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									                            TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                        SURVEY FORM OF HOLDING TAX

Name of the Owner of the                  :    _________________________________
Holding & Address                              _________________________________


         Geographical Ward No.           :    _________________________________
         Tax Collection Ward No.         :    _________________________________
         Street Name                     :    _________________________________
         Holding No.
          (if already assessed)           :    _________________________________
         Year of Assessment              :    _________________________________
         Annual assessed value           :    _________________________________

             Khata No. / Plot No.        :    _________________________________
             Total area in Sq.ft./Decimal :    ________________________________
             Type of Building            :    R.C.C.     A.C.C.     OTHERS
             If Flat / Apartment         :
              (Floor No.)
             Total plinth area           :
              Of the building
             Month & Year of completion
              Of the Building
             Whether the Building plan is                Yes        No
              Approved by Competent Authority
             If yes plan, approval No. & Year : ________________________________
                              TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

B.        Nature of use of the Building
          ( Tick in the appropriate item)
                Residential (Self-occupied)
                Residential (On rent)
                If on Rent, (indicates the Monthly Rent) :
                Commercial                                   Residential       Commercial
                Part Residential / Commercial)
                 (indicate the area used for commercial purpose)

E.        NATURE OF COMMERCIAL USE ( Tick in the appropriate item)
                Star Hotel
                Other Hotels / Lodging
                Houses / Restaurants
                Market Complex
                Cinema Theaters
                Kalyan Mandap
                Hospital / Nursing Home etc.
                Educational Institution
                Industries, Factories
                Other Uses

          (if used commercially)

                 I hereby certify that above facts are true to the best of my knowledge &

Place : ____________________
Date : ____________________                                             Signature
                        TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                                 FOR OFFIE USE ONLY

Tax Collector Name                :    ______________________________________
No. of the tax Assessment Ward :       ______________________________________
Comment of the Tax-Collector      :
On above information

Name of the Tax-Daroga            :    _____________________________________
Comments of the Tax-Daroga        :    _____________________________________

Signature of the Tax Collector                         Signature of Tax Daroga
                            TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                                REVISED RATE CHART

Townwise, Localitywise, Usewise, Holdingwise, Rates of gross annual rental
value of Holding in Rupees for Square metre of the building area.

1 sqm. = 10.76 sq.ft.

                                       3rd Order Town
            Specification   1 set order locality   2nd order locality    3rd order locality
             of Building    Measure       Other    Measure     Other    Measure       Other
                              Use          use      Use         use      Use           use
                 1             2            3         4          5         6            7
   Roof        pucca          2.40        2.25      1.95       1.65      1.50         1.20
            Pucca kutcha      1.60        1.50      1.30       1.10      1.00         0.90
              Kutcha          0.00        0.75      0.65       0.55      0.50         1.40

   Wall        pucca          2.40        2.25       1.95       1.65      1.50        1.20
             Pull kutcha      1.60        1.50       1.30       1.10      1.00        0.80
              Kutcha          0.80        0.75       0.75       0.65      0.50        0.40

   Floor       pucca          2.40        2.25       1.95       1.65      1.50        1.20
             Pull kutcha      1.60        1.50       1.30       1.10      1.00        0.80
              Kutcha          0.80        0.75       0.65       0.55      0.50        0.40

             Amenities        0.80        0.75       0.65       0.55      0.50        0.40
            Water supply
             Electrically     0.40        0.35       0.35       0.30      0.25        0.00

            No sanitary       0.40        0.35       0.35       0.30      0.25        0.20


Approved by valuation Deptt. on dt.16.04.1998

Ist Order      -      Rs.4,00,000/-
2nd Order      -      Rs.2,00,000/-
3rd Order      -      Rs.1,28,000/-
                        TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

The above rates are exclusive of contingency, quality control and pre-cautionary

Extra towards provision of following items of works are to be added estimate as shown
here under.

 Sl.No.         Item                                                       Rates
    1     Mosaic Flooring                                    -           43.00 / sft.
    2     Masaic Dadoo                                       -           28.00 / sft.
    3     Dholpur stone cladding                             -           31.00 / sft.
    4     Marble Stone Flooring                              -           78.00 / sft.
    5     Marble Stone Dadoo                                 -           66.00 / sft.
    6     Chequrred Tiles Flooring                           -           40.00 / sft.
    7     Kola Stone Flooring                                -           63.00 / sft.
    8     Granites Stone Flooring                            -           170.00 / sft.
    9     Kadpa Stone Flooring                               -           54.00 / sft.
   10     Khandalite Stone                                   -           36.00 / sft.
   11     Glazed Tile                                        -           61.00 / sft.
   12     Compound wall having brick wall with               -           575.00 / Rft.
          width 10” and ht. 5’0”
  13      Compound wall having brick wall with               -           370.00 / Rft.
          width 5” and ht. 5’0”
  14      Compound wall having C.C. hollow                   -           520.00 / Rft.
          blocks with width 8” & ht. 5’0”
  15      Compound Wall of Jail                              -           2995.00 / Rft.
  16      Portico                                            -           440.00 / Rft.

  17      Gymnasium slopped A.C. Sheet / GCI                 -           730.00 / sft..
          Sheet Roofting of 40’0” (height)
  18        a. Decorative fittings                           -           Add extra
            b. Entrance decorative doors.                                basing up the
                                                                         present Market

                                                            Sd/- 02.02.2007
                                                      Chief Engineer (Building) Orissa
                           TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                          APPLICATION FOR LICENCE
                                     Under Section – 290
                     Renewal of Licence of the Orissa Municipal Act. 1950

1    Name of the applicant
     Father’s Name & Address
2    Nature of Business for which Licence
     is sought for
3    Value of quantity of business
4    Place of business, Date of
     commencement of Business
5    Period for which licence is required
6    Remarks

     Date :                                                        Signature of Applicant


       I do hereby declare that the information furnished by me in the form are true to the
best of my knowledge and belief and there is no danger to the lives and properties of the
people residing near by my business place. I undertake to take all necessary
precautionary measures to maintain safely of highest order. If any accident takes place
the Talcher Municipality will not be responsible for it.

                                                              Signature of Applicant


      Enquiry Report                                          Order
                          TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

How do I pay Holding Tax ?

      For assessment of your Holding contact the Tax wing of Talcher Municipality
      Please furnish your approved building plan’s copy for facilitating assessment
      Apply for mutation of Holding if any, Change in the ownership of Holding taxes
       place by way of sale, gift, inheritance with proper documents.
      Pay your Tax in Time & help us in making our town City Clean and Green

       Holding Tax is being collected as per Orissa Municipal Act. 1950 Holding Tax is
being collected.

      Any holding within Talcher Municipality limits having clear right, title, interest of the
holder is liable to pay Holding Tax @ of 15% of the annual value of the holding
depending on the nature of holding, i.e. either residential of commercial.


The Annual Value of a Holding for residential purpose is calculated as per following

Step I
Plinth area of the holding in Sq. Mtr. X Rs.8.80 = say X
Step II
Deduct 15% of “X” towards repair & maintenance
Step III
Add 0.5% of the land cost where the holding is located (Land cost to be determined as
per approved by valuation Deptt on dt.16.04.2008.

Hence Annual Value Amount arrived through = (Step I - Step II + Step III)
Holding Tax is levied per annum @ 15% of the Annual Value whose break up is as
follows :

                     Holding Tax           -       5%
                     Light Tax             -       5%
                     Water Tax             -       3%
                     Drainage Tax          -       2%
                                 Total     -      15%
                        TALCHER MUNICIPALITY


The Annual value of Holding of a Commercial unit is calculated by the following
Procedure :
Step I
Add Civil cost of the building + the cost of P.H. & Electric fitting
Step II
Take 7.5% of the value arrived through Step I
Step – III
Add 0.5% of the land cost with Step II
Step IV
15% of the Cost arrived at Step III is the Holding Tax payable per annum.


Tax to be fixed on holdings given on Rent the following procedure is followed :
Step I
Monthly rent of the building x 12 =
Step II
Deduct 15% of x towards maintenance cost
Step III
Add 0.5% of the Land Cost where the building is located
Step IV
Hence annual value of the building is (Step I - Step II – Step III)
Holding Tax is levied @ 15% of the Annual Value arrived at Step IV

      Holding Tax constitutes the prime source of Revenue for the Municipal Council.
       On finalization of Rules & bye-laws the Council will be introducing the self-
       assessment of the Holding dispensing with the cumbersome process of
       assessment thereby bringing more transparency in to the Assessment procedure,
       which will facilitate the collection of dues also.

Non-payment of Holding Tax as per the provision of the Act can land holder into many
troubles on invoking of the Penal provisions of the Act.

Govt. buildings imposed Holding Tax, Light Tax, Water Tax & Drainage Tax @ 15% as
                      TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                                           PART – A
(i) Order of the Urban Local Body :-                             Ward No.
(ii) Administrative Circle No.  New
(iii) Name of the Street        New
      1. Holding No. New / Old :
      2. Name of the Owner      :
         Son of / Wife of       :

   3. User to which the holding is put :
                                                Plinth Area                Amount of reat
   a) Residential                               Self             Sm
                                                Rented           Sm. Rs.
   b) Commercial                                Self             Sm
                                                Rented           Sm. Rs.
   c) Official                                  Self             Sm
                                                Rented           Sm. Rs.

   d) If commercial what is the Commerce carried on.
   e) If official, what is the office held.
   4. Name of the occupies. (S)
   5. Name of the Revenue Village
   6. Khata No.                             Survey No.
   7. Area of the Holding New / Old :
   8. Area of the Holding excluding get back area.
      If any, New / Old :
   9. In case of Government lease & hold land, area of the holding excluding the area liable
      to be vacant under the condition of the lease, if any.

   10. In case of transfer the Dead No.                  Date.
       In case of current order, the Case No.            Date

   11. House of residential building (s) if belonging to Govt. if no number, the name by
       which the house in known.

   12. If Government holding the total No. of each type of houses, If Government Office, the
       name of the office.

                                                                 Signature of the Tax Daroga
                                   TALCHER MUNICIPALITY

                                                            PART – B

         13. Possible details of the building(s) Q, other constructions.
                Roof             Wall            Floor
                Pucca            Pucca           Comprised in the holding Plinth area,
         14. Amenities
             a) Electricity              Yes/No
             b) Water Supply             Yes/No
             c) Septic / Barapali / Service Latrines
                        Score through the items not required.

                                                                               Signature of the Junior Engineer

                                                       PART – C

15.     Annual rental value of the holding.
(a) Now determined
(b) As determined in the Previous Valuation
16.     Basis of calculating the annual Value                              AMOUNT
(i)                                                                 Sq. Meter (a) Rs.
(ii)                                                                Sq.       (a) Rs.
(2)                                                                 Arrear     (a) Rs.
(3)                                                                 Total           Rs............................................
        Minus 15% for Maintenance                                   Charges         Rs............................................
        Plus 5% Land for                                            Acre            Rs............................................
        Other land rate                                             Total           Rs.............................................

                                                                                        Signature of Tax Daroga
17.       Views of the nominated Person (s)
          1.                                                                   1.
18.       Sketch map of the holding

                                                                     Signature of the Executive Officer
19.       Remarks of the inspecting officer, if any.

                                                                                        Executive Officer
                                                                                        Talcher Municipality

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