their
a good time to think about getting your recommended                influence on children. To combat the influence of
shots. Vaccines help prevent diseases, like Hepatitis,             these ads, she is a vocal advocate of stronger guide-
Influenza and Chickenpox, that affect millions of adults           lines for alcohol advertisements on television.
every year. It is especially important that the elderly and           This summer, Congresswoman Roybal-Allard is
the sick receive these important immunizations; it can be          hosting a briefing on Capitol Hill to warn Members
the difference between life and death. Shots are available in      of Congress and the public about the dangers alco-
October to protect against the influenza season.                   pops pose to America’s children. The briefing is part
   Please note: Free flu immunizations will be available           of her on-going effort to inform teens and their par-
for seniors beginning at the end of October at The Roybal          ents about the dangers of underage drinking. She is
Comprehensive Center in East Los Angeles (323/780-2445)            also the sponsor of the Underage Drinking Prevention
and the Clínica Monseñor Oscar Romero in Los Angeles               Act, a bill to create a national media campaign to
(213/989-7700). Please call the numbers listed here for            educate families about the risks associated with drink-
more information, or contact your local health provider.           ing alcohol before age 21.

             Keeping the Community Informed
                                                                How to Save Money
  Sending Money Home –
   The High Cost of                  T    he best way to ensure that you are
                                          getting a good price is to open and
                                     maintain an account at a local bank or
                                                                                    These costs can add up to 15% of the
                                                                                 amount sent. Some financial institu-
                                                                                 tions advertise a low flat fee for each
   Money Transfers                   credit union. The cost of sending money     money transfer, but provide a poor
                                     from a bank or credit union is much         exchange rate, which results in an over-
 C    ongresswoman Lucille
      Roybal-Allard is concerned
 that consumers are losing mil-
                                     lower than the cost of using a check
                                     cashing or money wiring service.
                                                                                 all higher charge.
                                                                                    Finally, it is wise to check with several
                                        Whether you use a bank or a money        companies to determine the best price
 lions of dollars as a result of
                                     service business, Congresswoman             for your transaction. Exchange rates
 expensive money transfer fees.
                                     Roybal-Allard suggests you watch out        change daily, so Congresswoman Roybal-
    Since so many residents of
                                     for excessive fees and find out about the   Allard urges you to ask each company to
 the 33rd Congressional District
                                     exchange rate being used.                   calculate exactly how much money your
 send money to their families
                                     ❖ The fee is usually a set amount, aver-    family will actually receive after all the
 abroad, the Congresswoman                                                       fees and charges are calculated.
 has the following suggestions       aging about $10.
 on how to ensure you are get-       ❖ The exchange rate is the price at            For more information about how to protect
 ting the best price on money        which one currency trades for another.         your self as a consumer, see the Consumer
                                     A poor exchange rate would require the                       Action web site:
 transfers – also known as a
 remittances or “envios.”            buyer to spend more dollars to purchase
                                                                                   Information is available in English, Spanish,
                                     foreign currency.                                  Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
                                     Congresswoman Roybal-Allard
                                        Constituent Office Hours

           ongresswoman Roybal-Allard’s Los Angeles District Office is located at 255 East Temple
           Street, Suite 1860, in Los Angeles. The office hours are Monday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and
           Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Please feel free to come to the office
    and seek assistance from Congresswoman Roybal-Allard’s staff.

             In addition to regular office hours at the District Office, Congresswoman Roybal-Allard
                has special Constituent Office hours staffed by caseworkers to provide individual
                           assistance to you and your family at the following locations:

2nd Tuesday of Each Month                                  2nd Wednesday of Each Month            1st Thursday of Each Month
Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles                             Commerce                               Bell Gardens
8:30 a.m. - 12 noon                           .            1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.                  8:30 a.m. - 12 noon
Salazar Park Senior Center                                 Commerce City Hall Annex               Bell Gardens City Hall
3864 East Whittier Boulevard                               5550 Harbor Street                     7100 South Garfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90023                                      Commerce, CA                           Bell Gardens, CA
Maywood                                                    3rd Thursday of Each Month             South Gate
1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m                                       Huntington Park                        1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m
Maywood City Hall                                          8:30 a.m. - 12 noon                    South Gate City Hall
4319 East Slauson Avenue                                   Huntington Park City Hall              8650 California Avenue
Maywood, CA                                                6550 Miles Avenue                      South Gate, CA
2nd Wednesday of Each Month                                Huntington Park, CA                    4th Tuesday of Each Month
Bell                                                       Cudahy                                 Florence
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon                                     1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.                  8:30 a.m. - 12 noon
Bell Community Center                                      Cudahy City Hall                       Franklin D. Roosevelt Senior Center
6250 Pine Avenue                                           5220 Santa Ana Street                  7600 Graham Ave.
Bell, CA                                                   Cudahy, CA                             Los Angeles, CA 90001

                                                                                                              man Lucille
                                                                                                                (left) was
                                                                                                honored by T
                                                                                                               he East Los
                                                                                                Angeles Com
                                                                                                               munity Unio
                                                                                               (TELACU) fo                   n
                                                                                                             r her demon
                                                                                               dedication to               strated
                                                                                                               public servic
                                                                                               and continued                   e
                                                                                                                efforts to
                                                                                              improve the
                                                                                              received the                  She
                                                                                                            CREO Award
                                                                                              TELACU’s an                     at
                                                                                                            nual event.
                                                                                             Congresswo                    The
                                                                                                           man was join
                                                                                             fellow award                  ed by
                                                                                                            recipients R
                                                                                             Delgadillo, Lo                ocky
                                                                                                            s Angeles Cit
                                                                                             Attorney (mid                  y
                                                                                                            dle), and Rosa
                                                                                             Marin, U.S. Tr                   rio
                                                                                                           easurer (righ

               Para información en español, llame a mi oficina al 213-628-9230
                                                             CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES
          Contact Us/                                          HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515
    Comuniquese con Nosotros                                              ______
                                                                       OFFICIAL BUSINESS                                             PRSRT STD

               Los Angeles
         255 E. Temple Street, #1860
           Los Angeles, CA 90012
           PHONE: 213-628-9230
             FAX: 213-628-8578
           Washington, DC
     2435 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
         Washington, DC 20515
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