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					                                                     Volume 3 Issue 2 Winter        2009

                   AESTHETIC WELLNESS TODAY         •                                  •

     How to LOOK YOUR BEST in a
Recently at The Aesthetic Wellness Center, we have noticed       one of our most popular, vibrant and well-received events of
that more of our clients are living within a tighter budget.     the year.
This, of course, is understandable given the economic pres-      Instead of discussing the latest advances in facial rejuvena-
sures we all face in this difficult economy. We have also        tion, the topic of past seminars, Dr. Ahn focused the discus-
found that people still want to do whatever they can to look     sion on what clients can still do to look their best at a cost
their best. In fact, many of Dr. Ahn’s clients have said that    that is comfortable for them. Presented in this way, atten-
now, more then ever, it is important for them to project a       dees were able to say to themselves, “I have a budget of
pleasing, healthy and positive image to stay competitive in      $500. With that, I can have a Botox browlift and look
the workplace.                                                   refreshed.” Or, “I have around $5,000. I can invest that in
As a reflection of this trend, our most recent seminar,          myself with a minilift and look eight to 10 years younger.”
entitled “How to look your best in a tough economy,” was
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      Botox Pricing
      In today’s economy, the Aesthetic Wellness Center seeks to provide the best results for its clients at the most
      reasonable price. One area where we offer very competitive pricing is in Botox treatments. The chart below
      provides proof that our pricing is customer friendly.
       Treatment                                  Savings with                  Savings with                  Savings with
          Area        Dr. Ahn      South Shore      Dr. Ahn       Wellesley       Dr. Ahn        Boston         Dr. Ahn
         1 Site         $384          $550           $166            $550          $166           $600           $216
        2 Sites         $672          $850           $178           $750            $78           $950           $278
        3 Sites         $884          $975            $91           $900            $16           $1150          $266

                                                 Featured Product
                         L i v i n g C e l l C l a r i f i e r by G l y M e d
Packed with deeply hydrating, pure and fresh botanicals,         licorice extract, Mag-C, Ester-C, Hawaiian seaweed, mulberry
GlyMed’s Living Cell Clarifier protects living skin cells        and bearberry. Bearberry is noted for its ability to manufac-
against free radical invasion.                                   ture its own natural hydroquinone, an effective skin whiten-
Living Cell Clarifier corrects damage and inflammation           ing and depigmenting agent.
caused by aging, sun, chemicals and other imbalances. Use        In addition to massaging a few drops into your face and neck,
it regularly and you can battle age and sun spots naturally      applying it to your hands and chest can help reduce
without irritating chemicals or prescription drugs.              discoloration.
Living Cell Clarifier contains mega doses of the most                                                        Retail price: $42
powerful pigment-fighting ingredients available, including

                        T h e A e s t h e t i c We l l n e s s C e n t e r
        2 Connector Road, Suite 2C Westborough, MA 01581 508.366.2020                                        1
                    An Eye-Opening Look at
                         EYELID SURGERY
Whether you’re having a casual                                                                 skin only is pinched and removed
conversation or a romantic dinner,                                                            just underneath the eyelashes.
making eye contact is an important                                                            Through this, small tunnels are
way to connect with people. But if                                                            created through which puffy fat
your upper eye lids are droopy and                                                            pads can be partially removed.
tired looking, you may be reluctant                                        After              This technique is neither the tradi-
                                               Before              BLEPHAROPLASTY
to make eye contact.                    BLEPHAROPLA                                               tional skin muscle lift nor the
In general, the upper half of a                                                                    transconjunctival approach,
person’s face shows age eight
to 10 years before the lower
                                             Major Upgrades                                        and has been developed by
                                                                                                   Dr. Ahn over the past five
half of the face. Women and
men in their 40s – and even
                                             for Mini Facelift                                     years. It results in less recovery
                                                                                                   time, with no visible incision
many in their 30s – often                Now there are more reasons than ever                      and younger looking lower
begin to show the earliest                 to consider having a mini facelift at                   eyelids.
signs of aging in their eyes.                 The Aesthetic Wellness Center.                       Whether you need eyelid
Droopy upper eyelids can                                                                           surgery or a temple lift can
                                  A common question asked by clients is what is the                easily be determined during a
make you look older while
                                  difference between a facelift and a minilift. The main           consultation with Dr. Ahn.
puffiness under the eyes can
                                  difference is that the incision for the minilift is smaller
make you look tired. One way                                                                       Blepharoplasty or a temple lift
                                  and as a result the recovery is significantly shorter.
to combat that appearance of                                                                       typically takes one to two
aging is with eyelid surgery,     As in the past, patients are reporting excellent results         hours and can be performed
known as blepharoplasty.          and say they look and feel much younger.                         under local anesthesia in our
Blepharoplasty is often per-      In addition, because of these improvements, we now               procedure room.
formed on both upper and          have the ability to perform the mini facelift right in the
lower eyelids. If your eye-       comfort of our office for many patients.                         After Surgery
brows have also fallen, causing   “This provides a more private, comfortable and relax-            While some swelling and
hooding over the outer eyes,      ing atmosphere for the procedure while not compro-               bruising can be expected
that can also be corrected dur-   mising the results," according to AWC Medical Director           immediately after the surgery,
ing surgery.                      Dr. Min S. Ahn.                                                  recovery after blepharoplasty
                                  To determine if you are a candidate for an in-office             is typically quick. Sutures in
The Blepharoplasty                mini facelift, we invite you to visit our office and meet        the lower eyelid dissolve
Procedure                         with Dr. Ahn for a complementary consultation at your            quickly, while those in the
In upper eyelid surgery, we       convenience. To make an appointment, just call us at             upper eyelid typically are
first mark the natural eyelid     508.366.2020. Our entire staff is looking forward to             removed in a week or less.
crease and the excess skin to     seeing you.                                                      Patients are instructed to keep
be removed using fine calipers.                                                                    the eye area clean and apply
To keep incisions as discreet as                                                                   an ointment that speeds the
possible, they are made within                                                                     healing process. Applying cold
the crease.                                                                                        compresses and keeping the
AWC Medical Director Dr. Min                                                                       head elevated while lying
S. Ahn has refined his personal                                                                    down helps alleviate swelling.
technique for lower eyelid lift-                                                                   Patients can expect to resume
ing using a minimally invasive                                                                     normal activity within a week
approach. A small amount of                                                                        or so.

                                        Before           MINILIFT®            After

                          T h e A e s t h e t i c We l l n e s s C e n t e r
      2 Connector Road, Suite 2C Westborough, MA 01581 508.366.2020                                               2
                               Dr. Ahn Featured in

AWC Medical Director Dr. Min S. Ahn was                                             former patients in a relaxed setting. “Our
recently featured in New Beauty maga-                                               seminars are fun and informative, enabling
zine. In the two-page feature, he explains his                                      patients to have their questions answered
approach to facial plastic surgery, as follows:                                     without feeling pressured,” he explains.
Dr. Min S. Ahn believes that empowering                                             Committed to giving back, Dr. Ahn frequent-
patients to make informed decisions is his                                          ly volunteers for organizations such as
number one role as a facial plastic surgeon.                                        Voices Against Violence to help victims of
The Harvard University graduate delivers a                                          domestic abuse. “These women have been
high caliber of care and compassion, spend-                                         through so much,” he says. “It’s truly a privi-
ing ample time getting to know each patient                                         lege to be part of their healing process.”
in order to fully explain potential proce-                                          Reversing the ravages of time is a high prior-
dures and their anticipated results.                                                ity of Dr. Ahn’s patients. Whether their skin is
A proponent of combination therapies, Dr. Ahn says achiev-         pocked by acne scars, prematurely aged due to sun exposure,
ing optimal results requires an individualized approach.           or simply yielding to the effects of gravity, Dr. Ahn has a
“A single technique usually does not address all of the under-     solution. Ever on the leading edge of technology, Dr. Ahn
lying issues,” he explains. “One patient might benefit from a      offers Fraxel re:store™ and Fraxel re:pair™ laser treatments,
minimal-incision facelift combined with Fraxel re:pair™ laser      noted for their ability to turn back time. Fraxel technology
resurfacing to improve skin quality. Another might already         erases pigmented lesions, wrinkles and scars, while tighten-
have good skin tone, but need filler injections, such as           ing and resurfacing the skin.
Juvéderm™, to address hollows and facial folds. Personalized       Fraxel can be combined with surgical procedures when
care is a hallmark of my approach.”                                patients seek comprehensive rejuvenation, he says. But
Believing less can be more, Dr. Ahn routinely adopts mini-         younger patients and those with only minimal signs of aging
mally invasive, and sometimes even non-surgical techniques         may attain their desired results with Fraxel alone. Employing
to rejuvenate youth. “Procedures such as mini facelifts and        a multi-pronged approach to cosmetic enhancement,
                                                                   Dr. Ahn also supports taking preventative measures to
various task-specific fillers can work wonders without
                                                                   maintain results and prevent future damage. “A personalized
lengthy downtime,” he says.
                                                                   skin care regimen, applying sunscreen daily and minimizing
Dr. Ahn has patients who hail from throughout the Northeast        exposure to UV rays are a must,” he explains. “Technologies
and from around the world to undergo treatment with him            like Fraxel enable us to supplement our patients’ at-home
and his team. New referrals are invited to attend his monthly      efforts, partnering with them to achieve supple, youthful-
seminars where they can meet the doctor, his staff and             looking skin.”

             AWC Features S k i n M e d i c a ’s ® V i t a l i z e P e e l
The Vitalize Peel from SkinMedia, the only superficial peel        Other benefits of Vitalize Peel include:
suitable for all skin types, can revitalize your skin and make           • Requires little to no downtime
you look and feel years younger.
                                                                         • Results are predictable and noticeable
It is ideal for normal, dry, oily, combination, aging and sensi-           after just one peel
tive skin, and can be used to treat and improve:
                                                                         • Dramatic results are seen after a series of peels
       Aging skin • Sun-damaged skin • Acne prone skin
                                                                   Vitalize Peel helps fight the effects of time, sun damage and
Vitalize Peel is made from a special formulation that includes     environmental assaults. This powerful yet non-damaging peel
a unique blend of peeling agents: alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-       can take years off of aging skin. Vitalize Peel is an in-office
hydroxy acids, resorcinol and retinoic acid, which decreases       procedure.
visible sun damage.
                                                                                 A 30 minute peel costs $150.
This deep-penetrating treatment can provide significant                            To make an appointment,
improvements in skin texture, color and collagen formation.                      just call us at 508.366.2020.

                          T h e A e s t h e t i c We l l n e s s C e n t e r
     2 Connector Road, Suite 2C Westborough, MA 01581 508.366.2020                                               3
           How to LOOK YOUR BEST
            in a TOUGH ECONOMY
            Here are examples of some choices that may fit your current budget.
     Remember, now more than ever, nothing is more valuable than an investment in yourself.
Continued from page 1
What can I do for less than $200?                                   lips. See the video that shows Dr. Ahn’s lip technique on
Take care of your skin and make a great                    or on our website,
first impression. Our certified medical                             In addition, one Fraxel re:store treatment, if you purchase a
aesthetician, Jennifer Catrambone, can                              series of four treatments, costs $1,000. A series of treatments
make your skin glow. Whether through                                can rejuvenate sun-damaged, acne-scarred or pigmented
a therapeutic peel, relaxing facial or                              skin by creating thousands of sites of native collagen forma-
effective home-care products, Jennifer                              tion on treated skin of the face and body. In a recent study,
can solve even the most challenging                                 almost 80% of surveyed patients were satisfied with their
cosmetic skin problems. Our current Jennifer Catrambone             Fraxel re:store treatments.
                                          Medical Aesthetician
product lines include GlyMed plus,
Skinmedica and Obagi sunscreen – all of which are avail-
                                                                    What can I do for less than $3,000?
able only at physicians’ offices. Jennifer is booking two to        A few syringes of Juvederm filler or three sessions of Fraxel
three weeks out, with a waiting list for cancellations.             re:store are office based treatments that can cost $3,000 or
                                                                    less. If you can manage five to seven days of rest, removing
What can I do for less than $500?                                   hooded skin off the upper eyelids or the puffiness of lower
In addition to taking care of your skin, Botox provides an          eyelids through a minimally invasive procedure also fits into
effective way to freshen your look with no                          this budget. The nice thing about an eyelid lift is that the
downtime. One Botox treatment can elimi-                            results last for years and the surgery can be performed at the
nate frown lines, soften crow’s feet and lift                       AWC with a touch of numbing medicine and a “cocktail” of
the eyebrows, or make your forehead baby                            relaxing medications. It will absolutely make your eyes
smooth. Dr. Ahn has been performing Botox                           “pop,” while looking very natural.
treatments for almost 10 years, is a member
of the National Education Foundation for
                                                                    What can I do for less than $6,000?
Botox and is the co-developer of the non-                           You can do a lot! If you want to get the most value for your
surgical Botox browlift and is a Platinum level Botox Injector.     investment, a single Fraxel re:pair treatment will completely
                                                                    rejuvenate your skin. An upper and lower eyelid lift can
What can I do for $1,000 or less?                                   reveal your eyes and make you look years younger. Cosmetic
Aside from having three sites treated with Botox (forehead,         nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) is one of Dr. Ahn’s specialties and
frown lines, crow’s feet), you can add volume to your lips or       can take care of that bump or tip that you don’t like. Last but
fill deep folds near the mouth with Juvederm or Radiesse            not least, using the very latest surgical techniques, Dr. Ahn
to take years off your appearance. Both fillers are long            can achieve the same results of a facelift through a shorter
lasting and safe, and feel very natural. Juvederm is the best       incision minilift that will completely rejuvenate your lower
filler for lips, in the opinion of Dr. Ahn, who has perfected his   face and neck. For the right patient, it can be performed at
technique for creating beautifully shaped, natural appearing        the AWC under local anesthesia!

                                     FRAXEL® re:pai                                                     After
                        Before        FACE & NECK
                                                   r                                                JUVÉDERM LIPS

                             T h e A e s t h e t i c We l l n e s s C e n t e r
     2 Connector Road, Suite 2C Westborough, MA 01581 508.366.2020                                               4
     Dr. Ahn Speaks Out
     • AWC Medical Director Dr. Min S. Ahn has given several important presentations recently.
     • He discussed early clinical outcomes of fractional ablative CO2 laser resurfacing (Fraxel re:pair™)
       of facial and non-facial skin at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic
       and Reconstructive Surgery in Chicago recently.
     • In August, he discussed Juvederm™ as a treatment for facial enhancement during a roundtable
       discussion and training session in Westborough, Mass. for physicians from Rhode Island and
       Connecticut specializing in internal medicine and dermatology.
     • In October, Dr. Ahn was asked to train a group of plastic surgeons and dermatologists in
       Glastonbury, CT in Advanced User Techniques using Juvederm.
     • He was invited by the Florida Facial Plastic Surgery Society to speak in November in Naples, FL
       about Fraxel lasers in facial plastic surgery.

     Talk To Dr. Ahn
     Do you have questions about facial plastic surgery or about the Aesthetic Wellness Center?
     If so, just click on the blog link on the home page of our Web site (
     Use the blog’s “Ask a question” feature and we’ll be glad to provide you with quick answers to your

     0% Financing Now Available
     Given today’s tough economic times, the Aesthetic Wellness Center is offering 0% financing,
     available through Capital One ( and Care Credit
     “We recognize that feeling and looking better is important to our patients, but that many of
     them may be experiencing financial restraints in today’s economy,” said AWC Medical Director
     Dr. Min S. Ahn. “Thanks to our new 0% financing program, our patients won’t have to wait for the
     economy to improve, whether they’re seeking surgery or a simple procedure.”

                            THE AESTHETIC WELLNESS CENTER

                     COMPLEMENTARY SKINCARE
                                               $50    VALUE

                 Offer good through January 31. 2009 Cannot be combined with any other offer.

2 Connector Road, Suite 2C Westborough, MA 01581 508.366.2020                               5